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State Power vs Money Power

Posted by Orrin Woodward on February 15, 2016

In today’s capitalistic society, money is power. The more money a person has, the more choices and resources available. Initially, money was simply the most marketable commodity within society. If Tom raised chickens and had extra eggs, he sought to barter the eggs for another item he desired. Mary, for instance, may have wanted to purchase eggs, but Tom did’t need the woman’s bracelet she offered in return. Barter of commodities, then, required both parties to want the others person’s items and in a quantity that made the trade possible. This, however, was not normally the case which made the exchange of goods a laborious process of seeking someone who desired the item you offered in exchange and vice-versa.

Fortunately, some entrepreneur in ancient Lydia solved the barter dilemma by coining electrum (a natural occurring mixture of gold and silver) that was desired by nearly everyone. This changed the bartering process forever. Now, even through Tom didn’t want Mary’s bracelet, she could still get eggs for breakfast. How?  Mary simply exchanged her bracelet to a willing third party for the electrum coins that she knew Tom would happily accept in exchange for his eggs. The electrum coins of Lydia, without exaggeration, launched classical civilization into its golden age. Thereafter, trade expanded across the classical world as the coins made the exchange process so much simpler. All exchanges, interestingly enough, are still a form of bartering with the specific commodity now being traded for an agreed upon quantity of coins (money is simply the most marketable commodity). All the other commodities in society were subsequently valued by the free market in the quantity of coins needed to purchase them.

Although free market entrepreneurs developed coins (commodity money) and exploded societal wealth, its important to remember that the ruling elites are not interested in societal wealth, Rather, they are interested in increasing their wealth and power. Accordingly,  commodity money was viewed as a threat to the elites’ power structure because society’s members could now exchange goods freely and increase wealth with minimal State involvement. This was unacceptable. The elites, predictably, used the State’s monopoly of force to capture the money supply within society to increase their power and control. After all, power is maximized when the monopolization of force and money is maximized. Classical historian Augustus Boeckh recognized this when he noted, “The intellectual faculties however are not of themselves sufficient to produce external action; they require the aid of physical force, the direction and combination of which are wholly at the disposal of money, that mighty spring by which the total force of human energies is set in motion.”  Not surprisingly, the ruling elites (kings, aristocracy, and bankers) quickly seized control of the money supply and use this explosive new innovation to enhance its own power.

This theme, strikingly, seem to repeat over and over in recorded history, namely, elites dictates over what society creates. In this case, the elites dictated the money supply that society’s entrepreneurs created. Curiously, the story of money isn’t as simple as the elites defeating the masses of society for increased power. The truth is actually more complicated. For the elites divided into two groups and battled over the next millennia for control of the money supply. In one corner stood the public State Power. It sought to use its “monopoly of force” power to control the money supply and dictate the value of money. In the other corner, however, stood the private Money Power. It sought to use “fractional-reserve-banking” (FRB) to control the money supply and bribe the State to use its monopoly of force to ensure it’s “lawful” control. Society’s masses, regrettably, were in a “heads you win and tails I lose” economic quandary.

The historical record reveals the private Money Power defeated the public State Power game/set/match. As a result, money across the civilized world is now in the hands of private central banks that back the Big Banks practicing fractional-reserve-banking to manipulate each nations money supply for its gain and society’s loss. The author has termed the private Money Power’s control over the banking system and money supply the Financial Matrix – a system of control where the Money Power creates money out of thin air to loan to society’s members for profits and control. The money elites generate massive profits by loaning out fake money and then collecting interest and principle payments on the loans. The State, corporations, and people are all trapped in the Financial Matrix and are enslaved just like the Bible describes in Proverbs 22:7, “The borrower is slave to the lender.” The final fruit of the Financial Matrix equation is pain. For once the borrower has indebted himself, he experiences the pain and stress of paying off the debt with compound interest working against him. The control and profits, in a nutshell, go to the Money Power while the pain and stress of go to the debtors as they unknowingly sell themselves into slavery.

