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LIFE Leadership: What Do You Do?

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 17, 2015

Many times, I get asked what I do and my answer has been honed down to a few simple statements. It’s amazing to me how many people recognize something is wrong financially in the world, but how few have a plan to fix their personal finances. Enter LIFE Leadership and the Financial Fitness Program (FFP). It’s a systematic plan to eliminate debt, start investing in themselves, and begin building a business asset (bridge building versus barge working) by teaching others how to escape the Financial Matrix.

Of course, not everyone is looking for answers, but I have never seen a time where more people are in tune with the challenges and seeking help. To me, I am not building a business on purpose anymore, but rather building my purpose on business. For I have always helped people financially as I realized the negative effects of debt stress early in life. Now, I get rewarded for doing what the Bible tells me to do anyway – “Love people as I love myself.” I don’t tolerate debt personally and if I love others I will help them not tolerate it in their life either.

The Bible states, “The borrower is a slave to the lender.” If one of your friends was in trouble, wouldn’t you want to help? Friends, in a Β word, don’t let friends stay enslaved. Here is the gist of discussions I have been having with people since I discovered the Financial Matrix. Indeed, many people, who have known for years, are now wanting to get together and talk because the messaging is so clear, simple, and logical. What is your plan out of the Financial Matrix?

Question: What do you do?

I am a Director on the Underground Railroad, helping people escape the Financial Matrix.

Question: What’s the Financial Matrix?

It’s the aristocracy’s most effective system of control ever. It ensures debt and stress for the people and profit and control for them. The problem is the increased debt levels for people and governments are unsustainable. Have you noticed the rapid increase in debt levels around the world?

Yes or No or Maybe So

The good news is that there is a step-by-step plan out of the Financial Matrix. I cannot promise anything, but I think it’s worth grabbing a coffee and going over some of the details to ensure your family is protected. Which night works best for you Wed or Thursday?


Orrin Woodward

39 Responses to “LIFE Leadership: What Do You Do?”

  1. This is gold! Thanks Orrin

  2. Ross Goldsmith said

    Great information Orrin!!

  3. Micah Kramer said

    Orrin- WELL DONE! Here’s my description of this succinct article. “Here’s the 3-2 pitch….swung on and BELTED, DEEP to left field, way back, WAY BACK, and that ball is GONE!” πŸ™‚

  4. Maura Galliani said

    Thank you for another wonderful “nugget” to help me with my business. πŸ™‚

  5. Bob said


  6. Paul Horst said

    You’ve helped us escape from the matrix! Now it’s our duty to help others. We serve in the underground railroad with joy!

  7. Rick Satterstrom said

    Great info- keeping it simple!

  8. Jim Wilson said

    Thanks, Orrin,
    Talk about selling the sizzle! I think it will be hard for people not to have questions. Anxious to try it!
    Jim Wilson

  9. Ken Hendon said

    Let’s hear it for the truth, and the passion to act on it!
    Thanks, Orrin

  10. Stuart Colvin said

    Tremendous message and a great explanation in the video. Thanks Orrin.

  11. george guzzardo said

    DEVELOP SYSTEMS AND DEVELOP LEADERS: This is what I’ve learned working with you and Laurie over the last 20 years.

  12. Straight forward information.
    Being an example to many to show service to others.
    Inspiring truly Inspiring.
    Thank you Orrin.

  13. Tim Jarvinen said

    After flying somewhere some time ago, I realized we are putting on our financial “air mask” so we can help others put on theirs! In case of an emergency, put on your financial fitness pack “air mask!” Do it, and let them see you do it!

  14. Tim Jarvinen said

    Financial fitness, the gift that keeps giving!

  15. Neera Puri said

    Fantastic, succinct message. Just used it today with an entrepreneur with great success.

  16. Tina Abernathy said

    Good stuff Orrin!

    Financial Fitness allows for many of our other F’s to get in alignment.

    The underground railroad analogy is so powerful, I know Raymond has used it in the past and hearing it hear with the financial matrix is just plain awesome!!

    Thank you for your leadership

  17. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    Thank you for continuing to use a systematic approach as we learn more and reach out to people directly using the financial approach.

