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Chris Brady: A Month of Italy

Posted by Orrin Woodward on June 3, 2012

When Chris Brady called me last year and told me he was working on another book, that didn’t surprise me as he loves writing and has produced a series of wonderful books; however, when he sent me over a draft copy, I knew immediately this one was different. Chris, although certainly one of the top leaders in the personal development field is, in truth, difficult to fit into the typical leadership expert genre.  Indeed, because of his versatility developed through numerous experiences, innovations, and interests, Chris talents flow in so many directions – he’s artistic, witty, philosophical, humble, and the most creative person I have ever met!

Chris applies all of these qualities in writing this book. In fact, Laurie and I have toured Italy several times in my life, but we felt reading A Month of Italy was as enjoyable, if not more so, than us actually being there. How is that possible? Because Chris, through his creative writing style, gives you a seat in the Brady mini-bus as they tour the Italian countryside. In addition to the informative history and gut-splitting humor shared during the day trips around Italy, Chris will also have you pondering the finer distinctions in life, like the difference between the urgent and important, as you “experience” renewal within the context of the Brady family vacation. I laughed; I cried; I thought; but most importantly, I changed after reading this book. Below is Chris’s description of his new book.


Orrin Woodward

Italy Book pictureHave you ever felt overworked, overstressed, maxed out, and out of focus?

Have you ever needed a break from it all, and by that, I mean something more than a frenzied weekend or busy plastic vacation?

Have you ever had enough of your cell phone, emails, social networks, texts, and the like?

Have you ever felt like you were out of balance and needed some serious restoration?

Have you ever considered the fact that you could take a career break – a sabbatical – to allow you to clear your head and restore your focus?

Have you ever dreamed of traveling through the back roads of Italy and seeing the famous Tuscan countryside?

Have you ever wanted to sample Italy’s cuisine, sunsets, culture, art, architecture, and history?

Are you entertained by humorous narrative and adventure stories?

For anyone who can answer “yes” to even one of these questions, I am happy to announce that my latest book, A Month of Italy: Rediscovering the Art of Vacation, is set to debut this July. For just a little taste, here is the dust jacket inscription:

What can possibly be said about Italy that hasn’t been already? Primarily, that you can enjoy it too! Refreshingly relate-able in a genre previously populated by wealthy expats and Hollywood stars, this book chronicles an ordinary family taking an extraordinary trip, and most importantly, paves the way for you to take one of your own! With hilarious wit and fast-paced narrative, Brady thrills with honest commentary on what a “trip of a lifetime” actually feels like, and most endearingly, he succeeds in convincing you that not only should you take a similar one, but that you will!  Within a few pages you’ll be visualizing panoramic Tuscan vistas and breaking open the piggy bank, laughing as you turn the pages and dreaming of your own escape.  This story is one of going slow in order to go fast; it’s about rediscovering and brining back into favor a lost art, namely, the art of vacation, and it is, or rather should be, a story about you.

Here are some of the early reviews:

“I was intrigued from the first sentence clear through the book! It teaches so many life and leadership lessons—about family, relationships, learning, improving, and becoming better. I’ll read it again and again, and I’ll read it on the plane on every vacation I ever go on.” – Oliver DeMille, NY Times best selling author of A Thomas Jefferson Education, Freedom Shift, and 1913

“A beautiful story and pivotal idea for a book!” – Richard Bliss Brookeauthor of Mach II, The Art of Vision and Self Motivation and The Four Year Career

“With humor, Brady guides you through heart-warming history, incredible beauty, the most gracious people, and of course, the world’s most delicious food and wine! After reading his entertaining work, you will be charting your own course to Italy.”  –Sharon Lechter, Co-author of Outwitting the Devil, Three Feet From Gold and Rich Dad Poor Dad

 “Extremely engaging and delightful – a well told story!” – Chris Gross, CEO Gabriel Media Group, Inc., cofounder of Networking Times.