Warren Buffett Quotes

Warren Buffet Quotes

Perhaps an example of the process will help. Suppose a person desires to purchase a house for $100,000 and has 20% ($20,000) for a down payment. The bank does not have to use its existing deposits, but rather merely creates a mortgage loan for the $80,000 (not including other closing cost) to be paid back monthly with interest. If they person pays monthly for the next 30 years at a 6% interest rate, he will end up paying nearly twice as much for the house as what it is actually worth. The bank, in other words, is allowed to create the loan out of thin air but the borrower must pay back nearly twice as much in dollars earned by sweat-equity real production. To add insult to injury, if at anytime the borrower does not pay, the bank uses the State Power to foreclose on the loan and receive the property in collateral. Although the bank created the mortgage from nothing, it receives something in return – either the monthly payment or the property. Either way the bank receives something for nothing because of its State protected special arrangement.

I suggest the reader do something about his/her debt. That something is to get serious about escaping the Financial Matrix through utilizing the techniques taught within LIFE Leadership‘s Financial Fitness Program and my Financial Matrix book. Imagine what a debt-free lifestyle would do to alleviate pain and stress in one’s life and how awesome it would be to pass these principles onto the next generation. The future belongs to those who boldly go in the direction of their dreams!


Orrin Woodward

18 Responses to “State Power vs Money Power”

  1. Bill Eder said

    Once again we have received an excellent blog. This information is golden to help people to understand
    how far reaching and deep the Financial Matrix effects the lives of communities and governments of the world.
    Thank you Orrin for sharing you knowledge and insight.

  2. Jim Wilson said

    Thanks again, Orrin, for simplifying the financial metrics in understandable terms. Jim

  3. Steve Duba said

    Thanks Orrin. Your dedication is second to none. We so appreciate your conviction and passion for educating the great people of the world. Most who have been duped or lulled into a stupor. We have the greatest opportunity in the history of mankind to change the direction of not only this nation, but many other countries as well. Thank you again for your efforts. God Bless you.

  4. Thanks, Orrin! I always enjoy reading your blogs!

  5. Lloyd weiler said

    Incredible read, I inderstand more and more from each article/book!

  6. James Scott said

    Orrin once again you have pulled the veil back on our own innocence or ignorance to the powers that be. How pervasive the govt./banks/media, the elite have been. How we were all dupted into buying into consumption as the litmus test for a healthy economy. It is time to let the world know the truth. Thank you for sharing…

  7. Peggi said

    Great article!

  8. Andrew LaFleur said

    If you hit the nail any harder, it would have brain damage!
    I find it interesting to consider WHY Private Money beat out State Money and the dynamic that has created.

  9. Steve Meixner said

    Another, “Easy to Understand” message. Thanks Orrin,
    Steve Meixner

  10. Well written and broken down for all to understand!!I’m sharing this with my friends and family.

  11. Justin said

    Awesome read Orrin! With banking seeming to be the easiest way to “create” profits, what state protections prevent the average citizen from starting their own bank and manipulating the system for their own gains?

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Justin, that is a great question and, of course, the banking regulations require massive dollars to break into so the elites keep the people from joining the FLD party. 🙂 Only the Big Banks get to work directly with the Central Bank and purchase USA debt for massive, practically guaranteed gains. Anytime FLD exist, you can be rest assured that someone is blocking either the entrance or the exit to illicitly gain. 🙂 thanks, Orrin

  12. Morgan Brooks said

    I remember hearing you say that the Fractional Reserve Banking System is something we are going to put a stop to. Do we really only need a group of entreprenuers to make it in business for themselves to make that kind of shift?

    • Orrin Woodward said

      What we need is education at all levels for once people understand how FRB benefits the few at the many’s expense and initiates the boom/bust cycles that have plagued Western Civilization then it cannot last. The truth sets people and society’s free. 🙂 LIFE Leadership plays its part along with other concerned citizens of the world no matter what field they are involved in. thanks, Orrin

  13. Bob Rasmussen said

    Thx Orrin for speaking the truth! After years and years and years of being in business and wondering why I could not get ahead, you did the work to reveal the cause and effect and help a contractor understand there is a better way outside the Matrix!! Thx for your passion and commitment to making a difference! God Bless.

  14. Jeremy Arena said

    Thank you Orrin for this amazing article, every time I read one of your blogs I understand finances just a little bit more. I really appreciate the fact that you have dedicated your life to educating all of us who truly want to learn about what matters in our lives. I would love to see an article that talks about how the dollar and America’s economics affect the rest of the worlds currencies, this is something I still do not fully understand. Thank you again Orrin!

  15. Danny Kellenberger said

    Great blog Orrin!! “Heads you win, tails I lose” sums it all up. We need a third side to the coin. I believe Life Leadership is working on that.

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