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The Lost Art of Action

Posted by Orrin Woodward on June 20, 2016

One of my all-time favorite quotes, a quote I first heard from a professor at GMI-EMI (now Kettering University), a thunderbolt of wisdom that changed my perspective, is, “When all is said and done, much more is said than is ever done.” Perhaps, the reason it struck me so profoundly, back in the day, was the financial strain I was under. Having moved out of my parent’s house on my 19th birthday and completely oblivious to living expenses, I was so broke that I could not even afford to pay attention. 🙂 Seriously, I lived on one hot dog and one potato per night, kept the heat at 50 degrees Fahrenheit in the middle of the winter, and still didn’t have enough money for bills and school. Tuition alone costs more than I made as a Co-Op student at AC Spark Plug, forcing me to borrow $17,500 just to continue my education.

Picture of Farah's Market One Block From Apartment

Picture of Farah’s Market One Block From Apartment on Third Avenue – Flint, Michigan

Although hopelessly naive and inexperienced in the ways of the world, I vowed to make it without having to run to mommy and daddy for help. Of course, this wasn’t easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. I lived in a dangerous neighborhood in the most wretched of conditions, renting the bottom half of a varmint-infested house, a house condemned less than a year after I moved out. Nonetheless, I was not depressed or even fearful, for I had a dream, a plan, and the motivation to escape my poverty and live my dreams. I quickly realized the key to making the dream come true was massive action! Without this, I would be out of college, out of a job, and practically out of options. Needless to say, my back was against the proverbial wall; however, I believed that if I walked my talk by implementing the game plan, busting my butt at work, and graduating as an engineer, my life would improve. 

Reflecting back, I believe the lack of options was a blessing because it narrowed my focus and helped me apply massive action on the one plan I had in front of me.  I simply didn’t have the time or money to even entertain other options? This is how I was blessed with FOCUS! 🙂 To me, the process boiled down to three things: 1) What do you want? 2) What does it cost? and 3) Pay it. Strangely, however, while the first two question are talked about incessantly, the third step, the action one, is rarely applied. What gives? Why, in other words, would perfectly capable people, who know what they want and know what it’s going to take to achieve it, refuse to do the actions necessary to accomplish it? I believe this is one of the biggest leadership paradoxes facing people moving from the performer lens (I can do this) to the leadership lens (we can do this).

After all, true leaders are not people who coax people into doing something they DON’T want to accomplish, for that would be manipulation. Rather, leadership is about inspiring people perform the actions necessary to accomplish what they DO want. Over the next decade, in the process of building leadership communities, I realized just how rare the person who does what he says actually is. For instance, if I had a dollar for everyone who said they were going to become a top leader, I would be a millionaire all over again. It reminds me of my friend Chris Brady, whose dad told him repeatedly, “Talk is cheap, but it takes money to buy whiskey.” Likewise, talk is cheap, but it takes action to buy one’s dreams.”

The reason I am sharing this is to emphasize to my readers the importance of ACTION! Quit waiting for conditions to be right, for they rarely are; quit waiting for others to lead, for they rarely do; finally, quit waiting for inspiration and focus on perspiration! So many, in other words, wait to feel right before acting right. I have learned, over the years, that a person must start acting right, then he will feel right about it. If you have a dream, then act on it, regardless of feelings. Shamefully, most people wait their whole life and accomplish little of substance. This reminds me of the old Chinese proverb which stated, “Man who stands on side of mountain waiting for roasted duck to fly into his mouth waits a long time.” 🙂

Although many seem to think there are hundreds of ways to become a Financial Sovereign (ethically, morally, and honorably), this simply isn’t the case. Most careers pay just enough to keep someone comfortably (or uncomfortably) stuck in the Financial Matrix. Bottom line is: If you have a vehicle to win, then develop a plan, determine its price, and pay it by applying massive action! Everyone wants to live his dreams, but only those who plan and work ever truly will. My accounting professor at GMI-EMI gave me a priceless nugget and now I am passing it onto you, “When all is said and done, much more is said than is ever done.”

The world is filled with talkers, but everything Laurie and I have accomplished as leaders is based upon dreaming a big dream, creating a culture that separates the talkers from the walkers, and learning to love the talkers while leading the walkers. Indeed, the art and science of leadership is nothing more or less than modeling the right behaviors, messaging the right behaviors, and then mentoring those who ACT on the right behaviors. This is the culture of execution that every great leader in every field develops to create lasting success.

