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RESOLVED to become a School Curriculum

Posted by Orrin Woodward on April 13, 2015

ResolvedI am excited to announce that the 13 resolutions from my book RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE is being developed into teaching curriculums for the different age K-12. Director and Principal of the American Leadership Academy, Rob Brown, proposed a partnership between LIFE Leadership and himself to develop the curriculums for both charter-schools and the home-schooling markets.

After studying through the proposal LIFE Leadership agreed to support the project and help make the dream of reaching the next generation a reality. The results of this partnership promise to make a huge impact in the educational community. Here is a portion of the letter I received from Principal Rob Brown:

 I read Resolved  over Christmas holiday and the vision began to form in my mind of a rich leadership program unlike anything offered in an elementary or secondary educational format (homeschool included). We could adapt all the curriculum we already have and apply the Mental Fitness Challenges to our high school aged students. We could build daily leadership lessons based on the 13 Resolutions and teach them to students from kindergarten through twelfth grade!

I asked myself some questions: Why don’t we teach this? What might happen if we did? What if I had learned these principles as a kid? What difference would it make if tens of thousands of K-12 students were taught about their Purpose, Character, Friendship, Finances, and Leadership on a daily basis for their entire growing-up years?

Our Nation is in crisis, and it is our responsibility to fundamentally re-establish America’s greatness. The most effective way for us to achieve greatness is through living these principles with fidelity and teaching them to the rising generation. As we teach these principles to our children they will grow up living these truths, and our homes, churches, businesses, and legislatures will be filled with those that have the right tools and the courage to do the right things in order to preserve freedom for us, our families, and our friends.

Education is like weddings and funerals. Everyone does it and the market is wide open. Covey has over two thousand Leader in Me  schools and little home school reach. Resolved  has provided a superior vehicle. I have a framework for a step by step guide to make ResolvedSchools  a reality and teach leadership to achieve greatness in our homes and country. I will be creating this for my schools regardless, however, I know that by partnering together we can create a real Win-Win that could affect countless lives.


Rob Brown

Director- American Leadership Academy Gilbert Campus

It has been a joy to work with Principal Brown. He lives the resolutions on a daily basis and with his help, he took the principles of RESOLVED and explained them in way that resonates with students. If you have children (or know someone with children) in charter schools or home-schooling, then this book is the first part of a full curriculum to follow. The goal is to inspire the children to become resolution-centered leaders that make an impact in the world. Here is the introduction I wrote for the RESOLVED: Student Edition to be released later this year:


In 2011, when I wrote RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE, I did so to share the resolutions that had so radically changed my own life. The results of this labor of love have been nothing short of mind blowing. For within the first year, the book made the Top 100 All-Time Leadership book list and became the framework for the bestselling Mental Fitness Challenge Program.

Still, when Principal Rob Brown, of American Leadership Academy in Gilbert, Arizona, contacted me to discuss using the resolutions in RESOLVED to create an entire K-12 school curriculum, I was a little taken aback. Principal Brown had written to me:

I am the principal at American Leadership Academy in Gilbert, Arizona, a K-6 elementary charter school. As the name implies we are patriotic, leadership driven, and focused on academics. It’s the leadership part that drew me to this school. I love that we teach children the principles of leadership. When I was introduced to Resolved I was amazed at how simple and powerful each chapter was. I said, “What would happen if we taught this to kids!?!”

What would happen, in our opinion, is the students would accomplish private victories which would lead to public victories and then onward to leadership victories which, finally results in a legacy to pass on to the world. After Principal Brown, Chris Brady – CEO of LIFE Leadership, and I discussed the idea further, we realized that beyond just a school curriculum, RESOLVED – Student Edition is just the first, of many, books in a series that will eventually become The Children’s Leadership Library.

Rob Brown is not your average principal. The hunger to learn and the passion to teach is evident in everything he does. Indeed, the book you hold in your hands would not have been completed were it not for his drive to finish what he starts. Furthermore, I cannot think of a better person to partner with in spreading the power of resolutions to transform lives than a principal on the educational front lines. It has been a pleasure working with Principal Brown.

Finally, the principles taught in RESOLVED: Student’s Edition can help anyone at any age. Each section concludes with a workshop. That’s where the real power lies. Complete each workshop as you read. As you apply these principles you will gain confidence in making choices. You will really begin to understand the importance of the choices you make and how they will influence your life. I have taught for years that vision is tomorrow’s reality expressed as an idea today. It’s time to stop talking about education transformation and it’s time to start living it. This book has turned the dream into reality.


