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Shocking Revelations about Dan and Lisa Hawkins Life

Posted by Orrin Woodward on April 29, 2017

Anyone looking for the rest of the story on Dan and Lisa Hawkins need look no further. This article exposes the facts from the fiction about Dan and Lisa Hawkins? How did a former auto mechanic (Dan) become a bestselling author of Swing and become job optional? Moreover, how did a former daycare provider become a stay-at-home mom to five beautiful daughters in a 8500 square foot mansion on twenty-plus acres? How did they do it and is it legitimate? This is the question that must be asked and answered. Since I have had a front row seat in their progression from blue-collar workers to business owner leaders, I am qualified to share the inside story.

One of the first things to realize about Dan and Lisa is that they were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Indeed, they struggled to even pay their bills despite both of them working upwards of 50 hour per week. The first revelation I can share about this couple is that hard work alone did not ensure financial success. Dan and Lisa began their business by selling their fancy sports car and using the saved money to begin investing in business. Like most people, the Hawkins family failed financially by spending when they should have been saving and saving when they should have been investing. Fortunately, the principles taught in the Green Box Financial Fitness Program, a program that teaches the Defense, Offense, and the Playing Field (The Financial Matrix) of finances, helped Dan and Lisa develop Financial Literacy. This launched a financial revolution in their household that is still ongoing today.

Second, Dan and Lisa’s humility led them to recognize that they didn’t know what they didn’t know. Hence, they committed to a reading, listening, and association program to create habits like those who produced Financially Free results. This program produces results, for Dan went from a person with little to say to a bestselling author who has sold thousands of copies of Swing, his book, literally selling out at his first book signing, spending hours signing everyone’s copy of Swing. Shy and introverted when he started his business, Dan has blossomed into one of the best teachers and leaders in the entire LIFE community. Whereas many communities have 10% making all the money and the rest trying real hard, the Green Box community is different. After all, anyone who merely applies the Defensive principles, even if he never shares the Green Box with anyone else, will, at a minimum, become debt free. This is what makes Dan and Lisa part of something so special, for the worst thing that happens to a person who applies the Green Box is they get debt-free by reading, listening, and associating within the community. People, in other words, can change when they change their environment because people become what they associate with. Consequently, if you want to be financially free, then you must associate with people who live financially free.

Third, Dan and Lisa are some of the most kind, giving, and encouraging people you will ever meet. They speak around the world in front of thousands of people, and yet they always have time to listen to the people seeking to make changes. Perhaps this is so because Dan and Lisa have never forgotten that they were once those people, people looking for encouragement and hope that their lives could change, even when times were tough. Dan shares so many personal struggles in Swing, a book that it is difficult to read without one’s eyes leaking, as he transformed from a shy, introverted personality into the impressive leader he is today. Lisa has grown into one of the top communicators in the entire community, inspiring so many with her stories of learning to complete rather than compete against each other.  These two leaders have proven that there is no substitute for consistent application of proper principles over time.

Above all, however, the most shocking revelation is that Dan and Lisa accomplished all of this by offering others the same opportunity to live Financially Free. This is what makes LIFE different than all of the other Direct Sales companies, for the business is not designed just for high achievers; instead, it’s designed to help everyone live debt and increase incomes, but the high-achievers just do it faster! The only thing, in other words, a person has to lose by joining LIFE is their debt. Naturally, some people have worked with Dan and Lisa without losing their debt, but how can a person, who does NOT read, listen, associate, and apply, expect to eliminate debt without changing his actions? This would be like blaming the exercise bike manufacturer because someone bought bike, didn’t use it, and didn’t lose weight. J

In summary, Dan and Lisa have passed the test. Their business model works and their community has documented tens of millions of dollars in debt reduction in less than two years! They are champions because they followed the process, accepted responsibility, and serve people consistently. To be sure, although anyone can do what Dan and Lisa did, few will ever focus as consistently as they did, but they still win, just not as fast. Through associating with winners like the Hawkins, everyone can escape the Financial Matrix, live their dreams, and do so debt free by following the principles in the Green Box!

Please share if Dan and Lisa have made an impact in your life.


Orrin Woodward

25 Responses to “Shocking Revelations about Dan and Lisa Hawkins Life”

  1. Catherine Redden said

    Magnificent story! Thank you, Orrin, for sharing this with anyone and everyone!

  2. Catherine Redden said

    Thank you Orrin! Encouragement through action, showing results everyone can obtain!

  3. Brandon J Perry said

    Loving his new book Swing. Buying an extra couple copies to store for the kids.

  4. Lynn Burns said

    Thank you Orrin for sharing “the rest of the story” now we know !!

