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George Guzzardo & Financial Matrix Scam

Posted by Orrin Woodward on May 23, 2017

George Guzzardo, and his wife Jill, have exposed the Financial Matrix Scam, understanding the issues at a deeper level than most people. For back in 2007, they purchased a property worth, at the time, nearly $1.5 million dollars, but by mid-2008, in a display of moral courage, the same property was sold for under $450,000! In other words, George and Jill Guzzardo surrendered over a million dollars, not because of any egregious actions on their part, but rather because the Financial Matrix’s boom/bust cycle, manufactured through the fraudulent Fractional Reserve Banking (FRB) and Central Banking Fiat money system was at work.

Fortunately, the Guzzardos had plugged into the Green Box Program financial principles for years and despite losing one million dollars to the Financial Matrix, they did not have to declare bankruptcy. The financial offense produced overcame the defensive loss and they are still thriving financially, living in a beautiful and spacious (9,000+ square foot) villa in Tucson, Arizona. Furthermore, now when speaking on stages across the world, their passion to help people escape the Financial Matrix is palpable, knowing first-hand the inner working of the Financial Matrix and how it siphons off hard earned wealth.

Be that as it may, George and Jill Guzzardo are a stitch on stage together, perhaps even a brand unto themselves with their one-of-a-kind bantering back and forth on stage together. To say nothing of the wisdom that pours out of them, which has made these two some of the most popular speakers on Life stages. Laurie and I have personally known the Guzzardos for nearly 25 years and grow closer to them every year that passes. It is difficult to find people more principle-centered, who shine the Light of Christ everywhere they go, than George and Jill Guzzardo. When they started community building, they were in the medical fields (he a Physical Therapist and she a Registered Nurse), but now they are job optional, sharing the message of financial hope through the Financial Fitness Green Box Program.

How did this couple achieve financial results so extraordinary that they could endure a million dollar loss and hardly skip a beat? For one thing, they avoided the two main financial failure-modes – 1) Spend when a person should be saving and 2) Save when a person should be investing. These two principles were applied from day one and the Guzzardos paid off the mortgage on their riverfront property (in Ironwood, Michigan) decades early. For another, they invested in themselves, feeding their minds a steady diet of reading, listening, associating, and acting upon the information to improve skills. Is it any wonder the Guzzardos are filled with wisdom, humor, and joy when one considers they have invested in themselves for nearly 25 years?

I recall meeting George for the first time and him explaining how and why he didn’t read. He said he had done enough of that in college and didn’t enjoy it. This is humorous today since George is now one of the most consistent readers in all of Life, even authoring a top selling book The Torch of Freedom. His library overflows his office and I believe it is one of the keys to who he is (a strong connector with relatable personality) and what he does (shares wisdom to help people escape the Financial Matrix. Indeed, one of the things I respect so much about this couple is no matter what is happening, good or bad, the Guzzardos always have a great attitude. After all, it would have been easy for the Guzzardos to get bitter when years of hard work was siphoned away by the Financial Matrix; instead, however, the Guzzardos used it to motivate them to serve bigger. This is what makes them so special, namely, the ability to use personal pain to help other’s gain, a true model of servant leadership.

In closing, Laurie and I want to personally thank the Guzzardos for their leadership example and publicly honor their commitment to truth and Light in an age of deceit and darkness. If George and Jill have helped the reader on his journey out of the Financial Matrix Scam, please share below.


Orrin Woodward

28 Responses to “George Guzzardo & Financial Matrix Scam”

  1. Awesome!! I always appreciate the knowledge and passion that the Guzzardos bring to the Life stages.

  2. Lynn Elliott said

    George and Jill’s audio ” What Did You See When You Got The Green Box? ” is a Powerful, Inspiring audio. Thanks George and Jill.

  3. Steve Duba said

    Thanks Orrin. George and Jill Guzzardo have been paramount in Jan’s and my personal growth over the past 5 plus year’s. So proud of our association with them and the continued mentoring.

  4. Andrew LaFleur said

    “We need to break the old paradigms of education and align our values as people.” -George Guzzardo
    Because People ARE more important than money!

  5. Brandon J Perry said

    I personally thoroughly enjoyed his book. When I first got it I was intimidated by the size but found it funny when I finished it in a few days. He made history so fun and engaging that I couldn’t put it down-I just had to know what happened next in the timeline of freedom events. I do love hearing this couple speak from stage-especially together. Watching them interact is extremely fun and allows you to learn a lot about them as a couple.

  6. rick amdahl said

    Through knowing George and Jill, and being exposed to the concepts of the Green Box messaging, Kate and I paid off the mortgages on two homes, and all consumer debt, becoming financially free ourselves.
    The Guzzardo’s example of living a fulfilling life encouraged Kate and I to become avid readers, sharing in a community that is making a difference in our lives and the lives of others. They are truly a blessing
    to all who know them, truly leaders with the heart of Christ. A great example of being the light, not just cursing the darkness of the financial matrix scam.

  7. Matt Mielke said

    Wow, George and Jill have not only impacted our lives with their truth over the years, they have touched our lives on a personal level that we are forever grateful.

    There example and testimony and consistent pursuit of living a life of significance have directed Michelle and I on how we raise our children, manage our marriage and how we interact with people on a daily basis. Their influence will impact genrations to come and I can’t thank them enough for blazing a trail for Michelle and I to follow.


