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Age of Fighting Sail: Chris Brady

Posted by Orrin Woodward on January 26, 2015

Author Chris Brady

Author Chris Brady

Chris Brady has done it again! How many home runs can a guy hit in a row anyway? His latest book Leadership Lessons from the Age of Fighting Sail (LLAFS) is simply brilliant. As everyone knows, I love history, but somehow Chris Brady found a portion of history that I had only studied briefly. Then, he proceeded to deliver leadership nugget after nugget while sharing fascinating stories I was completely unaware of.

Like the famous dictum, “facts tell but stories sell,” Brady sold the importance of leadership by laying out the severe complications and challenges that faced the captains of ships in the age of fighting sail. As I read the chapters, I realized that LLAFS is not just a great book in its own right, but also an excellent follow-up book to Brady and my New York Times Bestseller Launching a Leadership Revolution (LLR). For Brady adds color and depth to so many principles in his latest book that were merely touched upon in LLR.

For instance, Brady dedicates a whole chapter to the importance of hunger in world-class leadership and expostulates on the message by sharing how Horatio Nelson’s teenage decision made him the leader he was. All of which, by the way, I had never read or heard before. If the reader desires to learn leadership (while being entertained and inspired), then look no further than LLAFS. Indeed, when I completed the last chapter, I changed the hierarchy of my favorite historical leadership books, moving Brady’s to the top of the list.

I feel driven to share so many stories from the book, but I will hold myself back, for the way Brady crescendos the leadership principles and stories upon each other is masterful. The reader needs needs to experience this for himself without me spoiling the effect. Nonetheless, a quick look at the chapter headings, will convey the depth and scope one will experience when he reads the book. Just look at the leadership principles taught in LLAFS:

  1. The Lesson of the Ripple Effect
  2. The Lesson of Hunger
  3. The Lesson of Initiative
  4. The Lesson of the Front
  5. The Lesson of Discernment
  6. The Lesson of Concentration
  7. The Lesson of Decentralization
  8. The Lesson of Culture
  9. The Lesson of the Unfair Unload
  10. The Lesson of the Battle
  11. The Lesson of Legacy

Furthermore, inside each of the major leadership lessons are tidbits and side-thoughts that each deserve separate books from Brady. When someone has lived each of these principles the resulting book becomes ten times more valuable than just someone repeating verbiage he has read from others. Indeed, this is what makes Leadership Lessons from the Age of Fighting Sail a book that I will return to again and again.

I am so proud of the leaders within LIFE Leadership who have produced a series of best sellers over the years led by LIFE Coaches Tim Marks and Claude Hamilton. Chris Brady, not surprisingly, has just added another to the growing list.


Orrin Woodward

21 Responses to “Age of Fighting Sail: Chris Brady”

  1. Chad Waters said

    Hi Orrin!

    Wow I can’t wait to have my copy! What Chris and all the leaders of Life Leadership do is truly amazing and we are grateful!
    Looking forward to reading this book!

    God bless!

  2. Nancy Monsipapa said

    Thank you for producing amazing books that continue to guide us on our leadership journey!

  3. CJ Calvert said

    Orrin, I couldn’t agree more. Chris Brady has hit a home-run with LLAFS. This has become my #1 favorite solo Chris Brady book, having fought past the tough competition of PAiLS, A Month of Italy, and Rascal. The thought leadership displayed by our in-house talent is remarkable. Thanks, Chris, for another fantastic book!

  4. Chris Brady is an inspirational leader, while weather physical storms like the individuals that he writes about in his newest book, his accomplishments speak to the storms that he has overcome. By his example and extensive experience he’s written a map with Leadership Lessons from the Age of the Fighting Sail that will take leaders through the storms of life! Thank you for the vivid pictures of leadership exemplified in this book, Chris!

  5. BraveheartMicah said

    O – While in hot pursuit of the “FREEDOM to focus” books like this, Leadership Train and Coach K’s Leading from the Heart, are SO VALUABLE!!” Thanks for creating the hunger (in all of us) to dig into this one…if it’s anything like the LLR – it will be an INSTANT CLASSIC and we’ll be re-reading and promoting it for a long time. What a blessing.

