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    Orrin made the Top 20 Inc. Magazine Leadership list & has co-founded two multi-million dollar leadership companies. Currently, he serves as the Chairman of the Board of the LIFE. He has a B.S. degree from GMI-EMI (now Kettering University) in manufacturing systems engineering. He holds four U.S. patents, and won an exclusive National Technical Benchmarking Award.

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Why I LOVE Team

Posted by Orrin Woodward on June 1, 2012

Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men (people). Do not pray for task equal to your powers. Pray for powers equal to your tasks. – Philip Brooks

I love the Team for many reasons, but the month of May was a huge confirmation in many ways. The LIFE Business had its best volume month since the LIFE launch, despite rolling out three huge initiatives that each required massive learning curves for the Team communities. I am impressed because the Team community made it look so easy. However, I know it wasn’t easy because what is easily done is seldom excellently done and what the Team accomplished was excellently done. It only looked easy because a great deal of leadership experience and emotional intelligence was applied by so many leaders within the community.

As the leader of the Team community and LIFE Business, I can promise everyone that the leaders will not take the easy path, but will, to the best of our abilities, take the proper path needed to grow! Changing open meetings to personal development seminars and challenge groups, along with rolling out the Mental Fitness Challenge are each, by themselves, enough change to discombobulate the best of organizations; instead, the Team responded as only leaders do, growing their numbers and volume in the midst of three major programs!  All I can say is WOW! The LIFE Business through the Team community is now prepared to march onward to one million plus people because we have transformed ourselves from a networking company into a personal development/leadership company with compensated communities, practically overnight.

People who seize change grow into winners, while people who resists change shrink into whiners. I have seen both responses in business, but I am thankful only the winners and people wanting to grow into winners stay with the Team. Consequently, the Team seized these changes and displayed by their actions, rather than words, that they are champions on their way to one million people. I, and the rest of the PC, congratulate you on a first-class example of how communities should thrive through change!


Orrin Woodward

94 Responses to “Why I LOVE Team”

  1. Mark Pruitt said

    AMEN Orrin.

  2. Adrianotroli said

    We all appreciate you Orrin, for all that you do for this community, and eventually the world!

    God bless

  3. The leadership of this team is amazing! I have been impressed with every leader that we work with because of their heart and passion for making a difference in people’s lives. These changes are giving a platform for many new leaders to step up and they are doing it in amazing fashion!
    Steve Leurquin

    • Jammie Fisher said

      I agree Steve, it has been amazing to watch the leaders study and continue to move forward and serve their teams and the greater communities that they are a part of. We are blessed.

    • Amy Nelson said

      It’s wonderful to be working with such a great group of leaders that help us change and grow! A wonderful community to be a part of!

  4. Dave Chatmon said

    You said it! It wasn’t easy but it became fun!

    Orrin, we had to more carefully understand each change and how they worked with and grew upon one another along with the existing systems. Our groups spent more time communicating then in the past and excitement continued to grow. When you add everything together, the changes, and the existing processes, everything lead each person back to a professional and profitable leadership development company!

    Numbers are up, people are excited, and more folks are asking more questions about how to join a team of people leading the way to Freedom.

    Many times it seems changes are for a reason folks just can’t understand, but the TEAM explains the “WHY” so we can benefit from the corrected direction toward a future of personal choice! Thank you for constantly using what you teach the “PDCA” process into a better future!

    • Bill Eder said

      Dave this is so spot on. So many folks fear change when it is the way to grow and improve. Thank God for courage of the leadership we all enjoy. Blessings –Bill–

  5. Jennifer Blomdahl said

    The positive impact this is having in so many people’s lives has been amazing to watch. I feel so blessed to part of this and am looking forward to the future. Thanks Orrin, Laurie and all founders of Life for leading the way. I LOVE Team too!

    • Rosemarie Lewandowski said

      I am presently listening to the Financial Pack. Oh my! What an awakening for me. Thanks so much for the information that Life has provided.