  8. Renee Oettinger said

    George and Jill have been instrumental for me in understanding financial offense and the power of community. I have known them for 16 years and have learned that to achieve faster requires following those with better results and developing the right habits of success. Thank you George and Jill

  9. Jeremy Pethke said

    My wife and I have the pleasure of working with George and Jill. I have known George now for nearly 10 years! All those years ago, I met George being brand new in the community and the second time I saw him, he remembered my name! That blew my mind because as a sanguine, I had a very hard time remembering names myself. From that day forward I have worked diligently to remember others names following his example. If it had not been for George being involved I would have not met my wife and learned the financial fitness principles that gave us the opportunity to bring her home from her job when we had our first son! Now we have a plan for me to come home and be a stay-at-home dad.

  10. Elaine Mallios said

    I really respect this couple. George is so inspiring and brings to life a bigger picture of what we do. I can especially relate to Jill, as an RN myself. She relates a problem and resolution similar to a “nursing care plan” in every talk I have heard. She defines it clearly and digs into it like no other speaker I can think of. Every suggested issue she discusses, she will break it down and suggest a plan of action along with the desired result. Also known as PDCA, Jill has got it down!

  11. Barry Quinn said

    Thanks Orrin for recognizing George and Jill. They have helped Libbie and me tremendously in realizing that our dreams are possible. They take personal time to spend with us and give encouragement, we are always on a high after talking to them. No matter what is going on with us, they will always find the bright spot and we feel like champions. Thank you George and Jill. God bless.

  12. Constance Kosowski said

    The depth of caring that George and Jill have is astounding! They are relatable and hands on. Jill has recommended books personally to me for where I am at. This has been a real encouragement to me. They both have related pearls of wisdom to help move me from “doing pretty good” to so much better. How George and Jill relate on stage with saucyness & love toward each other, let’s me know we have a chance too! I am very glad they saw the financial matrix scam and are teaching other about it.

  13. Kevin Dick said

    George and Jill are inspiring to us! Since they were such incredible students, they are the best tutors. Couple that with their impeccable character, and I’ll follow them any where.

  14. Al Benavente said

    The amazing mentorship and words of encouragement have been nothing short of the guiding path to me being a better person! Finances are just a fraction thats been impacted in a positive way! Our team continues to grow at a rapid rate because of George and Jills passion to help others! Thank you both for all you have done and been for our family! #AZTransformation

  15. Scott Hosie said

    George & Jill have been a blessing to my family. It’s amazing to learn how real Financial Fitness applied over time allows people to weather some pretty big storms.

  16. Ben said

    So what you’re saying is a true ‘B’ business owner can lose a million bucks and it doesn’t change their lifestyle. WOW!!What’s amazing to me is we are learning from the masters. Thank you George & Jill

  17. Pat Maas said

    Thanks Orrin for sharing this testimony that is bearing the test of time. George, Jill and Life are a shinning light in the dark
    areas of finances, educating and setting people free!!!

  18. Cornelius Enns said

    George and Jill’s influence on my life and that of my family has been pivotal in the legacy we will leave. When I first saw him speak, I was blown away and left that meeting with more enthusiasm and vigor to chase my goals and dreams than I had ever felt before. Now getting to know him more and seeing his passion and purpose-filled life, I look up to George Guzzardo as a mentor and strive to earn his time and respect. Thank you George for carrying the torch of freedom and passing it down to this generation.

  19. Amanda Mikula said

    I feel so blessed to be able to work with such an awesome couple! George and Jill are a shining examples for those that strive to grow Christ-likeness. They shine their light on the exit for those that feel trapped in the financial matrix.

  20. Hans Rohne said

    Wonderful edification of an amazing couple who have achieved such success and yet continue to stay engaged in making our society a better place! They could choose to do anything and yet they passionately spread wisdom and insight to better the lives of thousands of families! Our family has truly been enriched by knowing them and have benefited immensely from their mentorship. Thank you George and Jill!

  21. M Fitzgerald said

    Thank you for showcasing the Guzzardos. Their story is important for others to understand. They are a fine example of dream;struggle;victory

  22. Chris Park said

    Awesome article Orrin! I can’t say enough about George and Jill for there servant leadership and changing so many lives. They truly are a beacon of light in a dim world.

  23. Malissa said

    Thanks George and Jill for all you do!!

  24. Richard Kinsley said

    George and Jill are an amazing couple! What a great story of application of correct information over time.

  25. Keith and Lynn Burns said

    The friendship and mentoring that George and Jill have given us these past 3 years has completely changed our lives. We would not have gotten to where we are today without their leadership and example. The “bell” has been rung and now we are paying it forward to help others.

  26. Amy Aker said

    George and Jill are true servant leaders- a term I remember first issuing back in the 90’s to express a leader’s intentional sacrifice for someone else’s growth and gain. So thrilled to be on their team!

  27. Christine said

    The difference this couple has made in my life is immeasurable, in finances and in so many other ways. Thank you for your continued example of striving for excellence and helping others live better.

  28. Beth Hartman said

    George and Jill are truy inspiring leaders! It is always great when they return to WI for a visit! We always work to get to their parties! The history that you all have gone thru is inspiring to everyone who knows you and what you stand for. Thanks for all you do!!

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