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Tony Cannuli of MLMIA Interview

Posted by Orrin Woodward on June 21, 2012

About a month ago, I did an enjoyable radio interview with Tom Chenault. One of the listeners was Tony Cannuli, a board member of the MLMIA. The MLMIA is the not-for-profit, worldwide, professional trade association, started in 1985 by industry professionals, for Network Marketing/Direct Sales/Multi-Level Marketing Companies, focused on making a difference in our great profession.

Tony reached out to me and over the last month we have had some great conversations on leadership, network marketing, and the future of free-enterprise. Tony has an impressive track-record in network marketing, having cut his teeth in the Yager training system and then branching out to build large communities in several companies. In other words, when talking about the value of leadership, he gets it! When Tony asked me to do an hour long interview on the subject of leadership, I gladly accepted.

In my opinion, Network Marketing is the greatest field for leadership development remaining in the West. Why? Because you cannot fake a following in Network Marketing. A person can hype about how great he is, but when he does a meeting, how many people show up is the true measurement of his leadership. Tony and I got into a great discussion on all of these subjects and more. Here is the link to the interview. I hope you enjoy listening and learning as much as I enjoyed talking and teaching.


Orrin Woodward


51 Responses to “Tony Cannuli of MLMIA Interview”

  1. James Pyka said


    Thanks for sharing, it’s always enjoyable to hear such positive updates.

    James Pyka

  2. Jason Dames said

    Thank you for all you do!!! I look forward to reading the interview. You are truely an example of the leaders we so desperately need.

  3. Listening to the program right now. This is amazing stuff. Thanks Orrin.

  4. Geneva said

    I’ve learned more about leadership, relationships, economics, faith,etc., from being in this business than I ever did in college, bible college, or working in any career path. Thank you for exemplifying leadership to the nations.

  5. Dave Chatmon - Team Freedom Builders said


    Just listened to the entire audio interview and what a great message to everyone outside the team to help them in their personal journeys. But what’s really awesome for us that are working with you is….we get to work with you!

    4 years ago I was had nothing to do with Team or you, but with the path lead out by our father above I was able to listen to you talk for the first time and there was something in your voice and in your posture that said this is the guy to learn from and follow! Before that I never followed anyone and didn’t even know what following meant.

    I am so proud to be associated with TEAM/LIFE and the PC leaders that you have mentored so well. I have faced some strong goliaths lately but the message of courage and strength that you lead with by example makes us all so much stronger!

    Thank you again for all you do for us, there is no turning back to being comfortable, now it’s a mission!

    God Bless
    Dave Chatmon

    • Carolyn Serpe/Chris Serpe - TEAM Freedom Builders said


      I agree with the fact that the best part is that we get to work directly within Orrin and the other members of the PC. Prior to 2008, I had very little direction in my life. Then, I met my wife (your daughter) and by an act of blind faith, I agreed to sign up for this “silly business” you were apart of. I was looking for something, but little did I know that I was going to find what has turned into one of my greatest passions.

      Thank you Orrin and all the others that are apart of of TEAM/LIFE for standing up for truth. This organization is going to change the society as we know it, and I want to go to my grave knowing I did what I am capable of doing for future generations.

      God Bless,
      Chris Serpe

      • Dave Chatmon - Team Freedom Builders said

        Chris and Carolyn,

        There have been a lot of changes in your lives in the last year for sure and knowing what the TEAM/LIFE has taught you, you now have to act with courage for your new family and I have seen that every day from you!

        Sure glad you both are on the Team!


  6. Great Conference call Orrin! I’m glad you made it available to us!

  7. Amy Clark said

    That call truly shows your servant heart. You have learned and now just want to share to help others. You are completely on that path to hear, “Well done my good and faithful servant!”

  8. Matt Mielke said

    Just listened to it! The new industry, compensated communities, is going to be the model for on-going learning in the future.

  9. jimmy varghese said

    network marketing has been the financial vechicle iv e been searching for!

  10. Wes Smith said

    This is amazing stuff. I can see this industry coming out of the weeds and LIFE is going to do it! Thanks for all you do and for leading with character and courage.

  11. Peggi Kern said

    Orrin, I just finished listening to the entire interview and feel as if I’ve gotten the type of information top business professionals pay hundreds of dollars to hear! I got so many great nuggets. “Followers need help. Leaders need example.” I agree totally with the interviewer that you will be remembered one hundred years from now as one of the greatest influences in our culture! I’m super proud to be associated with TEAM!

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Peggi, that statement by Tony caught me off guard. Tony was part of the best of Yager’s Leadership Training and also part of The People’s Network (A personal development program that had all the best speakers and leaders teaching), so when he makes a statement like that, I immediately thanked God for the opportunities He has given me to be a leader for a time such as this. God Bless, Orrin

      • Peggi Kern said

        Truly, Orrin, that’s what makes you so unique and is also a key component to your leadership influence. You do what you do because it’s who you are. You are open to God’s direction and for the opportunities He provides for you. You are using all that you’ve learned to change the direction of our society and teach others to do the same.

  12. Deanna said

    I have to agree with Geneva. So true, thanks for leading the way, Orrin!!

  13. Awesome Orrin! Thanks for sharing this interview with us & always serving!

  14. Rob Crichlow said

    Very cool. Thanks for staying at the front of leadership in our industry!

