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    Orrin made the Top 20 Inc. Magazine Leadership list & has co-founded two multi-million dollar leadership companies. Currently, he serves as the Chairman of the Board of the LIFE. He has a B.S. degree from GMI-EMI (now Kettering University) in manufacturing systems engineering. He holds four U.S. patents, and won an exclusive National Technical Benchmarking Award.

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Two Surefire Ways to Fail Financially

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 16, 2017

There are two surefire methods to fail financially elaborated upon within the Financial Fitness Program, affectionately called the Green Box.  The first is to spend when one should be saving and the second is to save when one should be investing. The two key principles of financial success (Defense and Offense) are captured within that sentence.  Nonetheless, while financial success may sound simple, it certainly isn’t easy, especially when one studies the financial results of the average household. Why, in other words, if the principles to financial success can be taught within one sentence, are so many people failing financially? This question quickly leads a person down the Financial Matrix rabbit hole and how the elites have purposefully dumbed-down the masses in order to control them through financial illiteracy, which, as the Bible states, makes the borrower slave to the lender.

Whereas some may see my last sentence as a ticket to play the victim card, this is the last thing I have in mind. Rather, I believe society, thanks to the Green Box, has the greatest opportunity to fight back against the elites that we’ve ever had, not with sit ins, walk outs or violence, but instead through shining the Light of education, encouragement, and execution to live proper financial principles. Sure, the financial elites have the right to create money out of thin air and loan it to people, who must then work a lifetimes to repay it, and this is highly egregious – but moaning and complaining about it will get us nowhere. In contrast, education, encouragement, and execution of the winning financial principles can take a person anywhere he wants to go. The real question is which path the readers will take when confronted with the truth of the Financial Matrix? For those choosing to take the path of education, it’s time to start the lesson.

I’m not going to delve too far into the specifics of spending when you should be saving because anyone reading the first several chapters of Financial Fitness will quickly grasp the principles. Still, knowing the principles does not create change until one applies them. This is where the Green Box community plays such an impactful part because like-minded people, who associate together, help to hold one another accountable to apply the principles they profess to know. The community, in essence, helps a person turn his emotions, from the opponent working against the financial plan, into an ally working with him to achieve his financial goals and dreams. Remember, advertisers are paid millions to turn the elephant mind (subconscious) against the ant (conscious) one, causing a mental civil war where people know the right financial thing to do and yet do the opposite because their emotions overcome their logic. Being a logical engineer, I was stunned when I realized my emotions were overcoming my logic! Perhaps, the reader has realized a similar truth. Thankfully, the community aligns desires by recognizing those who follow the financial principles and achieve success. To date, over 10 million dollars in savings has been documented in the last 18 months! In short, use the Green Box to develop your financial plan, plug into the Green Box community to maintain accountability, and align the ant and elephant minds to spend less than one makes.

The second principle, paradoxically, emphasizes that even if a person begins spending less than he makes, he still has decades ahead of him to achieve true financial success, unless he also learns to invest in himself. Ironically, this seems to be difficult for many recovering over-spenders. For on one hand they had to develop the discipline to stop spending money on themselves; now, on the other hand, they have to develop the discipline to start investing money in themselves. Indeed, instead of wasteful self-consumptions, leaders make helpful self-investments. Mastery of this concept, needless to say, is essential for people to move from the JOB, the Just Over Broke mindset of the Kiyosaki’s E and S quadrants, to the FREE, the Freedom Requires Entrepreneurial Excellence mindset of the B and I quadrants. Buffett emphatically states one must learn more before he can earn more, but many struggle to do so. What is up here? Why, to put it bluntly, will people spend thousands of dollars a year on personal entertainment, but quibble when investing half that amount on personal education?