    See you at OA this weekend. Thanks for all you do!
    Micah Kramer

  6. Joseph Wager said


    I read this book in two days, and am now going back through it slower savoring every nugget. It is a fantastic imbrication of leadership principles and exciting historical examples! Chris has created an educational book that reads as a novel!

    Joseph Wager

  7. Titi said

    Orrin – Thanks for the fantastic review! I can’t wait to read this one by Rascal in chief! Every book by Chris I have read so far has been thoughtful, funny, instructive and well thought out! I am so thankful for the Leadership of Chris and his willingness to share his beautiful mind with all of us!

  8. Joyce Brooks said

    Wow! What a great read with Brady’s focus on this his historical period! I’m very proud to be affiliated with a group of hungry, talented and great writers.

  9. I’m still in the process of reading LLAFS but so far loving it! Chris certainly knows how to make reading history fun and relevant 🙂 Thanks for sharing this great review and thank you both for all that you do!

  10. It’s next on my list to read!

    Now I’m chompin’ at the bit to get to it.

    Might have to ‘split time’. 🙂

  11. Tim Marks said

    Congratulations to Chris Brady another awesome book!!!

  12. Heather Coleman said

    From Orrin’s review and everyone’s comments this is definitely a “must read.” I am waiting for it to reach Australia. Congratulations Chris!

  13. April Sellen said

    Wow, sounds great! I received my copy from subscription last month, but with so many great books, I haven’t even gotten to skim it. I now have a new book on the top of my pile! I’m currently going through AJFA the second time , and its my first time since college actually studying a book because there is so much more than what you get at first glance! Thanks for the review!

  14. Leslie Gebhart said

    Hi Orrin,
    I brought LLAFS for my trip to Florida to start right after I finished Magic of Thinking Big (again). I started it on the way down, and loved it right away. I did, however, think briefly that when I got home I would switch back to something more ‘constructive’. HA! On today’s 12 hour journey home I realized the LESSONS word in the title is an understatement! These are epiphanies! I’m not a third through the book and I’d rather fight than switch! (I know how you love old commercials, got that one?) 🙂
    I’m underlining and highlighting like crazy! You mentioned the hunger lesson, within that one how about “Hunger is a discipline”…. wow.
    I love all Chris’ books but am surprised how much I love these stories and how great the lessons within them are.
    Congrats again Chris for another Victory!

  15. Elaine Mallios said

    This book was with me on the trip to Florida. I’m not done but the Chesapeake chapter has me riveted. This is an incredible read. I cannot believe it! I love it.

  16. Thank you so very much for this information on Chris Brady’s newest book. Only last night, I gave a 45 minute talk on the advantages of personal sacrifice. I could have utilized this book beautifully. I’m grateful for leadership that sources their strength from such virtuous pursuits and pages and gives back to our community the same. Onward!

  17. Colin Kolosky said

    It amazes me the magnitude of his ability and focus. Although focused is still able to make something comical, entertaining and educational. Picked up the book and read it aloud so my wife and kids could enjoy. When you can have both the parents and a child riveted to a book or story, you have something special.

  18. Jim Wilson said

    It is a great book. I have been fascinated by the age of sail ever since I read Treasure Island as a child. I race sail boats. So, this is right down my ally. I read it on an ibook because I didn’t want to wait. I need to get a hard copy now! Chris’ examples make his points crystal clear.
    Jim Wilson

  19. Steve Meixner said

    Awesome book, I loved it! I was a Sailor, but not quite so long ago 🙂 I enjoyed the History Lessons both as a Reminder and some I never heard before. I have enjoyed every book that Chris has written and this one is no exception. Thank You Chris and Orrin !!!

  20. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    Can’t wait to read this one.
    All of CBs writings are written in an easy to understand and applicable way that makes learning easier and enjoyable. Thank you CB!!

  21. Christine Fleury said

    Feeling so blessed to be part of LIFE and able to glean from such amazing leaders, their experiences and all their hard work to help me have my best life!

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