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Art Jonak’s MasterMind Event

Posted by Orrin Woodward on November 10, 2014

Art Jonak’s 2014 MasterMind Event was another huge success, selling out the Orlando hotel! The top leaders from around the world gathered together to benchmark best practices, inspire one another to do more, and make friendships that lasts a lifetime. For the last five years, I have supported the event because it represents everything that is right about Network Marketing.

MasterMind Event 2014

MasterMind Event 2014

There are three main reasons why I love the MasterMind events:

First, the people who attend are hungry, driven, and so uplifting to others attendees. Even though hundreds of organizations are represented, the attendees seek common ground by uplifting Network Marketing as a whole rather than pushing others down to make themselves feel higher. In other words, Art has created a win-win culture at his events.

Second, the MasterMind faculty is world-class in leadership character, competence, and communication skills. Everyone who attends the event leaves with a boatload of nuggets to improve himself/herself personally and professionally. The speakers at this event prepare months in advance to give the audience great content delivered in an engaging/entertaining style. I consider it a privilege to be friends with the MasterMind faculty.

Finally, the third reason I support the MasterMind event is Art Jonak. Art has a dream to unite the Network Marketing profession by showcasing those who are building longterm, sustainable, and profitable businesses. I don’t believe there is another person in Network Marketing willing to sacrifice his time to lift the entire profession to the level Art Jonak does. The commitment to excellence by Art is reason enough for me to support the MasterMind Event.

I learned leadership from the community building profession and I love to give back to the profession that blessed me. If you have attended one of the MasterMind events, please share how you were inspired to grow in the amazing Network Marketing profession. 


Orrin Woodward

10 Responses to “Art Jonak’s MasterMind Event”

  1. Tina Abernathy said


    This is an awesome I idea, implemented that the world can take notes from. Win, Win or no deal!


  2. Neera Puri said

    I resonated with your article. Especially reflecting upon the truth that the character development from leadership training in network marketing organizations is quite phenomenal.

  3. Sheri Lucas said

    Orrin…I have been following the MasterMind Event since I realized that you and Chris were presentors. Listening to Art Jonak’s vision of the future of Networking is very exciting for our community. Each time I am lucky enough to find a video clip from a presentation at this event, I am eager to gain nuggets and know that I will attend a MasterMind Event in the near future! Will be very proud to represent LIFE Leadership! On To A Million!

  4. Orrin Bigelow said

    Only at Mastermind, will you find the presenters sitting in the audience as well, seeking to constantly improve themselves. Forever a life-changing event, Mastermind 2014 was my first time attending, and it was EXCEPTIONAL. Orrin, you’re bird dog analogy and ‘law of averages’ opened my mind significantly as a life-long bird hunter and an engineer. It was a pleasure meeting you.

    • Orrin Woodward said

      I haven’t met many Orrin’s outside of my own family. 🙂 It was great meeting you also. Keep learning and leading! thanks, Orrin

  5. Nola Garvin said

    I did go to the events and the information and resources I came away with were great but actually being there in person at the Majors, monthly ceminars and weekly opens, THAT is PRICELESS! That is where you learn the ART of network marketing!
    My husband and I were able to attend the Major in Visalia Ca then decided since we were already half way there, go on up to Washington state to visit out grand children for Halloween! We were SO hiped up from the Major we thought EVERYONE we will talk to is going to join…then came our 1st NO…2nd NO…by the 3rd person my sweetheart was “they don’t even want to see it so I may as well NOT want to give the plan”…3rd… “I already make $60,000 a year”. That’s when I “sweetly” reminded my husband “you’ve gota give the plan as if you KNOW that they are going to LOVE it no matter HOW they are acting” if nothing else we get great practice for the next one. RIGHT?
    After rushing back to AZ so we could see you and your lovely wife Laurie for the PBO meeting on Friday night (also PRICELESS)
    Then Chris and Terry Brady on Saturday, WOW do we have our heart, mind and spirit overflowing with ART!
    We are off to our 4th plan today…stay tuned.
    Nola from Az

  6. Ketil Berg said

    I am going to get four customers by Nov. 19th. That’s my mission and vision.

  7. Don Schultz, Team VIP Phalanx said

    As you and Chris speak at events like the Mastermind Events it gives great exposure. If we want to have the greatest impact with something, and especially with LIFE Leadership, the more influencers that can be touched, the greater the impact. Many of those people will go back to their organizations and influence a great number of people with the principles that make LIFE and networking more impactful.

    The more people who are talking about those principles because of you and Chris the more the name of LIFE gets out and about, the quicker we go mainstream.

  8. CJ Calvert said

    I am not surprised that the premiere network marketing event makes mention of Orrin Woodward in its own marketing video as a draw for attendees. That’s very telling as to how much the premiere MLM leaders think of Orrin. We in LIFE are so blessed that Orrin is our in-house leadership expert. Mastermind attendees only get to see him and Chris Brady once a year. Kudos Orrin!

  9. Nura said

    When I was in college and sholtry thereafter I read all the time. The problem was I read trash or books by world famous authors hundreds of years ago that bored me. I am so glad the LIFE business offers so much information to help us grow and get better in life. I have rediscovered my love for reading. As a writer/author the two go hand and hand. Now that I’m going to be confined to the house the better last half of the month I will make the time count, I promise. By the way thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. I’m back and I’m not going away.

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