Well, the article is done and this is the point where everyone talks, but I think it’s time to take action. Why not leave a comment and state: 1) What do you want? 2) What will it cost? 3) Whether you are ready to pay the price? Nine out of ten of the people reading this will not comment and instead will just talk about their dreams, but the one out of ten will comment and ACT their way to their dreams! I encourage you to be part of the ten percent because that’s what leaders do. 🙂


Orrin Woodward: LIFE Leadership – Chairman of the Board

72 Responses to “The Lost Art of Action”

  1. Thank you Orrin for your genius in always keeping “Leadership” simple (not easy)!
    1. Financial Independence
    2. Enormous amount of action on a mentored game plan
    3. Action is in effect! Must stay persistent to the goal!!!

  2. Tina A. Abernathy said


    Glad you all made it safely to and from Italy!

    What I want most of all is to live a life pleasing to my Lord and Savior and I know that pleasing him begins with loving him and serving his people. Life has given me my time back so that one is a lot easier.

    Secondly, we will get FREE from Raymonds job so that that as a couple we can live a life of priorities where our Purpose Passion and Profits are aligned.

    Lastly, for this post is we will serve, love and reach enough people to have a Life Coach size community! It will cost us FOCUS….ACTION and DETERMINATION and YES we are ready to pay the price

  3. Danny Kellenberger said


    I am a 10%er!

    Carpe Diem

  4. Jeffrey Huang said

    Thank you for this post Orrin. I see this type of discussion everyday among friends and acquaintances. But I only live and do as the 10% live and do. Here is my response:
    1. I desire the freedom to only do what I am called to do, not because I have to, but because I know it is my purpose.
    2. The greatest cost will be time and money. Money being used to invest in myself and time being used to develop myself through everyday reading, listening to audios, and association with the people who are also taking these 3 steps!
    3. I choose to pay this price, because every worthwhile endeavor will always require this kind of price to be paid!

  5. Jim Pollock said

    1. What do I want? When $ won’t become a problem. 2. What will it cost? PBO, 180 go-getter, Power Player, rotate the pattern until #1 is answered. 3. Do it now. James 1:22

  6. Lindsay Cleveland said

    Wow Orrin. I always love how you break things down in such a simple, but oh so truthful way. Kenny and I want to be part of the 10%. Personally, I have been called to share our testimony of a redeemed marriage through Jesus Christ to 1000’s on a large platform. And I am committed to that calling/purpose to do the work to reach the masses. I am willing to pay any price and will ACT my way to my dreams.

  7. June Ewald said

    Thank you Orrin for this article! There is nothing like putting out your dream and facing it daily! 1) I want total debt freedom for our family; & my husband’s freedom so we can together make a difference (serving Jesus Christ together). 2) It will cost: a radical approach to our current budget & single-minded focus on our business (PDCA with our coach to continuously clear out the distractions and stay on course) 3) I am ready to pay the price. Time for me to go make some calls – my friends need to be set free!

  8. James Thompson said

    Orrin, thanks for keeping the dream alive and moving in America! Ever since I’ve been introduced to this community I have found new hope and the desire to do better in all areas of my life.

    1) My dream since I was an 8 year old boy has been to get on stage and share my story and to inspire hundreds of thousands people from around the world. I want to retire my father who has been a widow for the last two years and allow him to enjoy the rest of his life. I want to freedom to pursue my passions and purpose in life without being restricted by time, money, or obligation to a job.

    2) The cost I’m willing to pay is my pride. For pride is the root of everything that is preventing me from change.

    3) I can tell you right now that I am starting to pay the price and will continue to until I reach my goals and dreams. I made that decision when I went Life Trainer this week. If you would have asked me a year ago to invest $500 in my business on top of what I was already spending on subscriptions I would have shied away from the idea at all cost. Instead I would have spent my money on going out to eat and buying new expensive clothing that wasn’t really necessary. It wasn’t just a problem I had, it was an addiction that wasn’t leading me anywhere but into a financial hole. Having made that small decision to go Life Trainer tells my subconscious mind that I can pay any price necessary to get me where I want to go.

