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Rethinking the Dollar

Posted by Orrin Woodward on December 29, 2015

Several weeks ago, I was asked to be a guest on the financial education site Rethinking the Dollar to discuss my new book The Financial Matrix. The interviewer asked some great questions (and despite some internet issues) the content should help citizens from across the world in their quest to be debt-free.

Many people believe that money and financial literacy is not really that important. However, I’m not sure how to respond to this since nearly everyone who tells me this also later admits to me that they are in debt personally. This seems absurd to me. If money truly isn’t that important, then why sell yourself into debt slavery to obtain such a trivial item?  Ouch! I know that’s quite a truth bomb, but think about it – if money really wasn’t that important then there would be a lot less debt! People speak foolishly when they buy their own lies and then start selling them to others. Does anyone else see the hypocrisy of spending more time working for money than investing time with family and friends and yet still claiming money isn’t important? Especially when we remember that the best way to read a person’s mind is through their actions and the actions and words simply aren’t aligning in most people’s lives.

The truth of the matter is that family and friends are much more important than money, but because the masses lack financial literacy, the elites control the masses through the masses ignorance. For instance, I don’t believe one in a thousand people can accurately explain what money is; nonetheless, the average person will spend over 40 hours per week for nearly 50 weeks per year for over 40 years in a quest to accumulate the object they cannot even define. Believe me, I am not knocking the reader when I say this because it is exactly the same position Laurie and I were in when we awoke from our fog. We asked ourselves, why are we spending so much of our life seeking something we do not even understand (money), let alone love. We were not seeking money for its own sake, but rather for the choices, charity, and security it could provide for our family. 

At any rate, in a capitalistic society, money rates close to oxygen in the hierarchy of needs. Interestingly, you rarely hear someone say that oxygen isn’t important to them. 🙂 In fact, classic historian Augustus Boeckh, described money’s importance in ancient Athens when he noted, “The intellectual faculties however are not of themselves sufficient to produce external action; they require the aid of physical force, the direction and combination of which are wholly at the disposal of money, that mighty spring by which the total force of human energies is set in motion.”  Money, in short, is power because it can requisition whatever resources necessary to accomplish the owners objectives.

As a result, when society surrenders its money to the Financial Elites, it soon loses the media and military to the elite manipulation when they use the easy money to buy them as well. Suddenly, the once free nation has now become a subjugated State where puppet politicians serve the Financial Elites rather than the people. Yes, the Financial Matrix rabbit hole continues to go deeper every time I study it. Even so, I will continue to study and ask the tough questions so long as I have the freedom to do so. Simply put, in a capitalist society, he who controls the money controls the society. Hence, the only way to regain our freedoms is to restore the free enterprise system to money where the price of the commodity (interest rate) is determined by the supply and demand for money in the marketplace.

What can the readers do to help restore freedom? For starters, they can educate themselves by applying the principles taught in the Financial Fitness Program. LIFE Leadership is on a mission to educate the masses around the world on the importance of financial literacy. You will either master money or money will master you. When money becomes your master, the person typically responds by becoming the King or Queen of Denial, claiming the money idol has no control over his/her life while it increasingly enslaves them in a web of debt and despair.

Thankfully, for those who are willing to look honestly at their financial situation, there is a path to freedom. Indeed, the birth of new knowledge begins with an admission of old ignorance. Laurie and I were ignorant in financial literacy and thus had entrapped ourselves in the Financial Matrix. Indeed, it was only once we realized our error that we sought better information to free ourselves from financial slavery.

Maybe 2016 is the year you make the change from debt slavery to debt freedom. If the reader is ready, I suggest you begin by diving into the Financial Fitness Program and start the journey of setting your family free! I hope you enjoy the video below.


Orrin Woodward

30 Responses to “Rethinking the Dollar”

  1. Kirk Birtles said

    Orrin, great post on the importance and understanding of money in our lives! As you wrote, ‘you either master money, or money will master you!’

