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    Orrin made the Top 20 Inc. Magazine Leadership list & has co-founded two multi-million dollar leadership companies. Currently, he serves as the Chairman of the Board of the LIFE. He has a B.S. degree from GMI-EMI (now Kettering University) in manufacturing systems engineering. He holds four U.S. patents, and won an exclusive National Technical Benchmarking Award.

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Compensated Communities Equals Creative Destruction

Posted by Orrin Woodward on May 8, 2014

Leadership, in any field, demands individuals who can think for themselves. Unfortunately, in today’s conformance-oriented culture, thinking is in short supply. For instance, the fear of ridicule causes more people to fail in life than lack of talent ever has. I am not proposing people rebel against all societal norms since that is just as thoughtless as conforming to all. Rather, I am suggesting that a person ought to think through what is truly important in his life and then follow the proper principle-centered trail to achieve it.

Why follow the masses into mediocrity if you have a burning desire to do something worthwhile? Yes, many won’t understand you; yes, many will laugh at your naiveté; yes, some will even fight against you. Nonetheless, a person who is true to his or her purpose is the only one who can live a life of no regrets. This, in fact, is what led me into the leadership field. For as an engineer, I realized that my efforts to reach the mountaintop, despite enjoying immense success, was not taking me where I wanted to go.

Thankfully, God, in His matchless wisdom, opened another door for me. It wasn’t the products or company that attracted me to network marketing, but rather an embryonic leadership engine that captivated me. Although not fully understood, the origins of LIFE Leadership were formed while studying the best training organizations within network marketing. These training organizations somehow managed to build loyal tribes of people who bought and sold the company’s products.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that the secret to massive results in network marketing was less the specific product sold and more one’s ability to lead people. The products can change (even within the same company) but relationships can be for life. This breakthrough led me to form a leadership training company and launch a revolution in leadership and community building.

Indeed, Chris Brady, Tim Marks, and I started meeting every Monday morning to design and PDCA our fledgling training company. Our goal was to teach people the essentials of leadership, systems, and processes to build communities. The results were nothing short of spectacular. From 200 people in attendance monthly in 1998, we grew to over 5,000 in monthly attendance by 2003. We surpassed the growth of all other organizations and proved the adage that everything rises and falls on leadership.

Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction

Leaders, in effect, cause Schumpeter’s Creative Destruction to occur wherever they go. Average results are not acceptable to leaders; therefore, they are driven to change the rules, the culture, and themselves in order to win. This drive to excel is what causes the Creative Destruction in each field which enhances society. However, like all change, what benefits society at large does not benefit everyone equally. For any time a new entrant climbs to the top, the older, more established organizations, are forced to adjust.

LIFE Leadership is causing adjustments throughout network marketing. Of course, LIFE is loved by those who enjoy the benefits of the world-class leadership and personal development training. Not surprisingly, however, the new methods and approaches to network marketing – so transformational that it has birthed a new field called Compensated Community – are disliked by the old-guard who resist any change to the existing pecking order. Although LIFE seeks to improve society and carries malice towards none, it refuses to tolerate mediocrity in any area it is involved. If this mindset upsets the marketplace, then so be it.

What areas of mediocrity are you tolerating in life? LIFE Leadership provides the personal development products needed to generate the Creative Destruction necessary for you to live the life you’ve always wanted? What are you waiting for? If your ladder is leaning against the wrong wall then it only makes sense to move it. Perhaps your destiny awaits your move into LIFE Leadership’s Compensated Community.


Orrin Woodward

26 Responses to “Compensated Communities Equals Creative Destruction”

  1. Jim Martin said

    Great post Orrin, Life is about changing the culture for me and it’s attracting people that always knew they were leaders inside now this will pull it out of them and succeed. Love ya

  2. robert wilcox said

    Great blog post Orrin! Love the part where you said Leaders do not accept just average results! What would our Society be like …Wow!! Thank you for sharing !!!


  3. Rick Satterstrom said

    This is a blog post for any RASCAL that doesn’t know what they could do to follow their dreams. So many know they’re made to do something great with their lives! Share this post with everyone and they will come! This should help give direction to the lost souls out there, thanks for a great post, Orrin! See you Saturday!

  4. Tim Marks said

    Life Leadership is the best of the best!!

