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Warren Buffet: Advice to Students

Posted by Orrin Woodward on January 7, 2015

Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet is one of the wealthiest people in the world. He created his wealth through wise investment. Recently, I read an interview Warren Buffet did with CNBC. Not surprisingly, his advice is spot on for helping people get out of the Financial Matrix:

CNBC: “What is the one thing that young people should be doing about money?”
Buffett: “I tell them two things, generally. One is stay away from credit cards… The second thing I tell them is to invest in themselves.”

In a nutshell, his advice breaks out into two categories. 1) Live Debt-Free and 2) Invest in Yourself. This is exactly what LIFE Leadership teaches. First, learn the Defense of finances to get out of debt and then invest the savings to go on Offense in the number one asset you have, namely, yourself. YOU, in other words, are the greatest return on investment plan possible.

Unfortunately, although this is consistently followed by those who accumulate wealth and honors, most people do not follow Warren Buffet’s time-proven advice. This, in fact, is why the Founders of LIFE created the Financial Fitness Program – to help people hold themselves accountable to learn the defense, offense, and playing field (Financial Matrix) of finances. Indeed, associating with like-minded LIFE Leadership community members is vital to help a person wipe out debt (Defense) and use the increased cash flow to invest in further personal development (Offense). Great financial results, in sum, can only be accomplished by mastering both the Defense and Offense. 

In another interview, Business Insider asked Warren Buffet about the student loan bubble and he answered:

The best education you can get is investing in yourself. But this doesn’t always mean college or university. I have two degrees but I don’t have them on my wall, in fact I don’t even know where they are. I used to be afraid of public speaking, and I realized that I have to do that someday. I do have one diploma I display from Dale Carnegie’s Public Speaking Course and it only cost me $100.

Hmmm. It seems to me that Warren Buffet values a good return on investment and the two factors in the equation are the cost and quality of the education. In both categories, LIFE Leadership is at the front of the pack. High quality and low cost leads is what has made our Financial Fitness Program (under 100 dollars) the best selling product in our portfolio of leadership materials.

The Financial Matrix is real and a person can only set themselves free by learning the defense, offense, and playing field of finances.  Perhaps 2015 is the time to take Warren Buffet’s advice to set yourself free. 🙂


Orrin Woodward

30 Responses to “Warren Buffet: Advice to Students”

  1. April Sellen said

    This in incredible. It is just one more reason that I am proud to defend the plan and show these products to those in my life by first displaying my own changed life through using and implementing the timeless principles. Thanks for your thoughts. I love checking your blog to see when you have new posts. Have a great day! April

  2. Curtis Rempson Jr said

    This is an awesome article I remember reading an article where Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA Basketball Team, was interviewed about the student loan debt bubble as well. It just shows that business individuals with high levels of success see our current economy for what it is and are also giving the younger generations both advice and a warning for what’s coming in the next few years. Life Leadership has the best information to use in order to invest in yourself and also is the BEST vehicle to get you ANYWHERE you want to go financially.

  3. Nancy Monsipapa said

    How amazing are those parallels?
    Thanks for all you do!
    Nancy & Rick

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Nancy, that’s exactly what I thought and it led me to write it up. Keep rocking! thanks, Orrin

  4. CJ Calvert said

    Orrin, what a ringing endorsement from Warren Buffet about the education principles espoused by LIFE Leadership. It’s no wonder we are growing and on our way to a million people!

  5. Jon DeLange said

    As a 20 year old young man, I’m so excited to be applying these two principles in my life! Life Leadership has been my source of self investment for two years and I’m on track to finish my Bachelors Degree (which I may or may not keep on my wall, like Buffett) with almost no debt. Thank you Orrin for putting the time in and showing that it is possible to identify what one wants, learn from those who have results, and then go fight for a victory!

  6. Olivier Jean-Baptiste said

    Thanks for sharing Orrin….

    The principles of success are indeed universal. Sadly, the main stream media as it is now does a good job at strangulating any content that would actually lead someone to success in the financial arena. Thankfully as you said, Life Leadership is on the quest to reverse this sad state of affair by creating life changing contents while effectively buildng an audiance that buys into the great vision of reversing the curent of decline and subsequently goes out to living rooms all over the world to connect one family at a time to the correct media. The media war is on and I love it!!!!!!

  7. Tony Scott said

    Great article Orrin. Warren’s comments on investing in yourself is exactly what Life Leadership is all about. You must be able to lead yourself before you can lead others and the primary way of doing that is investing in yourself with information that allows you make the right choices and change.

  8. Elaine Mallios said

    So true! We have known this for some time. I can’t figure out how Mr. Buffett cannot see the dangers of such a large federal government, with overreaching powers in almost every enterprise. Seriously?! I certainly don’t mean to portray either political party as one being with out grave imbalances and misdeeds. There are real estate signs everywhere for his company. I guess money talks!

  9. Tina Abernathy said

    Amen! Thank you Life Leadership for creating the Financial Fitness pack in such a simple format that even a “financial dummy” like myself can implement.

  10. Matt Foote said

    Thanks for the article, Orrin. It’s another example of how universal the principles of success are and the results that can be achieved when they are consistently applied.