Orrin Woodward

69 Responses to “RESOLVED to become a School Curriculum”

  1. John Mossner said

    Great news!

  2. CJ Calvert said

    Orrin, that is incredible news! Congratulations!

  3. Roy Taylor said

    This is great news that others from the educational community are looking for a way to teach Leadership skills to our future Leaders.

  4. Noemi said

    This is fantastic! My only wish is that I had the opportunity to have this as a student! Congratulations Orrin!

  5. Nancy Monsipapa said

    That’s AWESOME news!!!

  6. Jim Wilson said

    Wow, Orrin!
    We are going to millions of people! For me, there is hope where there was once despair. I really do believe we can turn this ship around (my eyes are sweating). Like a big ship, it will take some time. But, with little bits daily, we can do it!
    Jim Wilson

  7. Hilda Marshall said

    Congratulations! Exciting news! I hope all school districts everywhere follow suit.

  8. Mike Ferris said

    This is so stinking awesome! Congratulations Orrin! Thankful for you, Chris and all of Life Leadership.

  9. JeanetteP said

    Hello Orrin-
    As a homeschooling mom, I am excited to hear of this new addition for our youth, and that it being the first for the Childrens Leadership Library. I am also super excited to see the results for future generations as this curriculum is implemented. My husband and I have been in unique positions to witness what is available in terms of leadership skills, in both university and K-12, and I can say with confidence that this is an area that is majorly lacking. You may find pockets of it here and there but overall, it’s definitely needed. Thanks for all you do to make a difference. To God be the glory! God Bless!

  10. Praise God!! There is so much great content coming from life leadership and we have often spoken about having it for home schooling. We are so excited!!

  11. Yes!!!!! I love when people get how big of a deal this is!! Congratulations Rob! I want my kids in your charter school!
    Orrin is a great leader that will be known long after he’s gone! Here and now! Today! We can make a difference, and this information being taught and studied is the key! As always implementation must follow.

  12. Chrissy said

    Wow!!! Thank you so much for giving us parents such amazing tools to raise our kids well! We may not be able to affect everything that happens in our country, but we can raise a generation that can handle whatever comes and ultimately lead it in the right direction. I have a one year old and I am becoming more and more aware of the magnitude of the job we have in forming a potential world-changer…and with tools like Children’s leadership library, who knows, we may just be able to raise a generation like the founding fathers again, and eventually even greater.

  13. Julie Palmer said

    I am so excited about this. We will definately be a household name in no time! Rob Brown is an amazing man & principal! Can’t wait to see where this takes us all! Thank you Orrin & Rob!

  14. Jan Duba said

    YAY!!! 🙂 We’re always introducing our new developments to charter schools and christian academy’s in our area. We are SO EXCITED!! Thank you LIFE Leadership!

  15. Congratulations! That is an incredible testimony about how awesome your work is!

  16. Mark & Adria DeKeyser said

    I’ve been asking my mentors why we don’t have this and knew it would come or I would do it when I got to that level. Thank you Life Leadership!

  17. Ali Staneart said

    This is so awesome!!!! Thank you!!!!

  18. Matt Foote said

    This is fantastic news!! We looking forward to implementing this in our home.

  19. Jim Craig said

    Orrin, it seems like on a daily basis I am seeing amazing results from your information. People of significance like Principal Rob Brown and others are being placed in our paths to re-ignite hope, uncover dreams and reveal truths about personal success through leadership and achievement. Providing this life changing information to the youth will ensure a promise for a better future. May God continue to bless you, Chris, Rob and all of the leaders who are fully engaged and making things happen!

  20. Hilary Dorr said

    This is awesome, Orrin! We have one of those Covey Leadership Schools here in Columbia and everyone talks about how great it is. I’m so proud and impressed that you will have your Resolved Book turned into a program doing the same thing (only better.) 🙂 Way to go!

  21. Steve Duba said

    Those who stay will be champions. Thanks lifeleadership for the never ending quest to be the best of the best.

  22. Kerri Bosma said

    This is great! Thank you for addressing this need in the market and within our home.


  23. Elizabeth said

    This is so incredibly exciting! This is such a testimony of the expansion of LIFE in reaching so many different communities- and for it to be our next generation. Awesome!!

