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Founding Fathers Financial Matrix

Posted by Orrin Woodward on April 30, 2015

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks…will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” – Thomas Jefferson in the debate over the Re-charter of the Bank Bill (1809)

The Financial Matrix isn’t just for individuals. In reality, all levels of government are trapped in the Financial Matrix debt system. The more I study, the more I realize just how deep the rabbit hole goes! This much I know: getting out and staying out of debt is the quickest path out of the Financial Matrix system of control. Please watch the video below before reading the rest of the article to understand what is going on.

The Five Laws of Decline have infected our financial system. This is not shocking since the Founding Fathers neglected to lock this door effectively. As expected,  once fallen man was given the opportunity to manipulate our monetary system, he did. The final blow was the creation of our Federal Reserve System married to the fractional-reserve banking system. This cartel originally promised to be the guard against inflation, but it has actually caused the largest growth of inflation in recorded history.

6a00e54eedbee1883401b7c77b0f32970b-320wiShamefully, however, only a few brave leaders will speak the truth for fear of losing popularity and credentials. Nonetheless, if our State leaders will not speak out against this injustice, then its time for Society’s leaders to do so. This is the purpose of my recently released book The Financial Matrix and numerous blog articles. Dr. Murray Rothbard (one of the few brave individuals) identified the Federal Reserve as the engine of inflation when he wrote:

The Gonzalez proposal to have the president instead of regional bankers appoint regional Fed presidents would, in the eyes of those officials, “make it harder for the Fed to clamp down on inflation.” Why? Because, the “sure way” to “minimize inflation” is “to have private bankers appoint the regional bank presidents.” And why is this private banker role such a “sure way”? Because, according to the Fed officials, private bankers “are among the world’s fiercest inflation hawks” (New York Times, October 12, 1993).

The worldview of the Federal Reserve and its advocates is now complete. Not only are the public and politicians responsive to it eternally subject to the temptation to inflate; but it is important for the Fed to have a cozy partnership with private bankers. Private bankers, as “the world’s fiercest inflation hawks,” can only bolster the Fed’s eternal devotion to battling against inflation.

There we have the ideology of the Fed as reflected in its own propaganda, as well as respected Establishment transmission belts such as the New York Times, and in pronouncements and textbooks by countless economists. Even those economists who would like to see more inflation accept and repeat the Fed’s image of its own role. And yet every aspect of this mythology is the very reverse of the truth. We cannot think straight about money, banking, or the Federal Reserve until this fraudulent legend has been exposed and demolished.

Because I was began my career as an engineer, I live by the principle, “In God we trust, all other must have data.” If the Federal Reserve and Big Banks cartel is truly effective in fighting inflation, then we should see this in the data. Not surprisingly, the data confirms Rothbard’s diatribe against the money cartel. Look at the graph below and notice how the consumer price index (CPI) remained stable from 1775 until after the 1913 formation of the Federal Reserve. Notice how the gold-standard amongst nations kept inflation in check because when the FRB banks got out of control, other countries forced them to deflate back to reality. Now, the gold standard check is gone and we live in a debt system designed around fiat (money backed by nothing) system. The Federal Reserve system, instead of being an inflation fighter, is actually the inflation instigator! Indeed, the Federal Reserve/Big Banking cartel has been the impetus behind the massive explosion of inflation across the civilization since nearly every modern economy uses the US dollar bill as its unit of money for international trade.


The data is clear. The Financial Matrix is real and it is wiping out the value of people’s money as they go further and further into debt to survive. The only question is: what are you going to do to protect your family? As for me and my family, we escaped the Financial Matrix and are going to help others do the same.


Orrin Woodward

17 Responses to “Founding Fathers Financial Matrix”

  1. Nancy Monsipapa said

    thank you for the continued education on our money system and helping us understand that every family that completely gets out of debt is one step closer to getting our country back on track financially!

  2. CJ Calvert said

    Orrin, I am so grateful you are sounding the alarm about the Financial Matrix. Great article!

  3. Keith Sanford said

    In my opinion, the book entitled “The Creature From Jekyll Island” is still one of the top books in the country exposing the the Federal Reserve crime syndicate and the destruction it seeks to perpetuate. Although, Orrin, you have alerted many people in LIFE Leadership to the dangers of central banking, this particular book explains the entire concept and how the Fed is able to pull off what they do, and does it in layman’s terms. It would be GREAT to see this book as part of the LIFE subscription.

  4. Rob Robson said

    Truth is sweet to the ears! I have never been more optimistic about our country and the world’s future As I am right now. Ideas have consequences and when the masses find out that they have been enslaved, and there is a way out through financial fitness program, this system of enslavement will implode on itself.

  5. When I read and listen you, I try to know what is the message orrin want to tell us and every time, I feel like something going to happen if we dont make a big difference in the world we live in. What makes me frustrated, is when I share the opportunity in the province of Quebec, the people choose to stay in the mediocrity and they dont take the information in finance. This is how much is important to make a strong movement in the right information. The people without this information are going to pass the train and they will say; “that was true”..

    My name is Yoann 20 year old and I come from Quebec, canada.

    Amazing message orrin, continue!!

  6. Maura Galliani said

    Thanks for not “leaving us behind,” Orrin, and for heading the fight to lead the troops out of the Financial Matrix. You are a true servant leader! 🙂

  7. Chad Palmer said

    Not federal, not reserve, thanks Orrin for taking the wool off our eyes. God Bless.

  8. Kiel Fricker said

    Thanks to Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, and Chris Mattis I have took the blinders off and am noticing the financial matrix around us. I have also resolved to free myself and then my family and friends from this heinous system. I just want to say thank you for all the effort and hard work your doing for this country and its citizens which I am proud to be one of.

  9. Steve Meixner said

    Thanks Orrin, More Truth. I’m going to read the Financial Matrix book tonight 🙂

  10. Rick Tillmann said

    I can imagine, more and more clearly each day, a million men and women rising up out of the matrices of their lives. Like Rob, I am feeling more and more optimistic about the possibilities of a better world for my kids and grandkids.

    Keep riding on, Orrin Revere!!!

  11. Rick Tillmann said

    …and your new website (orrinwoodward.com) looks fantastic!

  12. Greg said


    I wonder how many College Professors who teach economics understand the concepts you describe above? I don’t believe a professor would knowingly want to teach an untruth, but if you believe it as truth and it wasn’t so you still taught a lie.

    Thanks for sharing truth’s because as it says; The truth will set you free


    • Steve Leuquin said

      “I don’t believe a professor would knowingly want to teach an untruth,”…………………………………Or maybe they would?!

      • Orrin Woodward said

        Steve, a few know and suppress the truth for personal advancement and the many merely repeat the mythical explanations they were told without deeply thinking on the issues. 🙂

  13. Danny Campisi said

    Orrin, very much appreciate you sharing your knowledge and sharing the truth. If you educate a man you liberate a man. Why do we grow up uneducated?

    Said by a 22 year old American who of course has never heard any of these concepts in school.

    Danny Campisi

  14. Francis Ivanovich said

    Most economists hold to disproven macroeconomic models like Keynesianism that posit an appropriate role for government intervention in the market. The problem with Rothbard and the other Austrians, from their perspective, is that the role of government is minimal. Economists, like any other social scientists, want to be listened to by those in power. They don’t want to tell them, “just let the market work it out. “

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