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Replacing Limiting Beliefs

Posted by Orrin Woodward on December 31, 2014

The biggest champions in life dare to challenge and replace their limiting beliefs. Indeed, every person desiring to move on must examine the gap between intentions and actions to detect where his limiting beliefs are. Once the performance gap is identified, a person can then begin to ask the tough questions to determine why his intentions and actions do not align.

Not surprisingly, the answers a person gets in life depend upon the questions he asks himself. For the better questions a person asks, the better answers he receives. Unfortunately, a limiting belief is limiting because it narrows the questions a person is willing to ask himself. Thus, it limits his answers. This, in fact, is why so few people change even when the answers are right in front of them.

This isn’t new, for Socrates noted many years ago that the unexamined life is not worth living. Nonetheless, few people examine their belief systems; instead, most prefer to live in a state of denial regardless of the consequences. Interestingly, Winston Churchill, who spent a lifetime studying people and leadership, identified the same failure mode when he wrote, “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.”

Thankfully, however, this doesn’t have to be true for you. 2015 is a new year, and it can be the turning point in your life. Perhaps it’s time to courageously confront the limiting beliefs holding you back from your dreams and goals. From here forward, make the decision not to run away from truth. Instead, allow the data in each area of your life to help you identify and remove limiting beliefs. Yes, it is scary when you admit to yourself that you don’t have everything figured out, but it’s also one of the most important and liberating days of your life.

For example, before starting into the leadership field, I had two experiences in high school and college (one was a required public speaking class for my MBA program at the University of Michigan) that I would like to forget. In both instances, I received zeros! That’s right: absolute objective failure. I am not making excuses. I earned the scores because I literally lost my train of thought and just stared at the crowd before ignominiously walking back to my seat. For years, I just avoided public speaking, but my dream of running a leadership company propelled me forward. I knew my limiting belief about speaking and my dream could not coexist. One had to be discarded.

Although it took time to develop my speaking ability, the key victory was in discarding my limiting belief that I had nothing to say worth listening to. How did I do this? First, by asking questions and realizing that failure is an event, not a person. Yes, I failed at speaking several times, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t speak. It only meant that I had not developed the knowledge to speak freely on the subjects assigned. Second, I vowed to never give a speech again. Instead, I would learn my subject so well that I could just speak extemporaneously for hours at a time. To this day, I don’t give speeches; I merely share what is in my heart with others.Β 

By noting just a few key words on a piece of paper, I was able to keep my thoughts organized while sharing my passion for whatever subject I had researched and lived. Thousands of talks later (over 10,000 hours in front of people), and I received a message from Inc. magazine that they had recognized me as one of the Top 100 Convention Speakers. What? Seriously? From two zeros in public speaking to Inc. magazine’s top speaker list? How did that happen? First and foremost, by God’s grace. Then, by learning to ask better questions to identify why I was so scared to speak in front of people.

I shared this personal story not to shed light upon myself but rather to shed light upon the reader’s dreams. Whatever you fear the most in life may be your biggest gift to give to the world. LIFE Leadership can help provide you the tools to overcome your limiting beliefs. Perhaps 2015 is the year you will confront your limiting beliefs Goliath. And, when you do, you will begin your success journey to the top. I wish you all the success you deserve.


Orrin Woodward

31 Responses to “Replacing Limiting Beliefs”

  1. Brandon and Jaycie Stremkowski said

    Incredible post and video this morning. It had been over a year of listening to truth and developing ourselves in all areas to fully believe what is actually possible in 2015. We never thought we would be able to get our finances together even while having the financial fitness pack for more than six months. We literally didn’t listen to the cd’s in fear that we would have to face truth. We listened to Financial Management and we werr able to understand the 75% principal and it helped change our belief system about our finances. Heading into 2015, we have a new budget and are so excited to get that Goliath behind us. We honestly, from the bottom of my heart, would not know where we would be (especially spiritually) without Life Leadership.

    Thanks Orrin and thanks to everyone who is involved in this world changing community.

  2. Dave Chatmon said

    Another great post Orrin, I love this topic!
    2014 for was a great year of battling this topic for myself, I have been like a major league baseball being thrown by a major league picture George Guzzardo and I have been getting smacked out of the park and out of the game from many directions and many Goliaths. But one thing that is certain, I keep getting back up and learning more, and pushing more, looking to uncover more self limiting beliefs, and move on!
    I can’t thank you and the leaders of life enough for the amazing amount of courage, education, and direction that you all have given anyone willing to follow and face the hard core changes that are needed to bring that person to their victories.
    Great information and I can’t wait for the next one. See you soon, Dave

  3. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    What a great blog to read heading into this New Year! Two things that stand out particularly to me in this article were that number one – failure is an event, not a person. I need to be reminded of this. Secondly, whatever you fear the most in the leadership field may be your biggest gift to the world!!! That certainly has proven true for you Orrin. Thank you for pushing through your limiting beliefs. Happy New Year!!

