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Why the Green Box Matters

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 23, 2017

Life without purpose, a purpose that gives meaning to the mundane tasks of life, is merely endless ennui, a meaningless series of Sisyphean tasks where one rolls a rock uphill only to watch it roll back down. Thankfully, however, Christians are told that everything they do has meaning because it ties into the greater purpose of giving God glory through reflecting the Light of Christ in everything we do. Christians, after all, are called to be like Christ and when our actions mirror those of Christ Himself, we know we are on the right track.

Perhaps nothing drove this point home to me more than the Biblical verses in Luke where Jesus announced his public ministry. Although I have read and studied these verses before, these verses speak to me like never before now that I see them through the Financial Matrix lens. Whereas I started community building to live financially free, and kept doing it because I realized I could help others, I now realize that every Christians is called to serve others in this fashion. In other words, I realized that what I do matters, not just financially, but also mentally, and spiritually, because Christ came to set the captives free.

When people ask me why Laurie and I do what we do, I answer by turning them to Luke 4:18-20, which reads:

The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me,
Because He has anointed Me
To preach the gospel to the poor;
He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,
To proclaim liberty to the captives
And recovery of sight to the blind,
To set at liberty those who are oppressed

Financial Fitness Pack

These verses are stunning to me. First, just as Christ has the Spirit of the Lord, so too do Christians receive the Holy Spirit to lead and guide them; similarly, just as Jesus was anointed by God to fulfill his purpose, so too are we anointed to fulfill ours. Second, Jesus proclaimed spiritual “good news” to the poor and healed the brokenhearted, and the Financial Fitness Program (the Green Box) proclaims financial “good news” to the poor and helps heal those brokenhearted under debt and stress. Of course, the trust gained by serving in the financial area leads to great conversations in the spiritual areas as well.

Third, Jesus proclaimed spiritual liberty to the captives and recovery of sight (both physical and spiritual) to the blind; in a similar fashion, the Green Box sets financial captives free and gives sight to those who were blind and bound in the Financial Matrix. Finally, Jesus came to set at liberty those who are oppressed and what better purpose can LIFE have than to do similarly by setting at liberty those who are oppressed in the debt and depression of the Financial Matrix, trapped without hopes and dreams.  I know of no vehicle that allows servants to interact with the world in such a win-win way to lead people to truth financially, mentally, and spiritually.

I say all this to communicate one simple truth, namely, what we do matters. Certainly, a person doesn’t have to be a Christian to participate in LIFE, but it certainly helps when he sees a bigger picture than just making money and getting out of debt personally. Indeed, one of the greatest lessons that leaders learn is that the treasures built in heaven, by fulfilling their purpose, matter much more than the profits, praise, and promotions they accumulate on earth.  The Green Box community is unlike any other because it isn’t just about reducing one’s debt, making more money, or even living one’s dreams – it’s about modeling, messaging, and mentoring to others who seek to escape financial bondage. Needless to say, so long as the Banking elites are intent upon enslaving billions of people within the Financial Matrix system, we will always have people to serve. 

This is the foremost reason, among many others, why Laurie and I do what we do. I cannot imagine anything more enjoyable than fulfilling my destiny by helping set the captives free from the financial, political, and spiritual matrices. How about you? I believe every month you are a Green Box Go-Getter, you are not only restoring your treasures on earth, but also building treasures in heaven.


Orrin Woodward

25 Responses to “Why the Green Box Matters”

  1. Zach Frey said

    Orrin, today while spending some time in prayer after a really great conference call with some of my leaders last night, I was overwhelmed with a sense of purpose and grace. This article just confirms a lot of what I was talking to God about. 🙂 The ability that we have to set people free from the bondage that quite certainly would have enslaved them for their entire lives is incredible. Flora and I are committed to doing our part in this Green Box Revolution! Thank you, O!

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Zach, Amen. Our message is right and just and now it’s time to get the culture right to execute the Power Player strategy! You two are young and headed to the top! God Bless, Orrin

  2. What an awesome illustration of how we should walk in our Christian Walk Orrin.
    What an inspiration! Thank you for your service. It’s an honor to call you and Laurie friends.