  6. Micah Kramer said

    What a fantastic journey! It is absolutely incredible to watch the community step up over the past month… Leader after leader, making changes in their lives, thinking differently, embracing change and helping each other move out of what we’re going through and on to where we’re going to!

    Orrin – Thank you for your vision, leadership and your courage. God has truly blessed all of us and His guiding hand is upon us.

    Micah Kramer

  7. Kirk Birtles said

    Orrin… Great heartfelt post! The way I now look at my life is that if I didn’t experience some form of pain that day, than it was a day of non-growth!!! Pain of a disagreement with your spouse, a tough workout, problem solving a challenging situation, disciplining yourself to read one more chapter when you feel like stopping, dealing with conflict, encouraging a friend through a tough situation, pushing through a fear, etc…. No pain, no progress! As Joyce Meyers says, ‘The only difference between knowing and doing is PAIN.’ Thank you for always being a great example of not running from pain, discomfort, or hard things, but leaning into them with tenacity, grace and a learning heart! God Bless, kb

  8. Orrin,

    Thanks for this awesome post! No pain no gain!

  9. Rob Crichlow said

    Team is an instrument for good. My entire family has benefited by being part of Team. Grow is not possible without pain. Thanks for making it possible Orrin.

  10. Sharon Hoffman said

    We embrace the changes as a TEAM because of the trust and confidence that we have in the PC leaders! The right people are on the bus to go to one million and beyond. The TEAM is in the business of developing leaders…leaders embrace change!

    Excited for the future! To one million!

    Sharon Hoffman

  11. Terry Kaiser said

    Amen. Still absorbing the changes. The Challenge group Meetings are – Oh my goodness, oh my goodness – what a thrill to watch people grow. It fills my heart with joy. These meetings are attracting more new people and bringing back those that had quit or were camping. Thankyou for an amazing growth concept.
    Terry Kaiser

  12. jesus hernandez said

    As person who graduated from high school two years ago, the vision the team has helped me obtain is unbelievable. More people in this country need to see where we are going. If we set goals at a personal level imagine setting goals as a country, goals that would help everyone in one way or another. The vision that the team has set to reach 1 million people is going to happen we just have to help everyone see the dog we are chasing. The MFC is a huge step towards that goal, and we also have to help people see that the changes made are for a purpose and to learn that life is never going to be constant and we have to learn to adapt!

  13. Alex Obiden said

    The cheese may have been moved, but we moved with it. 🙂

  14. Debbie Spolar said

    Just thrilled to be on the journey with all of you. The growth I have seen in so many people is indicative of the truth that iron sharpens iron. Thank you Orrin & Laurie for standing strong on principle and having such faith through past and future trials. We are rejoicing with you in these good times & thanking God for all His blessings.

  15. johnklewis said

    Hi Orrin, LOVE the comment about winners & whiners! Change is happening all around us and those who seize it as an opportunity to grow will never be at the mercy of change. I love the environment created by a learning community.

  16. Nick & Amanda Quinn said

    Everything rises and falls on Leadership! The growth and attitude of the Team right now is a testament to the superb quality of leadership we have! Thanks to Orrin, the PC, and all the local leaders who stepped up their game!

  17. Jason Winkler said

    Orrin, thank you so much for the changes! They are amazing and wonderful to see. We love the change for the open meetings and everyone is getting so much more out of the meeting and their learning time. Thank you and the PC for always moving us in a positive direction.

  18. Wow! is the right word. Numbers are up, Volume is up, but more importantly the hope and the conviction that we can help people ‘Live the life they always wanted to live’ is at all time high. All three initiatives are game changers. Yet all this is only favorable only to leaders who are willing to go through the PAIN of personal change as Kirk Birtles referred to in his comment. God bless you Orrin and PC. WE love you and continuing to be obedient to your God given calling despite who thinks or says what.

