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What Does Claude Hamilton Know About the Financial Matrix Scam?

Posted by Orrin Woodward on May 25, 2017

Claude Hamilton has built leadership teams for the last 20 years; however, his recent revelations on the extent of the Financial Matrix scam have many people asking questions. For one thing, why are so many people getting trapped in the Financial Matrix? For another, how does one escape once in debt matris and 1/3 of a person’s income goes to taxes and another 1/3 to service debt, leaving only 1/3 of one’s gross income to live on?

Claude and Lana Hamilton

These are the questions and Claude Hamilton answers with a two-pronged approach for financial freedom as explained in the Green Box Financial Fitness Program: 1) Play Defense to spend less than one makes and 2) Play Offense to make more money by improving one’s skills – to break the bonds of the Financial Matrix and live free.  The Financial Fitness Info page has hundreds of testimonies of REAL people accomplishing REAL financial results by following Claude’s advice.

To be sure, Claude Hamilton didn’t start out with the right financial principles. Indeed, he learned about debt and stress early as he struggled to service his debts even though serving in the elite ranks in the Canadian Armed Forces. His professionalism and natural leadership abilities helped him through the ranks, becoming a member of an elite dive unit which served in many different capacities. While he enjoyed the camaraderie of working with the tight-knit unit, Claude soon realized his position could not support the dreams he refused to surrender.

Nevertheless, he continued to serve faithfully, even as the debts continued to accumulate, still looking for an opportunity to expand his income earning potential. This dream was magnified once he met his dream girl, Lana, who also served in the Canadian Navy. Together, they began planning their future, but even after combining their incomes, they struggled to support themselves, let alone grow a family and live their dreams.

It’s been said the best time to plant a new tree is twenty years ago and the next best time is today. Fortunately, for Claude and Lana Hamilton, they did start planting the seeds of their   financial leadership company twenty years ago and are enjoying an impressive harvest today. They are in-demand speakers who travel the globe to share financial and leadership truths. Needless to say, Claude Hamilton is tough, mentally and physically, known for his hard-hitting speaking style that challenges men and women to quit wimping out on their dreams.

Claude Donation Literacy Nova Scotia

What’s lesser known, however, is Claude’s heart for people, a heart that supports and leads many local charities around him. I have known Claude for over a decade and he rarely talks about the incalculable number of hours he invests serving others inside and outside of his business community.  He simply does what needs to be done, just like his book Toughen Up said winners should do. I believe the reason Claude serves so tirelessly is he practically grew up in the military, starting out as a Sea Cadet at 12 years of age, absorbing the spirit of duty and honor in everything he does.

Among others, here is a short list of the charities Claude and Lana support without fanfare:  NS Literacy, Soul’s Harbour, Hope Cottage, Catholic Christian Outreach, Nova Scotia Early Childhood Intervention Clinic, Salvation Army Angel Tree, The Club Inclusion, and the Pregnancy Care Center. Many of these charities receive more than just funds, however, as Claude organizes a fund raising dinner for Hope Cottage every year, where he opens up his home and invites prominent local business owners and sports celebrities to join him at his spacious mansion. The money raised from the tickets to the exclusive event is used to feed the homeless in Halifax.

In other words, this tough military man and his lovely bride live the principle – if you have been blessed then it’s important to be a blessing. Indeed, Laurie and I have been blessed by their friendship and have enjoyed being their mentors for the last decade on the mission to help people escape the Financial Matrix.

If Claude and Lana have made a difference in your life, please share below.


