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Margaret Thatcher – Freedom & Inequality

Posted by Orrin Woodward on July 8, 2009

I have watched this video several times and am impressed by how quickly Margaret Thatcher (former Prime Minister of England) responded to the criticism of a socialist member of parliament.  Freedom, by its definition will lead to inequality of results because people are not all equally gifted/willing to work.  If you allow freedom of action, some will struggle, others will survive, and some will thrive.  The key is that in a free enterprise system, the thrivers lift the tide for all the boats on the water.  No one can deny that Henry Ford made cars more affordable for all Americans, not just the wealthy.  Michael Dell made computers affordable for all Americans not just a select few.  Bill Gates made working a computer easier for all Americans not just a chosen few.  When you stop the front of the train, you naturally stop the caboose as well.  Mrs. Thatcher’s answer to the gap in incomes is a classic and irrefutable.  If the poorest in a country averaged 25k per year and the wealthiest 50k – the gap is 25k between the wealthiest and poorest.  If free enterprise boost the top to 200k and the bottom to 50k in the same value dollars, all have benefited.  The poorest families have doubled their incomes and the top producers have quadrupled their incomes.  Who would argue that this is bad for society?  Everyone is living better and enjoying the fruit of their efforts.  The socialist would decry that the gap has now advanced to 200k-50k = 150k.  The gap may have widened, but the benefits of the rising tide have lifted all ships.  The gap should widen as people’s work ethic and talent differ across the spectrum of people.  Inequality is a given in life.  Some are tall, some are small.  Some are fast, some are slow.  Some are hard workers, others choose not to be.  If you demanded equality of results, then you would require force to slow down the front of the train.  Winston Churchill said, “Socialism is the equal sharing of misery.”  America needs to wake up to the reality and stop swallowing the lies of socialism.  Thomas Jefferson said, “America will be an Aristocracy of Achievement.”  Let freedom reign! Enjoy the video. God Bless, Orrin Woodward

One Response to “Margaret Thatcher – Freedom & Inequality”

  1. Lori Pfister said

    As always, great posting! I do love her posture, her bravery and the clarification. Thanks, Orrin.

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