    –thank you

    • Matt Mielke said

      I could not agree more with you Venkat. What an honor for God to allow us to be a part of something so great and life changing. For most of my adult life I looked for men and women of your character and commitment. What a blessing to not only find one, but a whole army of them. My prayers go out to you and your community and to the TEAM as a whole. Godspeed to 1 million!


  19. Rob Robson said

    I am so grateful for all of the advancements that were implimented this month! The MFC is unbelievable and the Challenge Groups are now my favorite meetings!!

  20. Mike Bouknight said

    Thank you Orrin for your continued leadership and innovation.

  21. Bobbie Knuteson said

    The transformation has been amazing! I am so proud to be a part of the TEAM because I know that every change that is made, is for the benefit of the masses! Thank you Orrin and the rest of the PC for having the courage to always do the RIGHT thing! God bless all of you!!!!!

  22. Adam Rossman said

    Great quote!

    We love Team too!! We can’t wait to go on our free trip. We are going to pick the 7 day cruise on the Oasis of the Seas, and we are excited that we are on track to be able to go for our anniversary!!!!

    Thank you for setting up such a great business with such a fair comp plan!

  23. LaVern and Ellen Mullet said

    Orrin, Thank you for everything that you do for the team, we love the challenge groups!!! last tues your name was the first to come up as a person that chose character over reputation and how many lives that are being changed because you chose to do what was right. We are so blessed to be a part of The Team!!!

  24. Mary Hermsen said

    The leaders set the example. The TEAM loves you too!!

  25. Kyle VanDoorn said

    One thing I’ve learned is if there is no change, there is no innovation. And the Team is all about innovation.

  26. Bob Rasmussen said

    On to a million!

  27. Orrin,

    I have everybody I love part of the TEAM; our kids and our friends. I can’t think of many things in this world that are positive and can grow people in all areas of their lives. Thanks for such a great opportunity to impact lives for the good.

  28. Just had our first challenge group this week, so powerful! It was great showing the plan to the new people in the room after, because I didn’t have to exemplify how powerful this system is, they had all just witnessed it!
    Wow! Thanks Orrin!

  29. ** applause ** 🙂 To think that the LIFE biz is just 7 mos old = a mere baby in a whole new industry, taking advantage of the amazing ‘slight edge’ power of intersectional innovation! The MFC, the Challenge Groups, the success talks, and compensated communities expanding to include seminars soon. Wow. Simply fantastic! Kaizen is fired up! Many blessings to our leader Claude, the rest of the PC, and you, Orrin. “ROK” on 😉

  30. Renee Oettinger said

    I agree that this community is phenomenal at staying on course as areas in our business expand. George and Jill Guzzardo are such a blessing with their positive, let’s go attitude. Thank you to all the PC for caring enough for us that you dedicate much of your time to create the best opportunity for success.

  31. Juleen Ray said

    Thank you Orrin and all of the PC!!! I am one of those people growing into a winner. I have a long ways to go in my leadership journey and I know I am so blessed to be on this path following each and every one of you. God Speed to changing culture!!!

    Juleen Ray
    Team Portho’s Musketeers
    All for One, One for All

  32. Dawn Andermann said

    You are so right to say “People who seize change grow into winners, while people who resists change shrink into whiners.” To me it seems as if our culture teaches us not to embrace change but as I have heard on many CDs and read in many books, when failure leads to success, change is inevitable. You have to change to grow. Thanks for reminding us, Orrin!

  33. Jeff Darling said

    What a great month for LIFE and TEAM! As one who has loved and adopted change for years, it is invigorating to see so many LEADERS seize the moment, and step up to create what I believe to be the beginning of the EXPLOSION to a MILLION PEOPLE (and beyond)!! What great feedback we are getting from all the Challenge Groups and MFC Intro Meetings. Thanks Orrin for reminding us that we need to embrace change and make it a time to thrive!