  18. Anonymous said


    The financial fitness pack was a plethora of great info. Similar to what I’ve read in other books but I was shocked after I was sent the pack (I’m not in LIFE) and opened it up and was immediately confused by the LIFE leadership credit card offer I received in the pack.

    It’s hard to convey the wall I put up on all the info in the pack. I definitely was very critical of everything especially the “defense” part of the book. I compare it to an AA meeting that offers free beer. It just super ironic that the material says credit cards are bad but sign up with our credit card.

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Anonymous, The credit card offers one year interest free transfers and helps people stop the bleeding while they pay it off. If there wasn’t an explanation in the pack on this, then there should be. That is why we agreed to work with the credit card because they offered the one year free interest. Once a person learns the principles (they have a year to do so) they will use the credit card only for convenience and not as easy loan to get themselves into trouble. thanks, Orrin

  19. Anonymous said

    Thanks for the explanation. On the offer there is no mention of the interest free transfer offer. It does mention:

    “The LIFE Leadership Visa credit card – a credit card that gives back every time you make a purchase. Additional card benefits include:

    Competitive rates and fees
    Life Leadership members who make a purchase with their card within 90 days of issuance also recurve 25 PV from LIFE Leadership”

    (Plus other “rewards”)

    I just found it ironic that on page 163 chapter 16 of Financial Fitness starts out with a quote “I’ll trade you one dollar for five dollars” the a multiple choice question asking where this quote comes from. Choice B is “a marketing as for a new credit card.

    I do believe 0% would help someone stop the bleeding but 0% can get those that have not yet implemented sound financial principles into trouble.

    I know the financial fitness program will help and has helped thousands of people. I just think it’s sending the wrong message to have a credit card offer that offers “rewards”. I may have missed it but I didn’t see anything in the book that mentioned transferring credit card debt to another credit card.

    Side note, I hope this is constructive. I don’t run a multi-million dollar business and lead thousands of people. It’s just my opinion. I hope you see it as constructive and not condescending.



    • Orrin Woodward said

      Anon, All dialogue seeking truth is good and this is good. πŸ™‚ Reducing monthly outflow to debt service while reducing debt monthly is definitely part of plan because its exactly what I did to get out of the Financial Matrix. However, it needs to be more clearly taught as we do much of our specific teaching in one on one mentoring. I will ensure it’s in the next revision and to teach the do’s and don’ts of credit cards properly. thanks, Orrin

  20. Beth Ober said

    Thanks for your leadership and example!

  21. Orrin,

    One of the many things I love about LIFE Leadership is that we learn from those who have success and implement them into our lives. This is a great example of just that. Thank you for sharing this simple way of answering people who have questions about what we do. God bless!!

    Onward to a million people!!!


  22. Barry Quinn said

    Thank you Orrin and Anonymous. Great information, great questions, and great answers.

  23. Rick Tillmann said

    Thanks for the dialog, Orrin & Anonymous. We’ve had a number of people ask us the same question. in that light, Orrin, the cc offer can really speed up the process of eliminating debt.

  24. Orrin,
    I enjoyed the dialogue with Anon… All dialogue seeking truth is good. And so is this one.
    Thank you,

  25. Tennyson Heen said

    Great stuff as usual! Dialogue w/Anonymous – how many companies get that? The leader of the company clarifying the questions put forth. What an organization to be a part of where the leaders are true servants and lead by example.

  26. Prospery Raymond said

    Awesome messages. It is very inspiring and could millions of people to get out of the matrix!!!
    All the best Orrin!!!

    Daphne and Prospery Raymond (Haiti)

  27. Kirk Birtles said

    Orrin, I have to admit, the idea of the LIFE Leadership credit card set me back a little as well when I first heard about it, but the no interest for 12 months, along with the defensive and offensive principles applied, can be just another great way of getting out of the financial matrix! Is it possible for people to transfer balances from other high interest credit cards to the LIFE Leadership card with no interest for 12 months? If the answer is YES, then this is a total win/win for those motivated to get out of the Financial Matrix!!! Applied correctly, it will just help them get financially free a few months quicker! Thanks for being a leader worth following!! kb