    ” Hey, if its true, it aint braggin” (southern accent) – Zig Ziglar

  5. David Nelson said

    With LIFE we can have more male and female friendships, I don’t have any now. Not the kind that I could call at 2 am and expect a positive response. My brothers always helped me when I lived near them, except I moved 1300 miles away, where the sun spends the winter.
    With Life I’m learning how to control my finances better, cash purchases, delayed gratification, investing in myself and others.
    With Life leadership learning I’m learning how to shed my negative self and learn how to think and be positive and nice. As Mr. Mattis says read the books over and over till it sinks in and you get it.
    The couch, TV or computer have never taken me on a cruise, or to Disney World.
    Have you ever been in a huge group of people and thought; WOW , if half of these people were in a compensated community how much better we all would be doing? That when the negatives of living come along, costing more than we have saved, we would have them covered.
    No one at any company I have worked at in 30 years has ever offered any plan, step by step, to get to a better place like the LIFE Leadership Community shows us. Oh, of course they had the teaser wish plan of advancement. The places I have worked, showed a 40 rung ladder in HR, and I seemed to be on a step stool.
    As Orrin says in a recent post, when no one else is getting higher on the ladder, my chances will be not so good also.
    Think how much more awesome life would have been If I had read the top five books repeatedly and put them into practice 40 years ago? I’ve done the 45 year plan and what LIFE says is true.
    I salute you Orrin for having the guts to stick to it, and like laundry, wash , rinse and repeat.
    Keep the great articles coming.
    I like reading Van Mises and Bastiat.
    Dave Nelson

  6. Charles Robinson said

    Thanks so much orrin. I will use this tonight while showing someone the best shot they have to live the life they always wanted. I’m honored to serve with you.

    Charlie Robinson a proud owner in Life leadership

  7. Orrin,
    My favorite part: so be it! 😉 this is business, it is a purpose with a business. We have a mission to complete, people need this information, and fixing and creating a whole new industry will only speed up the process.
    Do businesses that figure out how to take things to the next level, and leave competitors behind, owe any apology? I don’t think so. Thank you for having the courage to make it right! My dreams are coming true in front of my eyes.

  8. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Orrin… thank you for not just creating a LIFE changing mission with a business wrapped around it, but also for FIXING a broken industry. I have met with so many people who HAD dreams and aspirations and took a chance and believed in a “network marketing” company, only to be duped…destroying trust with friends and relatives. And then, sadly, abandoning their dreams!

    LIFE Leadership is providing anyone with a compelling reason, the opportunity to leverage a duplicatable system to actually ENJOY your their dreams- should they be willing to do the work!

    THANK YOU for the creative destruction you applied to create this INCREDIBLE opportunity!

  9. Steve Duba said

    Great article Orrin. The principle centered trail reminds me of a few authors who have also called it a road less traveled.
    The most recent in my mind was ” The Road Less Traveled” by Morgan Scott Peck. It always seems that when you leave the worn trail,
    you find new unbroken ground. Sometimes never been seen before.Lifeleadership is on that road and we are proud to be a part.
    God Bless

  10. David Fidler said

    Great post.

    Thanks to LIFE I am learning that the ‘Creative Destruction’ begins with me. Out of the ashes will rise a better and more effective person/entity.

  11. Cody Newton said

    Orrin, it’s been amazing watching you use creative thinking to create millions of dollars Life has allready done. Seeing creative destruction work now in our next phase I believe will catapult us to millions. Glad this small town Kansas boy can play a small part.
    Cody Newton

  12. Matt Foote said

    Great post Orrin. Such a great reminder that we are part of the greatest community of Leaders!

  13. Elaine Mallios said

    If it is to be – it is up to me.

  14. Matt Mielke said

    what an amazing environment where small fish can swim in a big pond and learn how to become big fish. Godspeed to 1 million.

  15. wendi witkowski said

    Awesome blog Orrin. I searched a long time to find a community like Life Leadership. Thank you!

  16. Mike Lewis said

    Life Leadership is truly amazing!

  17. Greg and Wendy said

    We are so excited about the environment you have created. it has impacted our 10 year old daughter amazingly well… She has taken mediocrity by storm ,she is listening to the cds daily and taking notes. I wish I could give you a sense of what this environment has done for our family , I guess it will wait until we get on the big stage…she Cant wait until she is old enough to come with us to the major… Thanks
    Greg and Wendy Burkhardt We are blessed to be apart of the march to 1 million !!!