  34. Steve Sager said

    What other company has this type of “life changing” information backed with a compensated communities!!! In a time where everyone else is cutting back, losing profits, refusing to adapt/change to accelerate; LIFE is just going viral in a disease ridden industrial age society, exploding to new heights every month!! Thanks Orrin & PC!!

  35. Elaine Mallios said

    I personally don’t like change. But this has been really great. It is as it should be – an educational community where everyone can achieve more. The challenge groups are well received. They are a total blast! The format changes for opens is fabulous. You can learn and see what the team is about before you get to the details. The MFC is exciting and a great product. Super vision – Orrin and PC. Wow you guys and gals are pretty smart!

  36. Tim Marks said

    Great post Orrin.

    I love what we do do for a living, Help people live the LIFE they have always wanted to live!

  37. Derek Griswold said

    AMEN!!! We feel so blessed to be surrounded with such great leaders here in Kansas. Thanks to the PC for putting this all together!

  38. i just got back from a plan, young guy whose wife is just days from giving birth, talked about his dreams, aspirations and invited him to housplan this wednesday… i have never felt so fulfilled in my life. i then gave a call of encouragement to my team. the LIFE opportunity has changed my life and i KNOW that
    I am destined for success. no matter how hard it gets, i know victory is jus that much closer! thank you orrin and the rest of the PC for being such trailblazers. God bless you all!

  39. Ken Hendon said

    The Right way has always been the team way!

  40. Denny Suggitt said

    Great post !! Love the PDCA and the new format !!!

  41. Greg Burkhardt said

    This has got to be the best thing out in the world today, helping families and changing lives. Way to go Orrin and the Team.

  42. Jim Martin said

    Thanks Orrin We love the Team also, without it I probably wouldn’t be married to Dolores and I know I wouldn’t have the relationship that I have with my kids. To a million!!

    God Bless

  43. It is amazing to think what the TEAM can handle! Most top executives probably couldn’t change on a dime like TEAM. It filters down from the top- straight from YOU! It’s incredible to be a part of this organization!

  44. Marc Mercier said

    Hey Orrin,

    Great article, love the winners/whinners line, we have certainly seen that over the past couple months. We truly apreciate what you guys have put together and look foward to changing with you!

    God Bless

  45. CJ Calvert said

    Proud to be part of the LIFE business community!

  46. Robert and Janice John said

    We have seen positive changes in our lives. We are thanking the Team as a whole for helping families connect with one another and bringing God’s principles into this. Through Him we can accomplish life’s goals in LIFE.


  47. natalie said

    This blog post reminds me of what you say in your book Resolved. “Plan-Do-Check-and Adjust” is necessary for success. Change is good. We should always embrace improvement 🙂

  48. Alaysha said

    Agreed! Thanks for everything Orrin!

  49. Anna Huber said

    Thank you and all of the PC for paving the road and leading the way.

  50. Barry Quinn said

    Stellar leadership builds stellar people. COMMUNITY. Thank you to the whole TEAM.

  51. AWESOME!!! Record growth and record volume, and all we do is HELP PEOPLE!!

    I love it!!! Great post Orrin


  52. Teresa Van Lake said

    Dear Mr. Woodward – I have not had the pleasure of meeting you face to face as yet, but I look forward to the day when I do! I think the Mental Fitness Challenge is an awesome program. This is truly a key for helping people to discover areas that need polishing and puts it right on the table (so to speak), in black and white for us. What a tool for each one of us to better ourselves while helping others and making our own businesses grow. Thanks to YOU and to the POLICY COUNSEL for brainstorming and making this business opportunity better for us and better for helping others.
    I am so glad to read such heart felt words from you. I always hear them from the stage and on the CD’s, but I can feel your sincerity in your blog as well. Thank you for having the Baseball Cards! 🙂

  53. Teresa Van Lake said

    I too am very proud to be a part of TEAM and of the LIFE business. I have NEVER been involved with a company that is always trying to make things better for those involved.
    Thank you again for making this opportunity both affordable and attainable for all!