Orrin Woodward

100 Responses to “What Does Claude Hamilton Know About the Financial Matrix Scam?”

  1. Thank you Orrin for the awesome article highlighting this amazing couple that have been able to touch the lives of thousands upon thousands of people. I can’t speak for all of them but I know I can speak for 2 – my amazing wife and myself.
    We would literally not be married today if it were not for the amazing heart, wisdom, and character of Claude and Lana Hamilton. Now our marriage is solid and moving forward in a great direction every day. Obviously if that were the only thing they ever did for us, I could never thank them enough nor pay them back for what they have given us in our lives; but truthfully, the story doesn’t end there. Thanks to them and the amazing life changing information they have shared with us, we have totally escaped the Financial Matrix and are on our way to living the rest of our lives in the Financially Free quadrant.
    We truly know that every single aspect of our lives is better today because of our association with Claude & Lana Hamilton and their close friends they personally mentor Wayne & Raylene MacNamara. These two couples have dramatically changed the direction and projection of our lives and we will be forever grateful.

    • Wayne said

      Im glad your both in our lives. Marriage is our number one priority to focus on even over our biz.
      Beau and our future little girl are way more important to us then anything else. A strong forfilled
      marriage is a bond and a safety net for children in this over critical world of self first thinking!!!

    • Ben Debus said

      Congrats Kevin and Brittany!! That’s an awesome story! You’re future together will be bright.

  2. Gyorgy Veszpremi said

    Another great post Orrin. Thank you for your vision. Claude and Lana are fantastic leaders.

  3. Claude and Lana helped us get our lives back. They got us on track in our finances and business. These two are the best

  4. Michelle Malloy Bishop said

    Every week I listen to Claude’s CD Do What I Did. It is the encouragement I need to live my life’s purpose – to show up everyday and love people. My role may change (mom, wife, friend, therapist, consultant) but my purpose does not waver. Thank you Claude and Lana for your example of servant leadership.

  5. Jessica Hall said

    What a great article on a great couple!! Claude and Lana are truly some of the biggest servants my husband and I have had the pleasure of being around. They have helped us and are still helping us reach our goals and achieve our dreams!

  6. Jonathan Hall said

    Thank you Orrin for sharing this post! My wife and I have had the privilege of getting to know and work with Claude and Lana for the past several years. Our lives have been truly blessed by having had Claude and Lana in our lives. Their example of serving and sacrificing for others is unmatched with anyone we have ever met!

  7. Kenyon Robson said

    Love and admire this couple. They are courageous dreamers with determination and heart second to none ❤

  8. Tony Tefel said

    Thank you Orrin for telling the world how great this couple, Claude and Lana Hamilton, are.
    They have added so much value to Pat’s and my life. I’ve seen and heard them speak truth to people the lives of people looking for hope. He is a worrier in the defence of truth, and his heart goes out to do for others what they can’t do for themselves. Lana is a woman of loyalty, to her friends, her kids, to her husband, and to the people she mentors. They are a great example to all who are looking for their own, better life.
    They give. Simply, they give.

  9. We had the pleasure of meeting the Hamiltons before they had their children. We were so impressed how they took control of their finances the way they did. Because of there continued sucssess they were able to seek help from some of the best doctors in the world. With Gods help, after being told they may never be able to have children. They have two!!! Dreams do come true. With better control of your money, your Dreams can come true too…

  10. Great article Orrin. You’re absolutely right about Claude’s heart for people. Cynthia & I are blessed to have someone like Claude & Lana in our lives!

  11. Denis & Lisa Léger said

    Claude and Lana are exceptional people with amazing hearts!! They have made a difference in our lives and many others… and it feels like they are just getting started!

  12. Charles & Manon McIntyre said

    This couple is an inspiration and a great role model for anyone looking at living a life of purpose and significance. They are using their financial blessings from getting out of the matrix to bless others.

    Proud to call them mentors and friends!

  13. Claude’s teaching on finances and leadership principles has helped me tremendously. I use his examples to teach financial principles to many people these days, and it’s amazing how well people learn from them because of Claude’s great example.

  14. Marise Cormier said

    Thank you Orrin for sharing this great article about an amazing power couple leading many to freedom.

  15. Mary Doucette said

    I have had the privilege of having Claude’s and Lana’s leadership for almost 10 years now. Claude always speaks the truth even when we may not want to hear it. Always has our best interest at heart. Lana is an awesome woman, mother and leader. She teaches truth from her heart and gives life examples which makes her lessons very relatable. Love them both.

