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Dan and Lisa Hawkins: Communication Skills

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 30, 2014

Dan and Lisa Hawkins share the Communication Code

Dan and Lisa Hawkins have become two of the most dynamic and effective communicators in LIFE Leadership. The popular demand for their leadership materials is expanding around the world. Why? Because Dan and Lisa treat leadership as their profession. Leadership is not a part-time, nor full-time, but a lifetime assignment for both of them. For instance, the video below is just a short segment of an amazing talk that would help marriages across the globe.

This talk, plus hundreds of others are available on Rascal Radio for the unbelievably low price of under 50 dollars per month. LIFE Leadership is changing the world one life at a time. Thousands of people per month on signing up as customers and members because they understand the importance of leadership in every area of life. Are you one of them?


Orrin Woodward

14 Responses to “Dan and Lisa Hawkins: Communication Skills”

  1. Charles Robinson said

    What a great reminder to stop and actually listen to my wife! This is a simple step which will better our marriage

  2. Gary Severson said

    It’s been Dan & Lisa’s transparency, along with their personal life experiences, that has enabled them to capture the hearts of so many people. Their example of strong work ethic and their never ending will to want to learn more is rare in today’s society. They truly are living proof that the American Dream is possible for anyone who is willing to do what it takes. It’s an honor to be a student and a friend of such wonderful people!

  3. John hatchell said

    Truth, in relationships , I think this is spot on, I know I am guilty of this with my relationships. Thank you Dan and Lisa for a teachable moment , we all need to strengthen our team 1 and beyond.

  4. That is awesome!! That is a great snapshot of the quality life-changing information LIFE provides. I plan to circulate!!

  5. Maura Galliani said

    I did not have a true grasp of the role nor importance of leadership in people’s lives until I joined LIFE Leadership, got plugged into the life-changing information, and was regularly exposed to the many leaders and their leadership talks, such as the ones by Dan and Lisa Hawkins! Thank you, LIFE Leadership! 🙂

  6. Paul and Toosh Letby said

    It’s great to be reminded of the difference in the way Paul receives information. Saves me a lot of eye rolling….!


  7. jammie fisher said

    This talk was amazing! So many including myself were inspired and eqipped to take this information and apply it to our relationships, taking them to a whole new level. It is an honor to work with Dan and Lisa, arguably some of the best leaders in LIFE and life. God has blessed the world with their ability to consistently learn, do and teach. We are so thankful and I pray this video and its message reach far and wide so the ripple of improved relationships spans the globe.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Steve Meixner said

    Dan and Lisa are Great! I truly need this reminder. I know I do this to my Wife quite often! It’s not Funny but I still have to Laugh as Dan is absolutely spot on in his anaylsis of us guys!!

  9. Michelle Mielke said

    This is a GREAT talk on relationships. One of many things I appreciate about the LIFE business is character example of the speakers on and off the stage. DAn and Lisa walk the talk and their example has inspired and helped Michelle and I in our marriage.

  10. Sonya &Darin Oregon said

    Dan & Lisa have been he best example of how to love each other and themselves. Their transparency is one of the many qualities that we appreciate about them. Anytime Lisa recommends a marriage book- we’re ordering it. The Life materials have everything and anything you could possibly want for relationship help or polishing. Their guidance and recommendations have been such a blessing!

  11. Peggy Ballou said

    Awesome video by Dan & Lisa on relationships. What a great point on how the male listens (or not) and how to handle it. I can’t wait to be in Dan & Lisa’s presents during our April seminar to learn how to be a great leader and to serve others.

  12. Darin Strawn said

    This information is priceless. Dan and Lisa Hawkins are incredible role models. From their example lives will be changed… I know mine has. Thank you Dan & Lisa for all you give.

  13. Paul Brostowitz said

    Awesome post on the importance of communication’s impact on everyone around us! Impressive analysis by Dan on “men” and what it takes to get something into our “caveman skulls”! Life-Leadership teaching excellence once again! Thank you Orrin!

  14. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    There is so much of this I can relate to in my own relationship. Thank you Hawkins for being humble enough to share so that I can learn.

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