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Dream Big and Long

Posted by Orrin Woodward on November 28, 2016

Many people dream, a few dream big, but only a select few dream big and long. These select few, not coincidentally, also happen to be the ones who achieve the most in any field. Dreaming big, in other words, although a necessary ingredient to success is not sufficient in itself, for without the ability to endure the predictable ups and downs on the success journey, a person’s poor thinking will disqualify him from continuing the journey.

Indeed, this is why one of the resolutions in my Top 100 All-Time Leadership book RESOLVED is Adversity Quotient (AQ) , the ability to handle setbacks without quitting. Perseverance is a combination of knowing why one began the journey, reframing failures into teachable moments, and holding onto the success rope when everything in you wants to let go. This is what makes a champion a champion, the relentless pursuit of perfection regardless of the time and effort needed to create the desired results.



If I had a dime for every person who had what it takes to win who quit on himself, I’d double my net worth. 🙂 Talent, in other words, is rarely the problem; instead, perseverance is what separates the haves from the have-nots. No matter what the field, the resolutions of Purpose, Attitude, and AQ are all part of building the level of perseverance necessary to achieve success at the highest levels. Does the reader know why he does what he does? Has he developed the ability to reframe his setbacks into teachable moments? Can he persevere no matter how great the pain of temporary denial and frustration?

If the reader answered yes to these questions then his success clock is ticking and its only a matter of time before his internal victories are revealed externally. Yes, get a big dream, but also back it up with the AQ to dream long. Success rarely goes to the most talented, but it always goes to the one who refuses to quit until he wins! Perhaps it’s time for the readers to pick up RESOLVED again and begin building the resolutions on the inside to reveal them on the outside.

Furthermore, for advanced study, the Mental Fitness Challenge can help burn the resolutions into one’s thinking to make living them part of one’s DNA. Needless to say, the resolutions are the most predictable formula for success that I know, but they only work when the person does.


Orrin Woodward

9 Responses to “Dream Big and Long”

  1. Another fantastic post Orrin! It’s not over till I WIN! 🙂

  2. Michael said

    Great article Orrin. Once again you always deliver fantastic content. It’s funny, I was thinking the other day on what book I wanted to read next. BOOM, guess it’s time to read RESOLVED. 😄

  3. Steve Duba said

    Thanks Orrin. I agree 100% that pushing through each setback is so paramount in finishing. We all have had our shared. I am sure I heard you say once that success lies just the other side of inconvenience. One of my long time favorite audios is Chris Brady’s 20 mile march. So similar to finishing in any venture. Consistent behavior, over time, added to desire and a passion for your purpose keeps us always in the game. Thank you again for your example. Most of our group knows that ” Those who stay will be champions “. I repeat it often. Keeping the covenant. Amen

  4. Eli said


  5. Philip Brittain said

    Thanks for another outstanding post, Orrin! The Resolved book and the Mental Fitness Challenge are, without question the most impactfull, life changing materials (outside the Bible) I’ve EVER gone through! I was just having a conversation a few days ago about wanting to return to the MFC and go throught it a third time inviting others to join in! I have a God-sized dream and the relentless persistence to go after it! Thank you, Orrin for providing the inspiration to apply better information in my life!

  6. Danny Campisi said

    Great Post Orrin. I am going to take your advice to heart and re read Resolved. Correction, I am going to study Resolved and apply each principle into my life.

  7. Eugenio Repetto said

    Applicable intellect designed to actually make you process the intell you take in to produce a result.knowledge without
    Application is just knowledge.
    Sometimes knowing is the reason you are not successfull .(example) I know what’s right but yet I continue to do wrong. The ability to have mental toughness makes you grounded . Be a tap root for your life’s dreams . When your roots are in the water first the rest are just attempting to take up residence in your claim .

  8. Eseta said

    I am a big fan of Life leadership. I love what it has done for us. It has taught us, the most simplest ways, to take another look at Life again. Yours Sincerely Eseta Neemia

  9. Orrin, Thank you for always sharing your thoughtful information. I am on the journey that I have always wanted to be on and I am going to get there and when I get there I will keep on keeping on as long as the great Lord let’s me. LIFE is a beautiful industry that the world needs to have! God bless you and your family!

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