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The Financial Matrix Scam Exposed!

Posted by Orrin Woodward on February 1, 2017

The Financial Matrix is a SCAM that fraudulently drains the wealth from hard working people. Orrin Woodward exposes the four quadrants of the Financial Matrix and how to escape the matrix by applying the principles of within the Financial Fitness Program Green Box.

59 Responses to “The Financial Matrix Scam Exposed!”

  1. Micah Kramer said

    Orrin, thanks for sharing this valuable talk. The principles here have impacted my life and many around me for generations and now, we FINALLY have a viable escape route. You and Laurie are a beacon of hope to western civilization! God bless you.

    Micah K

  2. What an excellent video!

  3. Aage said

    Orrin, I want to thank you for your courage and dedication to the everyday people who don’t even realize what’s being done to them. You and Laurie are living examples that there is an escape hatch and leaders like yourselves have blazed the trail for the rest of us.

  4. I was blessed to see this talk live twice now. What a powerful message, this is the class we never got in school. This program should be used by everyone and anyone who desires to be financially fit. Better finances are always one of the top new years resolutions people make. It is time to stop wishing your finances will get better and join a community that will help you actually do it! Thank you Orrin for cutting through the idea that money is complex!

  5. Wow, love your teaching Orrin! Great video, great truths in all you say, I pray we get America and all the world to understand. God Bless you and your family.

  6. Jeff Darling said

    Great message & supporting video Orrin! Thanks so much for getting this out for the world to see. Simple, easy explanation of what we the people make complicated. A little bit of effort on the part of an individual and results are a given!
    There is hope in the “Green Box”!

  7. CJ Calvert said

    Fantastic video Orrin, thanks for sharing!

  8. Orrin,

    Great words. How can I save myself. I am 69. Spent 9 years fighting the IRS
    over money which I did not owe. They fined me $10,000 per month.

    Well November 2016 the IRS Attorney sent me and my CPA/Attorney a letter. Dear Sir,
    we are sorry, after losing your CPA refilling 3 times and after review of the nine years
    yes your total debt is $0.00.

    I presently make $12.00 per hour as a merchandiser rep for P & G.

    Got an Idea for me how to make additional money to live a little better in my later years ?

    Thanking you in advance.

  9. Christine Fleury said

    Thank you for passionately getting this vital information to the masses. Sadly, we (like most) didn’t have any idea how vital
    it truly was… until 3 subsequent job losses showed us how financially unstable we actually were… and also how close EVERYONE we know is to the edge of that cliff. Your messaging is so clear, so obvious and so desperately needed in our time. Thank you for helping us see the financial matrix and for showing us the way out!

  10. Norm Hayner said

    This is terrific Orrin. Thank you!

  11. Joseph keller said

    Thank you so much Orrin we appreciate all that you do and may you open many an eye. Great message & video!

  12. Brian Collins said

    Fantastic way to lay it all out. Great, great, great work!

  13. Denis Joseph said

    Great message Orrin. Indeed, the green box is our key to open the door of financial freedom. Thanks for this excellent and unique presentation.

  14. bill lewis said

    GREAT MESSAGE ORRIN. Your information on how to get people free from the matrix is working amazing. Everyone wants to be debt free or financially free and they only need the correct information.
    thanks for investment of thought

  15. Tarissa Knezevich said

    Great video!!! Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  16. Sarah Sandborn said

    Phenomenal message Orrin!!! This is the reason Kurt and I got involved with LIFE in the first place was from the financial fitness pack! We thank God everyday for you and the leaders coming into our lives. We just paid for our Audi in cash. Our marriage is amazing and our child are 9 and 6 and no how to goal set and budget! God bless you all

  17. Tom and Marlene hagerman said

    What a difference this program has made in our lives! We were able to pay off a $15,000 student loan and we are on a financial track to pay off our mortgage 24 1/2 years early! Orrin, you and the others who put this system together, have literally saved us from hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest!!! God bless you!

  18. Lesa Houston said

    Great information that most people are not aware of. Thanks to Orrin Woodward & Chris Brady for their diligence in getting this information to those who are willing to listen & apply the principals. Awesome video! Thanks again for all you do for us

  19. Jeff walker said

    Just mind blown how great this information is! Even better that year from now this will be in history books written by the life founders!

  20. Nick Johnson said

    Amazing talk! Amazing company! Amazing Leader!

  21. Jeff Konieczny said

    Thank you Orrin for spreading truth into people’s lives! The Green Box Revolution to 1 million!!!!

  22. BP said

    We must make this video go VIRAL!!
    Setting a Million people Free is DONE!!

  23. DaltonClifford said

    This message is fantastic and so true. Completely eye opening, thanks Orrin!

  24. Theresa Buggia said

    Understanding this information has impacted the Financial Security of my household…thank you!!

  25. Brandon J Perry said

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information!!

  26. Jeremy Adams said

    Such great information! The green box will help our country turn back to a country that is lead by the truth. Thanks again Orrin!

  27. Keith McGuire said

    This information is so valuable to me and my family. Thank you for posting Orrin!

  28. Gina said

    Thank you for putting this information into layman’ terms so that we can all have the ability to escape!

  29. Corey Phillips said

    This system has given my wife and I hope, where there was none.
    We thought that we were just destined to be destitute forever.
    This system has opened our eyes and given us our hope back.
    Thank you.

  30. Chelsea Perry said

    I love this! So true and such good information to know! Wish I would’ve known about this scam sooner however we knew enough to plug into the ‘green box’ and get ourselves out of debt and the matrix!!! Thanks Orrin!!!

