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LIFE Business Compensation Plan

Posted by Orrin Woodward on November 4, 2011

Team Picture

Update: LIFE celebrated its one year anniversary and achieved record-breaking results. Click the link LIFE Leadership Results for more details.

Update 2: LIFE Leadership released CAB Program and doubles nearly all compensation plan bonuses!

The LIFE Leadership Compensation Plan is here. The launch of LIFE has expanded the opportunity for community builders to have fun, make money, and make a difference.

Imagine a compensation plan that doesn’t top out at 25%, 35% or even 45%, but rewards through volume discounts up to 50%. This isn’t even touching upon the seven depth bonuses paid out for building secure long-term businesses.

LIFE isn’t a plan to get a couple of people wealthy with everyone else trying really hard. Instead, it’s a plan where 70% of the total revenue is paid out to 95% of the people, meaning everyone who is moving LIFE Leadership materials will receive a bonus if they have at least 150 points worth of total business and have personal volume/customers. Never before has a plan shared so much with so many.

LIFE TEAM is going to reach 1 million people by rewarding everyone who does the work based upon performance. The LIFE compensation plan is a game changer and one of the key planks in helping the TEAM reach 1 million people. The rewards for building communities and hitting new brackets is second to none with all subscription dollars to points being 1:1. In other words, 100 dollars of subscription volume equals 100 points.

The LIFE business is designed to help people make money through customers, volume discounts, and depth bonuses. LIFE is happening; is yours? Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

Life Comp Plan picture

18 Responses to “LIFE Business Compensation Plan”

  1. Thanks Orrin and the Rest of the Co-Founders of LIFE!!Feeding people the Truth is what the World needs!:)God Bless Dave

  2. Clyde Keep said

    Amazing! Thank you to all of the LIFE Founders for doing what is best for the community and giving up Billions to allow others the opportunity to make millions!

  3. Jeff and Patrice Caldwell said

    What I see here, is a group of men that exemplify our Founding Fathers. This group of men are standing up to freedom. The Life Founders and the Life business is history in the making! Thank you Orrin!

  4. Johan Friesen said

    This is very exciting Orrin… This will make it much easier to promote and share with hungry-for-change folks, if they’re not hungry, this should take care of that… I’m glad to be part of this great organization. God bless

  5. Bill Lewis said

    thanks for everything that you do orrin. We appreciate it and will not let you down.


  6. The life of the Palmer family, and many others, will never be the same. You have paved the “yellow brick road!” I will never know how I could fill your canteen like you have filled mine! We love and appreciate the founders of life, and especially the Btady’s and Woodwards!

  7. Thank you LIFE founders for providing us with a chance to earn financial success, improve our personal lives, and help improve the lives of others. Your leadership is not just changing an industry but is changing Nations!

  8. Kristi J Cortezano said

    This is so exciting. We now have an avenue to truly be a force for good. Thank you for every sacrifice from you and your family. God Bless.

    Kristi Cortezano

  9. Rob Crichlow said

    This is the business we have dreamed of for years. These are exciting times indeed! Thanks Orrin for staying the course and making this a reality.


  10. Venkat Varada said

    Orrin, Every day when we are out there promoting LIFE, I have never felt this fullness of heart offering this to people. This is a dream we have been waiting for and thank God for delivering this via your capable hands. What He purposes man cannot destroy. Keep leading and we will follow. thank you. Venkat and Lynda

  11. Chris Hogervorst said

    The LIFE business is taking root in our family. The material that is being provided IS life changing. The quality of material is second to none! The books and cds have helped my wife and I just on the home front in our communication with each other. It’s incredibe. THANK YOU everyone who made this possible on the Policy Council.

    Chris Hogervorst

  12. codynewton said

    I am sending this to you as a thank you from the bottom of my heart. Personally I was not willing to do another compensation plan for the “Company” or for the top “.0001Pct” and would have respectfully stepped away. Not being a detailed person at all in many circumstances, there is one thing I have over the years become very detailed about , that is compensation plans. Anyone doing due diligence will see that this one has merit and integrity that can take community building Mainstream by spreading out the compensation to all. Your leadership is beyond your words and ideas its in your specific actions in doing the right thing. I look forward to the fruition of your dream to go to a million and will do my part God willing.

    cody newton

  13. Orrin, I’ve often stated that people will do what they are rewarded to do. Your leadership and vision has set up a pay plan that allows anyone to get rewarded for being a good student and helping others leave a better life. For so long in this country, people were rewarded for laziness and mediocrity, but you’ve set up a very rewarding way of living a life of excellence! Well done!

  14. Raylene said

    Love the LIFE compensation plan, and can’t wait to see the results of the trips, PV on association, OTCAs…there are so many things that are going to play huge roles over the next 6-12 months as well as the incredible information that so many are learning from the MFC!!!! LIFE is great!!! Best compensation plan by far.

  15. Evan Strickland said

    I am very interested in joining Life Leadership, and I love the material that I have studied thus far! My question with getting started is to whether or not I should run my part of Life Leadership through a business, or just my name. This question came to mind when thinking about deducting travel expenses, etc… with taxes. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Evan, typically people start with just a sole proprietor and then when their business hits Leader level they convert over into a corporation. Please consult with a business accountant for what is best for you specifically. 🙂 thanks, Orrin

  16. Killian said

    I am about to start LIFE and had a few short questions that I hope someone could help me clearify. I dont get the whole point system. So if I get 15000 PV then my commission bonus would be 7500? Another question about the commission is that when I become a member I will only be paid using the PV bonus commission or is there more to it. For example lets say I reach 15000 my first month then only 10000 the next month would the first month I would get 7500 and the second I would get 5000? Or does it build on top of each other?

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