 “This is a book every traveler should read and bring along in order to experience the best of Italy.” – Dr. Gaetano (Guy) Sottile, President and Founder, Italy for Christ, Inc.

“Witty, funny, and at points downright hilarious, but mixed with profound truths shared in a way that makes one pause and ponder.” – Orrin Woodward: Winner of the 2011 IAB Top Leadership Award

“A spell-binding lesson in learning how to live again, with real purpose. You can’t stop turning the pages . . . .” – Art Jonak, founder MastermindEvent.com

“I have never read a book that teaches so much while being this fun at the same time.” – Tim Marks, best-selling author of “Voyage of a Viking”

“This is the best work Chris Brady has written to date. If this is a vacation handbook, it has redefined the vacation experience.” – Venkat Varada, Silicon Valley Executive

“Vacationing truly is a lost art, and Brady poignantly and beautifully illustrates why it is so vital for driven leaders. A timeless treatise on ‘sharpening the saw,’ A Month of Italy is a book I will sip and savor, ponder and reflect on time and time again. Not only are Chris’s insights powerful and refreshing, but his vivid and witty writing is simply a pleasure to read. Reading this book is a charming vacation itself, and it will inspire you to vacation deliberately, effectively, and joyfully.” – Stephen Palmer, New York Times best-selling author of “Uncommon Sense: A Common Citizen’s Guide to Rebuilding America”

“In our hectic lives we are rarely 100% present in any situation. Chris Brady shows that with proper play time, our work time is so much more effective. He has freed my spirit!” – Jason Ashley, country singer/songwriter (Texas Songwriter of the Year 2008)

“Italy is unique. Moreover, it is a country where the traveler can en- joy the most various experiences. Chris Brady’s book has the ability, astonishing even for an Italian, to convey to the reader that variety, that richness of feelings, sights, perfumes, tastes . . . and people.” – Senator Lucio Malan, Senior Secretary of the Presidency of the Italian Senate

In early July, look for it in bookstores and online stores everywhere, and of course, here. I sincerely hope you enjoy it!

Chris Brady

81 Responses to “Chris Brady: A Month of Italy”

  1. Barry Quinn said

    WOW, can hardly wait for this book. We have always dreamed of going to Italy. The shared experiences of the Brady family, it will be great.

  2. Tim Miller said

    Traveling to Italy is near the top of the Bucket List. Can’t wait to get it!

  3. Scott Staley said

    Can hardly wait to get a copy! Italy is on our ‘to do’ list, and I’m excited to get an inside glimpse.

  4. Claudia Miller said

    I love your blog, Orrin! It has changed my life in such a positive way! I cannot wait to get Chris Brady’s book. I answered ‘yes’ to all six of his questions!

  5. Skip Mason said

    Can’t wait to read it !!!

  6. LeTroy Andrews said

    Oh yes, yes, yes! Oh yes!

  7. Eva said

    So excited to get my hands on that book. Always love hearing or reading what Chris Brady has to say!!

  8. wow! so looking forward to reading this!

  9. Wade & Rhonda Hamblin said

    Can’t wait to get my copy!

  10. Jason Bruner said

    Looking forward to the new book!

  11. Jeanette Pike said

    Can’t wait to get ahold of his book!!!

  12. Ken Hendon said

    The art of success…from the right guy!

  13. james pyka said

    Orrin, great post. We are so looking forward to reading Chris’s new book and getting a hint of what is to come when we have the opportunity to go experience it for ourselves.

    God bless
    James and Claire

  14. Kaisenvision said

    We can tell all ready by all the wonderful praise for Chris Brady’s new book, that this is a read to not to be taken lightly, it’s a read that will be devoured!!!