  16. James said

    Claude and Lana have been and continue to be a tremendous example in helping those who wish to do so improve their lives in a dramatic fashion. Heroes to many.

  17. Charles Jay said

    Thanks to claude and lana for the constant support on helping us get our lives back from such a great program

  18. Darcy and Tobi Bennett said

    Thank you Orrin for this amazing article! Claude and Lana are awesome leaders, and we are so proud to know them, and to have the opportunity to learn from them the true meaning of selfless service. We have benefited greatly from their financial teaching and wisdom. They are the example we want our kids to look up to and we are blessed as a family to have them in our lives.

  19. Jason Caissy said

    Claude and Lana are true leaders that lead from the front. Amazing people that inspire many.

  20. Rick Hamminga said

    Claude and Lana are the best. I love how he doesn’t shy away from making the right decision even though they are the hardest. They are truly worth following!

  21. Lucy said

    Thank you for posting. Claude and Lana are down to earth, real, relatable, funny, full of wisdom, character and have servant hearts. I always look forward to their next talk with excitement as anyone who comes a mile away from their talks are changed forever. Deep belly laughs or jaw dropping inspiration that keep us fueled. Love them!

  22. Marianne Keller said

    Thank you Orin for this great post on Claude and Lana Hamilton. They truly are salt of the earth people and because they lead with such servant leadership they have a tight knit community which we are proud to be part of. They definitely have a heart for people and show it through their actions every day
    They have affected thousands of lives through their leadership personally, professionally and financially. Because of Claude and Lana Marriages have been saved relationships have been fixed and people have gotten out of the financial matrix. We have seen so many lives changed ours included. We appreciate their friendship and mentorship both professionally and financially.

    Joe and Marianne Keller

  23. Lance & Kristin said

    Claude and Lana are awesome leaders, their teaching, mentorship & friendship has been a huge blessing to my wife and I, definitely helping us through some of the most trying times in our lives.

  24. Claude and Lana have taught us how to live life well and on purpose. Our marriage, our relationships with our children, extended family and friends, our finances, spiritual lives, even our health and the way we serve our community and our world have all changed for the better because of the leadership and friendship of this couple. They’ve made a GENERATIONAL impact on the Beeler family.

  25. LP Theriault said

    great knowledge that you share with us one again. thank you.

  26. Eric and Manon Ethier said

    Awesome Orrin, Claude and Lana are amazing people and Leaders. We are blessed to have met them.

  27. CJ Calvert said

    Fantastic article Orrin

  28. Julie Conquergood said

    Thank you Orrin for this wonderful post! Claude and Lana Hamilton are an exceptional couple. They have so many special qualities. My most favorite one is their heart. When you listen to Claude and Lana speak at any events or cd’s, they truly speak from the heart. The love and passion they share around the world and their community is speechless. They are true servants. Either you are ready to work hard or sit on the bleacher, Claude and Lana will teach you how to PUT YOUR HELMET ON and TOUGHEN UP. We are proud to be part of their community!

    Claver & Julie Conquergood

  29. Angella Woods said

    Claude and Lana have been a true inspiration to us ! Teaching timeless principles and magnifying greatness in others is what they do best ! They are leaving a legacy for others to follow …very blessed to know them .

  30. Thanks Orrin for sharing your thoughts and giving kudos to this amazing couple.

    Francesca and I are just starting to get to know Claude and Lana Hamilton but have always admired them via the various functions, audios and videos. They are truly “real”. They are both extremely sincere, humble and full of love and affection. They are amongst the most giving, loving and selfless people that we have ever met and their positive impact in the lives of many people is just starting.

    We are honoured to be part of LIFE Leadership and the Kaizen team.