  15. Bill Eder said

    Orrin: Thanks for this blog it’s one of the best. Both the video and the interview were very inspiring. We are so blessed to have great leadership in this organization. I’m pround to be apart it.

  16. Becky Oliver said

    This is an awesome interview. Thanks so much for your leadership. It means a lot to me to be a part of Team.

  17. Thanks Orrin…great interview…fired up!

    • Patrick Pflederer said


      Teresa and I are so Thankful for this industry and the great leaders like you and Orrin to partner with.

    • Jason Winkler said

      Eric, can’t agree with you more – awesome stuff!!!

    • Nic Manogue said


      Thank you for being men integrity and character. I feel so blessed to be learning from such fantastic leaders. God Bless!

    • Brad Belanger said


      You are right this is a great interview!! Every day more info is being introduced and it just keeps getting better and better. It is awesome to be lead by such great leaders!

    • Tim Samuels said

      Eric, I agree with Orrin 100% “In my opinion, Network Marketing is the greatest field for leadership development remaining in the West.” I have seen so many examples of ordinary people getting extraordinary results.

      Awesome interview


  18. Great interview Orrin. Principles never change.

  19. Bill Newton said

    You are sharing your perspectives, and in sites with who most would consider competitors. You are driven by a high calling, and it is noticed.
    Bill Newton

  20. Tim Marks said

    Orrin, great interview. Thanks for giving!


  21. fredrick said

    Thats right! The Truth can’t be hidden and the Leadership shows! AWESOME!!!

  22. Awesome!! You can’t fake it!!!

  23. Great Job Orrin!!! Always love hearing your story and love how impressed the interviewer is with you.

  24. Mark Pruitt said

    What a remarkable way to create wealth. Being compensated in proportion to the positive impact and level of service provided to our neighbors is incredible! To be involved with the greatest leaders in the profession is Providence.
    Mark Pruitt
    Team Braveheart

  25. Nichole Bouchard said

    Thank you Orrin! I am continually impressed with your heart to give. Your kindness is what I believe makes you the most attractive. When I brag on you, my favorite brag is your willingness to share the “secrets” you have learned. When I invite people to come hear you, I say, “I can’t think of another Millionaire in the whole world who is as easily accessible and willing to mentor people to achieve the success they desire as this gentleman.” Your heart seems to testify that you freely give because you have freely received. I desire to do the same. We pray for you often. Blessings, Nichole

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Nichole, Your prayers and kindness are much appreciated. Keep learning and leading! Very impressed. God Bless, Orrin

  26. Orrin this is a great interview. I would encourage everyone to listen to it. So many good lessons!!!!

  27. David Burch said

    wow – thats was great it is always great to hear you apply “good” and correct thinking – Thanks Orrin !

  28. Jeanne Fritch said

    Great! Thanks for sharing that interview!

  29. marieclaude troli said

    Thanks for participating in things like that. You are continually working towards making things better for individual business owners.

  30. Keith Sieracki said

    Thanks for being to transparent in your knowledge! The ability to to display both confidence and vulnerability is truly a skill that all the greatest leaders posess! Awesome stuff!

  31. Jenny Salter said

    Great interview!!!! Just by being part of the LIFE business I feel like I’m on the inner circle of networking!!! Your interviewer sounded like a kid in a candy store interviewing you:) (As we all would!) But it was a great feeling to know that we’re in the same pool together and I’m not on the outside just hoping you’ll splash some nuggets my way! LIFE and Team is where it’s at!!!!!!!! Thank you Orrin for all the sacrifices you & Laurie made to have the LIFE business today!!!!! Thank you to all the founders of LIFE!!!!!

  32. Kris White said

    Thanks for continuing to lead the way Orrin.

  33. yancy said

    That is great great job Orrin it is so true you can’t fake leadership in this industry.Thank you very much for all your teacvhing.

    thank you

  34. Kim Decker said

    It was a very good interview. I wish it could be on every radio station to wake up the world. Keep up the good work as you have all of us backing you up.

  35. James Lakins said

    How true that is. When you fill a room with 1000’s of people, others will follow. Just like I did when I seen my first talk . Thanks Orrin.

  36. Orrin, after reading all of the comments here I am so happy to see so many people got such tremendous value from your interview! Prayers are powerfull!:) I have been extremely blessed over the last couple decades to be directly impacted by many great leaders, Jim Rohn, Og Mandino, Les Browne, Paul J Meyer, Jeff Olson and many,many more. I Recognize and am humbled to see you are an amazing steward to the gifts God has bestowed on you! By the way I LOVE the Team Builder Textbook you and Chris wrote! (thanks for sending it:) I have not seen anything better written on Community building! Amazing resource to help guide the Life family toward your Vision to reach a million people and beyond! The Life community as well as the world is truly blessed to have you…Lead On my Friend:)
    Tony Cannuli VP MLMIA Distributor Board

  37. Miriam said

    What an awesome opportunity to spread what a true leader is! Thanks for putting in this time Orrin!

  38. Man that was awesome. Just a great reminder on how much hard work and passion can change ones life.

  39. Paul & Lisa Elliott said

    yes, Network Marketing really is the best program for leadership development.

  40. Jeff Manring said

    Tremendous interview, Orrin! With so many pearls of wisdom, it’s like a “Best of Orrin” CD pack in one short segment. Great stuff!!

  41. Steve Casey said

    Awesome! Great to see Orrin sought ought again as the leader in this industry.

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