  15. Today Jackson, my 8 year old asked me, “Mom, if you could only keep 1 cd from your business, which one would you keep?” Well, I told him that is a very difficult question to answer. But as I thought through the thousands of cds I have listened to my brain was working hard to choose just 1. (I still think that is too difficult to answer!) But, I will tell you spinning through my brain were hundreds of Chris Brady cds! And quite frankly, I choose to keep ALL of them! His books are just as good as his speaking! So glad I don’t have to choose just 1! Can’t wait to read the book : )

  16. As I sat in an restaurant in the middle of a Wednesday I overheard so many BUSY people! the question is BUSY about what? So many people could use a restoration; to stop and smell the roses. Very interesting topic! I love Brady’s writing style!! Can’t wait to read it!

  17. This is going to be a great read! I’d think it’ll be perfectly slotted for the Fun ‘F’ & Family ‘F’s 🙂
    I already know of at least one long time friend whom will be getting this book as a gift 😀

  18. Can’t wait to get it!! I hope it comes out on subscription!!


  19. Steve and Harlene Wiseman said

    I can not wait to read this book! I love Chris Brady’s humor and insights! I already have Italy on my bucket list so this will be a great way to dream and plan all at the same time!

  20. Adam Rossman said

    We are excited to see what Chris shares in this one!!

    I love the tag line, “sometimes you have to go slow to go fast.”

  21. Sue Lohr, Team Courageous said

    What a treat to get to ride along with the Brady’s through Italy! When I read something Chris has written, I can always HEAR him saying the words. This will be a fantastic book, especially for new LIFE members who can ease into the LIFE-changing teaching of a great leader! Looking forward to getting it in our subscription!

  22. Tim Marks said

    One of the best books you will ever read!!

  23. Mike Bouknight said

    I can’t wait for Chris’ book to hit the street! The appetizer was great.

  24. Sharon Ellens said

    I can’t wait to read it — July will be the perfect time to dream about our next adventure!

  25. Kevin Hamm said

    Can’t wait to read it! I am sure it will continue the quest for literary notoriety that is destined to come to the LIFE organization. May it inspire many more to not only partake, but to contribute.

  26. Maribel Damphousse said

    I love how the themes that come out of the LIFE TEAM system covers everything including the FUN part as Rediscovering the Art of Vacation. It will surely be fun to read Chris’ book and “visit” Italy with the Brady’s… so looking forward to getting a copy! God bless!

  27. natalie said

    It sounds like this book might just transform how we do and appreciate family vacations! I can’t wait to read it!

  28. james said

    WOW!! this is so exciting what future,,thank you Orrin your the best!!!!!!

  29. james said

    sure makes it easier to get up in the morning and go to work knowing I,m not gonna be stuck welding for the rest of my life,,thanks a ton!!!

  30. Absolutely expecting to have my eyes and heart opened by this book. Quite like the Tim marks book, Voyage of a Viking. Absolutely great writing! Chris is maxing!

  31. Mark Pruitt said

    I can’t wait to get my copy!

  32. Melissa Canniff said

    Cannot wait for the new book! I have always wanted to go to Italy and I am sure the book will help me to make my dream building more real. Sounds like a great new tool too! Thanks for posting.

  33. Mary Hermsen said

    Looking forward to reading this book! Sometimes I wonder how you and Chris fit so many things into your lives and still manage to do them all so well. I’m thinking this book will reveal some of those secrets.

  34. Rick Britton said

    That’s fired up! can’t wait to get my hands on this book! Its sounds so awesome! !

  35. Another masterpiece put together by Chris Brady! I can’t wait to get my hands on this book! We are blessed to have such skilled and authentic authors in the LIFE business! Thank you Chris for continuing to share your wisdom with the world.

  36. Farrah Sargent said

    I have gone many years with limiting beliefs that I was not any good at art. I also didn’t think I cared to be any good at art. Chris Brady and the LIFE TEAM through the books and CD’s have taught me that art isn’t quite what I thought it was. They have encouraged me and helped me overcome those limiting beliefs in many areas of “ART”. Vacation is an art? I am intrigued and excited to master this area of art! =) I am looking forward with great anticipation to this next book from Chris Brady to quell any misconception I have about VACATION!!!! Thanks you guys for the way you lead us to better lives with humility, love and specific intent.