  31. Chris said

    Thank you for Sharing this great video with us. The wisdom and the simplicity of the green box is absolutely astonishing . The difference it’s been making not only in my life but in our friends life is nothing short of absolutely amazing. As we all know the professional marketing gurus out there in the banking system use emotions to get us in debt therefore it’s genius that we leverage communities to keep our emotions in check and fight the financial matrix to get out of debt!! Love it!! Today one of our best friends was able to go in and give her two weeks notice at her job so she can quit and be a stay at home mom all because they bought the green box 2 years ago. And today they only need one income and have not lowered their lifestyle !!!

  32. Tina said

    Thank you Orrin for your continued teaching, and for your eye opening information that everyone needs! We appreciate all that you do!! Thanks for giving us the privilege to hear your talks and share this amazing information with everyone!!!!

  33. Dennis Squires said

    I can’t think of a more timely truth to be shared! Thanks Orrin for shining a light so we might see for ourselves!

  34. Selene Vazquez said

    Thank you Orrin for speaking truth and helping so many families obtain peace and freedom.

  35. Tom Popejoy said

    Thank you so much Orrin. This information is an eye opener that should be spread across the world. You are a true inspiration

  36. Ben said


  37. Holger said

    One of my favorite verses,

    “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (‭John‬ ‭8‬:‭32‬ KJV)

    is clear, if I don’t have truth, I’m the opposite of free, I’m in bondage, I’m a slave. People that believe in the lies that the financial matrix fabricates are in bondage to the father of lies, the devil himself. Not a good place to be at. I’m grateful to Orrin Woodward & Chris Brady for authoring the Financial Fitness Program and suite of products that are helping my family & others escape the bondage by shining the light of truth on one of the biggest scams in the history of the world. Thank you and God Bless!!!


  38. Brian Smith said

    Thank you Orrin for your dreams and your vision. The Financial Fitness Program is the answer to avoiding the middle class squeeze and beyond. Thank you for leading with the immeasurable character and intregrity.

  39. Jeremy louder said

    The “Green Box” is revolutionary. It’s revolutionized my life. Orrin, what a fantastic introduction to opening people eyes so changes can be made!

  40. Scott G said

    My wife and I can finally talk about money without fighting. Thank you Life.

  41. Bill E said

    What a difference a little, clear, logical, truth makes! How have the aristocracy gotten away with such sanctioned theft for so long? Time to escape the Financial Matrix! Thanks, Orrin.

  42. Loved this talk live! Definetely has had an enormous impact in our family. Now blessing others with the gteen box info

  43. Mary Schulman said

    Mr. Woodward,
    My husband and I joined the LIFE community in 2014.I decided to get on board with my husband in applying the Financial Fitness principles and we have reduced our debt by over $300,000 and will be completely consumer debt free within the next six months. If it wasn’t for this community, we would still be swimming in debt and probably would no longer be married. This LIFE community and business is a tremendous blessing in our lives.
    Mary and Dave Schulman
    NorCal Call of Duty

  44. John Richardson said

    Thank you Orrin! These truths have made such an amazing difference in our lives.
    Knowledge applied = The LIFE You Always Wanted!

  45. Wil Miller said

    Great message Orrin! Wish I’d heard this 20 yrs. Ago!

  46. Angela Kolp said

    I want to give a huge thank you to Orrin Woodward and the rest of the leaders in the Life community. Without this organization I would not of had the knowledge that I gained to become debt-free. It was something I was never taught in high school or college. Life has been stress free in the financial area and we are able to install these principles into our children at a young age so they won’t get themselves In financial trouble when they get older.

  47. John Richardson said

    Thank you Orrin!
    These truths have made an amazing difference in our lives.
    Knowledge applied = The LIFE You Always Wanted!

  48. Matt Kurtzhals said

    I was blessed to be live when this was done! Thanks for all the truth you share Orrin! We appreciate your Leadership

  49. Tony Jackson said

    Truth is sweet to the ears. For some time now I have wondered what was going on financially with myself and others. It’s seemed increasingly tough to survive on the same income. Thanks to this teaching I know why, how to fix it and how to help my friends and family. Thanks Orrin Woodward.

  50. Ave Redekopp said

    Thank you for this Orrin! The green box is the link to financial freedom that’s been missing until now. I wish I’d had this information 20 years ago!

  51. Jon Knisely said

    For years my wife and I struggled to keep our heads above water. We were introduced to the idea of “The Finacial Matrix” just a few short years ago and I for one can tell you that “it” is real! We’ve paid a tremendous amount of debt off over the last 2 years and now we are at a point that my wife’s dream of being a stay at home mom is finally going to come to true. We thank God every day for the chance to learn from the years of study Orrin Woodward has put into this Finacial Matrix concept. It’s changed our lives forever and as we help expose others to the same truths, the ripple effect will be incalculable.

    Jon and Melissa Knisely

  52. Frank said

    Once again, you have identified a way to share truth through the simple green box message. The impact is so great if taken and applied. Thank you O!

  53. Nicholas Fuller said

    Great info Orrin!

  54. Rusty Hampton said

    Great truth shared. It is a message for every one!

  55. Yes! Thank you, Orrin, for such a timely article. The Green Box is revolutionary– on to a million boxes.

  56. Jenny Wiltfong said

    So grateful for this information in our lives. My husband and I are in our early 20s and the principles in this program have impacted our finances in a huge way, enabling us to have a great start to our future! Thank you Orrin and Laurie Woodward for your dedication to spread this knowledge!

  57. Linsey Konieczny said

    Orrin – thank you for being a beacon of TRUTH!!! I believe the lives that will be impacted by this message will be innumerable!!

  58. Kurt said

    This is exactly why I could never figure out why we couldn’t save any money. We were paying so much compound interest(the financial matrix) that we could never catch up. Thank you Orrin for showning us the way out. Our life’s have changed forever!

  59. Elizabeth Jones said

    This is great!!!

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