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Financial Fitness Program

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 30, 2016

Many people, when confronted with the reality of their financial positions respond like the ostrich hunted by a tiger and merely bury their heads in the sand. Others, in contrast, realize they must make some changes, but unfortunately, they get so mired in the defensive details that they lose the forest from studying the particular tree. Of course, both of these scenarios miss out on the true strength of the Financial Fitness Program (FFP). While many financial programs offer defensive strategies to get out of debt, only the FFP describes the playing field rules (Financial Matrix) and teaches how to win the financial game by combining defense and offense. After all, who wants to live on a financial diet the rest of their lives while sacrificing all their goals and dreams merely to be debt free? Is it possible to live debt free and still live the life of one’s dreams? This is EXACTLY why the FFP was created.

Financial Fitness Pack

Financial Fitness Pack

First, the reader must understand the financial system is rigged against him. It’s not just a matter of the consumer lacking fiscal responsibility, although this certainly plays a part. In addition, however, the system itself is designed to profit the bankers at consumer expense. For example, whereas banks are allowed to create mortgage loans out of thin air (through the wonders of the fractional-reserve-banking system), people are expected to pay back this mortgage “money” by surrendering a portion of their productive labors over the course of the next thirty years or so. Of course, mortgage loans are just one of the avenues the banking system uses to secure its tentacles around a person’s pocketbook. Once student loans, car loans, car leases, credit cards, and consumer loans are added to the list, the amount of money going to service debt amounts to over 33% of a person’s take home income! Needless to say, paying 33% to the banking system for money created out of thin air seems like an unfair playing field.

Personal debt, however, is just one of the banking systems three-pronged approach to bilking society, for businesses and governments are also highly in debt to their eyeballs. In fact, the St. Louis Federal Reserve announced the total US debt (the combination of government, business, mortgage, and consumer debt) had increased from $2.2 trillion in 1972 (the year President Nixon took the dollar off the international gold standard) to nearly $59.4 trillion in the first quarter of 2014. That’s an unbelievable 27 times increase! Interestingly, the debt is split almost evenly among all three sectors with personal, business, and government debts totaling approximately$20 trillion each. Businesses cover their debt by raising prices while governments cover theirs by raising taxes; unfortunately, the consumer ends up footing the bill for both of these debts. No wonder citizens across the civilized world are struggling, for the compounding three-pronged parasitic debt attack does not rest.

Disastrously, even at just 5% interest, America’s interest on its debt today amounts to over $3 trillion. That’s 3,000,000,000,000 dollars! This interest money is siphoned off the top of the productive capacity of every American by the banking system that created it out of thin air. In other words, before anyone is allowed to enjoy the fruits of his labor, he is forced to service all debts (personal, business, and government). Like we said earlier, the game is rigged and participation in it only ensures financial failure in the long run. The authors termed this fixed game the Financial Matrix – a system of control designed to enslave people and profit the banking system. Unfortunately, the people’s lack of financial literacy allows the banking system to seduce the people into debt enslavement. The Financial Matrix, as a result, unlike earlier matrices of control based upon coercion like slavery or serfdom, is a matrix of control where people freely choose their own enslavement.

Perhaps 2016 is the year the reader decides to make changes for his financial future. LIFE Leadership‘s top selling product, the Financial Fitness Program, has already tracked nearly $6.5 million in debt reduction for its customers!  The program and it will help the reader learn the defense, offense, and the playing field (Financial Matrix) for financial success.


Orrin Woodward

19 Responses to “Financial Fitness Program”

  1. Elaine Mallios said

    Yes sir! We are on track. I can’t tell you the real number so you won’t freak out! But will tell you the financial principles have been extremely helpful. Thank you!

  2. Brandon J Perry said

    Great blog Orrin. I know my wife and I appreciate this financial education. Getting debt free was a huge victory for us. But also being able to build an offense and truly understanding the playing field has made the biggest difference. You won’t find a better education out there for the price.