I speak from personal experience here because I suffered from this irrational condition on my way to developing the FREE mindset. Although I had stopped entertaining myself to death, I still struggled with educating myself to life. Finally, I realized that low self-esteem was the root cause because I did not believe I was worth investing in, having embarrassed myself when attempting to lead in the past. Fortunately, through the power of reading, listening, and associating, I began to understand that if I didn’t invest in changing myself, then I would never provide a model for others to inspire them to change. I vowed to turn my former entertainment money into investment money and transformed myself, and subsequently, the Green Box community. I became a student to learn the trim tab (see my book RESOLVED for further information) vital behaviors to succeed. Reflecting back, after having achieved a litany of public achievements in leadership, speaking, and writing, I am astounded that I nearly blew my future by believing lies from my past, for a person too cheap to invest in himself has nothing to enrich others with.

The reader must ask and answer similar questions. Are you spending when you should be saving? If so, then join the Green Box Revolution and start living below one’s means. Furthermore, once this is in place, start investing self to improve one’s leadership skills. If the reader does the first, but not the second, then he is stuck in no-man’s land, no longer having a JOB mindset, but also not having a FREE mindset either, merely stuck in the middle until he invests in his education as much as he used to invest in his entertainment. It’s your life; it’s your choice; and, it’s your result. As for Laurie and I, the best choice we ever made is taking the money we started saving and turning it into an investment into our future, because we realized the results were worth so much more than the investment.

What choices does the reader need to make to live his dreams debt free? Choose wisely.


Orrin Woodward

78 Responses to “Two Surefire Ways to Fail Financially”

  1. Charlotte H said

    Thank you Orrin. The Green Box messaging is spot on! I love sharing this message of hope and freedom and inviting others into our community. We are truly changing lives and bringing people into light.

  2. CJ Calvert said

    Great post Orrin! Thanks for sharing

  3. Phil Mette' said

    “…”entertaining” ourselves to death and struggling to “Educate” ourselves to life”. Wow!! So many people are at this spot in their life and yet are oblivious to it. Orrin, the manner in which you unpack your message is amazing! This message should be told from every street around the world. Truth is so impactful. Thank you for your continued insights.

  4. Andrew LaFleur said

    Awesome post! Immediately shared it after reading! Thanks!

  5. Dave Bailey said

    Thanks for sharing, Orrin!

  6. Orrin everything you write makes perfectly good sense! I always enjoy your words of wisdom. Thank you for always sharing and my hope is that everyone has the opportunity to read, listen and associate so they too can be enlighten.

  7. When I was in highschool, and was asked “what are you going to do?” I distinctly remember saying “I want to learn how to use what I have learned to help others.” This has happened with LIFE. We are now listed, as of tonight, in the calendar to teach a Financial Fitness Workshop in our community! We learned here in LIFE to invest in ourselves and to not play small. I used to hide under the kitchen table from people as a child, as an adult I kept people away at arms length. Enter LIFE a few years back, and they have helped me to see that we can make a difference in this world, if we decide to. We’ve been quietly investing in ourselves for quite a while, now it time to let it out into the world.

  8. Steve Duba said

    Thanks Orrin. Great nuggets. Picked up a couple power quotes. Great job.

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Steve, look forward to catching up! I have had a group down at Casa, but will touch base shortly! Keep rocking, big man. thanks, O

  9. I will see you on the call sir! Green Box go-getter is key to 1 million people!

  10. Marc Militello said

    The Milis are in on the greenbox revolution!! #greenboxgogetter

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Looking forward to recognizing the Leader, Coordinator, and Senior Coordinator who moved the most Green Boxes in depth! Super proud of you two! 🙂

  11. Chris Craft said

    The Alabama team on the Patriot Revolution are in for the Green Box Revolution! We will share our testimony to at least 15 people this month – it’s a life-changing product that everyone needs! My wife and I have already paid off over $20k in debt by using the principles and we’re not stopping until we’re out of the Financial Matrix!

  12. Lyndon Bell said

    We are part of the Green Box Revolution Orrin. We are GB GG’s this month and every month. Count on it, Brother. Thanks for another fantastic post.