    Pat Scanga & Francesca Bastone

  31. Shawn Edmontson said

    When it comes to following people, I have always had a distinct issue with that. Growing up where and how I grew up sort of precluded me not to be a follower of men. However, after being introduced to Life Leadership, through CJ Calvert, I have had to admit that I have always been a follower to some degree. Just a follower of the wrong ideals. After studying the Financial Matrix as taught by the Leaders in Life Leadership, I have come to see why it is set up the way it is. Inspired relentlessly and persistently by Wayne and Raylene, and Claude and Lana, I feel that this is one of the true ways out of the system that has been set up for the population to suffer in debt slavery, and I feel that Claude is uniquely fitted and customed to lead the way out of the Financial Matrix and in other areas of life, as his service has proven. Great post!

  32. Peggy Arden said

    Thank you Orrin for sharing this wonderful article. I am so proud to be part of the Kaizen community under the incredible leadership of Wayne and Raylene MacNamara and Claude and Lana Hamilton. Claude and Lana exemplify true servant leadership and have created a community that truly feels like family.

  33. Gwen Good said

    Great blog Orrin and thank you for sharing Claude and Lana’s story !
    They are a true inspiration !
    We are very Blessed to have them as our Leaders of Kaizen and Appreciate them for all they do for their community and world wide !

    Lyle and Gwen (Haney/Good)

    • Michele Lewis said

      I totally agree! Amazing couple with amazing heart.

    • Ben Debus said

      Absolutely Gwen. They serve serve serve and have amazing hearts for the whole LIFE community. We are all blest to have them as leaders of this community!!

  34. Phil said

    Orrin thanks for bragging on Claude & Lana. If someone were to to ever make a massive list of the lives that the Hamiltons have touched Catherine and I and our kids would be on that list. Of the many ways they have impacted our lives the biggest has been the multiple times that they have breathed truth into our lives. Offered us perspective in numerous categories of our lives and challenged us on our thinking. For this we are grateful and blessed.

    We to are thankful that they have been Blessed and pay it forward to be a blessing in others lives.

  35. Sandra wideen said

    Thank you for turning the spotlight on a great couple. They have helped so many with their example, courage and heart

  36. Scott Staley said

    Claude and Lana have been great examples of how to live a more meaningful life – by changing tbeir/our own lives and then be g a blessing to many others a long the way. I look to Claude as a strong role model of how to be an impactful man of velvet and steel.

  37. JL Pellerin said

    Hi Orrin, I agree. Claude and Lana have always encouraged Nicole and I to be the best we can be and to not look for the easy way out. To do what is right and to pass it along to others to make a difference with them and their families. Truly great couple!

    JL and Nicole

  38. Charles LeBlanc said

    Claude and Lana are an inspiration and a great role model for anyone looking at living a life of purpose and significance.

    No retreat, no surrender, have no fear.

    Proud to call them mentors and friends.

    Charles & Cynthia LeBlanc

  39. Kileha Holder said

    I’ve not only had the privilege to hear this couple speak truth into us but I have met and associated with them in person. Their openness, heart, sincereness, and straight talk has moved me beyond words can say. I’m only on the brink of my potential and I can attribute that partially to the impact Claude and Lana continues to have in my life. Thank you Orrin Woodward for edifying this amazing couple 😃

  40. Brandon J Perry said

    I love the heart of this couple

  41. Roger and Debbie Newcomb said

    Awesome article . Should be inspiration to all as we live in a country with so many freedoms. Need to share with what we have been blessed with, money and or time. Work hard to get our dreams

  42. Aaron said

    Thanks for the article Orrin! Claude & Lana Hamilton are true leaders in every area of life. God Bless!

  43. Doug and Sharon Pettman said

    Wow….. great article Orrin!!!! Claude and Lana never stop leaving us inspired. Their heart and soul is poured into us daily. We cannot say enough about their leadership in our business. If we follow our hearts WHO DOES NOT want to have fun, make money, get out of debt, pay less taxes and make a difference in this world!!! Basically we are all in need of some or all of those life principles!! I speak for my husband and myself in saying we are amazingly blessed by Claude and Lana’s humble teachings!!!!!