  3. Bob Rasmussen said

    Powerful message from an empowered community working for God’s glory. Thx Orrin

  4. Jari said

    It’s true thank you Orrin for your leadership and your help to help us understand the purpose God has prepared for us here in earth and also the big picture from heaven, I will always be praying for the grace and the favor of God be with you, as the leader that you are so that favor falls on us to..

  5. Elaine Mallios said

    Looking at what we do this way brings more meaning and purpose. We do see so many lives touched, sometimes in small ways. It is really awesome to see the bigger impact the financial teaching provides. Truly, it is so important. Someone just said to us, “Where has this been! I’ve been trying to figure this out for years!” It was so cool!

  6. Daniel Rodgers said

    Thank you Orrin for this tremendous truth. I recall so often on an audio you taught that your life is not a dichotomy — Helping people out of oppression is what you do whether you are in church, business or home. I have recently found LIFE to be the incredible spot to help design my life around understanding what it is like to truly serve others. As a young man, I don’t have dozens of years in ministry, but the work I’ve done in ministry and the work we do in LIFE prevents me from “becoming what the product demands I become for the sake of the sale” but rather it opens up the opportunity to truly serve others wholly with my entire life. What better place to invest my time and talents in than in the service of others on behalf of our LORD?

    Through the impact of the Green Box and the LLRC I now get to serve others on their journey to success in all three areas: Church, Business, and Work. Thank you for helping our world receive the command that our Saviour gave us. God made His only begotten Son a missionary with the purpose of saving the lost and restoring hope to the needy.

  7. Raymond Abernathy said

    I love the passion that results from have a product like the “green box” to fuel our purpose! Each week I receive a testimony of yet another family having paid off debt or saved money. And those testimonies are now inspiring the hungry to build this community with turbo-charged fervor!

    Everyone has a calling, and we are providing the tools, the association and the opportunity to give them an answering!

    Romans 13:8 Owe no man anything, but to love one another, for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.

  8. Vance Grimm said


  9. Thomas Taylor said

    “Where there is no guidance the people fall, but in abundance of counselors there is victory.” Proverbs 11:14 We are walking with Jesus in helping others to escape the oppression of the “Financial Matrix.” We teach truth, we seek freedom! We serve with purpose, we lead with vision! Our numbers will be in the millions, our leaders endless! Victory will be ours! Orrin and Laurie…..Thank you for all you do in leading this mission and God bless!

  10. Steve Duba said

    Thanks Orrin. Great read. When I saw the words ” SISYPHEAN TASKS ” my first impulse was ” Hmmm ” what’s that ” and instantly the magic of the ELEPHANT came to life. Suddenly I was back at your church a couple of months ago for men’s leadership. When Pastor Scott taught out of Ecclesiastes. Greek mythology was not one of my strong suits in high school. Pastor’s comparison was the first time I had heard of “Sisyphus”. Great analogy on the redundant tasks we suffer through in the MATRIX. Vanity of vanity, chasing after the wind . Thank you for your diligence in steering the LIFE ship. God Bless, Duba..

  11. Dr Neera Darvish said

    Dear Mr Orrin Woodward
    I was very moved by your writing from a Christian lens on the financial fitness program. At the end of the day this spiritual integrity within you is why the Lord moved me to join life leadership and i wish to contribute to life, in whatever little way i can, in whatever season I am in. I know that green box given to me overcame one of my biggest valleys. My sons and I are in the Kingdom, despite years of violent opposition from Hindu demons. i remember the moment that green box lifted my faith in my darkest, loneliest valley to overcome. i will always be grateful to you, Laurie, Jeff and Tammy Darling.

    it is why i often think how can i give back to this company, for a mother there is nothing more important than the protection of her beloved children. i continue to introduce life leadership materials in the health field that i practiced in for over 20 years. , and attribute it to saving many lives when integrated with clinical practice too.

    i wish i could do more as a thank you from this mama. on a funny side note, my toddler and infant were exposed to your cds on the history of taxation, etc. to my shock the toddler started quoting your information about reducing taxation! . i laughed did i as a liberal professor give birth to a conservative?

    and now my ten year old is determined to become a senator to positively influence his country and government. it came from one cd heard by a two year old! that little cd released the divine purpose God had for him.! Thank you for all you do. you may not even realize how far your light shines.