  54. LeeAnn said

    Orrin you and the TEAM are excellence in motion….thank you for giving so much.

  55. Maribel Damphousse said

    I can’t think of any place where I can get such amazing resources for personal and leadership growth and experience change in the 8 areas of my life… thanks to the leadership and example of each one in the Policy Council, RTs and upcoming leaders for continuously calling us to grow, become the best of ourselves and always move on no matter what. Yes, I love Team! God bless!

  56. Justin Hogan said

    That is awesome. Glad to hear May was a great month. Thanks for your leadership and I am proud to be part of TEAM and the LIFE Business. God Bless.

  57. Well said, brother…well said.

  58. Orrin, I believe the TEAM community is so adaptable to change because of the high trust we have in you and the leaders. In most other endeavors (and in life) people have to sit and analyze everything before they decide to make a decision to move on and change. In this organization we know everything you do is in the best interest of the community and why wouldn’t we do what’s necessary as quickly as possible! Thank you for being a leader worth trusting!

    • Bill Eder said

      Right on Kristen. It is about trust which then alows one to have courageto move forward and make a differenc in thier life and the lives of others. Bless you.

  59. Farrah Sargent said


    You, the PC and RT leadership are what make it easy. I, as most, do not necessarily take change easily. I find however that is not the order of the day with LIFE TEAM changes. I was not sure why at first. After being around you all for awhile now I do know why. When you are following a group of leaders committed to improving their lives around resolutions begun by our forefathers and refined by the fire of life, accepting change from that group is easy. Thank you again for sharing yourselves with us =)

  60. Jeremy Weiss said

    Change is nothing to be feared understand it and use.

  61. Steve and Harlene Wiseman said

    It is definitely an exciting time for us! I look forward to an even more exciting future!

  62. Ann Murphy said

    What a wonderful community to be a part of. Thank you Orrin and PC for your servant leadership.

  63. Kim Morisett said

    BBNQ – all the way to a million!

  64. Leah Stadel said

    This community is different from anything else ever created in history, due in major part to the intentionality of the leadership to adhere to purpose and legacy. Talk about inspiring! Going to 1 Million people has never been more necessary nor more possible!
    Thank you PC, Orrin, for purifying an opportunity for us all to get our dreams.
    God bless,
    Leah Stadel

  65. Sitting on Sunday morning at Major, I looked around and felt like I was new again. I felt I had absolutly no idea what I was doing. Like I was in Alice in Wonderland and flipped upside down. Then my friend and mentor Emily sat down next to me and asked if I had everything I needed to run out of major. I told her no, I had nothing, I was confused and didn’t know what to do. She said, that’s okay, that’s why we’re here, to help. Then Dan and George hit the stage and went through what I needed to hear. That nothing’s changed. We still follow the same pattern, follow the same checkpoint race and still, Have Fun, Make Money and Make a Difference in the lives of everyone we meet. Thanks George for doing that, it tied all the loose ends I created in my head back together again.

  66. Mike Hartmann said

    Great post Orrin! LIFE is just getting started and all of the enhancements over the past 6 months prove that LIFE’s Founders are serious about aggressively taking this model to a million people. . . .

    You cannot stop an idea whose time has come and the time has come for LIFE to go mainstream!

  67. Kim Decker said

    We all know LIFE in general is not easy and shouldn’t be but with the TEAM standing behind each and everyone of us makes it all worth fighting for. I LOVE MY NEW FAMILY AND THANK YOU TO ALL THE TEAM/LIFE LEADERS FOR THAT!

  68. Kevin Knuteson said

    Thanks for your leadership Orrin! It’s refreshing to see a group of leaders that walk the walk.

  69. Brian Hutchison said

    Change only looks so easy from the outside because great leaders bulldose the path for us to follow.

