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    Orrin made the Top 20 Inc. Magazine Leadership list & has co-founded two multi-million dollar leadership companies. Currently, he serves as the Chairman of the Board of the LIFE. He has a B.S. degree from GMI-EMI (now Kettering University) in manufacturing systems engineering. He holds four U.S. patents, and won an exclusive National Technical Benchmarking Award.

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LIFE Business: Keeping Score

Posted by Orrin Woodward on June 6, 2012

I flew back to Michigan on Monday to attend several days of PC meetings with the LIFE Founders and enjoyed myself immensely. First of all, because the PC is such a fun-loving group that we bounce numerous ideas off of each other, but end up laughing at the eventual humorous way someone will see the idea. It’s kind of hard to explain, but when you are a PC, you will understand what I am saying.

The good news for everyone is volume is up 42% in the last two months since we announced the trip-tracking process for FREE vacations.  Also, the Mental Fitness Challenge has been a huge success as our flagship product.  Testimonials continue to pour in on the changes people are experiencing from implementing the 13 Resolutions into their lives. In addition, the pattern is solidifying with MFC playing a part in the contacting, several MFC videos to explain the concept, then showing our standard plan. For a sign up cost of $130 dollars, people can “hold their spot” and start enjoying the benefits of team approach and power-player tracking on their way to trip tracking by the end of their second month.

I love systems and the Team business system married to the LIFE/MFC personal development system promises to launch the community onward to one million people. With the pattern/system set, now the scoreboard becomes essential. Keeping score is what separates those make things happen from those who wonder what happened. 🙂 Anyway, the scoreboard is all wrapped around power-player which is the same as ever:

1. How many customers did you acquire?
2. How many levels in depth did you go?
3. How many systems counts did you increase?
4. What is your subscription count for opens and seminars?
5. What is you end of month volume per leg?

It’s as simple as that. Increase your depth and your numbers will increase. Increase your numbers and your volume will increase, both customers and members. Increase your volume and you will be qualifying for free trips and One-Time-Cash-Awards. In other words, build communities, serve communities, and everyone wins!


Orrin Woodward

185 Responses to “LIFE Business: Keeping Score”

  1. Brandon Perry said

    Love this Orrin! It was fun bumping into George Guzzardo at Tim Hortons on Monday on his way to the PC meeting. I love that you guys continue to get together to check the scoreboard so we can continue to improve! The MFC has been a complete blast for our team. Loving all the changes we are able to track and see personally. And the Challenge Groups have been amazing so far. Looking forward to meeting you at Sister Lake July 14th!
    Thanks for all you do,
    Brandon Perry

  2. Jammie Fisher said

    It is so exciting to have a business with products that we love, that work and are so needed. I am fired up to see people grabbing on to what has always worked in community building and run it with LIFE – Wow! Can’t wait for the seminar on Saturday. Thanks for this post!

  3. Bob Rasmussen said

    “You cannot stop an idea whose time has come”. Lead us on to the first million Orrin, it is time!!! Thanks to all of the PC for their servant leadership! God Bless, Bob

  4. Great article Orrin…thanks for all you do!

    • John Graff said

      I agree Eric, fyi – I’ve been steering some teammates toward your site as well. Especially your latest blog of “scooby-snacks” for dream building. Nice job setting all that up for us to come and explore! Thank you also for your service to the teams here in southern Wi.

  5. Nicholas Nighbor said

    Orrin, It is great to be able to introduce the MFC to people we care about. The PDCA process is as simple as seeing what our numbers are from month. Those are great questions I can ask of myself each month. So excited to be in the fight and help to change the direction of our country!

  6. Joe McGuire said

    Great post. Very helpfull. Getting back basics.

    • Rosemarie Lewandowski said

      Thanks so much for your vision, Orrin. It gives me hope for the future.

  7. Troy Woods said

    Great blog for someone like me who has just started to look at the strategy side of TEAM. Practicing the K.I.S.S. principle at it finest. These five questions will be on my wall in my office as a constant reminder right along side my dream board. Thanks for the post and see you Saturday.

    • Matt Mielke said

      Great comments Troy. I agree to the K.I.S.S principle as long as you aren’t trying to lay one on me 🙂 I am excited to watch your business grow and look forward when we can drive you to the airport with your kids as you go on your trip to COsta Rica!

  8. Steve and Harlene Wiseman said

    Great blog article Orrin! It’s a great reminder that we can expect what we inspect!

  9. Orrin. Thank you for the reminder of what scoreboards (and in what level of importance) to keep track of on a regular basis. This “game” is the best that’s out there- growing ourselves, finding people who want to grow themselves and helping those who want to change the world on purpose do those two things professionally. One Million will just be the beginning 🙂

  10. Mike Hartmann said

    In spite of a lousy scoreboard, one fact remains: the story only stinks if you quit! [thanks to Marc for that quote] As long as we’re still engaged in the PDCA process, the Scoreboard will guide our steps on where we need to improve and find our future excellence. Thanks for another great article.

