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Shocking Secrets of Rob and Kenyon Robson

Posted by Orrin Woodward on May 4, 2017

Rob and Kenyon Robson speak on stages throughout the world revealing truths on the Financial Matrix Scam. Sure they are knowledgeable, dynamic, and personable speakers, but what the rest of the story on this couple?  That’s the purpose of this article because it reveals the inside story on Rob and Kenyon Robson, a couple who have exploded onto the leadership scene in the last few years.

The first big secret about the Robson’s is the amount of time and effort it took to get on the same page.  Despite a deep and abiding love for one another, the newlyweds struggled to communicate properly. This led to numerous high-volume discussions with little positive progress for several years. Thankfully, however, Rob and Kenyon Robson are not quitters, and they stayed committed to the relationship while reading, listening, and associating with those who had fruit in the marriage area to help them. One of the biggest blessing couples experience within a community is working models of marriages, which not only survive, but thrive.

The second big secret about the Robson’s is their giving hearts. I personally learned how the Robson’s, after noticing the many unpaid lunch bill balances, asked to pay in full the late bills for every student that was financially struggling at their children’s school. This example one of many examples I could cite as these two are constantly looking for ways to bless others with the financial blessings they have received. Perhaps because Rob and Kenyon struggled financially themselves, knowing the stress and pain associated with missing bills, they have developed a level of empathy extremely in this self-centered age. How can we help seems to be one of the first questions this couple asks in every situation. Furthermore, Kenyon has volunteered endless hours to serve orphaned children without shining light upon her actions and deeds. Simply stated, these two are some of the biggest givers I know.

Above all, however, I would say the biggest secret to the Robson’s success is they treated their business like a multi-million dollar business before it was even a thousand dollar one. The old saying, “treat a person as he is and he will remain so, but treat a person as he can be, and he will grow into it,” has an equivalent saying in business, namely, “treat a business as it is and it will remain so, but treat a business as it can be and it will grow into it.” Rob and Kenyon dreamed big, acted big, and now have produced big time results. Through the Green Box Financial Fitness Program, the Robson’s have helped thousands move toward Financial Literacy and Financial Freedom. Naturally, the best is still to come as this couple is still reading, listening, associating, and applying the principles to serve even more people.

Today, the Robson’s live in a stunning 8,000 plus square-foot mansion in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona, with resort-like amenities. Yes, they are living their dreams, but its important to remember that they have done so by helping others escape the Financial Matrix. This is the essence of win-win business. Rob and Kenyon have proven the radical transformation that is possible when a couple acts upon their dreams. If the reader has not heard this couple speak, he is missing something amazing, for the Robson’s are some of the real speakers one will ever hear and they reach people like few speakers can.

Please share how Rob and Kenyon have impacted your life below.


Orrin Woodward

69 Responses to “Shocking Secrets of Rob and Kenyon Robson”

  1. Tina Abernathy said


    Rob and Kenyon have both blessed my life and strengthened my resolve to continue to fight through their transparent and clear message. I love how this couple can take their real life struggles, weave them into a funny story that makes you evaluate where you are and ask “why am I complaining”?

    Rob and Kenyon keep shining your bright light which gives others permission to light their candle!

    • Bryce Brown said

      tina Abernathy you and your husband have been such a blessing to my life. I really enjoy your audio. “I got a puppy” lol I heard that one at least five times

  2. Rob and Kenyon are some of the most transparent, heartfelt Speakers I’ve ever heard. They inspire me everyday. Good people doing good things.

  3. Ross said

    Rob and Kenyon are truly an amazing couple! Thanks for all that you do for us!

  4. Marise Cormier said

    Awesome … awesome … awesome! I hope this is a sneak peak of what is to come for the Truro seminar this month!!! I can not wait to learn from the Robsons … Fired Up!

  5. Christine Fleury said

    Its inspiring (yet easy to forget) that so many leaders like the Robsons were once where we are, and overcame. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Renee Oettinger said

    Rob and Kenyon are an incredible couple and success story. It is a privilege to learn from them

  7. Brandon J Perry said

    Personally I don’t know him-but what I love about them is their solid work ethic and get it done attitude. Robson’s you guys are absolutely amazing and we are all blessed for your example.