    -James Thompson

  9. Spencer Aiono said

    This is so on point…I needed this message to stay the course…so grateful for you and Chris and your families. Thank you!

  10. Elaine Mallios said

    Do it! and Do it! and Do it some more! Who said that?

  11. Michael Rellera said

    Hello Mr. Woodward,

    I absolutely love the part where you stated a lack of options narrows one’s focus. Currently I’m in a turning point in my life where I’m transitioning from the military life to the civilian life and options are all over the place. There are a lot of routes that I can take and a lot of advice that family and friends are throwing at me and with all those options I tend to be bogged down and think of all the possibilities that can come up when I take each of the roads that are open. Since joining the great community of LIFE and being plugged in the wealth of information I am able to clearly visualize my end goal and where I want to be in the next five to 10 years. As I focus with the end in mind I can backtrack a game plan to achieve the Life I’ve always wanted.

    Statements for the questions:

    1) What do I want? To have my family and I live a life of abundance, joy, love and passion.
    2) What will it cost? To have a clear burning desire and focus on it. To withstand the blows from critics and nay-sayers and still press on.
    3)Whether I am ready to pay the price? I am ready to pay the full price for success and not only will I speak it to existence, I will put the necessary work to get there.

    Thank you for your outstanding leadership and bringing truth and direction to thousands and soon to be millions of lives Mr. Woodward and God bless.

  12. Kenny Cleveland said


    WOW!!! Thank you for always leading from the front and inspiring us all to go out and live our purpose in life. So to that:
    1) What do I want?
    I want to become financially free so I can continue to spread leadership through out the homes in the US and beyond. To help the men rise up and stand for the values that have been placed on us.
    2) What will it cost?
    It will cost time and money investing into myself to become better in every area of my life so I can inspire and motivate by serving others to do the same.
    3) Whether you are ready to pay the price?
    As you said in the article, the first are verbal but the last one is the one that is noticed. Let me end with this.

    A – Achievement Focus

    C – Commitment to your Dream/Why (Burning Desire)

    T – Take Responsibility

    I – Inspire

    O – Overcome Obstacles

    N – Never ever,ever,ever give up, NEVER.

    Lindsay and I will be part of the 10%

    Kenny Cleveland

  13. Taylor Landvatter said

    I love this Orrin, Thank you! I have been involved for 6 months, my fears have stopped me from doing what I want to do. I’ve been terrified to reach out. Today I am Meeting with my up line to list blitz. I’m done with mediocrity. I’m done with the constant civil war. I’m done being broke. I have a dream to be on the big stages. I have a dream to bring back the Principles our founders taught. I have a dream to Inspire and motivate others to action. I have a dream to be a huge impact on my kids and to be an advocate for family values. I have a dream to spread my dream to others speaking all over the world.

    This is what I want.
    It will cost me my fear of man, it will cost me to act. Action cures fear.
    I am ready to pay the price. I’m ready now to start living the life god foreordained me to live.
    Today I will make the calls, do the work and trust that god will help calm my fears and turn my weakness into strength.

    Orrin, I feel I made a promise to god before this life to act and stand up for truth and righteousness. I recommit to that promise and vow to align my natural man mind with my spirit and gods will to dream big and be tools in his hands to perform his work.

    I will see you. My ring size is 8

    God Bless,

  14. Hi Orrin, Thank you for your inspiration. I have committed myself to keep going until I find those people who are looking. It stunned me at first when I realised that 98% of people never bother to get a burning desire or a dream, and that 95% of people even when they are exposed to the right information, never do anything with it? I have resolved not to let anything get in the way of my dream. God Bless you.

  15. CJ Calvert said

    Thank you Orrin. LIFE Leadership is a long shadow of your enduring character and bias for action.

    1. I want to be a LIFE Coach, and everything it brings to all 8 F’s of my life.
    2. Everything I’ve got. An operational pace of Power Player monthly, to be the coxswain to my performers and think through their thinking, daily time on the Master Potter’s wheel to grind off my rough edges, and a zealous desire to love and serve people as my brother just as the greatest leader who ever walked the earth.
    3. Ready.

  16. Reese Smith said

    Great stuff as always Orrin!!!