  11. Clayton Pykiet said

    Orrin, Thank you for all that you and the PC have done to make this the best business opportunity available.

  12. Mary Hermsen said

    Great post, Orrin. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say in Madison this Saturday!!

  13. dan white said

    Thanks for the scoreboard Orrin. Sometimes the important things seem so obvious when someone Points them out to you. Another great way to track my business.

    You dan white I am

  14. Mary Hermsen said

    …One more thing…we have a team member coming in from Pennsylvania to see you this weekend. Fired up!

  15. so important to keep score. its the only gauge i have for my business. thank you for creating such an awesome business!

  16. Tina Abernathy said

    Mr. Orrin Woodward!

    A great BIG thank you to you, Laurie and the entire PC family for all you do to make our biz and country better. I love that you all are living what you preach and are constantly PDCA’ing to make it better.

    Onward and Forward to 1 million and beyond!


  17. Adam Rossman said

    42%?!?!? Wow!!!!!

    We can’t wait to take our free trip!!

  18. FIRED UP! Couldn’t imagine a better company to be a part of! LIFE just keeps getting better and better! Thanks for all you guys do to serve the team!

    • Bill Eder said

      Right on Kristen All the leaders in this organization are out to change peoples lives and our culture.
      We all need to remember to make the main thing the main thing.

  19. Kim Decker said

    You are so very right everyone of the 95% people keep the wrong score on who did what to them and now people are realizing they need to take acount of their own first

  20. A stinky scoreboard is fabulous motivation!!!! It’s similar to rejection……the best response is TURN IT INTO ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

    • Carolyn Hamilton said

      Kristine, I always enjoy your comments. The 5 questions Orrin asked really force us to PDCA and look at our depth.I know we are making progress but it seems so slow, not anywhere near the speed we want. The answers just tell us we need more ENERGY and use them for “fabulous motivation”

    • Peggi Kern said

      I just finished week 6 of the MFC on “Keeping Score”. It’s great timing for me, because I either keep score and beat myself up for not having a better score or I quit keeping score so I won’t beat myself up. That week of focusing on keeping score has been amazing for me. I realize that keeping score is ESSENTIAL for getting better and doing exactly what you said. “TURN IT INTO ENERGY!!”

  21. Kevin Bixler said

    This truly is the best thing out there. I truly love watching young men and women change their lives forever because of this crazy business you all have created. Thank you for all you do.

  22. Pam Mitchell said

    Great post Orrin !

    I’ve never been on a true vacation and didn’t think they’d inspire me at first, but the Mental Fitness Challenge is changing my attitude and helping me understand how to discover my God given purpose and help my ant drive my elephant forward. If only they would teach half of this information in schools we’d be so much futher ahead.
    Thank you and the PC for all you do to help all of us.

    BBNQ !!

  23. Yancy Chaj said

    Thank you very much for this outline as to what we should keep the score in what we are doing so as to keep on improving. What a great nugget that we can implement to keep on moving on.

    Thank you

  24. Edie Yeaton said

    You, your family, and your extended ‘family’ are a blessing in this unsettled world. I pray i will be one of your messengers…

  25. Eben Smith said

    This is truly awesome!

  26. Maggie said

    All I can say is how can something so great not work????

  27. Dan Gilligan said

    The thing that I love about this is that it is fundamentasl. Orrin has a way of making sure that as we are getting excited about the results to not lose sight of doing the things that create and drive the results. “Never expect whet you are not willing to inspect”. Great article O!

  28. merv hochstetler said

    so thankful for the team and life . thank you orrin and pc

  29. Phillip Fielder said

    Keeping score in todays world, or actually the Fear of keeping score, and the reason why so many people do not want to keep score, quite possibly is the reason why we’re not doing so well – as individuals, groups, communities, countries. Keeping score exposes the posers because the production of the producers proves that the posers aren’t producing! Be proud of the scoreboard, whether you’re up or down, us it in your PDCA process. Celebrate your scoreboard!

  30. Juleen Ray said

    Scoreboards are necessary in every part of life; thanks for spelling this one out. Thanks to the mental fitness challenge I am learning how to put some great information I have known into action for the life I’ve always wanted – the one I was created to live.

  31. Kevin Hamm said

    Great post Orrin!

    It’s always about the numbers. Looking forward to the seminar this weekend.

  32. Tim Miller said

    Great article, thanks for all you do!

  33. So great! Inspiration of LIFE! Thanks for everything!

  34. Jared Schulman said

    What I love most about this is that through keeping score on the tangible, like volume and depth, you ultimate help through serving people and improving lives. A little bit harder to see on the scoreboard, but so, so impactful!
    Thanks for all that you do and all the lives that you change! TTD!!!