  18. Jeff Noud said

    “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.”

    Martin Luther King, Jr.

  19. Steve Meixner said

    Orrin, So Glad to be a Part of this Great Organization! Thank You for all you’ve done and continue to do! We do have the Best Leaders to Follow in the Entire Industry!!!

  20. JB Thompson said


    Thank you for standing in the gap. I have been placed on a better mission in my life since I have met your community. I appreciate the reframe.

    God Bless.

  21. Chris Schill said

    “Not surprisingly, however, the new methods and approaches to network marketing – so transformational that it has birthed a new field called Compensated Community – are disliked by the old-guard who resist any change to the existing pecking order. Although LIFE seeks to improve society and carries malice towards none, it refuses to tolerate mediocrity in any area it is involved. If this mindset upsets the marketplace, then so be it.”

    We’ve got your back O. On to a million!!
    Love ya.

  22. Chad Waters said

    Hi Orrin!

    Great blog and great points! Life to one million a good start!
    God Bless

  23. BraveheartMicah said

    Thanks Orrin – your ceaseless efforts to raise up this (and future) generations of leaders is off the chart amazing! Your quote above, “Why follow the masses into mediocrity if you have a burning desire to do something worthwhile? Yes, many won’t understand you; yes, many will laugh at your naiveté; yes, some will even fight against you. Nonetheless, a person who is true to his or her purpose is the only one who can live a life of no regrets” is so powerful….and impacts me profoundly!

    So as we go forth, fighting the battle of the mind and against mediocrity – it reminds me of an all-time favorite scripture…

    Romans 8:31 (NIV) What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

    God Bless you and all the Life Leadership Leaders and our families.
    – Micah Kramer

  24. Antonio Rosselli said

    The 1st, 2nd and last paragraphs are great …

    Leadership requires people that can think for themselves ( great ) …

    Fear of ridicule cause people to fail in life ( happened to me ) …

    Many will not understand you + many will laugh at you + many will fight you ( know why you believe what you believe/do ) …