    1. The Want: Financial Sovereignty
    2. The Price: “Current” me in exchange for a “New” me
    3. The Action: Continue filling up the schedule for the rest of the week and head out the door for a meeting(as soon as i hit the post comment button, there now back to work)

  17. Peter Enns said

    Hi Orrin, love the the article and thanks for calling me out because I couldn’t be in the 90%.😀
    1. I want to be rich and a do something great with my life!
    2. Developing a love for and serving all humanity.
    3.Im ready.

  18. Jeremy Pethke said

    Thank you Orrin!
    1. My dream is to build a life that I don’t need a vacation from.
    2.It will take driving focus, lots of dream building and going Power Player. And then help a lot of others do the same.
    3. Already performing the actions and running the game plan to achieve that dream.

    Team Results! In the Hunt!

  19. Dave Nelson said

    Hi Orrin; define, learn, do
    1- my current dream is create an environment that gives my wife, Carol, the least amount of stress and the most amount of happiness. Happy wife, Happy Life; I want more time for evangilizing for the Lord; I would like to make more real friends and play with them. __2____ it will cost lots of much harder work, learning to work as a team with my wife and Rascal Kai-zen upline and more learning; __3__ the time is now, everyday- successful people do everyday, what other people don’t.
    Thanks for the Leadership.

  20. Carlyne St Jean said

    Thanks Orrin for this great and inspiring article.
    1) What I want is financial freedom which means particularly those things to me: time and money to travel to the most gorgeous places on the Earth; time to keep growing my leadership so I lead thousands out of the financial matrix; leave the world a much better place than I found it.
    2) To get there I have to leave my comfort (no, familiar) zone, face my Goliaths and start acting for real. That’s a big price, trust me.
    3) And YES, I’m willing to pay it. I’m not counting on my own strength, but on God’s. With Him by my side, I will fight and earn the Victory.

  21. Gamliel Respes said

    Thank you so much Orrin. I am personally going through a very difficult time in my life. I want to be the kind of person that people will remember for making their life a little more enjoyable while becoming a multi millionaire. The price to pay is continual improvement in character, task, and relationship. I am ready to take action!

  22. 1. Financial freedom – life coach – ability to help others attain financial freedom with us.
    2. $500k for bills and learning to apply all the principals that go along with becoming financially free
    3. Serving and giving of countless hours of unconditional love teaching and mentoring and being mentored

    • Sandy Northup said

      We are so proud of you and Randy. Your commitment to do whatever it takes, to spend time with our amazing leaders, and to be “all in” is truly special. Coordinator is just around the corner, and I’m so looking forward to cheering for you guys as you cross the stage as triple/quad power players next month. Xoxo

  23. Steve Duba said

    Thanks Orrin. Q 1. Leave a legacy in honor of my family’s name. Q 2. My commitment to personal growth for the rest of my life. Q 3. I am fully committed and engaged. This is the last thing I’ll have to get great at. God bless.

  24. Douglas Sutton said

    since connecting with Lifeleadership, I have experienced and chosen a steady and profound stream of jewels( like the blog), excuse busters, and a purified/clarified perspective of “the real living deal” about personal value, leadership, and what is plaguing the world!
    The only choice I see to do is to contribute certain value into the world in order to right wrongs, discourage criminality, manifest personal excellence, and show how “corruption” is a dupe like dope!
    Life-Coach, debt-free, Freedom establisher, Millionaire life quality, becoming an Author, raising my daughter, and gaining a life partner are my current objectives!

    Looking forward to meeting you and sharing results of gratitude!

  25. Tim Johnson said

    Wow, Orrin! Another GREAT article!
    My three things:
    1) Financial freedom and bring my wife home from her job
    2) Help team mates to become financially free
    3) Open an outreach / empowerment center to help the disenfranchised

    Thank you for that you do!
    God bless,

  26. Martingly Nelson said

    Today starts with action… Idle words don’t get the job done .

  27. Cami Pratt said

    As I read that last paragraph, I knew that I could not be part of the 90% but had to be part of the 10% in action. I want to fulfill my purpose on this life by helping my family reach freedom, by helping to change lives of those I love, and by changing my own life in the process. Ever since joining this community late last year, it has been a continual cost of personal change, which is not always an easy thing. It is the willingness to be humble and allow myself to change, to slay my Goliaths, and to be the person God created me to be. I am ready and moving and we will make this happen.