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Jared, You said it right! You cannot influence someone who you don’t associate with. That is why numbers are so important. thanks, Orrin

  35. Johan Friesen said

    Hi Orrin! This is another great post, I’ve read so many, they always motivate me to continue on this journey to a million people. Many times I wanted to quit when people & costomers quit, and I ask myself: what else can I do after they listen to the material and say: -I’m not interested-… but I have faith that I’ll find that hungry person. Plz pray for me. Thanks, God bless the Team.

  36. BACK TO THE BASICS!! Never stop looking at the scoreboard! PDCA and move on to victory!! Thanks O for a great reminder!!

  37. Great info Orrin!! Thanks for keeping everyone posted. I love the PDCA process!! On our way to 1 million!!

  38. michael parr said


    Thanks for keeping it real…keeping it simple… but most of all, keeping it fun!!!
    Thanks for all you do for us!!!


  39. Orrin,

    I wonder how many companies can post a 42% gain?

  40. Michael Kraus said

    After reading 13 Resolutions when it was first released, I began to keep score in things that count.
    It’s not easy, and I do not always like the score. Keeping score has caused me to face brutal reality and change myself, and by consistently growing the score does change?
    Thanks Orrin

  41. Orrin,
    If we just keep score & PDCA I believe we will be amazed at the results in our life!!

  42. Jerry Daidone said

    When the music is played, it’s up to you to choose whether you want to dance or not. The information that Orrin and the PC provide is very benefical, especially when put to action!

    Jerry & Fran

  43. John Mossner said

    The basics never change, just added rewards for the same amount of work! Thanks so much for leading us to this point so the new person has such a better opportunity than we did starting out. Fantastic!

  44. Dean Frey said

    Thanks for the great reminders to help us stay focused. I wanted to share a couple of nuggets we have found to be helpful when explaining the value of becoming a Life member. During the commerce part of the plan I like to refer to the example of Tony Robbins who exceeded 100 million in revenue in one year with his company several years back. In Life, if you took that same 100 million of pv revenue, 70% or 70 million of that is shared by the members of the compensated community. Who wouldn’t want to be part of a community with profits like that?(especially for less than a couple hundred bucks) Also, we have been signing a high percentage of people up on system immediately by simply asking the question, “Are you interested in just taking advantage of the great information or do you also want to make some serious money?” Almost always they respond positively to making money so I let them know we will put them on system which is the education part for learning to profit. As we know, we all want the dream not the price, so we have to help people focus on what they want(the money) so they will be willing to pay the price.
    Thanks for your leadership!

    • John Graff said

      Thanks for the nuggets! I love that – how ’bout a compensated community splitting 70 mil…. and as you know better than just about anybody on the entire team: system is where its at!
      Thanks, John

    • Bryan Bell said

      Thanks Orrin for that post and thanks Dean for those tips…its great having leaders such as you guys to model after. Also great to have a vehicle that allows us to apply the knowledge LIFE and the Team system provides. I will use this tip next week to improve my results, fired up!

    • Denny & Jeanne Fritch said

      Thanks for sharing those nuggets, Dean!

  45. S a m H o f f y said

    Orrin, u have created for America what was needed many many years ago in the MFC. It will truly change the attitudes of Americans all across the country… I probably mention your name dozens of times during the week, which I am proud to be part of a win win business…. Good luck to all the RT and PC’s….. Sam

  46. Elaine Mallios said

    Jarring me back to reality! Thanks. Seems I get busy doing all these things and forget to keep score. That is an awesome list. I will print it and keep it close as well as share it.

  47. David Fink said

    It is great to be a part of such an awesome company. Many go through the game of life seeking happiness and not realizing what they really need to find is purpose. Many choices become easier and happiness follows. Thank you!

  48. Marie-Claude Troli said

    We all tend to get really excited about new products. It’s good to see that even with this awesome, new, one-of-a-kind product, you are still focused on keeping the main thing, the main thing.

  49. Emily Hebbe said

    Orrin, this is amazing!!!! could it be possible to have all three C’s working at a perfect pace toward 1 million!!!! You did it!!!!!! Thanks for all that you do!! Emily

  50. Great post Orrin. I love how simple it actually is!! Why do we as humans complicate it?

  51. Jim Bull said

    I was recently introduced to the LIFE business and quickly became a member. Thank you Orrin and Chris for developing a business that will allow me to not only improve myself but to help the lives of others. I look forward to the day when I can listen in on the PC council and enjoy the same laughs that you all do. Thanks again.

  52. Scott Staley said

    I love the scoreboard! Good friend has always said ‘you can’t expect what you don’t inspect’! This list definitely zeroes in on things to track.

  53. Marlaena said

    Keeping score is essential. Thank you Orrin!

  54. Sam said

    Thanks for the constant doses of motivation!
    As the saying goes “America runs on Orrin!”

  55. John Graff said

    Loved your reply to Jared: “You cannot influence someone who you do not associate with”! To think – now we get paid to associate too!
    Thanks, John

  56. Laurie Tallio said

    I was honored to hear an awesome leadership talk last night in Marquette, MI from Brian Powers on keeping score in the areas of finance, relationships and time. The five items listed here are mirror stare down items for LIFE. Thank you for this article, and for developing a system that can create leaders like Brian.