  44. Dan Wright said

    Awesome, only a snapshot of the true Claude, nevertheless a Great one!!!

  45. Melanie said

    Claude and Lana Hamilton are true servant leaders. I admire the parents they’ve become and strive to become like them.

  46. Roly & Carol Tessier said

    Thank you Orrin for sharing this with us. My husband Roly and I feel so blessed to be part of Claude and Lanas’ organization. We were lucky enough to meet them recently and found them to be so friendly and relatable. They are such an inspiration to us as we move forward to attain our dreams and goals!
    Awesome role models!
    Roly and Carol Tessier

  47. William Ralf said

    Claude and Lana were my very first seminar in Kitchener, I was drawn in by their amazing relationship. I have chose to model after them. God bless and thank you Orrin for the amazing article.

  48. Bruce Withers said

    Another fantastic article Orrin! Can’t begin to explain how blessed my wife Carolyn and I are from Reading, Listening and applying the information we have learned from Claude and Lana, Wayne and Raylene and all the Founders and contributors to the Financial Fitness Program. We are completely Debt Free and paid cash for a recent vehicle purchase. Amazing the feeling this gives you! Thanks again!

    • Michele Lewis said

      Bruce, so proud of you guys for applying the financial principles in the Green Box and getting out of the Financial Matrix. Without Claude and Lana and the other founders, none of us would have the information and opportunity to fight back against the status quo.

  49. Bart Biemond said

    This article is awesome. As I don’t know them on a personal level yet, though I hope to soon. I see the impact they have 1st hand in the coaching and mentoring of Wayne and Raylene MacNamara a couple I greatly respect. Claude and Lana have designed and amazing culture and we are proud to be a part of them. Thank you.

    Bart and Amanda Biemond

  50. Kody & Amanda Ellis said

    Thanks for writing this Orrin! Claude and Lana are amazing in what they’ve been able to accomplish, but also with where their hearts lay as well. They inspire Amanda and I everyday and we are so grateful to know them!

  51. Ben Debus said

    Wow what an amazing blog!! Claude and Lana Hamilton continue to serve from the front and lead by example. I had know idea they were involved in that much Charity work. I can say however it does not suprise me. They are people of character and discipline who are an excellent example of escaping the matrix. Thanks for sharing!!

  52. Larry Minderlein said

    Thanks to the green box I am living a debt free life and have made personal improvement through the marketing system . Thanks to all of you. Blessings

  53. Michele Lewis said

    Thank you for this article highlighting such an amazing couple. John and I have been blessed to have Claude and Lana in our lives. They truly have huge hearts and have been a great encouragement to us. We are proud to be part of their organization.

    • Ben Debus said

      Likewise for Krista and I. They are amazing people who will make a huge difference to many people!!!

  54. Stephane Hache said

    Claude and Lana are so great with there big heart and they know how to say the right word the right way.

    Love their teaching!
    Stephane and Annie

  55. Grace & Murray Ferguson said

    Claude and Lana are great examples of how to represent both strength and grace. They are so down to earth, yet they have done and continue to do great things in the lives of their family and many, many other families. And all through the application of true, foundational life principles. Thanks for all you do!

  56. Irene said

    Thank you Orrin for this great article. I am reminded of how blessed I feel to be affiliated with this amazing couple. After spending any time with Claude and Lana, I walk away feeling happier and stronger.

  57. Lauren said

    That was a great article. Thank you so much for posting it. The stories of our mentors that have gone through what we may be going through now is very encouraging. Even more so that with donating their time, money and home for charities is truly inspiring for me. We need to help people get out of debt and escape the financial Matrix. Beginning with myself and having my testimonial to show people it is really working (and I will be debt free forever!).
    Thank you

  58. Brian & Dianne Harrison said

    Thank you Orrin for sharing your personal thoughts on Claude and Lana Hamilton. Brian and I have just begun the wonderful journey to know Claude and Lana and the Kaizen Team. They are an inspiration to everyone who meets them. They speak truth, sincerity, love, and compassion from their hearts. Every day people’s lives are changed because of this amazing couple. They are true servant leaders. We are truly blessed to be part of the Kaizen Team.