  28. Gwen Good said

    Thank you Orrin
    What do I want ?….. Financial Freedom and Friends with Financial Freedom
    What will it cost ?….Committment, Consistently and most of all Focus and No Fear

  29. Sandy Northup said

    1) Time to be the most amazing mom I can be. Time and skills to help as many people as we can to have the same amazing life that Life Leadership is enabling us to have. More money to make sure that less children are lost to a court system, that less children go to bed hungry….
    2)Patience – some relationships – persistence to do whatever it takes
    3)Our commitment is unwavering. We will work together with our team until we all reach our victory.

  30. Lucille Wilson said

    Fantastic post Orrin!
    1.What do I want: Financial freedom, freedom to have adventures with my family and to help those in need with more time and $ and go beyond just keeping my own family afloat. Freedom from any kind of chain and to have choices..the list goes on..lol
    2.It will cost me: No more excuses, alot or reading, less pride, and in the words of Chris Brady; “doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter doesn’t matter”
    3.I am finally sick and tired of being sick and tired. Yes!!

  31. Shayna Sunderland said

    Always a pleasure to read your articles!

    1. My dream actually incorporates my Top 3! I am going to open a non-profit therapy center, focusing on art therapy, but using other forms of therapy as well, tailored to abuse victims/survivors (words are powerful so I would call myself a survivor and advocate however, those coming to the clinic would probably still identify themselves as victims). I am going to publish a book, autobiography-ish, focusing on my struggle with an abusive past, a mood/mental disorder, and the path I’ve been on to heal, and the many lessons I’ve learned: forgiveness, humility, humor, etc. And lastly, I will share my story. Changing one life will be worth everything I’ve gone through. Sr. Coordinator to Life Coach will give me an opportunity to start that process.

    2. These 3 ventures will cost me millions. The clinic will be a perpetual cost, I would like to publish the book myself, and going Life Coach will take everything I’ve got.

    3. I am totally committed to my dreams. My first step has been going Life Trainer because it has jump started our team back into a house meeting, duplicateable culture! Depth is where it’s at!

  32. Dillon Knezevich said

    That was an amazing article!

    1.) I want to please God by becoming the best person I can and through influencing others to do the same. I believe it is my purpose to grow a Life Coach size community with my wife to be able to have the opportunity to preach Gods word to thousands of people that need to hear His wonderful message on the LIFE Stage. I also believe it is my purpose to develope a Christian camp for young people to attend that not only preaches and teaches the Bible. But invites our amazing speakers from Life Leadership in to teach the young people the 8 F’s, that way we can train up a generation to influence the change of our country.

    2.)It will cost me to throw my heart over the bar and dedicate myself daily to growing into the godly man/leader that it will take. It will take massive action. Constant communication with God. Starting the process now to influence those I can to Christ along the way. Listening to everything my mentors suggest I do.

    3.) I am ready to start the process.

  33. Tony Hoffman said

    Love it Orrin – Focus and perspiration!

    1. Spot on Life Island which results in a Legacy for our family centered around Christ and being financial sovereigns
    2. There are no other options therefore, Based on goals and game plans – massive action, do what you need to do and then some
    3. I am commenting and will plan and act!

    Thanks for being a man of action Orrin!

  34. Clif Gibson said

    Another great posting from you. I understand your description of people that use words as a substitution for action. I myself have done that before, and I am certainly responsible for the lack of results that my words alone have produced. I am so committed to what we are doing that it’s hard to express in words, hence, action is a necessity to prove it.
    1) What do I want? True financial independence, both personally and with my conventional businesses. To speak and teach the Truth on stages all over the world as a Life Coach with you and the other Life Coaches. To provide the backyard oasis for Bernice, which we have visualized for years. And finally, a legacy of commitment and success to my children’s children.
    2) What will it cost? More! More time, more money, more personal change, more service to others, especially our Leaders in Team Kérux, and more patience in the process.
    3) Am I ready to pay the price? A resounding YES, and then some.
    Thanks again Orrin. God bless you, Laurie, and your family.

  35. Leslie Gebhart said

    Hi Orrin,
    I want to (and will) go Life Coach, by acting, not talking. I will continue to be at every open meeting early, show at least 15 plans a month, (uniform’s dirty, 3 yards and a cloud of dust!) read, listen and associate and invite others to join this awesome community you’re leading.
    And yes, I am ready, my tank is full by turning other’s doubt and criticism into my energy!