  5. Dina Wells said

    My husband and I are directly mentored by Dan & Lisa Hawkins. Their influence in our lives is immeasurable. They are the most down to earth, humble, servant leaders that truly have a heart to bless people’s lives. To do so they have held the bar high on themselves and are some the most intentional people we know. Lisa has poured more time, encouragement and love into me than I deserve. She has changed my life! I am excited for Swing to help people put away their excuses and rise to their potential!

  6. Michael Hartmann said

    Excellent article about an average couple who plugged into extraordinary informantIon and, through implementation & hard work, have transformed their lives and the lives of thousands!

  7. Orrin, thank you for the kind words. Lisa and I will be forever grateful for the mentorship, encouragement and the chance you and Laurie have given us to live outside of the Matrix! I love what we do and can not wait to hear the 1000’s of stories in the future that the GreenBox revolution is going to provide! So many people now have a real chance to take their “Swing!”

  8. Rick satterstrom said

    Thanks for the story Orrin. This is exactly my story, but I haven’t swung my bat enough yet. I stepped away from LIFE 2 years ago because my wife asked me to. I didn’t swing much during my time there, and haven’t since. I’m an introvert who hasn’t overcome the fear of stepping into that pitch and taking that shot. Maybe this is my wake up call, but doubt is still encompassing me…

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Rick, all I can say is don’t leave life without taking your swing. Dan’s book would be excellent for you. It had me laughing one moment, and in tears the next. Yes, real men can cry. 🙂 God Bless, Orrin

      • Rick satterstrom said

        Thank you Orrin, I’ll have to get that book. Dan’s story has always been a favorite, and the fact that we are from southern WI too, offered me the chance to see and talk to him many times.

    • Krystel Rodgers said

      Rick! I hope you come back! Get your self talk under control and run with us #amilliongreenboxes dan and Lisa Hawkins are true examples and Dan was in your shoes. Definitely get a copy of Swing! It may change your life.

  9. Bobbi King said

    Great video and congratulations for those developing the courage to SWING!

  10. Lori Maas said

    Thank you Orrin and Laurie for the part you played in their success, not just in business but in every area of their lives. I really know “the rest of the story” as I am Dans mom. I am forever grateful to you, the Guzzardo’s and the Blomdahl’s for pouring into our family. I knew God had big plans for Dan but didn’t know the amazing people He would work through to make things happen. Thank you for continuing to pour into our family.

  11. Thank you for sharing the rest of Dan’s story! I am so amazed with all the positivity that comes out of LIFE. I have found LIFE to be very inspirational, very positive, and most of all helping everyone that will allow LIFE to help. LIFE truly is a blessing for anyone that has the chance or opportunity to come in and be around others who got their dreams and still dreaming and helping others, truly amazing! God Bless you and your family and God Bless LIFE industry to continue to serve others in reaching their highest dreams.

  12. Danny Kellenberger said

    Thank you Orrin for shining your light on Dan so he could grow and then shine his light on others (people like me)!

  13. George said

    Orrin, I have had a front row seat watching Dan and Lisa demonstrate the courage to change and grow. I remember a shy quiet young man and watched him use the information from the ‘LIFE’ company to transform his life. I know they aren’t done yet. They continue to make a difference in multiple people’s lives as they Pay it forward.

  14. Richard and Jammie said

    We are directly mentored by and have a wonderful family friendship with Dan and Lisa. Their impact in our life and its direction has been significant and the further we go on this journey together, the more significant their influence helps us grow in positive ways in every area of our life! We love them and are excited to help them share this project with and serve the world/

  15. Cherri Doucette said

    Dan and Lisa have impacted our family’s lives for sure. We love hearing their stories and have used the knowledge of them in our relationship with our children. Thank you Dan and Lisa for taking the “Swing”! Thank you Orrin and Laurie for impacting their lives so they can impact tens of thousands.

  16. Matt Mielke said

    Orrin, my wife and I met Dan and Lisa shortly after Dan started to come out of his shell. We never knew the level of his un-confidence until we met his mom, siblings and friends. We couldn’t believe the stories! I think that’s one of many reasons why we decided to go into business with Dan and Lisa… to help to others achieve the same results he did. I wanted to achieve to same results!

    Just the other day I met a not so confident young man that worked really hard, but was in a dead end job. The first thoughts that almost always come to my mind are… “maybe he’s another Dan Hawkins.”

    Dan’s story so dramatic and so inspiring. Last week when we watched Dan sit down at a table at the Sprint Center in KC, Mo., I couldn’t help but smile to see the line waiting to have him sign his book. The line wrapped around the entire arena and it was 3-4 people wide. The hundreds of thousand of lives that will be touched be his story.