  8. Olivier Jean-Baptiste said

    Hi Orrin

    Thanks for this article. As far as I am concerned, every time that I hear Rob on a CD or on the stage , I get such a dose of confidence because he speaks with knowledge, vision and professionalism. I am fortunate to have access to their talk and to witness the Robson’s journey of dream, struggle and victory.

    Olivier Jean-Baptiste

  9. Megan Garvin said

    My husband and I have had the privilege of working directly with Rob and Kenyon Robson. They have inspired us to grow personally while continually believing in us more than we believe in ourselves. The Robson’s came into our life when their business was just begining to grow and both my husband and I assumed they were millionaires. They absolutely strengthened us by living toward their dreams, even before their dreams were real. We love the Robson’s and are forever thankful for their influence in our lives!

  10. Thank you for sharing. I have been lying to myself too, This is the truth that will reveal itself all in Gods timing! God is great all the time! Love you guys! May God continue to bless you and your family in the name of Jesus, amen amen and amen!

  11. Krystel Rodgers said

    Rob and Kenyon
    Are angels sent to us and with their coaching and mentoring as well as Jonathan and Ashlee Mecham, we have saved our marriage and gotten rid of over $20k in debt so far and still going. I have had the privilege of knowing the Robson’s for well over ten years and have never met such an amazing family willing to always throw their heart over the bar. My life is forever changed just because I have had he opportunity to be around them. For that I will be forever thankful!

  12. Jay Homewood said

    This world needs great examples of perseverance and discipline, family values and Godly character. The Robsons display these qualities and more.

  13. Robby Palmer said

    Rob and Kenyon Robson have reached way down to lift Emily and I up more than once. They truly believe in others. Their candidness on stage is relatable and shocking! It stuns crowds when people are so truthful and honest about their struggles.
    We live the Robson’s!

  14. Sharon Hoffman said

    This couple has experienced more than most will ever in a lifetime. Good, Bad, and downright Ugly! What I love most about Rob and Kenyon is their ability to reframe and to communicate that those struggles can lead to major victories!
    Love love love this couple!

  15. AJ Smith said

    My wife, Emily, and I have had the unique opportunity of sitting down with Rob a couple times. With the his counsel, coupled with guidance from Jeremy and Echelle Slade, we have paid off of $10,000 of debt and put almost $4000 in an emergency fund in just less than 2 months time. On top of that Rob has helped me overcome major fears and gain confidence in myself by shining light on the greatness inside of me I could not see myself. I will forever be grateful of the mentorship of Rob, and that of Jeremy and Echelle Slade.

  16. Rob and Kenyon are some of my favorite speakers. This is just another way that the truth [lie] will set you free.

  17. Sieracki Elizabeth Erin said

    I thoroughly enjoyed hearing both of these dynamic speakers in Kansas City. What a power couple!!

  18. Jay Smull said

    Angela and I love Rob and Kenyon!! They are the real deal!! Their willingness to share transparently has impacted thousands of lives!! We are honored and blessed to know them and call them friends!!

  19. I remember first meeting Rob and him coming over to our home to talk about how we were going to “change the world.” What resonated more than anything else was his resolution to win and the sincerity of his heart. He is a rare breed. From the interaction he has had with our children to mentoring with him in our private moments, he has illustrated so much that I wish to become. Janelle and I are thankful beyond words for him and Kenyon in our lives.

  20. Jan Hakkebo said

    im lovin it! and then you need to avoide the 5 laws of decline for the rest of your MLM life 🙂

  21. Amber Webb said

    Rob and Kenyon are amazing! They are the real deal. Randy and I are grateful for their guidance and their love. We can feel that they truly believe in us. That gives us the courage to press forward.

  22. We love Rob & Kenyon Robson. We have known Rob for many years and marvel at the many talents he has developed over these years. We love his bright smile, overflowing enthusiasm, zest for LIFE, and passion for his Dreams. Their hearts are always open to the needs of others. It is a great blessing for us to be able to learn from both of them!

  23. Carlyne St Jean said

    “Treat a business as it is and it will remain so, but treat a business as it can be and it will grow into it.” Thanks Orrin. More people need to learn and apply this absolute truth!
    I ADMIRE the Robson couple for their vivacity, their amazing enthusiasm, and their authenticity.
    The speech about struggle that Kenyon delivered at the last Major keeps talking to me: such message helps me toughen up and prepares me for the many Struggles and Victories to come. Rob’s audio “Programming for success (EDGE 53)” is so far one of my favorite! Very eye opening, can’t get enough of it!
    Last week I told a group that Rob alone is well worth the travel cost from Haiti to wherever the Major takes place. He inspires a crowd.
    May God keep pouring His blessing upon them so they get to touch many more lives.