  4. Maura Galliani said

    It’s time … 2015 is the year I put my Limiting Beliefs behind me and TAKE ACTION! Happy New Year and God bless you all!! πŸ™‚

  5. Lisa Mangold said

    I was recently working on identifying my limiting beliefs. Seeing this article was encouragement that I’m on track with this process. Thanks Orrin for your continued insights, writing and speaking!

    Blessings ~ Lisa

  6. Chris Miller said

    Thanks on for the great article and the timing is perfect. One of my goals for 2015 is to break through my limiting beliefs and do exactly like you mentioned here. My intentions and actions must align. I am excited about 2015. And I am very grateful for your wisdom thanks for sharing. Happy new year!

  7. Miguel Martinez said

    Wow! Orrin, your post is remarkable. I love listening to all of Life Leadership CDs and learning new things. I’ll make sure to keep up with the program for this next coming year!

  8. Chad Waters said

    Hi Orrin,

    The truth shall set us free! Action applied to truth that is!
    Thanks for the tips!

    God bless!

  9. David Nelson said

    Great post Orrin, Most who have been to college or to just say a few words at some event can identify with speaking fright challenges. To have the answers to prayers in front of me and somehow not make the connection makes me wonder what limiting belief causes the disconnect. It’s like the hand water pump I got to just keep pumping, not too fast and not to slow, till a steady flow comes out because I can see water way down there in the well. Everywhere I go I see room full of people and think ? how many are hoping and praying that someone with an idea that works will find me? So thanks for the hints on how to warm up to people and also have the guts to make a connection. Lets make 2015 a happening place.

  10. Bernie said

    What an incredible post. Examining the gap between intentions and actions to determine limiting beliefs! Awesome. This, for me, seems to tie along with the restless thoughts from Claude’s book. When these thoughts and uncomfortable emotions arise it’s almost as if the subconscious is saying, “hey, remember this is where you’re supposed to be going!?” Action! πŸ™‚ And truly, you’re the best speaker in my book. Thanks Orrin! P.s. I had a dream Kirk was speaking and totally skipped a couple levels. It was awesome.

  11. Mark Paul said

    Thanks Orrin for a great article to prepare our thinking for 2015. It is great to be able to learn from someone who has the experience and success of overcoming obstacles. Happy New Year!

  12. Steve Meixner said

    Thanks Orrin, This was another Great Talk that I was thankful to be present at. Looking forward to mastering all my Limiting Beliefs in 2015.

  13. Stacey Arroyo said

    It still amazes me how I can get caught up in the idea of the New Year! I know a new anything can start whenever I like but there is just something that lures me in. I look back to last year at this time and think where did the time go? So many wonderful memories were made this year. I am truly blessed in so many ways. I also reflect and ask” Am I where I wanted to be”? I can say not yet with my head held high. I have learned that this is not a failure. I do know that I have gotten much closer than I ever could have imagined. I have had some amazing break throughs in my personal life. I,incredibly enough, look forward to identifying the limiting believes that I still have and fixing them to close the gap. Thank you for all that you do. God Bless 2015!

  14. CJ Calvert said

    Orrin, a fantastic post to wrap up 2014 as we head into the new year. Thank you for always challenging us to break through our limiting beliefs, and congratulations on making the Top 100 Speakers List on Inc Magazine. What a turnaround story! You’ve long shared the amazing journey from failing your speech class to become a master speaker, but this accolade caps the story so powerfully. Bravo!

  15. Dave Bailey said

    Thanks Orrin for the timely reminder. A breakthrough in this area will be a priority for me in 2015!! Keep it coming! BTW, here’s wishing you a prosperous 2015 in every area of your life!

  16. Thomas Abbott said

    Thank you Orrin. This post heading into the new year is exactly what I need. I love saying that ‘my biggest fear can be the biggest gift to the world’. I’ve shackled myself for to long. Held myself back. Now in 2015 it’s time to break the mold and find a new Goliath to slay. Thanks for your leadership and example and I look forward to visiting at operation advancement. God bless and Happy New Year.