    Thanks for your character & leadership

  2. Brandon J Perry said

    Thank you Orrin for the truth of debt and what it does in a persons life or a family’s life. My wife and I are extremely thankful for the Financial Fitness Program and we were able to become debt free before our first child was born. It makes parenting a lot easier not worrying about debt loads. We will also continue the fight with you, helping more families achieving debt freedom as well in 2016.

  3. Phil Wall said

    Bringing the truth to the massesI love this question!!! “Does anyone else see the hypocrisy of spending more time working for money than with family and friends and yet still claiming money isn’t important?”

  4. Michael L Dunavant said

    Fantastic review of the “Financial Matrix”. Why do we feel trapped in the financial traps and unable to escape? I am thankful for Orrin Woodward and his study and his sharing of the knowledge. I am inspired, I will read the Financial Matrix again.

  5. Rich Dudek said

    Thank you Orrin,
    This concept and lesson (The FInancial Matrix) gets to the root of all the others in society and in the news today!
    Everything is affected by economics… Thank you for your courage in sharing truth!
    We continue to move towards 1 million rascals!
    Son’s of Liberty, Stand up and live free!

  6. Robbie Hundley said

    Thank you,

  7. Aron Radosa said


    Great, great stuff. It is a call to action in the right way–“What can the readers do to help restore freedom? For starters, they can educate themselves”. Start changing your knowledge base and you change your thinking. Thank you for your heart of change.

  8. Raymond Abernathy said

    Thank you Orrin,

    The Financial Matrix message needs to continually be heard until we disrupt the current systems of control and set people free…spiritually, mentally and physically. Awesome interview!

    Where there is no struggle there is no progress!

    • Andrew LaFleur said

      Great quote at the end of your comment! If I may?
      “If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom, and depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground, they want rain without thunder and lightning.” -Frederick Douglas

  9. Hi Orrin

    Sry for my bad English writing.

    i hope i dont ofend you i realy love and like your teaching and truth seeking bu self study, so here i go:

    Great Book and great first grade teaching video on the Biggest Pyramide Scheme of all time The Fractional Reserve Banking

    The facts add up and wil give a resault ofthen hars but always just like my old mentor Brian Klemmer used to tell me.

    Jan from NOrWAY

  10. Theresa said

    Thank you Orrin,
    This interview was amazing , so much of the time we (the masses ) find ourselves lost and unsure of where our lives are heading because so much of what we hear and see can be taken as hypocrisy. Then we are shown a away to move forward and encouraged by our Heavenly Father to be the best that we can be and although doors may have closed he opens windows of Hope and Belief ( your talks and unending leadership ) so that we may once again live a LIFE of prosperity and freedom. Blessings to you all.

  11. Andrew LaFleur said

    Describing our financial system with “The Matrix” couldn’t be more accurate! I spoke with a real estate investor who stated something to the effect of wanting inflation because it would make his 3 mortgages cheaper! Is that a prime example of someone deep in the matrix or what? Thank you for the tools to help him and his family out of the Matrix!
    (The “fools’ gold” statement – LOL)

  12. Matt Foote said

    Great article and interview, Orrin. Such a great and simple explanation of what the elites continually try to convince us is too complex to understand, so why bother trying.

    Thank you for your continued leadership.

  13. BP said

    You never cease to amaze me. The battles to restore truth will come from every direction. My dad said that about being in the Korean War.
    I have learned a great deal of things working with you and Bill. What you are doing certainly honors and glorifies our Lord. Keep sharing truth, as we have a Purpose we must fight for
    God Bless

  14. Dave Thomas said

    The Financial Matrix is an absolute monster. Thanks for bringing it to light to my family. Your education of it to us has changed us forever. Look forward to hearing more & more from you. Thanks again

  15. The information you provide and offer has the power to change not only our personal lives and that of our families, but that of the entire world. Almost everyone on the planet is in debt in some form. they do this because they don’t have the right thinking. they don’t even know there is another way. don’t get me wrong they know there is a difference between having debt and not, what they don’t understand is that the choice is theirs. The Financial Matrix book is a great book that I recommend to many people everyday, if they say they are happy with their situation then I ask if their family and friends are happy with theirs.