  24. Mary Robson said

    So proud of Rob and Kenyon!! They are an inspiration to so many (including us!!) Jim and Mary (Mom and Dad)

  25. Rob & Kenyon son personas increíbles, cambiaron por completo la vida mía. Su influencia, amor, inspiración y liderazgo están que traspasan fronteras de Estados Unidos y llegando a América Latina, Perú específicamente, muy agradecido por haberlos conocido y estoy seguro que seguirán haciendo historia por todo el mundo. Pueden contar conmigo cuando ustedes gusten! So proud of my mentors and friends! Thanks for your good example.

  26. Alisha said

    Great article! Rob and Kenyon Robson are inspiring! I love hearing about the service they are doing in their communities and that Life has enabled them to do more because they have more. Love their example and love their story.

  27. Kathryn said

    Our family is forever changed for the better because of the examples of Rob and Kenyon Robson! Our children love listening to their audios and we love that in person they are just as wonderful! 😊

  28. Brett Froese said

    Thanks for the great article, Orrin!

    Rob and Kenyon have been incredible mentors and coaches for my wife and I. Their story of overcoming the struggles and obstacles on the pathway to success shows what some determination and hunger for a dream can do for someone! There is so much to learn from this amazing couple. They bless the lives of everyone they came in contact with.

    Thank you, Robson’s for all that you do!!

  29. Jessica Yates said

    I love listening to Rob and Kenyon speak and am so grateful for the chance to work with them in this amazing company. Thank you both for the inspiration you give to so many of us.

  30. Jason and Krystal Payne said

    This world needs more people like Rob and Kenyon Robson! A little under a year ago we first met this couple and our lives have forever since been changed for the better. It amazes us that a couple that has achieved so much success, and has so much influence, are still so humble, and willing to give of their time and talents to lift up those around them. We feel so priveleged to know and learn from them.

  31. Jhor said

    ROB y keyson me inspiraron a creer que puedo lograr mis sueños

  32. Kevin Conover said

    I am sure that words cannot accurately express the gratitude that I have for this couple. Rob and Kenyon Robson have completely changed our lives. I have known Rob for about 16 years and have been impressed with him as a person, as a speaker and as a leader, who leads with integrity, edification, and heart. Which is exactly what Rob and Kenyon used to reach out to Lundyn and I at a time when my confidence was at an all time low. Rob encouraged me and built my confidence every time I saw him and he would call me from time to time just to check in on my and tell me what a rockstar I was. I really appreciate those encouraging words. In January of 2013 I asked Rob and Kenyon Robson if they would mentor Lundyn and I to getting better results; and the rest is history. Rob and Kenyon Robson have been in the details of our lives helping us to create freedom and security financially and to have a better relationship personally. I have yet to receive a bill from them. On the contrary, they have donated so much time to us and have helped us find solutions to every one of our financial struggles, which has been magnitudes better than them bailing us out financially, because now we have the thinking to move us to the next level financially.

    Thank you Rob and Kenyon Robson for changing the Conover’s legacy!! The Conover family will never be the same! We are changing our stars thanks to the Robsons!

  33. Gerry and Sherry Daniel said

    We absolutely love Rob and Kenyon Robson! We have had a front row seat, watching them develop into the amazing speakers they are. They have an amazing ability to touch and bless the lives of their audience. People really relate to their story. They are great teachers. Thank Rob and Kenyon for showing us what is possible.

  34. Harmony Bryce said

    One of the most powerful things about Rob & Kenyon to me is that we were living just a few blocks away from them when they were broke. We were actually in a babysitting group with them & their kids before they got involved with Life Leadership. We had no idea of the potential relationship we would have with them! To watch them go from that to where they are now has not only been a privilege but it has been a huge blessing in our life. It gave us hope that we could achieve our dreams. We have seen them rise to the top, not because they were lucky, not because of who they knew, and not because of some magic reason but because of their audacious belief, daily attitude of gratitude and their constant heart to serve everyone they come in contact with. It’s no doubt that they will continue to grow in their influence & impact on this world!!