  17. Thanks Orrin! It’s working! It’s all coming together.

  18. Thanks Orrin and congratulations! So proud to be in LIFE!

  19. Kirk Birtles said

    Orrin, what an amazing story! To bomb out on two public speaking assignments in front of your high school and college peers to breaking into the top 100 speakers of all time is Hollywood movie material!! Thanks for sharing how you did this to empower us to break through our own limiting beliefs.



  20. Lynn Elliott said

    Thanks Orrin for sharing your thoughts and wisdom. Looking forward to hearing from you in Jan. Wishing You, Laurie and your family a Happy New Year!

  21. Holly Schmitz said


    Listened to a bunch of LIFE cds today. What great information and teaching going into my thinking as well as my children! I love your comment about failure being an event, not a person.

    We are much like Santa…going around and giving people a chance at life again. Hope is so special to share with someone who has no where else to turn. Not only can I share hope, but I can also share my faith in my Creator, and share the story of our eternal Hope.

    Just shared our LIFE plan with a new gal last nite. She has had some rough spots to overcome in life, but she is HUNGRY to change, to get better, and to matter again.

    No better place to be than here in LIFE, with you, Orrin, and all other LIFE leaders.

    Thanks for caring and loving others and your example!

    Holly Schmitz

  22. Excellent Post Mr.Orrin! You have said great words about the leader, follower and who wants to lead the world.

  23. David Cadarette said


    This is a great complement article to your CD “Laws of Success”. Both of these solidify that this isn’t just a “once in a while” thing or a “good idea”. It’s essential!!!!! Thanks for what you do!!!

  24. Powerful article Orrin! Thank you for sharing this story regarding your limiting beliefs and reminding us how important it is to examine our own limiting beliefs regularly in order to move forward! Much needed and appreciated. Happy New Year and I thank God every day for bringing you and Laurie into my life.

  25. Tiffani Chapa said

    Orrin, thank you for sharing these insights into your dream struggle and victory. It gives me hope to see limiting beliefs broken and new victorious beliefs replaced. Congrats on the top 100 convention speakers by Inc! This gives me the perspective to really examine my intentions and on a great day in 2015! It’s the start of something bigger… To a million+!

  26. Once again a great article Orrin. Thank you so much for providing with this type of information. 2015 is going to a great year for Life.

  27. Rick Tillmann said

    Orrin, every conversation with you, every talk given by you, leads to the shattering of another limiting belief. Thanks for leading the way…

  28. Tyler schlosser said

    So powerful! Thanks for having the passion, hunger, and vision that can be passed on to all of us!! Looking forward to fresh start in 2015! Thank u Orrin!

  29. Jason Anderson said


    It is without question that because of the leaders like Orrin and Laurie Woodward, Chris and Terry Brady and the rest of the Policy Council members that I took action today to pursue the dream and the vision. What a blessing it is to have the systematic approach to fill our minds with the Life Leadership CDs and enjoy the benefits of community so we can live thw life we’ve always wanted. I have commited and personally listening to anywhere from 6-18 CDs a day, reading at multiple times, finding myself accomplishing more than I had ever dreamt of before being introduced to the idea of read, listen, associate. God willing through the Grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I resolve to move on and be better tomorrow than I was today, cultivate the vision and move on to the round table level, PC, and beyond. Today I resolve to be a parent that sets value before circumstances and uphold character before image. “Don’t Fear the Dream – by George Guzzardo let us go out into the homes and community of Americans and fix that thing”
    As always a pleasure to learn how to accomplish and ascertain results from the Life System and the association of great leaders like yourself. For that matter I’m am beyond forever grateful for your time, I am eternally grateful! Amazing post God bless you and Jesus be with you

  30. April Sellen said

    Hi Orrin,
    Thanks for sharing your heart during your talks. Your heart and passion is what makes your talks so great! Happy New Years!

  31. Orrin,
    I love the following perspective: “I vowed to never give a speech again. Instead, I would learn my subject so well that I could just speak extemporaneously for hours at a time. To this day, I don’t give speeches; I merely share what is in my heart with others.” That’s phenomenal perspective. I find some of my worst “speeches” are when I let my melancholy tendencies take over and practically script what I want to communicate. It’s as if I try too hard to do a good job. Much better would be to study, study and study some more, to ultimately take the stage with the confidence of knowing that I’m prepared and let God guide the conversation from the heart. Thanks for sharing and teaching in this great article!

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