  57. Steve Callarman said

    Another great post Orrin! You and the PC keep making things more and more simple, and the growth gets faster and faster. Keeping score in business and life is the only way we’ll reach a million. Godspeed to LIFE!

  58. claudia miller said

    Thank you so much for reminding us really howit all works together for good. Lead the charge!

  59. aaron lapp said

    this business is absolutely amizing:)

  60. Dave Chatmon said

    Great Stuff! I am printing this one off and handing it out as another way to get our teams reading your blog. I love the 5 steps you laid out; we can use that to build our plans to move forward and keeping score on our progress.

    Thanks for your leadership

  61. rick amdahl said

    Great post Orrin.. back to basics, confronting brutal reality. You are a godsend. Thank you
    Rick Amdahl

  62. Sam cagan said

    With leaders like Orrin Woodward ans Chris Brady there is no question that we will go to a million people.

  63. Samy T. said

    The MFC and all the CDs, Books, and videos are making it easier than ever to get me and my family and team where we need to go! Thank you for the inspiration and all the hard work you, Laurie and the rest of the PC give for us all!!

  64. Naftaly said

    I just finished your book “Resolved” I got it true the Life system, and I must say its Amazing! Unbelievable how much we need and can improve ourselves! I just signed up for the MFC, and will definitely reread chapter by chapter true the 13 week program, I already see my self improving, and now truly understand that I still have a long way to go, so I’ll keep on working, thanks tons Orrin, keep on providing us with these great stuff, we love it!

  65. Stuart Colvin said

    I continue to be amazed at how all this continues to come together, whether it is the 13 Resolutions, or the fine detail behind each Resolution, or the complimentary perspectives that come from the LIFE Founders as they talk on these Resolutions. Keeping Score is a fundamental element of the whole process. Thank you Orrin for the vision and laying out the pathway for each of us to follow, Stuart.

  66. Bryan A. Kemp said

    FIRED UP!!!! Great post and Awesome night last night in Madison Wi., you really ROCKED that place along with the Fantastic Hawkin’s & Leurquin’s!! Focused and on track, HUT 1 HUT 2…. POWER PLAYER running into Milwaukee in July!!

  67. Thanks for the information Orrin! We appreciate what you do for the team and Life!!!

  68. Leah Stadel said

    Power Player. Simple, fun, fruitful a hundred-fold.

  69. Mike Cooley said

    Thanks for reminding us where our focus needs to be. Its such a blessing to know we don’t have to be stuck with the everyday grind!

  70. Yehuda Goodman said

    Thanks so much orrin! for giving us an opportunity to grow in our lives, I so much appreciate it!!!

  71. Strickler's said

    Thanks for leading the way and always breaking it “down” to keep us on the “up!” Love and appreciate you and Lori and all the PC! Pennsylvania location loved Holger and Lindsey on Saturday. Can’t wait to see Wayne and Raylene next month!
    Team Explosion….Tic, TIc……KABOOM!

  72. Paul Bakke said

    Thanks Orrin for showing specifically how and what to track our progress in! I should seem obvious but by spelling it out like you did it really helps. I’ve just finished reading the two chapters in your Resolved book on the PDCA process and now I have a much better ideas on how to keep score with my business. Thanks again!

  73. RANDY PUCKETT said

    Thank you for the information that you supply us with to make everyday changes in our life
    and to be able to help others to change thier lives also.

  74. Amy Tankersley said

    Thanks for the awesome post! Very timely for me personally at this point in my life!! Things just keep getting better.:)

  75. Tony DeLeon said

    The MFC as a Filter.

    What a great way to see if someone is:
    1. Looking to improve themselves
    2. Willing to do some work to accomplish it
    3. Understands the thought of investing
    I am fired up to develop a team of people that are willing to take the challenge!
    Tony D

  76. Willie Seid said

    Thanks to all of the Policy Council for giving us such a powerful tool to change our culture!

  77. Leslie Barry-Dawson said

    Thank you for the refocus on the numbers – with such great products & tools to offer, it’s good to remind ourselves to remember the goals we’re going for.

  78. Lindsay Cleveland said

    In your book Resolved, you open the chapter with one of my favorite sayings. ” You either hate losing bad enough to change, or you hate change bad enough to lose”. The scoreboard is something we constantly have to remind ourselves of and my husband and I feel so grateful to be able to associate with such a team of courageous leaders. What an amazing opportunity that has been given to us all. You and the PC are incredible and how fortunate we all are to have LIFE/TEAM as the vehicle to help improve our lives, serve others and to extend hope and inspiration to all those around us. Team 10 to a Million. Thanks Orrin!!