    Just the other day, I was speaking in Pewaukee, WI and a young boy, Max, about 13 years old was holding Dan’s book, SWING, and reading it. I asked Max what’s something he is getting from the book. He said, “confidence, I need to start swinging.” Max studies martial arts and wants to have more confidence as he leads others.

    For 10 years I’ve had a close relationship with Dan and watched continue to grow personally, professionally and spiritually. His speaking skills are becoming some of the best I’ve ever heard.

    A couple of months ago I was listening to Dan speak at a seminar in WI and I had the privilege of sitting next to his former HS basketball coach. The one that benched Dan because he wouldn’t take a shot in a game for fear of missing. I snapped a photo of his coach with tears in his eyes not really believing who that young HS student has become. It was a precious moment.

    The great thing is Dan is the same person on stage or off stage. He tries to live out the principles he teaches and he is a man of integrity and character that is worthy of following.

    I could go on and on, but a better way to know the man is read his book “Swing” or better yet, come meet him for yourself and hear him speak at a life event near you.

    My life is forever changed because of Dan Hawkins!! Thank You!!


  17. Rob Robson said

    Dan and Lisa Hawkins are some of the most incredible examples of overcoming and total transformation. Dan’s new book “Swing” has become an instant classic and an indespensible tool in helping people overcome low confidence and chase their dreams!

  18. Roosevelt Jean-Francois said

    Build it, and they will come.
    I saw Dan signing his book for thousands of people. It took hours and hours to see hungry people stay in line reading, conversing, and advancing one step at a time to have their book signed.
    This moment alone is worth my commitment to the Life community.
    Build the community, turn hardships into stories to tell, to write, to sell, and to inspire.

  19. Jeff walker said

    Such a phenomenal book! It’s amazing how reading ones story you come to find some things that have been haunting you and it was a message created just for you to take your swing and truly live your life’s purpose! Thank you Dan & Lisa for taking a swing and helping others step up to the plate and score!

  20. Calvin said

    “they get debt-free by reading, listening, and associating within the community”

    I am being led to believe that action is what gets people like this to be debt free, like selling the fancy sports car but then a closer reveals something else is what does it… buy the products… buy buy buy the Green Box, whatever that is and then listen, read, and associate. Ahhh so it’s the associate which translates into “get your friends to buy from you like how we do. Just watch us.” Is the product really all that good or is it just used as a foot in the door for more getting more recruits? Of course a reply is going to say of course not, but the answer is not to have more friends, or even different and better ones. If anything, I need less friends so I can get to doing more of the work that works and not have someone looking over my should with innuendo wink wink messages of “ok fine but when are you going to get out of your shell so you can sell stuff for me?”

    This one sentence show the truth slipped out.

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Perhaps you ought to think before you write. The Bible states in 1 Corinthians 15:33 – Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good morals.” The reason people are not Financially Free (only 1 out of 100 is) has less to do with knowing the right principles and more to do with not doing what one knows because bad company (debtors, spenders, and excessive consumerism) causes one to be corrupted financially. This truth has been out of thousands of years so I make no claims of originality, only the discipline to implement principles that work. Like the old saying goes, “In God we trust, all others must have data.” The Financialfitnessinfo.com site has close to a thousand (more added every week) testimonies of people who have applied what we teach and achieved results. We began tracking testimonies less than 2 years ago, so this is impressive anyway you slice it.

      Also, in addition to the Biblical sources, I would recommend reading Aristotle as he noted man is a social animal and is meant to work within communities. Going it alone, in other words, is one of the toughest paths to achieve not only financial freedom, but also happiness since man/woman should serve others within community to help achieve the goals desired. Anyone trapped in the Financial Matrix that is looking for an escape route is welcome to join our movement and we will serve them happily.

      With that said, Calvin, if you choose to go it alone, more power to you. I wish you well.

      Sincerely, Orrin

  21. Mary Herroon said

    One of the first books I read after learning about Life was Dan Hawkins book Swing. When I say one of, I mean that I read the two Financial Matrix books first, then Swing. It has been a major stepping stone into my new outlook on life and Life Leadership and I was even more amazed aftet meeting Dan and Lisa in Battle Creek, Michigan. My dad was a mechanic, now retired. He was shy when I was younger but having been in bands through the years, he opened up some. So Dan’s story really touched me! We signed the week before meeting Dan and in the three weeks since, we have been unstoppable! Thank you for your giving spirit and thank you for saying yes and pushing forward even through the self-doubt! You have returned hope and faith and dreams where they were once lost. My retired mechanic father has joined the journey and we will pull him with us as we strive for glory for God!

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