  13. Larry Cheatham said

    Great Post Big O! I am on my way out the door in about 15 minutes to share the “Green Box” and what it has meant to me, my family and a few friends that’s been willing to go through and begin to learn the principles from some of the best financial minds over the past two decades. Thanks for all your consistent hard work in putting this information covering defense, offense, and the playing field in a single program and thanks for the Financial Fitness Times which documents people from around the country and the debt they’ve eliminated.

    Larry and Tammy Cheatham

  14. Wayne said

    Thank you Orrin, it’s green box go getter explosion time.
    Love ya

  15. Raymond Abernathy said

    Thanks Orrin!

    I love the fact that we are a solution based group of people who have decided not to wait for someone to break us out of the Matrix! We are freeing ourselves through education, and discipline. Today’s slaves are not forced but rather coerced, and we have a mind changing way out! Let’s Go!

  16. Bob Rasmussen said

    Count us in Big O!! Super GBGG is already booked out for March Greenbox madness!!! Totally Stinkin FIRED UP!!

  17. Len Troadt said

    Great article. So much truth. My wife and I are going through the Green Box again even though we are debt free. Good refresher. We are well on the way to going Go-Getter together with the Green Box messaging

  18. Green box revolution! We're in! said

    Green box revolution! We’re in!

  19. Patrick Pflederer said

    Thank-You Orrin!

    I will be sharing our “Green Box” experience at least 15 times this month.

  20. Marty & Melanie Schmucker said

    Orrin, We are going Greenbox Go-Getter! The Greenbox Revolution is amazing! Thank you so much! Since June 2015, my husband and I have been able to get rid of over $384,000 in debt!!! We consolidated, sold and paid off multiple credit cards, a lawsuit, and loans – all thanks to the Greenbox. Selling our story 15 times this month is an obligation and a privilege. Thank you Orrin!

  21. Sharon Hoffman said

    Green box revolution! We’re in!

  22. Monte Chambers said

    Orrin!!! Great post sir! We are in on the Green Box Revolution!!! We are on our way out of this matrix and apart of the growth in the midwest!

    Monte and Ashley Chambers

  23. Richard Kinsley said

    Thank Orrin,
    Great post. I pick up so may nuggets. Green box revolution is AWESOME!

  24. Ken Shek said

    Hey Orrin!

    Thanks for being the man of character you are and on out there leading by example. I look forward to being on the call for Greenbox Go-Getter!

  25. Clif Gibson said

    Thank you Orrin, for another great discourse. We are united with you in the Green Box Revolution. Also, mark us down to be GB GGs by 4-7. You da man!

  26. Katelyn File said

    Thank you Orrin! Being a part of this community is a true blessing and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’m half way to being a Green Box Go Getter this month and I WILL complete it. Thanks to the Green Box I will never be in debt which is such an amazing feeling. I’m so excited for the future because of what the Green Box and the community has done to improve my life and at such a young age too. Thank you so much for taking that time to write all of your blogs and everything else you do!

    • Chris Miller said

      Katelyn, Carol and I are so excited to watch you at the age of 18 implementing the principles that you are learning in the Green Box. But not only are you implementing the principal in the green box but also the personal development and leadership principles that you are learning through Total Personal Development subscription. Keep your eye on your dream and keep doing what you’re doing. You my friend will be the Michael Phelps of personal development and finances by the time you’re 21 years old.

  27. Brandon J Perry said

    Brandon and Chelsea Perry will be green box go getters in March Orrin. Thanks for all you guys do to make a difference.

  28. Orrin,
    This is a very practical post.The wording of this message is well a propos.
    I enjoy having conversations with people on a coffee table opening the greenbox to show them its content, and sliding it on their side of the table telling them “it’s yours to keep against an easy payment plan: $139.” You can get it for cash, check, or card: which one is better for you
    I pause, I silence, eyeballs to eyeballs, until they say something. Some say yes, others say not now.
    “Yes, or not now,” every greenbox I present, I win, getting closer to the go Getter Call with “uncommon men and women” of the greenbox community.
    Yes, Marijo & I will be greenbox go getters and on the call. Count us in.