  3. Well said!

  4. Adam M Rossman said

    “Is it possible to live debt free and still live the life of one’s dreams? This is EXACTLY why the FFP was created.”

    It is so exciting to see someone’s eyes start to light up when they start to realize that the dreams they have forgotten are still possible to achieve!

  5. Renee Oettinger said

    This financial education has been incredible for so many that I have been blessed to share it with. A 35 year old couple with 4 kids and her a stay at home mom have just paid off their mortgage and have no debt. They have played the defense in the FFP and accomplished this. This is a must for everyone who wants less stress and more discretionary income long term.

  6. Orrin! This is such a great way to put such complex hidden truths into simple format to understand… I very much appreciate you and your influence. But I also appreciate the truths that set us free, even when they tick us off! 🙂

  7. Steve Duba said

    Thanks Orrin. You are as usual, spot on . We have been duped into the lull of complacency. Jan and I were very much like most Americans caught up in the MATRIX. However,we made a one time decision to no longer participate in this event. Was it painful, you bet. It was over 50 years of poor choices that only we could fix. We thank God every day that this incredible group of people in the LIFELEADERSHIP organization came in our lives. Constant course correction and accountability partners have been an incredible blessing.
    God speed my brother. Steve Duba

  8. Why don’t all governments make Fractional -Reserve Banking illegal, or rescind their approval of it?

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Bruce, because the government officials get to borrow money cheaply from the banks and the deal is they must protect the FRB fraud to continue getting the cheap loaned money. Of course, the politicians love this because they get the power to do more without raising taxes and when the chicken hits the fan, they will be out of office and it will be someone else’s problem. Very sad, but true. 🙂 thanks, Orrin

  9. David Kangas said

    Badda Bing! Thanks again Orrin and can’t wait to see everyone in KC!!

  10. Rick Saterstrom said

    I am thankful for learning this when I did. On my way to freedom from the matrix, thanks !

  11. Christine Fleury said

    We have been so blessed to get debt free and get me home with our son, (soon to be 2 sons) :). With our 60K of debt that would’ve been impossible, and I’m still amazed at how quickly we were able to change things, just by learning & applying the principles in the FFP. (Even saving us from just ONE month of interest on ONE of our credit cards more than paid for that pack!)
    You nailed it when you said a major difference with this pack is helping people not only become debt free and live frugally, but also actually helps them create the life of their dreams. And we are on our way there! Thank you for this amazing information!

  12. Steve Meixner said

    I am so Thankful for Finding out this TRUTH !! We are not out of Debt Yet, but we are heading that way! Thanks Orrin, I would never have known this without your Research.

  13. Kaylee Heninger said

    Great article!

  14. kirk birtles said

    Orrin, Thanks for always being on top of things! I absolutely love what Life Leadership and our Financial Fitness Program stand for. We have answers to people’s every day financial challenges!! Keep up the great work my friend.


  15. Edwin Miller said

    Thank you Orrin, for another great article on the state of our finances as a nation, and putting it into words in a way that I can understand and grasp the concept.

  16. Danny Kellenberger said


    I love how simply you broke down the financial matrix here. We need to convert the Ostriches. I know because I was one for a long time. Thanks to Life Leadership I see the light!
    Danny K
    Carpe Diem

  17. Bob Rasmussen said

    By far the best information available to give EVERYONE the choice to live debt free and look up to the Life they always wanted. I particularly like the 6.5 million the FFP has already tracked in debt eliminated, not even taking into account the future interest savings on that amount. Love making a difference!!

  18. walter martinez said

    Great concept. I think also, that people all of us in one way or another, EXPERIENCES THAT SOMETIMES NOT FACE square with reality we live .. So we have to make changes and seek diversification for the benefit show in good, not in megalomania, pride, extravagance, vanity and what I call UNREAL DREAM. Many lose the conquest when they themselves lose THE BEAUTIFUL HUMAN AND WANT TO BE semi-gods. THE IRONY OF HUMANS. THERE IS ONLY ONE TRUE GOD IN HEAVEN.

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