  24. Kevin Conover said

    I am so excited for the Children’s Leadership Library!! Our first child is 6 years old. This curriculum could not have come at a better time for us! Thank you Orrin, Chris, and Rob for your vision and work to make this curriculum a reality. We are anxiously awaiting the release of this first book!!!

  25. Chad Palmer said

    The future belongs to our children and the generations after them and now they will have the additional tools needed to become leaders at home, church, school and their community. Strong Work Orrin Woodward and Rob Brown, so exited for the Children’s Leadership Library! God speed, cap.

  26. Titi Woki said

    This is simply amazing – the ripple effect continues! “You cannot stop an idea whose time has come”!!
    America will indeed be redeemed!

  27. Tracey said

    Amazing!!! Not only changing families from the parents perspective, but doing so right in our schools!! Thanks for your outstanding leadership and commitment to greatness, Orrin!!!

  28. Edwin said

    Awesome! This is absolutely fantastic! On to a million, but not just a million, someday to where every person on the planet will know of LIFE Leadership.

  29. Jenna Depue said

    Congratulations LIFE Leadership on partnering with American Leadership Academy!
    This is such a BIG deal! Thankful for Orrin, Chris and Rob on making this happen.

  30. Marsha Ward said

    Congratulations!! The book will be amazing! I am excited for the future generations! This Fall I am teaching our homeschool group using LIFE Essentials, Financial Fitness For Teens and look forward to continue the great lessons next year with Resolved for kids. Awesome!!!

  31. Dawn Andermann said

    This is fantastic and exactly what I have thought for several years as I seek to teach leadership principles to our fifth graders. I would be interested in piloting K-8 curriculum in my district. The school board was supportive of what I am already doing on my own.

  32. Great news! I was on my way to talk to a pastor about the Financial Fitness and LLR Corporate when I heard and I told them about it at the Church. This is huge! I am starting teaching at a local Homeschool Coop this fall and will push to implement asap!

  33. Great news. Love the book, love the leader, love the community – and the pay plan ain’t bad either!

  34. Maura Galliani said

    Just what this country’s school systems need … truth, via LIFE Leadership! 🙂

  35. April Sellen said

    Orrin, this is incredible. Who would have known 20 years ago when you first decided to stop pursuing your MBA to work on what would eventually become life leadership, that a leadership curriculum would be fashioned for our youth! Cheers to the success of The Children’s Ledership Library.

  36. Rachel said

    Fantastic!!! I was a homeschooling mother for several years and would’ve loved to have the kind of information Resolved has! Can’t wait to have such an awesome product!! Keep up the great work Orrin!!!

  37. Awesome that it’s finally going to break through the knowledge gap yahoo! We are highly training but poorly educated go with it

  38. Anna said

    Excited for this news…it’s truly principle based leadership info that everyone should get their hands on.

  39. Heidi said

    That’s great news, Orrin! I have been giving Life Leadership info to one of the administrators at the high school home school Co-op my older kids attend, but she has struggled with how to apply it in the Leadership class she teaches and I do not feel able to commit the time to figuring that out either. I sent her this article and she asked if I would discuss teaching the class next spring. 🙂 How simple it would be with the curriculum all set!

    And, of course, since we home school, this is so great.

    And even if people don’t feel they can home school, they still have the bigger influence on their children if they choose to be proactive. And now it will be even simpler.

    Thanks for all you do!

  40. Andy Kosowski said

    That is great news Orrin!!! We recently decided to homeschool our son Isaac as we want to have more say in what he will learn. Part of this will include what we are learning from Life Leadership. Now, thanks to your efforts, many thousands of other children will have this same opportunity. Nice work.

  41. Zach & Flora Frey said

    O, this is fantastic!! Information leads to activity, and activity leads to results…Let’s change the results around the country by changing the information input at the earliest point possible! I’m proud that my parents brought my siblings and I up in this manner, and I am so excited to see this resource available around the world!!

  42. Don and Jan Fallis said

    Orrin, This is exactly what George and Jill and Jan and I were talking about on Saturday at the Seminar. We are in the process of starting a new charter school right now. Classes will begin in the fall of 2015.

  43. Rob Brown said

    Wow! I can’t tell you how grateful I am to Orrin, Chris, Chad Palmer (introduced me to Resolved), Rob Robson, Kirk Schroeder, and the LIFE team. Studying these principles so deeply has been such a blessing and I am so excited for our families and communities.
    Thank you, Chris and Orrin, for your incredible work and trust. You are an inspiration to us all. God bless you and keep producing inspired work. I Cannot wait to see this vision fulfilled!