  35. edinson said

    Cuando conocí a Rob tuve a un verdadero heroe . Él es un ser humano increíble

  36. Leonardo Espinoza Lee said

    Rob y Kenyon han servido de mucha inspiración para mi vida. Su calidad de personas, amigos y mentores es absolutamente intachable. Les agradezco por su constante e íntegro respaldo. Tengo mucho por aprender de ellos para mi futura vida.

  37. Jamie Knight said

    Rob and Kenyon Robson are truly the most incredible examples of selfless, servant leaders ever created by God. Never does a moment go by when I’m in their presence that I don’t feel like I’m the center of their world for the time being spent in mentorship. Besides being the leaders and mentors that they are, they are true friends that lift and encourage every moment of every day in my life. Their teachings penetrate the walls of our home, and our children adore them so much!! Kenyon constantly makes me feel like we are best friends, and I know she makes everyone feel that way. Having been through life struggles that each of them have been through, and being where they are today; spiritually, personally, professionally, financially, and in so many more ways…they’ve overtaken their lives and become incredible instruments in the hands of God, in the lives of so many individuals and families. Thank you both for being the people that you are, and for shining so bright for the world to see in such darkness that surrounds us. I love you both!!!!

  38. Bell Hennefer said

    Rob and Kenyon Robson are by far one of my very favorite couples to listen to on CD. I relate to Kenyon so much. I absolutely love her incredible story of picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and running again. She’s got a heart of gold and I feel like she’s talking to ME when she tells me to fight my comfort zones! Rob has an inspiring story of the power of reading, listening​, and associating. He is so full of passion and a positive attitude for success! I love listening to this couple!

  39. Richard Kohl said

    Rob and Kenyon are a wonderful couple. Great leaders and inspiring for those of us on their team.

  40. I am grateful to have meet with Rob Robson when I first started with Life Leadership and began my own journey with the Financial Fitness Program, which has really transformed my life in a great way!!!

    I am grateful to have attended a woman’s Leadership meeting with Kenyon Robson, heard her story and her love and passion for helping others!

    I am grateful to have heard both Rob and Kenyon Robson speak at a seminar in Raleigh where they shared who they are, their path and their passion with those who attended!

    I don’t know how to convey how awesome and important this program is for individuals, teens, young adults, employees and business owners to participate in. The program is transformational!!! I am grateful to be a part of this and to have such wonderful mentors with the most amazing hearts!

  41. Lori Langin said

    Rob and Kenyon Robson have made such an impact in my life and where I am now headed! Such an honour to have them as coaches, mentors that are truly inspiring! Bless you guys and thank you for all you do💕

  42. Matt Selph said

    I have been able to watch Rob and Kenyon Robson’s ride to the top very closely.

    The first time I heard Rob speak I knew he was a Life Coach, he just hadn’t got the title yet.

    I’ve been very blessed to know them both.

  43. Barbara Spencer said

    Thanks for sharing this article on Rob and Kenyon Robson! Their Dream, Struggle, Victory is inspiring to a lot of marriages. Love Rob and Kenyon’s transparency! They are authentic and are a blessing to many. I’m blessed to be on Team One Purpose and have the privilege of being mentored by Rob and Kenyon! Keep up the awesome job and continue inspiring us all!

  44. Judy West said

    I love Rob and Kenyon Robson! They uplift me and help me believe in myself. They have reached out to me to help me grow personally and financially in a way that no one else ever has. I respected them as speakers before I knew them personally. They are a blessing in my life.

  45. Judy West said

    I love Rob and Kenyon Robson! They uplift me and help me believe in myself. They have reached out to me to help me grow personally and financially in a way that no one else ever has. I respected them as speakers before I knew them personally. They are a huge blessing to me.

  46. Jonathan Mecham said

    Rob and Kenyon Robson are among the best speakers in the world. They are also extremely proficient at coaching others to victory. They have blessed me and my wife with their example, support, teaching, love, grace and especially in their ability to cast a vision for a brighter future and how we can play a direct role in creating it!

  47. Delvin Steiner said

    Rob and Kenyan Robson looked me straight in the eye and said they were proud of me when I was feeling shame as a result of my perceived failures. They truly have a gift of speaking straight to the heart, and to see what one will become, not just who I’ve been. If there’s anything our nation’s need, it’s massive amounts of couples of the caliber of Rob and Kenyan Robson

  48. Andrew LaFleur said

    Rob and Kenyon are an inspiration!!! Their story is amazing!! The first time I heard Kenyon speak, I turned to my coach and said, “I want that talk on CD!!”
    It is on CD: Going From Leader to Life Coach
    Rob is not too bad either! LOL
    Rob’s talks keep me getting up after getting knocked down.
    Both of you are a blessing to me my family! Thank you for never giving up!