  11. Dave Chatmon said

    Wow, great information. I will send this link to many people that have asked me about this topic and the Financial Fitness program is where I send them. However it is really beneficial when other none leaders are pointing in the same direction!

    Thanks Orrin

  12. We seem to be on the right track. 🙂 Love LIFE Leadership!

  13. Josh Bayless said

    Hey Orrin,

    Thank you so much for all your sacrifices. Your life of discipline and God Given humility has produced and will produce more fruits for His glory then any of us can imagine.

    It is so great to see outside sources endorsing exactly what it’s we are doing in Life Leadership.


  14. Ulrich & Maité Bosquet said

    Dear Orrin,
    Thank you so much for this Life Leadership program , specially tge Financial Fitness and The LLR program they are ours Favorites.
    thank you again, Here in Haiti we are creatting and maintain this momentum and proud to say that we are Life Leadership Members.

  15. So what you’re saying is we have a chance. . . actually, we have way more than a chance because we’re already on our way to going mainstream! Third party validation from a self-made billionaire?? Awesome! It’s time to Assault the Summit (great phrase from CJ) and make 2015 our best year ever!! Thanks for everything O!

  16. Chad Waters said

    Hi Orrin,

    Great reference and comparisons!

    God bless!

  17. Donna Tomich-Adair said


    I wish I had this information 20 years ago! The Financial Fitness Pack is an excellent tool. It has helped my family.

    Thanks for providing great information at low price! It is worth the investment ten times over.


    Donna Tomich-Adair

  18. Tyrone Johnson said

    Orrin Woodward your are amazingly the result, I have been. I meet a Good guy through a book an to joining. It’s called “The Twelve Absolute Of Leadership” basic principles. It’s funny how they say “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. I worked at a recycling company in Dallas Tx, where all other books where being processed. In, I grabbed the book so I thought it’s weird to be showing up at a local Red Oak, Tx seminar at a University to see you. I love your material of gold.

  19. Good morning, Orrin,
    Thankfully, I crammed my four year course into seven years long before student loans. I worked my way through and, with family help, got out without student debt. Unfortunately, I wasn’t taught about the financial matrix in college. Of course it was just ramping up big time. That was the era when graduating seniors were sent gas credit cards just because they were graduating, no application necessary! And, of course, there were such financially astute leaders (tongue in cheek) such as Edward Kennedy urging us to use credit and pay off with cheap dollars later. The interest rate was typically 2 or 3% and, legally, no more than 10%. Then, after everyone got sucked into credit (ads touting buy now pay later or you deserve it) our esteemed leaders lifted the rate to 30%, . What a deal for the new slave owners.
    Thanks for your insight,
    Jim Wilson

  20. Maura Galliani said

    Amen to that, Orrin! 🙂

  21. Neera Puri said

    Dear Orrin

    This article with Warren Buffett and the financial matrix hit something deeper in me. I certainly agree with the debt free mind set and investing in your own learning to get out of the financial matrix.
    I recall being encouraged to get credit cards from my US environment, while my parents from India only paid cash down in full for things. I had wise parents.

    I reflected more deeply on Warren Buffet’s comment about not displaying his degrees and the value of college education.

    My maternal grandmother was a refugee in the partition when they lost their ancestral home in Lahore, Pakistan and most family died as they were the only ones who escaped. She never was allowed to educate herself.

    Nani Ji had five children, 3 girls including my mother. She made sure all of her girls were educated. And it made a huge difference in all their lives. It is what allowed them to immigrate to North America.

    I also became the first woman PhD in my family. And certainly have drowned in the credentialist environment with the ivory tower.
    So what is the value of college education?

    I think we have to go to basics to define what our God given purpose is, and work from there. If my purpose is to help the most people, then hands down I’m behind the movement of LIFE Leadership.

    But if my purpose is also to protect and medically treat abused children with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and defend their right to freedom as an expert witness in court, then God is absolutely also using the college education and medical credential for good.

    I think leaders on both sides, both community leaders and credentialist leaders need to communicate on bettering our community. More innovation, more people out of the financial matrix, living their divine purpose.

    Case in point with abused children, many times the healthy parent is in financial bondage with attorney’s fees until they are tapped out. LIFE Leadership teaches them to get out of financial bondage and fight harder for their children’s freedom.

    The Financial Fitness pack is in fact a freedom movement!

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Agreed. Their are creators with credentialist degrees that are making a difference and you are one of them Neera. Keep up the great work! 🙂 God Bless, Orrin

  22. David said

    Investing in yourself reminds me of my grandfather. When we were growing up, he would always say education is the one thing nobody can ever take away from you. I

  23. Justin Saroyan said

    Great tie in to what we do with Life Leadership! Awesome blog Orrin!

  24. George Guzzardo referenced this post last night and I had to read it again for myself. There is much to be gleaned even in the comments section of this blog. Every new post by the Founders of LIFE Leadership contains principles that can be a catalyst for others to explore Truth. Orrin, thank you very much for letting God direct your path. It gives me hope that I too can grow.

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