  44. Will the program be available for Fall 2015?

  45. Dave said

    Great news! Onward to 1 million & beyond!

  46. Patrick Buick said

    Excellent. I look forward to the materials for my own son, the children of other parents and to try to add to the curriculum where I live.

  47. Steve Child said

    I’m excited too let you know my college professor is allowing me to use your book “Resolved” as a source for a final research paper I am writing calLed, “Can Virtue Save the Republic?”

  48. Mary Hermsen said

    This is great news! It’s very exciting that Principal Brown has seen the genius of “Resolved”, and that he has the ambition and the knowledge to make it part of his curriculum.

    Congratulations on another step taken towards realizing your dream. Thanks for leading the way.

  49. Megan said

    Wonderful news! As a high-school-teacher-turned-homeschool-teacher (really just getting started – our kids are 2, 4, and 7), I am incredibly excited about this! Thanks, Orrin and LIFE! 😀

  50. Matt Miller said

    This awesome Orrin, we are thrilled to know this as I have been wanting to take the MFC into our local schools but now this is the icing on the cake.

  51. Adam Lucarini said

    What a blessing. Countless families will benefit from this !!

  52. Steve Meixner said

    Awesome, That’s all I can Say, Awesome!!!!

  53. Donna Balsiger said

    I teach at an alternative high school. I am very new to Life Leadership. I have recently been working on creating a way to add the book “Financial Fitness for Teens” to our Econ and/or Financial Math classes. This is very exciting and I cannot wait to show this to our High School principal and superintendent of our district. Looking forward to seeing the proposed curriculum.

  54. Steve Leuquin said

    Wow! Great recognition for great material that will make a ripple affect of so many leaders to come. Imagine, this is one school. Imagine the can day when thousands and thousands of schools are using Life Leadership material! Can you see it!?

  55. Greg and Wendy Burkhart said

    Orrin, this is so exciting . Wendy and I just started home schooling our two girls 11 and 6 this year. What an awesome opportunity to teach them out of the resolved book, and Being able to receive credit for it. Making it that much sweeter. Thanks for all that you are doing to give our future generations a chance to live The life they alway wanted. We are breaking free from the Finacial matrix and setting the example for our children..
    Thank you Orrin and Laurie

  56. Tiffany said

    How would I introduce this new curriculum to director of a local home school association and a private church owned school?
    I have not read the book yet maybe I need to start there. I hope this will catch fire and can be implemented in to the public schools!

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Tiffany, As it get’s closer, we will have a whole training program of how to introduce it to schools and home schoolers. Of course, there will be PV on the products and it will be win-win for all. 🙂 thanks, Orrin

  57. Kaylee Heninger said

    I have been anxiously awaiting this curriculum introduction since I first heard about it. This is exactly what this homeschooling family needs!! My kids are learning the principles from the Edge CDs and other Life Leadership products, but I am so excited for books that are tailored to them. So proud to be part of this community! Can’t wait to see this in person!!

  58. Kirk Birtles said

    …and LIFE Leadership continues to make an impact in the world! Thanks for leading the charge my man!! kb

  59. Shurie Taylor said

    Man! Life Leadership just keeps getting better and better!

  60. Neal D Ruffner said

    AWESOME!! Can’t wait to see it!

  61. “What would happen if we taught this to kids!?!” . . . . What would happen if we taught this to every household in America?? Cudo’s to you Orrin. Resolved will prove to be a tremendous blessing to all the children at the American Leadership Academy and to all who study if for their own accord. Onward to 1,000,000!


  62. Jeff Scott said

    This is fundamental to growing a leadership culture in the USA, a culture that is sorely lacking. Understanding and living the principles of leadership taught in “Resolved – 13 Resolutions for Life” will give back to the populous the ability to govern themselves and the country. This is one of the missions of . We hope and pray that this new curriculum will become a fixture in the best schools in in the world.

  63. Katrina said

    As a homeschooler, this is great news! This is yet another way to reach the youth through LIFE Leadership! Thank you!

  64. I’m so glad my daughter is going to this school.

  65. Phil Wall said

    great news. Freedom is Available!

  66. Michael Forrest said

    Is this available yet?!

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Michael, Getting very close and will do another blog post when complete. thanks, Orrin

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