  12. Morgan Brooks said

    I often think about the possessions and material things to acquire while here on earth. This article is a great reminder to me that there is so much more at stake. Thank you for always reframing my thinking to what is truly important.

  13. LOVE THIS! Orrin, we too are anointed to preach the gospel to the poor; heal the brokenhearted,proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, and set at liberty those who are oppressed. And you and the PC have created a system whereby we can maximize our reach to a broken world with a phenomenal, biblically based financial program that will work anywhere/everywhere. I love this message Orrin. The magnitude of what we do is beyond human comprehension. May God open the eyes of millions of people that they may be set free!!!

  14. Christina Hutchinson said

    I love our company and what we do for people, setting them free from the Financial Matrix and restoring peace of mind and happiness, creating the lives they love.
    I wonder with blogs like this whether we are going to be seen as a Christian company specifically, and the impact that has on our March to a Million. On our team (as I’m on your team) we have people with a lot of potential of other faiths.
    I love your passion and devotion, it is truly inspiring. And, I’d love to know what consideration has the PC given to remaining or appearing inclusive to all people of all faiths that also NEED this Green Box Revolution in their lives.
    With posts like yours here, I wonder, is LIFE a Christian Company? Do we have posts such as this from members of other faiths?

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Great question. Serving people isn’t just a Christian principle, it’s all faiths. The Golden Rule for all faiths is, “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you,” but oppressors have changed the Golden Rule into, “He who has the gold (and force) makes the rules.” 🙂 The world is filled with people seeking to harm others and our goal is to build a world where people serve others. In other words, we believe a person’s faith is revealed by his actions and if he who serves, deserves, being lifted up by his servant attitude and actions. LIFE is like America, a true melting pot of all races, religions, and creeds, seeking to Have Fun, Make Money, and Make a Difference. The point of this specific post is to reveal why Laurie and I, after having achieved Green Box freedom personally, still continue serving others and sharing the Green Box message. In short, it’s because we are called to do so by our faith. I hope that helps. thanks, Orrin

  15. Fatai Ofiu said

    Orrin and Laurie,

    Thank you for being such fearless and Christ-like leaders. My husband, Kap, and I truly admire your leadership and as I read this message aloud to him we couldn’t be more impressed and super grateful that Manase and Lisa introduced us to this Green Box community! We call ourselves truly blessed to follow such wonderful servant leaders as yourselves. We are going all the way and can’t wait to see your place in Florida soon!


    Kap and Fatai

  16. Kristen schill said

    I listened to a podcast the other day that referred to a “divine burden”. A thought, idea, motivation, that God puts on our hearts and equips us to fulfill. Often, we don’t know HOW we will fulfill it, but the point is that it’s DIVINE. God WILL make a way.

    I believe the green box, along with all of the things you said, Orrin, unleashes our “divine burden”.
    The only way we can recognize it though, is if we can stop drowning. Drowning in debt, drowning in bad relationships, drowning in monotonous, unfulfilling jobs, drowning in bad decisions.
    The green box is so much more than Financial Fitness. It’s relationship fitness, intellectual fitness, spiritual fitness.

    I love the imagery you use about breaking out of the chains of bondage. Nothing could be closer to the truth. There is liberty in knowledge, and the green box is jam packed full of it. It’s our opportunity to get our heads above water and to recognize our “divine burden”.

    I’m so thankful that you and Laurie made the decision to answer the call on your life. That you took your “divine burden” seriously, so that I and my family could act on ours as well.

    We will continue to break chains.

  17. Tumuramye Innocent said

    I have learnt to leave apurposeful life with Gods life

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