  36. I want my family to be proud of me. At the last Major, when Rob and Kenyon were recognized for Life Coach and their children came out on stage in front of THOUSANDS of people and edifyed their parents they without missing a beat…that’s what I want!
    It is going to take persistent courageous action. They aren’t going to proud of anything less!
    I pay the price everyday, either in hard work or shame. Hard work feels better, doesn’t it? Keep stroking!!

  37. Josh Melton said

    1. Significance through Service
    2. Convenience
    3. Absolutely

  38. Matt Mielke said

    Big O, The goal is Life Coach, but more importantly, it’s pursuit of the man and woman needed to fulfill God’s mission for our lives.

    The cost is whatever it takes for however long it takes as long as the company and leadership maintains its mission, keeps its integrity, remains humble and submits to God.

    We burned our bridges many years ago and plan to fulfill our commitment to helping spread truth to whomever will listen.


  39. The goal is to get back to my Bible translation work in Africa. The cost is to embarrass myself thoroughly as I let people know I mean business. I’m ready to pay the price, but for now, must get the 1023 put together and out of the way first, as the deadline for submission is almost here.

  40. Orrin, thank you for loving the talkers and leading the walkers. I want to be a walker.

    1. To become the husband my wife deserves and the father my children deserve
    2. Read, Listen, Associate, and implement.
    2. Let’s go.

  41. Sean Spinks said

    This article is very timely!

    I want to be job optional! I want the freedom to not worry about a paycheck!

    2. Power Player is the price to pay. I will start with sharing this idea with at least 2 people tomorrow (since it is late right now). It will take getting over my fears and pride.

    3. I am ready to pay the price!

  42. Georgia Baker said

    1) Achieve the 17 yr Dream of walking on stage as new LC’s
    2) Keep the elephant fed , & keep the play simple

  43. Larry Stanton said

    Thank you Orrin. You truly have a gift from God with a message that few can equal. Every time I enjoy one of your blogs or speeches I feel that you are here at the right time for the right calling.

  44. Roxanne said

    1.). Freedom for all!!!!
    2.). Everything.
    3.) Yes

    Tic, tic. Kaboom!!!💥💥💥

  45. Tony DeLeon said

    1. Escape the Financial Matrix by 6/13/17.
    2. Sr Coordinator in my own Biz, pwrd by Life Leadership
    3. As Rosco P Coltrane says, “I’M IN HOT PURSUIT!”

  46. Bill Schmidt said

    Orrin amazing article thank you!
    You always have such a great perspective😉
    1) To honor and serve the Lord by going LIFE COACH and having complete FINANCIAL FREEDOM! Financial sovereigns!
    2) EVERYTHING I GOT! It’s going to take SACRIFICE, if you want to become a LIFE COACH, nothing great is ever easy! I do know this I will never have to sacrifice what Jesus sacrificed for me!
    3) I’m paying it right now cuz I’m out there spinning the DREAM everyday and feeding my elephant and others, by inspiring people everyday!


  47. Adam & Mallory Gonzales said

    1) Time, money, and the options that come with it. To spread hope from stages around the world. A life of significance.
    2) It will cost everything we have. Personal comforts,time,sleep,money and most importantly personal egos.
    3) Yes.

    Team Kerux! Whom shall we send? Send ME!

  48. Amy Vaclav said

    1) What do I want? I want financial freedom and the freedom to pursue my passions and purpose along with leading others to do the same.
    2) What will it cost? Time, investment, changing myself which means reading, listening, and associating with like minded individuals
    3) Whether you are ready to pay the price? I am!

  49. Phil Mette' said

    An incredible well grounded reminder of my 4th grade teacher saying “To KNOW and not to DO is not to Know”. More recently stated in your LLR book an old proverb says “Do not let all your learning lead to knowledge; let it lead to action.” – 1. To Lead people to a culture where they can be free to fulfill their purpose & chase their Dreams & a 60′ yacht to take friends to Life Island 🙂 2. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable in serving others along with continued personal growth / development 3. Ready and out of the blocks. – Running My Race

  50. Mark said

    1. Impact many from the Life Leadership Stage, write stories, and make movies.

    2. Everything.

    3. Email Orrin and Chris (did today). Rotate the pattern. Serve more people. Listen more. Write what God shows me. Be the last one up off the mat.