  59. Aage Smies said

    Thank you Orrin for illustrating the outstanding Leaders that Claude & Lana are not only to Life Leadership, Kaizen and those who know them but also those who may never know them but will feel their hearts through the charitable work they do. Their boys have such amazing parents guiding them in times where some of the world seems so unhinged. Great article!

  60. Scott Seeley said

    Claude and Lana are the real deal. Truly a amazing couple!

  61. Guy Boudreau said

    Claude and Lana are true leaders and they lead by example. We are so privileged to have them as the head of Kaisen and we appreciate them greatly. They sure know how to keep the vision alive. Guy and Denise (Rock and Roll)

  62. Mike & Jean Crozier said

    You describe them and their mission in Life perfectly Orrin.
    Mike and I have been privileged enough to earn our way into their home
    and hearts. Their inspiration and example will take us far on our
    journey towards Living the Life we always wanted.
    The fact that they model and mentor so well shows up in the
    amazing leaders they have following them.
    Joce and Cynthia Dionne
    Alex and Leighan Nickerson
    JL and Nicole Pellerin
    Denis and Lisa Leger
    all local for us maritimers
    The strength of the culture they have fostered is
    2nd to none

    We are so blessed to be working with this group 🙂

    Mike and Jean Crozier

  63. Tammie Douglas said

    Great blog Orrin on a wonderful couple. Claude and Lana lead their team with their hearts and we are proud to be on the Kaizen team

    • Patrick Clowater said

      Glad to have you aboard this amazing team. You’re a great asset to our team.

  64. dave said

    Great Post Orrin
    This is an all inspiring story of rags to riches and then giving back to all those charities and wanting to help others do the same. Truly a couple to follow. Proud to be a part of Kaizen . Dave and Kieran

  65. Billy Douglas said

    Awesome article Orrin. Claude and Lana exemplify true servant leadership. Claude and Lana have been a true inspiration for Tammie and myself to chase our dreams and to press on through the tough times. We are truly blessed to associate and be lead by a couple who walk their talk!!!!


    • Ben Debus said

      Could not agree more Billy!! Amen to that.

    • Patrick Clowater said

      Glad you are part of this amazing Kaizen team Bro. Claude and Lana are more amazing than you can even imagine my friend. Just hang on and enjoy the ride of your life.

  66. Eva said

    Great post, Orrin! Thank you for all you do!!! Claude and Lana are a great example of walking their talk. Couldn’t be more proud to be in business with such amazing, Godly people! Claude and Lana….you ROCK!!!


  67. Vicky Connell said

    Awesome blog, I am so blessed to have Claude and Lana in my life. How they helped me in many ways and my son Gavyn. For what they did for my sister and brother in law Wayne and Raylene
    Words can’t even express how thank ful I am. How they changed our lives and everyone else’s in so many ways. Thank you so much Claude and Lana and Life Leadership.

  68. Marianne said

    I am grateful that Claude and Lana are so generous with sharing time and experiences with us -thank you for the inspiration!

  69. Marianne said

    Am super grateful for Claude and Lana and the sharing of time and experience they do consistently.Thank you

  70. Tyler Karl said

    Claude Hamilton is an incredible human being. I do not have any knowledge of him as anything less then the Leader of Thousands and soon to be millions. Additionally, Lana Hamilton is one the kindest most grace-giving individuals my fiancé and I have ever had the pleasure to communicate with. Together we strive to be nothing less than the example they set for us, through their constant teachings applied by books, CDS, Seminars and Conventions. I have a great deal of belief in my future and it’s because of people like Woodward’s who shine every bit of light they can on the people who deserve it like, Claude and Lana Hamilton. Thank you Orrin for making this blog a reality and exemplifying the TRUTH of this amazing Couple!