    Lindsay Cleveland

  79. Anthony Darkangelo said

    Everyone wants to be part of a community, we just have to let them know this one exist. It is evident each day whether through sports, faith and even in corporate America. Remember those kids that got picked last when we selected teams at the school yard? Even though they got picked last they quickly let the emotion of that subside once they were picked and part of the team, part of the community. People what to part of something great and be connected with great people.

    Thanks for the post – Glad to Be Here

  80. Ray Zimmerman said

    Thanks for the system and the reminder of keeping score!

  81. Farrah Sargent said


    Thank you for bringing our minds back to the scoreboard influence circle. It is good to be reminded that with focus and PDCA we can use our score to move on! Also, for casting a vision of PC meetings that we can latch on to =)

  82. Den & Becki Duncan said

    We are brand new in the TEAM/LIFE business as of June 8 and are EX-CI-TED! Real life is all about the basics and I’m so glad to see that our new business has the same focus. We are looking forward to starting the MFC and are listening to tons of CD’s, reading, and talking to people. This is the vehicle we’ve looked for over the years; one that will allow us to help people with their life problems. A business that focuses on taking our country back one person at a time. Thank you for this opportunity. Becki
    I am usually the writer in the family, but wife has said it so well that all I can do is add a hearty AMEN!! Isn’t she great ?!? Den

  83. yehuda curland said

    thank you orrin for all you have done and continue to do. the life products have relly helped me in many areas. im SO proud to be a part of it all

  84. Josh Villalobos said

    Very well said,

  85. M. Vargas said

    Great post Orrin!! Thanks to you and the rest of the PC for being such awesome leaders!

  86. Paul Englebretson said

    The astonishing timeliness and relevance of what you and the PC implement keeps us all on our toes and helps us to grow in our LIFE. Keep it up! Thanks for all you do!

  87. Craig Maples said

    Thanks to you, Orrin, and all the PC for the Christian love you demonstrate, and from that love has spawned the LIFE opportunity which could only have been founded on God’s love in you.

  88. Nathanael N Esther Yoder said

    We love your articles n posts! Thank you for all you do in making a difference in this world, we sooo much need that Challenge on becoming better in leadership n becoming better on leading people to the truth n living with purpose n standing up for what’s right instead of convenience, Thank you! God Bless!!

  89. Courtney Stamper said

    MFC is a challenge for sure, but a GREAT challenge! Houston is liking this!

  90. Sam Rash said

    Hey O,
    I am grateful for you blog and the comments that come in for us to see. Thank you from a Braveheart member.

  91. Robert Kelly said

    Team makes it finally possible to get free and live the life I could only dream of.

  92. Ramon Palacios said

    It is so inspiring to see that numbers are up. Every time I wonder just what difference we are making and what our impact is, I hear about how many lives are being touched by these world class products. And the best part: the secret has not changed. Power Player no matter what!

  93. Maggie Bryant said

    You’re mind amazes me and I’m so excited to be on this journey with the Team & Life. We appreciate everything you and the PC have done and are doing to help create a whole new industry. The personal growth we’ve already experienced has made a huge difference in my family’s life and words can’t really express how grateful we are for these relationships.

  94. Teri Smith said

    Just want to thank-you for all that you and the PC do to help everyone have a better life. Now at least I understand some of the reasons why in life some things just didn’t make sense. With the 8 f’s and MFC gently exposing areas to balance my life, I am happier knowing that I have positive information to focus on and a way to gauge my results. You are all great! I will continue to pray for the million people goal.

  95. Paul Keister said

    So many people keep score in their lives already, usually in a negative way, why not keep score in your own life and make it count toward something great! Thanks, Orrin and the PC

  96. CC Achilefu said

    Thank you, wonderful PC for the creativity, fortitude, and guts to live your dreams. You’re giving countless others, including me, an amazing opportunity to do the same with no excuses. Love you guys, and may God continue to bless!

  97. Oliver M. Carter IV said

    The fact that LIFE has only been around for a few months and we’ve already seen such incredible additions and growth is a true testament to the PC’s commitment to excellence. To have a 42% increase over such a short time period is astounding; most people would be thrilled if that happened in 2 years! If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the PC doesn’t strive to be like most people. I am blessed to be able to associate with y’all and look forward to the next few months! Thanks for the great post Orrin!

  98. Orrin, I can NEVER thank you enough for bringing the hope back into my life! That groaning and creaking sound you hear is me stretching and growing. Thanks for all you do. David Bates, Team Braveheart.. Freedom!!!

  99. Mark Gibson said

    Great blog! The Scorecard: You can measure what’s written. I believe that the MFC is going to change lives right where they stand! I have started a challenge group at my office with several key people and we expect it to grow! As far as the Scoreboard goes; you must know where you stand in order for PDCA to be effective. I have to know the “score” to keep me focused and moving forward aaat all times! can’t get emough of the all the blogs!

  100. Perry and Joyce brooks said

    Mfc and life are amazing concepts for us and others. Each day I’m learning something new.