  29. Chris Miller said

    Thank you Orrin for yet another fantastic and inspiring post. Excited to be part of the green box revolution. So sharing it 15 times a month will be a pleasure.

  30. Karina Sanford said

    Awesome Orrin! Love the Green Box! A practical plan to help us all escape to freedom! I am committed to doing my part in the Green Box revolution by going go getter sharing the Green Box! Thanks Orrin!

  31. Jay and Angela Smull said

    You always provide excellence information and inspiration that motivates us to become better in every aspect of our lives. I sometimes feel that we take for granted the blessing that you are to, not only Angela’s and my life, but the community and the whole world.
    It is a honor and a privilege to call you our business partner, mentor and most importantly our friend. Angela and I are with you and Laurie 1000%. GBGG will be done before 4-7!!

  32. De'nta and Tobie Williams said

    Thank you for this encouraging article. We had the been in that “stuck” place for so many years that we finally gave in and settled. Our ideallistic dreams for taking a different path (we were 5%ers in our pre- LIFE life), that had started to actually take shape, were tramped out little by little, over time, until the vision for any possibility was gone. “This is all there is then,” was our final answer. Lena, John, Frank and Sarah introduced us to LIFE and awakened us from that nightmare! Now, it’s time to awaken the sleeping giants and make some noise around here!

  33. Zach Frey said

    Hey Big O! Flora & I are 💯% in on the Green Box Revolution, la Revolución de la Caja Verde, la Révolution de la Boîte Verte, and whatever other languages we end up translating these worldwide principles into! So thankful for the opportunity to use this platform and this information to live out our calling! God bless!

  34. Bill Schmidt said

    Orrin the Schmidt’s are in on the GREEN BOX REVOLUTION!
    At least 25 shares a month for go-getter and every month!
    Thank you Orrin for the amazing article and the example and leadership you show!
    Love ya!

  35. Bill Schmidt said


  36. Michelle said

    Thank you Orrin for shedding light and truisms that bear great weight and encouragement! Can’t wait to see what my Green Box journey evolves into!

  37. Sam and Susan Rash said

    Green Box revolution! 15 Green box testimonies for sure.
    Sam and Susan

  38. Justin Young said

    GB GG!

  39. Kurt said

    So true Orrin, The system is in place, now we just have tell our green box story 15 times a month and lean on the system. The Sandborn’s will be on the call. GREEN BOX MANIA TO 1 MILLION PEOPLE!

  40. Kim and I will be on the Green Box Go-Getter Call! AND we did hit Turbo 10! 🙂

  41. Morgan Brooks said

    Awesome post Orrin! Thank you for the reminder about applying and having the DISCIPLINE to save and invest. This is where the results or lack of start to show.

  42. What a great article!

  43. Theresa Buggia said

    The effects of the Green Box are immeasurable! It isn’t just getting out of debt and creating more offense. It is having a stronghold amoungst a myriad of misinformation…it is hope that tomorrow will be better…it is clearing the fog and feeling like the sun has come out. As a Go Getter in the business, I realize I have more to learn than I have learned. However, a joy on my path is working with couples who not only improve their financial thinking and results, but also have a renewed energy in their relationships because they are on the same page,are encouraged and have a strong united direction….a real joy to see for those who apply the principles. I am honored, daily, to represent this organization. Thank you Orrin!

  44. Pascha Parker said

    Green Box Revolution inspiring a community of Go-getters!

  45. Rachel Howes said

    Kevin and Rachel Howes (working with Richard and Dina Wells) are going Green Box go-getter in March!! Thanks for the article and the encouragement.

  46. Linda R Medrano said

    Thank you Orrin for the continued support in this ongoing journey of mine and the world’s to financial freedom. I’m definitely struggling with the wrong kind of spending, but “The Green Box” is helping me get that under control. Even more than that is my community’s, Share the Passion, support in helping with this journey to the FREE quadrant. Life is where it’s at. FIRED UP!