  71. WOW! What an amazing article about Claude & Lana Hamilton! “Love it”!

    Louise & I are truly blessed to be part of their Kaizen organization through the dynamic leadership couple of Wayne & Raylene MacNamara! Claude & Lana’s story is a “rag to riches”; not only in finances, but in relationships, leadership and their heart for people. Their tireless quest in helping people escape the Financial Matrix by sharing the “truths” and reigniting their often buried dreams in a world filled with so much misinformation, is truly inspiring! Louise & I personally know that through Claude & Lana, and Wayne & Raylene, they have changed our family’s life. We now need to continue to “pave it forward” on a daily basis to help many other people escape the Financial Matrix!!! Thanks a ton Orrin for writing and posting this article!!

    Doug McCutcheon & Louise Cook

  72. Patrick Clowater said

    Amazing article Orrin. I have known Claude and Lana Hamilton for over 16 years now, and I have never seen such a disciplined couple when it comes to escaping the Financial matrix. For many years they were making very good money in their business and still they drove used cars and had personal possessions that many would laugh at. They were simply practicing delayed gratification, which Claude talked taught at ever Tuesday meeting. Claude has always lead by example and that is why I have been loyal to him all of these years, and I will continue to follow him for the rest of my life. My son once her Claude say that we should make everthing that is financed “pink”. Today, many years later at age 16 he still goes by expensive neighbourhoods and will say” I wonder how many of those houses should be pink”. Thank you Claude for standing tall and teaching the truth.

    God Bless Claude and Lana Hamilton
    And Orrin and Laurie Woodward!

  73. John Lewis said

    It’s a blessing to know this couple and witness first-hand how they place others before themselves. Claude’s incredible sense of duty and honor makes him a great leader worth following. Thanks Orrin for this article.

  74. Julie Clowater said

    We Have been blessed to have Claude and Lana in our lives for 16 years … heart and passion for purpose is what they continue to add to our lives.Claude and Lana have played an important role in the growth and molding of of our 3 children …. and have changed our lives more than any other couple we know …. Blessed to cal them our friends ….

  75. Pat & Vicki Cormier said

    Thanks for this post, Orrin! Claude and Lana are amazing leaders and we are proud to be associated with them through team Rock & Roll! Kaizen culture is the best!

  76. Andrew Burridge said

    Great article on Claude and Lana they truly lead with their hearts and are the example of how we should live and lead. I love when he speaks, it’s from the heart but gets the point across so we realize when we need to keep our helmet on and march forward even when we feel like wimping out.

  77. Kristina McPherson said

    “Every interaction starts a chain reaction…” #thedominoeffect.
    I am very grateful for the day this opportunity was introduced to me, and i don’t know what the universe would have had in store for me had Claude & Lana, two perfect strangers before now, hadn’t planted that seed many years ago. I am truly inspired by the simple fact that the determination and drive by these two many years ago, despite the hardships, was able to inspire Wayne, who then inspired Hundreds of others including my mentor and friend CJ Calvert who then inspired me. It makes me realize that this is bigger than just me, i have the potential to meaningfully impact generations of strangers, friends & family to come, and meaningfully, MeaningfullY contribute to/impact an entire country. Thank you all for your hard work and determination. Thank you for sharing Orrin :). #firedup

  78. Elaine Mallios said

    Claude and Lana are the real deal. They don’t hide their past mistakes and deficiencies. All of their talks/audios are so honest and so real. It’s obvious they have a handle on the economy, the financial matrix, and the truth of people’s struggles. They are so fantastic! Lead on Claude and Lana! We respect you so much!

  79. Frank Richard said

    Hi Orrin, Claude and Lana has personally touched my life and improved it tremendously and continue to do so by his wisdom and teaching. His knowledge is amazing but watching them apply time after time and keeping themselves accountable to continue learning and applying is inspiring thousands to improve their own lives. His talks prepares us for what curve ball we cant see yet through the matrix and when its thrown our way we identify it and resolve way faster. They are true leaders! Loved the article!

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