    This post really great …

  25. michael carr said

    Mr. Woodward I joined Life about one year ago because I was told it was a Believers Christian company. Your main teaching is serving Money, and serving others as you go. Then you think you can get people saved later to serve God. There are many Warnings in the Bible about serving money and doing works without the Holy Spirits guidance. the most warnings are about serving Money and Doing Works outside Gods guidance. you are teaching the mind on Gods Standards without the Holy Spirit. ( The Gate to Heaven is Narrow and only a few find it). (Mathew 19:24- it is easier for a Camel to go threw the eye of a needle than for a Rich Man to enter the Kingdom of God). ( Works alone does not receive the gift of eternal life) Very Bold Statements we shouldn’t overlook, Right. Why so many warnings from God? the Bible talks about are Heart Condition, (deceiving, wicked, ect:) anther Bold statement!!! Here is some interesting things God can achieve threw obedience. I got save walking into a Baptist Church drawn there by Gods Grace upon a sinner like me. After getting saved, one night while praying. God revealed I hand to forgive my father for the evil things he did to me and others. After crying to God that I didn’t wait to have this and please take it, the next time I meet my Father I could hung him and tell him I Loved him. No more Bitterness, Praise God. later I started serving God handing out Study Bibles on the street. most people didn’t want one. It was discouraging in which is pleasing to Satan. One day while driving along a street I noticed a man walking and decided he didn’t look like someone who would want a bible, God revealed to me as I drove by, How do you now??? I laughed and said ok God. I turn around and found the man buy the park walking. I pulled up and asked him if he would like a Free Study Bible, he said(Praise The Lord) after witnessing to him he had prayed the first time in 8 years for God to come back into his life. He knew God sent me. I had another amazing intervention by God for his Glory. A young man at work committed suicide at my work place. didn’t now him but had seen him on another shift. I Prayed that God would send someone to comfort the family in which the Bible says to do. two weeks later while driving on my motorcycle I approached a stop light. I noticed to my right a man crying and two others comforting him. As I sat at the light God revealed for me to go over to them. I didn’t want to get involved in peoples personal lives. God revealed at that point, I would feel guilty and not be able to sleep that night. so I turned into the gas station and walked over. I told them I was a Believer in serving Jesus Christ. At that point the other man there said God sent an angle. I informed them that I believed in picking up the cross of Jesus Christ and serving threw the Holy Spirit. I witnessed to them and we all held hands and Prayed for Gods comfort. I then gave them all a study Bible. Just before leaving it was revealed that the man crying was the father of the young man that committed suicide at were I worked.(Amazing Gods intervention) After these things God revealed I changed my prayer. I Then asked God to guide me to the people he knew where ready to receive a Free Bible and are ready to receive his message. No problems after that finding people.( AMEN) I recently lost my wife to cancer. One night after they sent her home to die because there wasn’t anything left that they could do for here. My wife Aleida awoke because she was twitching a lot about 10:00. I called the nurse and asked why this was happening, in which is was a side affect of the pain medicine. we eventually went back to sleep. At 3:00 a.m. she had the twitches again but real bad. I started crying and held her hand and started singing Jesus love us, about 3:20 the phone rang, it was my daughter crying on the phone that I hadn’t herd from for two years. My daughter had got saved but walked away from God because of an unrighteous man satan sent. Thanks to Gods intervention and Grace my daughter was with me when my wife past away. At Aleidas funeral my 8 year old granddaughter asked if she could sing a Gospel song. God is Amazing. I am telling you these things so you can see how God is Glorified in a walk with him. This isn’t but 20% of what God Has revealed. God also allows Adversity in the lives of his followers because of his love to test there hearts and strengthen there walk with him. I have had these to guide to his understanding. I have listened to your All Grace Outreach CDs, they are very strong but many other Churches say the same things but aren’t serving threw the Holy Spirit. Other CDs also. but they don’t inspire to serve God. They are stories of middleclass people like myself that have problems managing money. I just read (how to let God solve your Problems)and (God has a plan for Your Life) By Charles F. Stanley. Very inspiring books on Gods will for are life. Life leadership is telling followers to do the will of your leaders, right. Satan controls the world, he rewards to confuse Religious people into thinking its God blessing them, and then they think they are saved and have the anointing of God blessing in there lives. The five love languages is also teaching the mind what love is. The Holy Spirit threw Gods words should be the center of how we are to Love are mates. how can the Holy Spirit reach the Heart after the minds been taught what love is. The Husband is to love your Wife like God Loves the Church. many Men will serve at church to earn respect from other men but cant find it in there Heart to serve there Wife at home. ( The gate to Heaven is Narrow) that is the answer, you have to receive the Holy Spirit right. then the Holy Spirit will allow God to be the Potter in which we are the clay. After my wife past away, God revealed many things about Loving your spouse. I was also guilty, but the Holy Spirit taught the truth. God will not bless a company that doesn’t fear his warnings my friends. I didn’t want to send this message and have fought against it for months now. I cant sleep because these things keep revealing in my mind. It seems that God has allowed your company to stray because he knew the true intentions of the Heart. It will be interesting if bitterness enters the Heart from receiving this message. Jesus came to save threw Gods Truth my friends. Apparently God knows someone has been chosen to receive this message. Why so many Warnings in the BIBLE?? Because of the Heart condition. May GOD guide us to his understanding. Your Brother in Christ Jesus.Michael

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Michael, there are two key mandates that God has assigned man in the Bible – The Great Commission – 1. Love God and help share truth for the rebirth of men and women in the saving Grace of Jesus Christ. 2. The Cultural Commission of Be Fruitful, Multiply, and Replenish the Earth. You have heard the AGO CDs so you know I share truth on on the first mandate and my business shares truth on the second mandate. Since I don’t believe I have ever met you nor is any of my teaching against the two mandates, I will continue to do what God commands and ask you to not judge my heart nor will I judge your heart. If I see you fall into sin, I will address it with you (assuming I knew you) and I have asked all of my friends to help me follow the Lord’s commands. It is dangerous for people to question another person’s motives, especially when they see the actions align with the Bible. It seems we would be better served by addressing the known sins we see in the world rather than playing God and assuming we know other Christian’s motives. Let’s both Love God and Love Others as ourselves and I interpret scripture clear commandments for me to fulfill the two great mandates and I intend to do so until the day I die. God Bless, Orrin

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