  49. Georgia Wing said

    I am so thankful for Angie Larson my friend and leader. My life completely changed once I met her. Rob and Kenyon Robson have changed my life. If it weren’t for them my life Would not be as amazing as it is.

  50. B.J. Stradling said

    Rob and Kenyon Robson have such big hearts and their passion is inspiring. How grateful I am to know such a great couple and their wonderful family.

  51. Eliut Gonzalez said

    Rob and Kenyon thank you for all your sacrifices and inspirational overcoming stories. You lead from the heart and me and Shirece are blessed to know you

  52. Kenyon Bitter said

    Rob and Kenyon Robson are Fantastic ,mentors, role models,parents, and Leaders. I remember the day and moment as if it just happened . Leadership Conferences are almost as important as Air.

  53. Lynette Harrell said

    Rob and Kenyon have been such a light and an example for me personally. From how transparent they are with who and what they are, to the way that they share what has helped them, with the hope that it helps you too. They have had struggles, that many people don’t survive, yet they have flourished because of them.

    Thank you Rob and Kenyon for all you do to show others the way.

  54. Jason Holmes said


    Rob and Kenyon Robson have moved my life in many more ways than just one. They are inspiring and have opened my eyes to caring about others above ones self. They are honest with where they’ve been and hold nothing back. I’m grateful for them not giving up on their dreams because now I can achieve mine.

  55. Elaine Mallios said

    Many thanks for this article and your new revised “Resolved” book. Our thinking is so important and what we say to ourselves. Having been a nurse for 23 years, I took every opportunity I had, and still do, to teach this concept of training our thinking. The subconscious mind is so powerful. It’s way better than medicine!

  56. Joseph Cerino said

    Rob and Kenyon Robson, has helped a lot of people around the world with talks and personal help from their struggles in their lives. Having overcome all obstacles and become great leaders to this day. A power couple with big hearts and compassion for others, that help fulfill people’s dreams around world!!!

  57. Larry Pahl said

    Thank you Orrin for sharing insights from some amazing people. I had dinner with Rob and Manase at the major January 2012 Sunday afternoon. The shared vision between the two of them has been unmatched in my life. I’ve witnessed many live exposures as well as many recordings that all are it my top most listened to. Rob and Kenyon’s story as well as my exposure to the Life business has forever changed my life. My family and I will be forever grateful! Larry Pahl

  58. I get emotional when thinking of what Rob and Kenyon have done and meant in my life! They are the essence of LIFE and are truly products of the product. They both have HUGE servant hearts. Rob has ALWAYS seen the best in me and ALWAYS edified me and held me up as a winner. I have witnessed his growth from zero to hero. He truly is my hero and a friendtor. I cherish my relationship with them and count myself highly blessed and favored. Their faith, hope and charity reflect their true discipleship of their upline, their parents Jim and Mary, Manase and Lisa Fotu and Orrin and Laurie Woodward as well as their ultimate upline, God.

    I have seen them both talk publicly thousands of times and LOVE AND RELISH each one as they continue to grow and develop and inspire 10’s of thousands across LIFEdom.

    They truly use all of their blessings to bless.

  59. Katy Ballard said


    Rob and Kenyon’s story and their love for the business and people has helped open my eyes to the possibilities of what I can do! I’ve only been able to meet Rob a couple times and have yet had the opportunity to personally meet Kenyon; but I have heard both speak multiple times and every time they do, you can’t help but get excited about the truths they speak of. On the occasions I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Rob he made me feel like I was the most important person in that moment, and I want to be able to follow in his and Kenyon’s footsteps to be able to do that for other people!

  60. Danny Kellenberger said

    I love that it appears they “burst” on the scene but the truth is they put in the work. And now they share how they accomplished their success and overcame their struggles with such transparency it is inspiring! Thank you Orrin for sharing this message about Rob & Kenyon!