  47. Justin Douglas said

    Thank you Orrin! The Green Box and the community that you’re building has been completely life-changing! The biggest shock so far is that I found myself frustrated and coasting after reaching some crazy-awesome achievements. Within the first 2 years of our association with LIFE, I’d already expanded my family’s construction business by 20% in a very competitive market, increased our work force from 24 to 43, restructured the pay scale to reward real performance which increased wages for some employees by almost 100% and resulted in myself getting a 25% raise (I’d been unable to give myself a raise for the previous 4 years), and still doubled our net profit both years. Now this is probably a reflection of how bad of a leader I was before, but I’ve literally read and listened to hundreds of books and programs on business, leadership, and self improvement over the previous 15 years of working my way up the corporate ladder. Not only did I enjoy a bunch of recognition and praise for all the business successes, more importantly Tiff and I got COMPLETELY out of debt and on the same page financially. Our relationship has never been better. I’ve been waking up to the fact that I’ve been resisting moving forward because I haven’t felt deserving of so much success. I’ve literally been able to leave my job, enjoy a small passive income, and just focus on learning and being a husband and father for the past 12 months. The disturbing thing is that I want to make a difference. I’m done playing small and staying comfortable in my own little sphere. Thank you so much for your example and for this opportunity. I will be a Green Box Go-Getter in March and every month after! Truly, Justin Douglas

  48. Ans Gibson said

    Awesome Orrin, this new sharing the green box testimony is amazing and this will be the first month of Go getter activity! Looking forward to the call!


  49. Ashlee Wolfe said

    I have always been a overspneder.. I would go shopping when I was happy, sad, bored and I probably spent the most when I was mad at my husband. Ed (my husband) sat me down almost monthly to go over our finances and make a budget.. I would shake my head up and down just to make him stop talking.. sometimes I would go up to the white board and show him why we should do things my way..
    then we got involved in LL wow what a difference the green box has made in our lives!!! I finally grasp what Ed was trying to teach me (for 15 years 🤦‍♂️) we are finally on the same page and moving in the same direction. I love saving money for lots of reasons but mostly because it makes Ed so very happy!! We made our last payment on my car 3 months ago and are on track to pay off our mortgage. It really is so simple and actually very freeing. It’s not comfortable especially in the beginning.. I do have to continually listen to the FFP CDs to remind me to not slip… I know I am the week link when it comes to finances so the stronger I am…. the better I can be… the closer we will achieve our goals!!
    So if your great with finances (Ed) or really really bad (me) the FFP will talk directly to you 😁
    We will be go getters this month and every month!!
    Because LL has made A huge difference in our lives we want to pay it forward!!

  50. Mark said

    Thank you Orrin for the insightful read. I love how you lead and encourage others to transform their finances. The challenges are many but the impact you have is great!

  51. Chris Shull said

    South Carolina will have multiple Green Box Go-Getters for March 2017!!

  52. Rick and Terri swartout said

    Rick and I are doing the 15 green box go getter — we are so passionate about this green box with all the info that’s in it and what it has done for our life. We got involved several yrs ago but and was 275,000 in in debt had 4500.00 going out a month and 2500.00 coming in and verge of bankruptcy and didn’t realize it and verge of divorce literally – we fought so bad and said things to each other that were terrible!!!!! But with getting new info we are very close to being debt free ( Rick owns a septic biz so there is some biz debt ) and our marriage is the best it’s ever been along w our walk w th Lord . We share this green box and say almost every time “if you found a cure for cancer wouldn’t you share it w everyone you know?” They say absolute then we hold up the green box and say “well this is the cure for cancer in your finances as it has drastically changed our life” — well we are so excited to share our green box testimony to everyone we meet and looking forward to the future . God bless Rick and Terri Swartout

  53. Ryan Fronick said

    Hello O!!

    We choose a FREE mindset and are committed to sharing our Testimony 15 times to qualify for the GBGG call!!!!! The ripple effect is HUGE….Maximus 360…Strength and Honor!!!