  37. Sandy Miller said

    Has anyone really thought to discover the art of anything lately? And now we have a leader that will show us one of the many “arts” that he has mastered and lead us on a whole new journey. Could we be in any better a spot to change lives than with Orrin and Chris? I’m going to go with no. They are the best out there, by far and I am certainly thankful for being led by them.

  38. Jamie and I love Chris’s writing style and his ability to connect to his readers. We are looking forward to diving into this one!
    Steve Leurquin

  39. I can’t wait to read this book!! Traveling all over the world is on my “bucket list” and Italy is a place I’ve never seen and would love to go! Chris has such an amazing sense of humor mixed in with the wisdom that always brings my thoughts to the important, instead of the urgent. I have total confidence it will be an amazing book! Excited to experience Italy through the eyes of Chris Brady and his family.


  40. Denny Suggitt said

    Can’t wait to get a copy !! Teaching through humor has always been my favorite way to learn !!

  41. Holly Brown said

    So excited to read this one! Italy is THE BIG dream vacation and I have no doubt that Chris Brady’s book will only make me more excited for the future!

  42. Phil Mette said

    “don’t know what I don’t know”, lookin forward to learning about Italy and the art of vacationing. Very excited to learn

  43. Pete & Chan Sladic said

    We look forward to reading Chris’ book. Dreams are the foremost important reason to everyone’s success no matter what they want to achieve in life and we believe that reading this book will help many get their elephant charging. “Nothing happens without first a dream” is a great quote that we all need to remember!

  44. Dave Ober said

    Cant wait to read it! Thanks Dave Ober!

  45. I am looking forward to a month long trip to Italy via the “Brady Bunch”.

  46. Rob Robson said

    Wow, I can’t wait to read this! I feel so blessed to be mentored by Chris and Terri. My life has already been blessed by all of Chris’s books. He is writing the “classics” of 100 years from now!

  47. We cannot wait….We actually have a “Dream Hall” and we are going to have to add a shelf in our dream hall…so we can set this book on it! Italy here we come! Thanks for touching so many lives in so many ways! You are all just amazing individuals with such great purpose…why wouldnt anyone want to follow you and become students of your knowledge! WOW! Thanks! Roy and Brenda Hatcher

  48. Rex Beach said

    Can’t wait to get a copy of Chris’s new book!!! What an amazing leader and author!

  49. Ray Miller said

    Wow, can’t wait to read this one.I know i”ll be there and experience Italy just by reading this book!!!! Thanks Orrin and Chris for leading the way,God Bless!!!

  50. Kim Morisett said

    I can’t wait to read it! I love Chris’s writing, as it depicts his unique way of looking at the world!

  51. John Graff said

    I presume this is the book that previously had the working title “Some Beach”. Looking forward to it coming down on life so I can ‘take a trip and never leave the farm’… temporarily.

  52. Mike Hartmann said

    Can’t wait to get a hold of this book and dive right into the Italian culture! I’m looking forward to experiencing an Italian vacation through the Brady families eyes!

  53. Tony Hendricks said

    Chris Brady’s books are all so unique. Dorothy and I cherish everyone he has written and can’t wait for his newest. He is a very gifted author that draws you in with his literary style and makes you giggle while you learn life changing truths. It is not hard to refer a Brady title to a friend and feel confident they will share your enthusiasm. Thanks Orrin for creating such fertile soil that has provided a way for Chris’ brilliance to flourish.

  54. John Burns said

    My first Team CD ever was a Chris Brady CD. Although Reagan was called “The great communicator”, I think that title could also apply to Chris. I can’t wait to get that book!!!

  55. Andre DeGrace said

    Like others have said, I cannot wait to put my hands on that book! We love traveling and what a great way to have LIFE material intermixed with traveling in of the world’s top destinations. Count us in!

