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Rascal Radio: The Pandora of Personal Development

Posted by Orrin Woodward on February 8, 2014

LIFE Leadership is the cutting edge company in personal leadership development. Recently, we released the first Pandora-like personal development app called Rascal Radio. I would like to give a special thanks to my friend, business partner and CEO of LIFE Leadership Chris Brady for seeing the future of personal development by creating the Rascal Radio concept!

The Rascal Radio App has hundreds (soon to be thousands) of personal development and leadership trainings available to help leaders in any field. And, all of the recordings can be accessed from a smart phone. Imagine 24 hours per day 7 days a week having access to the leadership principles that have helped me, and many others, build thousands of people into communities that serve others.

Remember, everything rises and falls on leadership. If leaders wish to build a large, long-term, sustainable community, they must grow into a Level 5 leader as Chris Brady and I discussed in our NY Times bestselling book Launching a Leadership Revolution. The principles taught in Rascal Radio are not hypothetical theories, but proven methods of leadership that have helped me personally build 12 separate communities with over 300 people attending monthly events.

If one wants to navigate through a leadership minefield, then it only makes sense to learn from leaders who have successfully staked out the trail. Rascal Radio is the leadership game-changer for hungry students anywhere. Since Rascal Radio can be purchased internationally and thousands of leaders from around the world read this blog, I felt I should share the power of Rascal Radio with them.

As a matter of fact, Rascal Radio has already reached nearly over a thousand customers in just over 30 days without any planned marketing. I believe Rascal Radio will be the most impactful product released to date in LIFE Leadership’s growing arsenal of life-changing materials. Why? Because it has global reach to find hungry leaders anywhere that invest in a smart-phone and themselves.

For only $49.95, a leader has unlimited access to the best training from a multitude of top-selling authors and proven leaders. In other words, a leaders listening to two audios from Rascal Radio per day invest less than a dollar per training session! Where else can you get world-class content for less?

LIFE Leadership is on a mission to help all companies improve their leadership and Rascal Radio is an international leadership tool to do just that. In fact, we are so convinced of the effectiveness of our leadership training that we are offering a 7 day FREE trial of Rascal Radio. Why? Because we know that any hungry leader that listens to our material for several days will be convinced that applying the principles learned will radically change his or her business.

What are you waiting for? CLICK HERE to get your FREE 7 day trial today and see the value for yourself. 🙂 And, like all our LIFE products, if you are not completely satisfied LIFE Leadership provides a 30 day no-questions asked return policy. 

Please feel free to comment below after your 7 day free trial. If you are currently a customer of Rascal Radio, please share below what you have enjoyed most.


Orrin Woodward – Chairman of the Board of LIFE Leadership

16 Responses to “Rascal Radio: The Pandora of Personal Development”

  1. Maura Galliani, Sons of Liberty said

    Just saw the promo last night on YouTube … way to go [again] LIFE Leadership and all involved. Just another addition to the arsenal of tools to change thinking, form leaders, and give people hope! 🙂

  2. Alex Stiehl said

    Thanks so much for posting this Orrin! Rascal Radio is awesome! I cant believe that there really is something out there that allows me in the morning to listen to positive information to help reframe my mind for the day. And to be able to take it wherever I go has been so priceless because as I drive of clean the house or shower, all things I do anyways, I am learning how to be a better leader and employee, a better father and husband, improve my finances and so much more! An excellent resourse for anyone wanting to move their lives to the next level. 🙂

  3. Olivier Jean-Baptiste said

    Fired up Orrin! Global reach, global impact!


  4. Kody Ellis said

    Rascal Radio has been a fantastic addition on my personal development journey. It has really helped when I don’t have a cd on hand to pop into a CD player or if I’m tired of listening to the same CDs cause my next months subscription hasn’t come in yet I can listen to some audios or a certain speaker to pump me up for the day ahead! Both you, Orrin, and Chris Brady have developed a life changin product that will for sure touch thousands and hundreds of thousands of lives.

    Kody Ellis

  5. Steve Duba said

    Thanks Orrin I did a ” 60 second elevator” on Friday and started the Rascal radio up and walked through the crowd of about 50 people and got incredible feedback and lots of questions. AWESOME

  6. I love being able to listen anytime, anywhere on my cell phone. I love it!

  7. John Dickinson said

    It would be nice if I could speed up the payback 1.5x like I can with the MP3s from the audio CDs.

  8. Wendy Crockett said

    I recently landed a new job where I’m sitting at a computer all day. Although I don’t have a smart phone, I am listening to Rascal Radio online allllll the day long at work. I LOVE IT!!!! I thought I’d have a hard time concentrating on my work, but what I’ve found is that it enhances my focus because I know (and am reminded through the audios) that I have to do what is right by my employer and give them my best efforts. So this is totally a WIN-WIN! Another GRAND SLAM for the LIFE Leadership Founders!

  9. Johnny Zapara said

    We listened all through our vacation in Hawaii through our smart phones and Bluetooths because we did not have access to a CD player. It was wonderful and a great way to stay in the zone even while enjoying down time. even when together, we often are listening to two different presentations of choice.

  10. Victor Scargle said

    Rascal Radio is a game changer for your mental attitude. As soon as you get pulled into negative media of the world you can go to your phone or computer click on the topic you need reframing around and Bam (culinary term) 180 degree change in thinking!

  11. Phillip Fielder said

    The RASCAL Radio app gives 24/7 access to the worlds best leadership material, from the world’s best community building Leaders, and is certainly worth hundreds of times more than the monthly subscription price!

  12. Annette DeLaPena said

    Rascal Radio is perfect when I can’t have my CDs w me @ work, on the road or doing household chores.Now I don’t mind cleaning up LOL It’s so good to be filled w positive, life-giving info for a change! Thanks for making it easier for us to stay plugged in.

  13. Chad Waters said

    Hi Orrin

    It’s amazing what Life Leadership is supply so quick out of the gate! Great idea and great tool!

    God Bless

  14. CJ Calvert said

    Orrin, Rascal Radio rocks! Brilliant concept and product. Talk about being first to market in our genre!

  15. antonio rosselli said




  16. Truly and information product for the information age!

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