  61. Timothy W. Alger said

    Rob and Kenyon Robson are an amazing couple! They have really shown me how anything is possible if I just keep at it with consistency and PDCA. Rob has open my eyes again to not accepting a life of mediocrity and raising my expectations. Kenyon help me understand that when I have a dream I am reaching for there will always be a struggle. And, The Bigger the Dream the Bigger the Struggle! She says, “It is okay to struggle because the bigger the struggle the bigger the victory will be!”

  62. Ivan Leger said

    Ya know, I had a hard time believing that there are really people like this. In fact, I didn’t want to believe that anyone could care about people the way Rob and Kenyon do, because my own reality was about to stare me in the face if it was true. I had an even harder time believing that they could care about me. I honestly don’t know that I would have been willing or able to put up with me had I been in Rob’s shoes. Yeah, that thought still cuts me. Where would I be in my life otherwise? Anyway? I’m sure I’ve tested them both. The point is really not about me, but my experience with this amazing couple. When I think of Rob and Kenyon, I remember, “It means the most when it is hardest.” They are a shining example of that truth, not only in business, but personally, and even spiritually. I know how much they mean to me, because they still served me and cared when it was hardest and I know I didn’t deserve it. Who does that? Rob and Kenyon do. It is evident in their lives that they follow Christ, and that evidence has impacted the lives of so many, including my own. I am grateful for their example, friendship, patience, and love.

  63. Shirece Soto-Gonzalez said

    Rob and Kenyon are so incredible. My family goes way back with the Robson’s, so I know how amazing they are, but I didn’t specifically meet Rob and Kenyon until just a year ago. They have shown us so much love and friendship and I can’t even begin to say thank you enough for how much they have supported us. Rob, Kenyon, and Life Leadership have had such a huge profound impact on our lives and we are so blessed to know them and have them as friends

  64. Roosevelt Jean-Francois said

    Oustanding. Their storytelling ability is what I find the most relevant from this couple.
    Kenyon can tell you things about yourself through her own words with adamant posture. “Don’t judge.”
    Rob incarnates the “Faith it until you make it.” This audio, part of the Additional info pack, just sponsored a friend who has not intended to sign up.
    Once again, Orrin, you have seen greatness in this couple, and you let it shine on this blog platform. Kudo!

  65. Marie Josee Jean Francois said

    I personally feel a connection with Kenyon from the beginning, because of her strength to overcome the difficult situation of her life. Moreover, I understand the importance that the leadership system played in her transformation. Her words ignited the dormant sparkles of compassion and perseverance that were dormant in me. Her testimonies make me embrace the Life changing principles that help me better myself daily and all the people I have a chance to encounter. I am amazed at my own growth! Orrin, your leaders are the modern heroes ! And Life Leadership platform is empowering so many people! Thank you Rob and Kenyon.

  66. Jeremy & Echelle Slade said

    Rob & Kenyon Robson have been a tremendous blessing to us. We have watched them as our support team grow so much. We absolutely love their story and feel so blessed to be on their team. Our lives will forever be amazing because of the decisions that they have made to stay on the right path through financial freedom! We love Rob and Kenyon and are grateful for the opportunity to hang out with these two and their family and get their thinking on us! We are super excited to spend more time throughout our future years together all on the beaches of the world!

  67. I met Rob in Mesa in 1999, even then he had the eye of a tiger attitude and was receiving awards for top performance. We became fast friends and when LIFE started he found me trying to restore our liberty in Arizona. Kenyon has the sweetest heart and love for Julie and I and they have spent years helping us as we are both choleric temperaments and were fighting all the time. When my Dad died last year, Rob and Kenyon reached out to help us once again through the dark days so that we could come back to Arizona and find courage and joy in our refiners fire. I have friends all over the world and Rob is one of my closest and best friends. He knows he can call me 24/7 and I’m coming to serve them just as they have always loved and served us. Thanks Orrin and Laurie , Chris and Terri , Manase and Lisa , Big Jim and Sweet Mary, Jeremy and Echelle, Kevin and Lundyn for working with Rob and Kenyon so that all of us can live a legacy of servant leadership. cap

  68. Bec said

    Rob and Kenyon Robson’s story as impacted our lives in so many ways, I thank them for their transparency in everything they experience, I love their story telling and complimentary personalities, I admire the way they love each other and their children, I love the way they explain getting knocked down and then back up, I especially had listened to Leader to Life Coach several dozen times already.

    I am sending BIG LOVE and admiration all the way from Tasmania, Australia 🇦🇺

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