  51. Michael Richards said

    Thank you, Orrin. I really enjoyed your point on the motivation found when your options are limited. I find with our human nature, when we have comfort and options at our disposal, apathy is our most natural state and action is low. But when you make success your duty, it’s no longer an option. There’s no “Plan B” to turn to. It’s what Brady reminds us of when he encourages us to put ourselves on “Death Ground”.

    1. Freedom from money. My wife and I will live an uncommon freedom.

    2. Faith in my chosen path and in those who choose to follow me. Massive action. Daily discipline.

    3. “Bring me the horizon.”

  52. Cindy Yoder said

    Thanks Orrin!! What a great call to ACTION:
    #1 WANT: Life coach #2 COST: Hours upon hours of plan DO check adjust and mentoring, continually being willing to change and be an early adopter/adapter, identifying and correcting limiting beliefs, PRIDE, grace #3 AM I WILLING?: You bet!!I am taking ACTION 6/7 days of the week (if not 7 some weeks)!! I have a list of everyone I’ve ever showed the plan to. The faster it grows I know the closer I am to getting my dreams!!! And I am continually feeding my elephant!!!!

  53. John Horne said

    1. I want financial freedom and then sovereignty.
    2. Daily disciplines & decisions toward my desire end:Growing my profitable Life Leadership business.
    3. I have no other options; must be done.

  54. Dan MacDonald said

    1. I want a cure for cancer.
    2. My life
    3. If we don’t find a cure 50% of us will die from it. If we do find a cure we’ll probably be killed for it.

    I see a lot of posts on here talking about financial well being, but what about life itself? I hope all of you take your money and go do some real good with it when you get it. No man who has friends is ever a failure.
    You inspire me on a different level all together Mr.Woodward. Thank you for that.

  55. Lena said

    I want to become debt free. And to be able to do what God has called me to do without have to back because of finances. To organise pastoral Care for pastors in my country.

  56. Steven Rose said

    I told you roughly two years ago when I met you at a seminar that you spoke at in Salt Lake City, that you would get to know me. You may not remember, you probably hear that sort of thing a lot. Since then, my Life Leadership business has grown slowly, but it has grown, and continues to grow. Mark my words, you will get to know me.
    My goal is simply what I told Robby Palmer that I wanted when I met him nearly three years ago:
    1) Get married, and stay that way
    2) Become selfless and service oriented
    3) Read, listen, associate, implement
    I am engaged to be married on August 19, 2016, to a woman I have been dating for a little over 18 months. I gave her a copy of the Marriage Pack at the end of our first date.
    Just do it!

  57. Diane Montri said

    1. A life well lived, bringing thousands to Christ, and allowing them to live debt free as we have been able to do.
    2. Getting over myself, prioritizing, and plan, do,check, adjust.
    3. Ready!

  58. Michael McDonald said

    Orrin, Thanks for the call to action! Taking steps to become debt free! focus on improving myself and those around me with leading by example. Awesome!

  59. Jeremy Arena said


    Thank you for another inspiring blog! If this doesn’t describe my Goliath then I don’t know what does 🙂
    Here are my 3:

    1. To build Snowboard Camps all along the west side of the US, where people of all ages, skills, backgrounds, etc., can come and learn not only how to improve their skills on a snowboard but learn real life lessons and go home with unforgettable, life changing experiences.

    2. Go Life Coach+ so I have not only the finances but the influence needed.

    3. It’s time to read, listen, associate, and SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!

    I don’t know if Laurie would remember but I got to share this dream with her standing in line to get on a plane a few years back, and the belief she showed me in those few minutes meant so much. I think of that experience often 🙂 So thank you Orrin for the impact you, Laurie, and all the other Life Leaders have made on my life!

    Team Krux, Whom shall we send?
    SEND ME!!

    Jeremy Arena

  60. Kevin Conover said

    Great blog post Orrin!! I love the call to action at the end of the article!! Kevin and Lundyn are in!! We are stating our goals and taking massive action to accomplish them!! What I want is LIFE Coach!! What it will cost is to 1) learn the apply lessons the Lord is teaching me and 2) fortify Advisor so that I can move on to 5 & 6. I will send you a message when Advisor is forified so that you know that I am paying the price!!

    Thanks again Orrin!!