  56. Derek Griswold said

    I know it’s been said multiple times on here, but I am also excited to devour this new book. Anything Chris Brady touches, it’s as “Good as Gold”!

  57. Trent Crane said

    Like the rest, I’m excited to get a copy of Chris’ new book.

    I love his writing style!

  58. BREANNE Hafner said

    Can’t wait for this new book!!

  59. Maggie said

    July can’t get here fast enough can’t wait to read your book.

  60. Juleen Ray said

    looking forward to the wonderful experience of reading this new book!!!

  61. Bill Eder said

    Last year I was in Europe(Belgium)for the very first time. We enjoyed it alot. Seeing and hearing about Italy for my grandaugter
    and Chris I dream one day to travel there. Can’t wait to read and learn from Chris more details to help build more to the dream.
    Must delay the actural trip however with the book we can travel in our mind while we delay gratification of going.

    Thank you for this blog and looking forward to the read. Blessings –Bill–

  62. Shloimy said

    Hey Chris! I really cant wait to enjoy and savor every word and mental picture that I will get out from the book!!!

  63. Sheri Lucas said

    Love Chris Brady’s CD’s and love his books! Can’t wait for the release.

  64. Ellen Wallace said

    I can’t wait to read this book. Going to Italy is one of the top things on my bucket list. I love the LIFE books and CD’s and have learned so much from them.

  65. Lisa Volkmann said

    Looking forward to reading it and getting great information : )

  66. Justin Schreck said

    Can’t wait to tear in to this book!!

  67. Larry Groser said

    Looking forward to reading this!

  68. Beth Walshaw said

    Listening to Chris and Terri on CD’s sharing stories from their everyday lives is true edutainment! Looking forward to laughing while I learn reading this one on one of my favorite topics – vacationing! Thank you for the sneak peak!

  69. Mark Gibson said

    I need more eyeballs!! Can’t get enough reads! I’m like a kid in candy store! Which one’s next??

  70. I’m excited to review Brady’s perspective of Italy. I’m sure it will be a great addition to my Brady collection!

  71. Chrissy Bird said

    LOVE Orrin’s blogs! So informative and amazingly inspiring. Can’t wait to read this next book. It’s not out yet, but I think it may have to be one of the Christmas gifts everyone gets this year!!!

  72. Anthony Nieto said

    Chris is an awesome writer in that he keeps you into it by humor. Which is something everyone in the world needs, especially right now in these days.

  73. Teia Gareiss said

    I can’t wait to read this book. It will be awesome summer read. Work hard play hard!!

  74. Charles Gopez said

    This topic is very reminiscent of George Guzzardo’s talk on Leisure, not just having free time to do what one wants but also having the time to contemplate on one’s internal world and external environment. I’m eager about how this book will inspire someone to become an “Earth Shaker” (thank you Cool Hand Luke), a Rascal, a light to the world.

  75. Roy Hamilton said

    Carolyn and I were talking after reading this blog and trying to remember the last time just the two of us actually took a vacation together. The closest we could come was the trip to Hawaii and that was actually connected to business. It will be great to discover how to have a vacation for and by us. We are really looking forward to getting a couple of copies.

  76. Michele P. said

    I am looking forward to digging into this book. This is something that I need to apply to my family life. I know that I have many lessons to learn.

  77. Denny & Jeanne Fritch said

    SO looking forward to this book!

  78. Ryan Calovich said

    This is amazing and I can’t wait to read it. Anything put out by Chris Brady is worthy of reading/studying over and over again. He’s a great protege of Orrins!

  79. Andy Compton said

    Can’t wait to read this. Chris’s blog posts on the subject have been fantastic!

  80. Kay Johnson said

    Todd and I used to vacation all the time. Our life hasn’t allowed us to do so in awhile. I have to admit the green monster has come out upon occasion when I best Bradys are in Italy again. I can’t wait to read the book so ill have a guide when I’m able to take my family there.

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