  16. Steve Meixner said

    Awesome, Great Explanation. The video is definitely worth passing on to others to watch. Thanks Orrin,

  17. Jasmine Bailey said

    Thank you Orrin for sharing this truth about the Financial Matrix. I am on board with breaking free from this matrix. Your courage to share and lead is much appreciated!!

  18. Scott Heidrick said

    Great post Orrin, I loved the quote ” either learn how to master money or money will master you.” This brings new perspective to my life ! Thanks

  19. Wendy Crockett said

    Dear Orrin,

    Another amazingly informative and ‘spot on’ teaching! I’ve been getting more involved in learning about elections locally because of the information you’ve been imparting to us for years now. I appreciate how you say (paraphrasing) “this isn’t a Democratic or Republican issue.” So many people, including myself previously, are so “party loyal” that they’ll overlook the hypocrisy of what they stand for! With the Freedom Series and the Financial Fitness Program Pack, LIFE Leadership is educating one household at a time to help them/me understand how they/I have been coerced into believing that what the elites from all platforms have been promoting is supposed to be “good” for us and to “protect” us. How far from the truth that is!

    Thank you for your steadfastness in battling these issues by educating the masses!

  20. Shaun Bushey said

    ” the birth of new knowledge begins with an admission of old ignorance.”
    So true. Thanks Orrin!

  21. Pam Tingey said

    I love your rethinking the dollar. Myself and 2 members of Life are teaching a life leadership class in the prison. They are Arden Compton and Kristen Clay and me Pam Tingey. I have been teaching in the Utah State Prison with my niece Kerrie Ernsten, for two years. Then I joined Life Leadership, when I got the idea to bring your material into a class with my two partners, Arden and Kristen. We have been teaching Corporate LLR, series the girls love it. We still need your corroboration. The woman who runs the property in the prison for the women, would like to find out what your business is in order to accept Life Leadership as a listing for the inmates to purchase from. The women have a desire to purchase this material. I think it is needed, not only for the women but for the men as well. The woman’s name and email is anna lee carlson in property. She would like your email and what you are about. I have a passion about prison work. Their is so much involved in the mind set, the environment, peers, drugs, alcohol, families, sometimes we walk around like zombies, is that what we are becoming. I actually know someone who is on disability because of zombie paranoia. When I joined Life Leadership I felt like a fog was lifted from my life, I knew I had found the missing link, many of the people I know can’t decide if they like the change in me or not, because we learn to rethink who we are, we also learn to see life differently as well. I have learned to see my friends differently, and want so much to say hey, we need to change. I have so many ideas from this business, money is the issue and how to utilize it makes the difference. I hope you can help us get this material into the prison by emailing so she can see how important restoring hope and changing live is. If we can rehabilitate these members of society and change their lives and their families, we can see a difference, it will take us all. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Pam Tingey

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Pam, you can email me and her and introduce us. My email is on the right column under the banner Email Me. Look forward to helping. thanks, Orrin

  22. John Lewis said

    Thanks Orrin, great article!

  23. Elaine Mallios said

    Great post. Liked the interview too. Thanks!

  24. Rick Tillmann said

    Orrin, you have laid out the matrix so simply and clearly and it still shocks me when I meet someone who doesn’t want to see the truth. Thanks again for blazing a trail for us. We look forward to helping to open more eyes in 2016.

  25. Renee Oettinger said

    Thank you Orrin for caring so much that you study and take the time to share with us. God Bless

  26. Catherine Redden said

    This is half an hour of my life well invested! Thank you, Orrin, for your research, giving me hope as well as the tools I need to seek personal debt freedom! God Bless you

  27. Kenall Middleton said

    Hey Orrin I just saw your interview on the Financial Matrix.. I have something I would like to share with you that may bless you and your people… Out of respect I don’t want to put it up here. I entered my email so you can right me personally … I hope to hear from you soon
    Thank you Kendall.

    BTW … I use to be a part of the Life Leadership program…

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Kenall, my blog email is on the right column. Feel free to click the right hand column email me and share your thoughts. Keep rocking! thanks, Orrin

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