  101. Sandra Terranova said

    We appreciate all you do for ALL of us!!

  102. Bryan Johnson said

    MFC is such an amazing product.. I feel the need to put it into everyones hands.. it creates such and impact on the daily thought processes. to be able to turn your mind into a snowball of successful ideals, and then let it roll down hill. as you move along the ball gradually grows and grows. and the way we’re going the hill can beendless..

    Thank You So Much and God Bless

  103. Andy Blum said

    Back to the basics! How Great! God’s people following His will, leading others to the LIFE He always wanted for them and us! Thanks, Orrin.

  104. Chuck Pyle said

    The Mental Fitness Challenge and Team! Unbelievable! I can only imagine the changes that are in store for LIFE in the future!

  105. Debra Mohr said

    Thank you for the mental fitness challenge. I have made many personal gains and look forward to more improvements.

  106. Chris Robbins said

    I’m new to Life/Team and I have say I’m so impressed with everything. I love the books I read and cds I’ve listen to. I am so honor to be a part of this noble cause. Thank you for all you leaders do to help us.

  107. Jose a zaragoza said

    We are really getting paid for becoming better people !!! Thanks big O

  108. Jason Woytek said

    Houston Team Braveheart is excited and thankfull for what you do for our leaders. Thank You

  109. Ignacio Zaragoza said

    Awesome!!! Thanks Orrin and the PC

  110. Dave Keele said

    I love it!

  111. Jacob Schwartz said

    Orrin, i just want to say THANK YOU!, this life business helped me in a lot of things, i dont even know where to start, im just getting paid to go to collage which i never had the opportunity

  112. Cheryl Davis said

    Orrin, thank you for your godly leadership. Being relatively new to TEAM-LIFE, I appreciate how you have made things clearer to me with this post. Praying for one million people to be drawn to this shining light on a hill.

  113. David James said

    Wow 42% growth!! Awesome!! Thanks for all ya’ll do!

  114. Andrew Beiler said

    Thanks so much for all you do Orrin, I feel so blessed to be a part of such an amazing team! Love all the PC an what they do for all of us, can’t wait to join yall! 🙂 I hear its a lot of fun!!

  115. Jacob west and Rachael gluch said

    We are blessed to be involved with such amazing leaders. I appreciate a business that is always improving and evolving to make it easier for the new person. This organization is more interested in the People and their success than any other organization, company , or even church Ive yet seen. We thank God for what Team Life stands for and the relentlessness of its Leaders to do what’s right regardless of what it cost them. Thank you Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady!

  116. Isabel Dean said

    Thanks Orrin and PC for all ya’ll do to help us all open up our eyes, mind and hearts! These ‘systems’: Team business system married to the ‘LIFE/MFC’ personal development system is a ‘FOR SURE MARRIAGE MADE IN HEAVEN’!!! Thanks again and God Bless ya’ll,

  117. Luis Morgan said

    The LIFE resources are truely helping me and my family to Live Intentionally For Excellence. With Willie and Kristal Seids help we are implimenting a points program for the children to ensure a Thomas Jefferson Education! It’s working out fabulously. Challenging? yes. Worth it? double yes!

  118. Anna Hoffman said

    Thanks Orrin! I love that we are challenged to keep score in LIFE! How else is progress measured? The TEAM is changing the tide so others are free to improve as well!

  119. Kylee Compton said

    I can’t wait to be at those PC meetings! We are excited about what the future holds for our family and I know Life is the way we will attain our goals and the life we have always wanted. Thank you to the PC for all your hard work!

  120. Emma Horvath said

    I cannot believe that a business like this exists where someone can prosper financially simply by doing what we are meant to do in life anyways — pursuing lives of excellence! It is no surprise that this is exploding (up 42%..wow)!! So thankful to you and the PC for providing information and a system by which an individual can not only improve their own life but then go even further and bless others.

  121. fredrick said

    I am daily in awe at all we have available: for us, our families, friends, and all the many others that will be exposed to LIFE/TEAM! Can’t wait to sit in and be apart of the PC meetings! :-)) but Fired up at the increased volume but again the clever PC, back to their old tricks in finding anAlways Easier, Faster way for us to SUCCEED! Improvement not Change! :-)) Onward!!!

  122. Michael Dolan said

    Thank you Orrin! I can’t wait to be able to sit in on those PC meetings with all of you! I am truly blessed and excited to be apart of such an amazing “life changing” opportunity with a GREAT team! I am extremely excited to move forward with my team(Life Family) and excited for what the future holds for my family and friends! 🙂 Thanks to you and the PC crew for EVERYTHING and all the hard work you do! I really look forward to meeting all of you soon!!

  123. Liz Groth said

    Thank you Orrin, Chris and the Policy Council for forging the way for those of us that have known what our calling was but had no idea how to pursue it.

  124. Samy T. said

    The MFC and all the CDs, Books, and videos are making it easier than ever to get me and my family and team where we need to go! Thank you for the inspiration and all the hard work you, Laurie and the rest of the PC give for us all!!