    Ryan & Sarah Fronick

  54. Tony Klubertanz said

    Thanks for the insightful post Orrin. Even in the darkest times, the Green Box Revolution provides light and hope. I am proud to be a green box go-getter and proud to be associated with amazing leaders like you. I am heading out to share the Green Box right now.

    Thanks for all you do!

  55. Annette & Ed Hosick said

    Thank you Orrin! We are in for the “Go getter Green box revolution !”

  56. Vernon Zimmerman said

    Great article! The green box stories are inspiring!

  57. Count me in on the Green Box Revolution!

  58. Nathan Taylor said

    My goal is to share this with people. This is where we have put our stake in the ground. The Green Box Revolution is our calling. Sharing our story with others is our pleasure and we proudly represent.
    Every spare minute will be to move the green box mission further

  59. Richard and Jammie said

    Green box revolution answers calls I’ve felt in my heard and mind since I can remember. We are grateful for it and proud to be green box go getters and to continue to be ALWAYS!

    Thanks to both you and Laurie for all you do.

    Here’s to the first million green boxes and beyond.

  60. Adam Gonzales said

    The Green Box Revolution is on here in TEXAS!! Mallory and I will be Green Box Go-Getters by 4-7. You can count on us Orrin.

  61. Sean Spinks said

    I am going Green Box Go Getter! Only 3 people away from that and leading a House Plan tonight!

  62. Chris Schill said

    The Schills are IN!!

  63. Joshua said

    Hey Orrin, thanks so much for the article! Great info that really hits home and reminds me why I love this community so much!!

    The Green Box Revolution is big. This is really big!! And the Green Box has impacted my life substantially! I’m a server st a restaurant and don’t make much money but since I started going through the Green Box and applying it in my life I’ve paid off over $7,000 of debt over the last several months and I’m almost done paying off my car! I’ve put several thousand dollars in savings and an emergency fund and I’ve also accumulated several hundred dollars in Gold. I no longer live paycheck to paycheck and I feel SO much more secure in my finances! I’m so excited for the future and I’m only 21 and I’m just getting started! All I’ve done is applied the information in the Green Box! I’ll be debt free this year and I am so excited to go out and share my story 15 times a month (or more!) to show others there’s hope for their families future.

    Thanks for what you do Orrin,


  64. Eseta said

    God bless you, Orrin Woodward. N your family. I hope you will have a book about how important togetherness is, in everything in accomplishing goals.

  65. Wesley hough said

    I just read my comments. Could you take them down. I just realized that they don’t make sense. I will have to get on a call with you… or be able to talk with you on a one on one. Thank you for this information. It has completely revolutionized my mind and way otmf thinking. I was a broke, mentally stuck veteran, with a lot of anxiety, depression and money problems. I am a firm believer in your information. Within as little as a year of listening to audios and reading books… (I read books now, I love it!) I have stopped taking all of my meds… And and its not like I thought I was better and just stopped.
    I found out that I didn’t have to take them, after I had already replaced them with the audios and books…
    I stated listening to audios and reading books and associatinG 3 years ago. And eight months into that process I realized that I had stopped taking my meds, so I got scared and thought that I must have been power focused and forgot. So I started taking them again and got real sick with mood swings. I went into see a specialist on the matter of ptsd. I told him about what was going on and why I had stopped taking my meds. I told him that didn’t want to go backwards. And he responded, I dont know why you are even on them in the first place. I said what do you mean. This is why. And he replied with. Well, you may have had it before but I dont see any signs now. So stop taking your meds. You don’t need them. I had him send a letter to my doctor stating my visit. And she was excited and confused all at once. So she asked me to come in. I did. And she was astounded. She said, its like your a different personas she smiled. To where I just simply replied with a huge smile “I suppose I am.”
    Thank you Mr. Woodward. I am ptsd free and focused now more than ever to change my personal paradigm. So in can attain my freedom. Financial freedom that is. Wohooooo.

    You have changed my life in a way that I can’t explain.
    P.s. thank you for all that you do. Don’t stop, and keep going. Why? Cause your worth it! 🙂

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