  61. Andy Kosowski said

    Great post Orrin.

    I am moving closer to being in the 10 percent group. I want much more than what my current lifestyle and income currently will allow for me and my family. We know what the cost will be. Even more, we know the cost of not going after our dreams and goals. The price will be high, but it will be worth it.

    Work hard everyone and see you at the top.

  62. Karli Palmer said


    I really want the freedom to have time with my family. Life is so precious. I don’t want my husband to miss out on raising our little ones. I want him home so badly, we need his amazing influence in our home! I feel strongly about my purpose in life and have written on my wall: “I have been called to encourage and inspire millions of people to financial freedom and marital success and healing within the fold of God. God has a purpose and a plan for my life long before I was created, that will not end when I die.” This week, I have resolved to “Let go and Let God” lead. It will cost me my excuses, my comfort within the walls of my home, my fears of rejection and judgement. But, I am willing to pay the price now. I want success, and I realize time is precious, and every minute I waste is someone’s life not being touched. I have done more action (contacting, setting up appointments, showing the plan) this week then I have in the last 6 months. And I am so excited!! I have stepped into action, and I don’t intend to quit.

  63. Danny Campisi said

    Awesome article and it was great seeing you on our zoom meeting on Sunday night with Greg and Lin. You have been a hero to me since I was 16 years old. I want you to know I am acting my way to the top and you will see more of me. Thank you for who you are and what you stand for. You inspire me.

    Danny Campisi
    Team Rhino

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Danny, It was great seeing you on video! 🙂 I look forward to helping you fulfill your destiny! We have much to do. God Bless, Orrin

  64. Rick Tillmann said

    What I want is to grow into the man needed to lead a million people to the truth about the unique God given purpose planted inside each one and the health required to carry that purpose to fruition. What it will cost me is losing the limiting beliefs that put doubt into the certainty that I can actually fulfill my mission. As for paying the price, in a word, yes. Not paying the price is simply too big a price for me to pay!

  65. Pat Edwards said

    Orrin, Great article, much needed! Thank you!!
    Talk is cheap but it takes action to buy a dream…
    Quit waiting for conditions to be right, for they rarely are;
    quit waiting for others to lead, for they rarely do;
    finally, quit waiting for inspiration and focus on perspiration!
    -words of Wisdom by Orrin Woodward

  66. Mary Hermsen said

    Thanks for the great article, Orrin. As Pat Edwards said, it was much needed.
    I want my husband out of his job, and freedom for both of us to live our purpose. I also want a place for family and friends to gather so we can strengthen relationships. This place will be on a lake, and have enough room for everyone, with special spaces for both of our adult children and their future families. We’ll have our team there often, and also pray that it will be a place where family can come together and bond continuously.
    I must get into ACTION mode; for I have waited far too long. All of my excuses have outlived themselves. Time to Pay the Price!!

  67. Jim Wilson said

    Thank Orrin,
    You got me, quit waiting for inspiration and focus on perspiration. I have the path to run on. Apply massive action on the one plan.
    We want to be debt free, a financial sovereign, and able to handle whatever comes when we get old (we’re only 75 &74).
    Thank for your guidance,
    Jim Wilson

  68. Amanda Mikula said

    Thank you, Orrin!
    I have spent too much time waiting, waiting for the right conditions, waiting for others to lead, and waiting until I’m good enough to start.
    1. I want financial security for my family.
    2. It will cost me time, but mostly, it will cost me getting out of my comfort zone.
    3. I have no other option but to pay it!

    Thank you, Orrin, for sharing your wisdom,
    Amanda Mikula

  69. Hi Orrin,
    Thank you for taking time out to share all your wonderful knowledge and sharing your personal stories. I did not know Denny, I was touched by his story and you are truly and awesome friend to keep sharing his life today. I am glad that you and your daughter did not give up on catching that Sailfish 🙂 persistence will prevail! Nice catch! I am happy to be on the Leadership team. I love all the cd’s that I have been listening to and will continue to listen to, knowledge in means knowledge out. I have be washing my brain with awesome Life Leadership materials. I want to go out and conquer, fortyfy and domesticate! It is required that I take immediate action! With this being said I have many huge dreams but my top three are:
    1. Be totally debt free
    2. Help build churches
    3. Build hospitals
    Very Respectfully,
    Jerry Finin

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