  125. Matt Ambrose said

    The MFC has been a great item to add to the already incredible arsenal of material the LIFE business has to offer. Orrin and the rest of the PC are an amazing group of innovators!

  126. Steve Brown said

    Thanks Orrin for Team, Life, and the MFC. How much better can it get? Better yet, how much better can we get. Thanks again to all the PC.

  127. Trevor Smith said

    Its amazing how sometimes we can make things so complicated, when truly they are very simple, especially when you look at it from a numbers point of view. Thank you Orrin for always keeping us on track with the basics.
    “Success doesn’t come from doing something uncommon, commonly well. Success comes from doing something common, uncommonly well. -Chris Brady “Rumor,Hearsay and Popular Opinion”

  128. sabrina said

    I love Orrins honesty and commitment to make this team what it is!..AWESOME!!!!!!

  129. Janet Davidson said

    Sports events are worth watching because we “keep score”. Also, there is a time limit placed on the competitions so that a winner can be declared. The first place is not determined by “the one that dies with the most toys wins”. In “Life”, winners are honored as they reach out and touch others towards eternity. Thank you for challenging our community to better the lives of others. And thank you for holding up a standard and helping us to “keep score” on ourselves.

  130. Paul Glass said

    This is awesome having the tool to help people and then seeing the change in them. We love the Team and associating with then every chance we get.

  131. Tiberius Apavaloaie said

    Thank you Orrin for sharing your wisdom. WIN – WIN (‘build communities, serve communities, and everyone wins’)I love it.

  132. kalmy & malky said

    Orrin! Words can not describe how much this information did to us in our life in finance, marrige, perenting, its continues learning jurney that never ends, we r so thankfull that this came in to our life,& showing us the way & help us “live the life we allways wanted” thank u so much. Looking forward to PC, & to have lots of fun on our LIFE ISLAND !!

  133. Garren Hill said

    Thank you Orrin for giving me an easy, practical system for changing my life and the lives of other people!! The MFC rocks!!

  134. Jorge Carrazco said

    So simple, yet so powerful! I am amazed how people can do something for so long and not keep score… By people, I mean me. This article gave me a slap of reality to the face and have NOW started keeping score officially. Thanks for all that you do for us Orrin.

  135. Jean Schnabel said

    Thanks for the great list of items to track and most of all thanks for all you do!

  136. Melissa Atchison said

    Thanks, Orrin, for keeping us focused. I’m excited for the future!

  137. Boris Pineda said

    Seeing people coming together in the MFC groups have been mind stretching even for the people who have been around awhile. People sharing things most people will never talk about. It’s true what you guys say once you get this around people, their thinking will never go back to the same dimensions ever again. Let’s get this around more people!

  138. Tina Curley said

    Hello Orrin,

    Encouragement is awesome. Thank you for the information. I am so excited about today and the future.

  139. Melinda Waltrip said

    Orrin, can’t wait until I am PC so we can all share a laugh together. See you at the top!

  140. Jim Craig said

    Thank you for all you and the PC members do to help us grow ourselves, the people we meet and our businesses. I feel truly blessed to be a part of TEAM and look forward to more accelerated growth by sharing the MFC program with everyone I come in contact with.
    To our Success!

  141. Theresa Williams said

    Serving others is what I’ve always enjoyed so thank God for your gift that you share with us that enables us to gain more wisdom so that we become more effective in our servitude.

  142. Lois Hodges said

    It is truly overwhelming to see the things that you and Chris and the PC have come up with. It makes me wonder what is the next thing coming our way. A real Business that an 18 year old and someone 75+, they just have to want it and work it.

    Thanks so much, Lois Hodges

  143. Ava Masaters said

    Thanks Orrin for another great post. Love having a list to track my progress.

  144. Mai Seid said

    Thanks for the good news!

  145. Mervin and Martha Vargas said

    Thanks Orrin, for all you and the PC do for us and for showing us what true leadership really is! We are thankful to be a part of this awesome Team! God bless you for your willingness to serve!

  146. Anna Narducci said

    Thanks so much for all the effort you and the pc put into this business and the heart that goes behind it. With the top 6 and 11 leadership experts on our side how can people not feel confident about the quality of our material? By the way, Rene Ottenger was absolutely FANTASTIC in Texas on Saturday!

  147. Mike W said

    Thanks for all the help

  148. John and Vicky Jackson said

    Thank you for creating a way to fulfill our purpose, improve our lives and be blessed!

  149. Ben & Sheila Harrison said

    We are so excited about MFC and “Trip Tracking”. Just the inspiration to get us and others moving!

    Thanks for all you do.