  70. Johan Friesen said

    Thank you Orrin, we,re part of something that changes hearts and betters people, thats why we’re doing it. 🙂 right?

  71. Chad Surkay said


    The culture and speed of trust make this organization so different from anything else that exists. When one really experiences it, it’s almost like walking into an air conditiined home straight from the 95 degree, 110% humidity outdoors. The wall of cold almost shocks the system but after a short while it’s cool and comfortable.

    Thank you for leading this culture!

    Chad Sutkay

  72. Sheri Lucas said

    The changes to my thinking since I joined Team and Life are incredible. My life has been renewed and reenergized. Thanks to you and the PC for leading our organization. Onward to one million!

  73. Orrin, I LOVE Team also! I feel so blessed to be a part of our wonderful community 🙂 We will continue on the journey of Life and share our wonders with the world 🙂 Blessings

  74. Sruly1 said

    What a great post orrin!
    I am so proud to be part of this great business.

  75. Larry Groser said

    The only thing that is constant is change, and change is required to advance personally & professionally. I cannot count the number of times I have faced personal and professional challenges in the 8 F’s, only to hear a CD soon after that directly or indirectly addresses the challenge at hand. The PC is always blazing a new trail through the jungle of life, and more of us are strapping on our hiking gear and following! I love being part of the TEAM!

  76. Judy Bloom said

    Trust and respect are crucial in any relationship. I am so impressed with the level of integrity that you and the leaders display. We are just babies on this journey but are looking forward to learning, growing and sharing this opportunity with others. Thank-you for all you do!

  77. Sandy K. said

    Thank you Orrin and PC for your amazing Leadership!!!

  78. Bryon Burkhardt said

    I am grateful for you who walked the minefield before us and show us the path to excellence. Thank you Orrin.

  79. Trey Whitehead said

    I have been part of the TEAM community since September of 09′. In that time my life has changed in so many different ways, I was promoted to assistant manager at my job for one. The greatest of all I would say would be the amazing relationships and friendships that have been created during that time. Thank you Orrin for bringing this Team to the forefront of our country and allowing us to all have an opportunity to help change lives, and to have the life we have always wanted.

    Trey in Houston

  80. Thank you Orrin, The Only Constant is Change! Embracing change as I trust God for the wisdom of where its going, then being grateful for the path, is my goal each day. I’m really new to LIFE, but glad I have such a uplifting and supportive team to show me the way!

  81. Tim Miller said

    The Team is a product of your leadership

  82. Anthony Nieto said

    Life would of never been the same without LIFE. The Team is excellent because the people individually strive for excellence. That brings us together as a whole with a common goal. Truly a blessing from God!!

  83. Alaysha Loughrie said

    And we are proud to be following you!

  84. Absolutely! The things you stated, Orrin, are some of the major reasons why I am so proud to be involved in Team. The men and women who choose to go this route are truly exceptional. All the glory goes to God for leading me to this incredible organization!

  85. That’s what I love about this community! Those who lead hold the bar high on themselves, don’t pursue ease and comfort, yet pursue what’s right and will lead to growth! Thank you for leading the way!

  86. Margaret Mertens said

    There is something extremely enobling about daily being willing to put your feet to the fire and rise to the great tasks that are asked of us. I feel that the whole nation would benefit if the national conversation was bigger than it is currently and shifted to the nobility of being part of something greater than ourselves! Like the study at Harvard where volunteers went to the most depraved areas of South Boston and did no more than read Shakespeare once per week for 1 year. When the year was over greater than one half of the regular attendees had improved their situations and were up and out of the “projects”. Our hearts and souls seems to respond to nobility! “The heart has reasons reason knows not of” VonGoethe

  87. justin jones said

    Thanks for all you’ve done, it is a pleasure to serve when it’s for the Team. Learning, growing, leading. What Life is meant for.

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