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Kirk, absolutely. In fact, that was the number one reason the PC was unanimous in agreeing to support the card. A person can take a 20% interest debt (a 10,000 balance means around $200 per month in interest alone) and transfer it to a zero interest card. Then implement the Financial Fitness Program principles to eliminate the balance because you are no longer paying hundreds of dollars per month to service the debt. Zero interest for a year will be a key plank in helping people play good defense and then turn the savings into building the offensive plan. πŸ™‚ thanks, Orrin

  28. Kirk Birtles said

    Orrin, I had the opportunity to give a financial equipping talk this weekend in Michigan. While preparing for this talk, I discovered that the label of the ‘Big 3’ has changed! It used to affectionately describe Ford, GM & Chrysler. ‘The new ‘Big 3’ are Credit cards, Car loans and Student loans, which have surpassed 1 trillion dollars each in the United States over the last few yeats! Its hard to understand the magnitude of this number because all of these ‘illion’ words are thrown around in this day and age. Just to give you an idea of how big this number is, 1 trillion dollars in, one hundred dollar bills, stacked up would reach up 679 miles into the sky! If you tipped this stack onto its side, this line of one hundred dollar bills would reach all the way from Grand Blanc, MI (where I live) down to Huntsville, Al!!! This isn’t a problem, its an epidemic!! TIME TO USE LIFE LEADERSHIP AND THE FINANCIAL FITNESS PROGRAM TO GET PEOPLE OUT OF THE FINANCIAL MATRIX!!!

  29. David Cadarette said

    What an amazing company we have with LIFE!! 0% credit cards for 12 months!!! Bravo to the LCs and all they are doing to counter all the STUFF that’s going on out there!!! I LOVE IT!!! As Chris Swanson says it’s time to “GET OUT OF THE VAN” and be the first through the door!!!

  30. Jeffey Shuey said

    Orrin I think this is a great tool for beating the financial matrix. My question is the interest rate after the year is up?

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Like any other credit card I am sure, but if you are planning on paying interest after one year, you are not following the Financial Fitness Program advice. Credit card is a convenience and necessary for certain things (rental cars, for example) but shouldn’t be used as a loan at all. If you violated that principle, a one year grace period to clean up the mess comes in handy. πŸ™‚ thanks, Orrin

      • Jeffey Shuey said

        Thank you for responding, I only asked just in case I didn’t get to pay off all my debt with in the year I only have 2,600 of student loan debt at 3.22% interest if by chance the credit card was more to PDCA. Can’t wait to hear you in PA. Fired up.

      • Orrin Woodward said

        Look forward to it Jeff. My goal is for people not to pay any interest on any card, so do not add any debt on a CC (even one with zero interest) that you do not have a plan to pay off in full before interest kicks in. See ya in PA! πŸ™‚ thanks, Orrin

  31. Jeffey Shuey said

    Talking about the financial matrix & paying off the debt is what Warren buffet said was the fist part. The 2nd part is investing in your thinking, and I love the life books that come off the subscriptions, the one thing you said was read the classics to work on your education thinking (along with the top 5). I want to ask you is in your opinion the classics?

  32. Ryan said

    The LIFE business is brilliant. Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and the TEAM are NOT scams, or pyramid schemes! They are true and vital ways to improve circumstances in any willing life. I am a living product of the system, on in a progression mode with a long way to go. I owe my family and my marriage to this TEAM AND Orrin Woodward. Thank you Chris Brady.

  33. Libbie Quinn said

    Thank you for the “What Do You Do” article, Mr. Woodward. I love the great, succinct wording of the financial matrix.
    As to the dialog with “Anon”… I appreciate your answers because I had some of the same questions/concerns. My husband, Barry, and I are completely out of the financial matrix and bought our most recent house with cash. (Its been two years and we still celebrate being debt free!) It was a struggle worth going thorough and lessons well learned. We lengthend our struggle by being sucked into the “move all you card balances to a zero % card” because we had good intentions, but poor practices. Never again!
    With the Financial Fitness Program to help people, there is hope! I look forward to the revised promo for the credit card and instructions for its intended use. It will surely help many.
    God is good! Life is awesome! And Life Leadership is the way to go!
    Have a great day,

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