    Ben & Sheila Harrison

  150. Carol Jacques said

    I’m new at all this but thank you for your level of excitement!!! It helps me to remember why I’m doing this!!!
    Thank you again, Carol Jacques

  151. Josh & Laura said

    Thanks for the great post! I’m loving the MFC and how it reminds me to keep score in my life so I can improve…Thank-you for all the hard work you have put in so we can have that…

  152. Mary Miller said

    Thanks for the great post and for everything you and the rest of the PC do for us!

  153. Larry Groser said

    Great info! Thanks for your leadership!

  154. Pamela McRae said

    Hi Orrin,

    Thanks for having a servant’s heart as well as the other PC members and sharing it with us through LIFE. I have really enjoyed the new Tuesday’s format. You always challenge my thinking but I need to become focused so that we can reach a million.

  155. Janine M Bracken said

    My husband and I just picked up the MFC pack from the seminar on Sat. The PC is awesome. What great ideas coming from great men and women.

  156. Pablo said

    Thank You for being a Great Role Model 😀

    God Bless You, Orrin!

  157. Ariel said

    Can’t believe we’re already at a 42% increase in such a short time! I guess we really want to go on those trips! Absolutely amazing! It lets us know how many peoples’ lives are changing and how impacted my life has been since the launching of LIFE and the MFC! Great job PC. Y’all are the reason for this!

  158. Don & Tina Chilcoat said

    We love doing the MFC together! It has given us the chance to learn and grow together. We are also enjoying the Tuesday Challenge groups because we gain support from our team and are motivated to continue the challenge!

  159. Tom Ross said

    Thanks for the reminder – great post on remembering the importance of keeping score. Thanks to the whole PC for giving us an affordable way to share personal development with many others!

  160. Orrin,

    Thank you so much for all that you and the PC do for TEAM and LIFE. All of you are such an inspiration and awesome examples of how people should live their lives. The things that TEAM and LIFE will teach all of us such as being awesome, God fearing, loyal, caring and hard working people who will become AWESOME PARENTS, CHILDREN, AND SERVANTS do our part to make America and the world a place that GOD can look down upon all of us with a smilie and say, “Well Done.” 🙂

  161. Casey Faul said

    Thanks for the score card and i’m loving the mental fitness challenge! I get more excited every time I share it with someone!

  162. Dan Hughes said

    Thanks Orrin, p d c a is alive and well.

  163. Elam k Stoltzfus said

    Power Player to one million !!!

  164. Adam Arnold said

    Awesome information that is changing lives and making a difference!

  165. Jacob schweitzer said

    Thank You Orrin for all that you are doing for us.

  166. Anthony Nieto said

    That is some awesome growth!! We are truly blessed to have the PC leaders we have because us in the field never have to worry about what is going on at the top. The character of you guys and the innovating you guys do is truly something worth following. Thank you for the questions to keep us on track.

  167. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Orrin, thank you for the constant reminder to stay with the basics which have been proven to get RESULTS! If we don’t like the “score” on the scoreboard, we can change it by concentrating on the things that matter MOST!! PDCA…until we win!

  168. I’m on the attitude week of the MFC, and so often I forget I have the best reframer in my home, my husband. When I have questions and don’t understand events that occur to me or the our children, the team, he is right there to help me reframe, as long as I remember to ask. That has been the biggest challenge in my life, to humble myself and ask for help to reframe situations that take place. I feel so much better when I get a clearer understanding of my thoughts. Thanks PC for the MFC, it is changing our life

  169. Jerry Harteis said

    Great concise blog. Life/MFC are really making a difference. The peoples are better because you came. THNX

  170. Tammy Broderick said

    This is a great blog. It tells us how well we are doing and it also reminds us to pay attention to the SCORE BOARD. This blog also explains just what “scores” we should be paying attention to. Thank You Orrin!

  171. Teia Gareiss said

    Win-Win is the only way to live. We have the most amazing product out there- YOU. Let’s go power player and make a difference!!

  172. Lipa Salamon said

    Hi Orrin! i can just try to write my feeling but i cant even if i want to. I’m so proud to be on the system even tough i don’t do the work enough, but i do hope that the Cd’s and books will motivate me! however I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT I DIDN’T KNOW! at least now i think i know a bit of it! anyway I’m proud to be on your team!

  173. Orrin is such an inspiration! Such truth. It really is a numbers game and if we don’t keep score how will we know where we are at in our journey to success? Keeping score lays out the facts in black and white and knowing that will get us closer to our goal which will get us to acheive a higher level, which will take us closer to the life we’ve always wanted!

  174. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Thank you Orrin for constantly reminding us about “keeping score” of the IMPORTANT things! I experienced an eye-opening insight about myself after taking the self-assessment for the Mental Fitness Challenge. What I thought was a strength was actually an area in which I needed to GROW! That caused me to take a long hard look at myself and not be self-deceived! With an ACCURATE scoreboard, we can all get a better understanding of where we are in LIFE! Thank you for providing these INCREDIBLE products and services!!

  175. Ryan Calovich said

    Thanks for the update Orrin and your and Laurie’s continued efforts and passion to effect culture in a positive way!

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