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Leaders Build Other Leaders

Posted by Orrin Woodward on August 23, 2012

You can tell the size of the leader by the size of the leaders he has around him. Good leaders have good followers, but great leaders have great leaders around them. When the right people are on the bus, as Jim Collins would say, then it’s just a matter of determining which direction the leadership team desires to go. Indeed, what is so great, yet at the same time challenging, in today’s economy is that technology keeps changing the rules of the game. Nonetheless, the best leadership team will adjust the quickest and win in today’s marketplace. Here is a video on leadership that I did at a recent LIFE Open.

Who do you have on your team? Are you developing leaders or followers? May the best team win.


Orrin Woodward

39 Responses to “Leaders Build Other Leaders”

  1. Sharon Marlow said

    We are in such a great organization that allows the next person to climb the ladder of success along side of another. Our leaders only want the best for us, and continually encourage us in the areas we are weak. I’ve always “played by the rules” but my mind is slowly learning to change my game plan. The Mental Fitness Challenge is helping me along that journey along side of our leaders that keep challenging me. Thanks Orrin, this business has made me change the way I look at life.

    • Elizabeth said

      I am fortunate enough to see the changes taking place in you Sharon. You are inspiring!! Keep it up.

  2. Rob Robson said

    Thanks for the insight Orrin! I remember the first time I had the opportunity to sit down with you for a mentoring session. I detailed some of the issues I was having on my different teams and I was surprised to see how similar the issues were. You said “So Rob, what you’re saying is, everywhere you go, there you are.” It wasn’t exciting to hear it at the time but the lesson stuck. My team is a reflection of who I am. There issues are amplifications of my issues. Although passing the buck would have given me some temporary relief, knowing that I can change my team by just changing me has been incredibly empowering. Thanks for your leadership!!!

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Rob, That one made me laugh. 🙂 I was just talking to Marc Militello and he said, “I know I am going to get it when you say, ‘So Marc, what you’re saying is …'” It’s funny how you don’t even realize what you are doing but the people you sit down with remember and grow from it. It’s time to reach 1 million in the seats! YOU are on your way Rob! thanks, Orrin

  3. Paul Bragenzer said

    What a great, clarifying post! This point has got to be one of the biggest truths in community building. Thanks for sharing and serving!

  4. Monique Hoffer said

    We’re on a great Team. My husband and I work with the most amazing up line. From Randy Finni, Wayne and Rayleene MacNamara, all the way up to Claude and Lana Hamilton.
    I have the most amazing time learning from all of these people.
    I/We know that we will have a great big ol’messy team, when we are ready to lead them 🙂
    Right now, we are working on getting as many of the people in Our small town of Aylmer out to see you on Sept 8….. I am so Fired up that you and Lorrie are coming all the way here to share with us.
    I’m sure that you will knock our socks off with some of the gems of information you will leave behind for us.

  5. Tim Marks said


    Love this video! We all should strive to develop a community of leaders, if I don’t have that, chances are they learned their habits from me. Real eye opener



  6. Christine Fleury said

    “Who do you have on your team? Are you developing leaders or followers?”
    oooggghhh…great reminder. Thanks Orrin for the continual great posts!

  7. jimmy varghese said

    the LIFE team is the only reproducible franchise that can develop leaders. had a convo with new guy today and he was praising another leadership guru and i pointed out that we have 2 in the top 15!! its all about credibility, duplication and the LIFE has the cookie!

  8. Awesome Orrin! Leadership is the toughest profession but the most rewarding. Thanks for the reminder that I have A LOT of work to do 🙂 The LLR book sums up this talk perfectly and that’s one of the reasons it’s one of my favorite books. It may take a lifetime but my mission in life is to become a level 5 leader and develop a huge group of other leaders who are developing leaders of their own; and I know the only way that will be possible is using the LIFE/TEAM vehicle. Thanks for raising the bar and paving the trail for us to follow.

    • Jammie Fisher said

      So well said, and I agree 100%. It will take a lifetime, but it is worthy of that. You are an amazing example Kristin – thanks for your leadership and being transparent, people can feel how genuine you are and that is reaching so many.

    • Teesa Rossman said

      I agree with Jammie. Your love for your team shines through. You are a great example to lots of ladies, including me!

    • Peggi Kern said

      Kristen, You are a great model for young women and those who build a business without a partner. Thank you for that!

    • Bill Eder said

      Kristen: So proud of you, once more you show the wisdom
      to lead and inspire us all.

    • Kurt & Joanne Brandtjen said

      Great comment Kristen, right on. You are a great leader already and I appreciate your humbleness and strong desire to constantly improve for your team. Thank you! If we are going to be leaders, the LLR book is the manual for it for sure. My chiropractor just got his first subscription and is halfway through the LLR book. He is believes there should be a course required for every college if not high school student to take based on the book. I agree!

  9. Verlin Balsiger III said


    The play is Power Player, but the leader goes 10 deep in each spot they are building to track progress. Why, if the leader goes 10 in each spot, is there a “5” for side action instead of there being 10 for side action in order to break Power Players? One thing I’m learning is that I don’t know much but am wanting that to change and sometimes doesn’t feel it happens fast enough. On to overcoming!! Thanks for all the info.

  10. Stephanie Asher said


    Great video and reminder of what leadership truly is. I’m thankful for the opportunity to grow and develop into a servant leader. Just the chance to be a leader somewhere that it matters is exciting for me. No matter how long it takes, I’m on my way. As I continue to grow and develop, this is a great reminder that the example I display is what others will follow. Thank you for equipping us with the tools to grow and an amazing system to follow. Most importantly thank you for paving the way and leading by example.

    Stephanie Asher

  11. Peggi Kern said

    Thanks Orrin! We’re definitely not the leaders we want to be, yet. However, I’m so thankful that your goal to develop a community of leaders has brought Marc and Kristine Militello into the leadership arena! The Revolution is lead by Marc and Kristine, who are so amazing at developing leaders in their organization. In due time, with constant PDCA and not skipping the “score keeping”, we will be able to model that same amazing leadership and develop leaders who develop leaders! What a concept!! We are on this journey for a life time.

    Tim and Peggi

  12. Shannon Millington said

    Can’t sleep, so what do I do? Get up and continue leadership training!

    Peggi, after reading your post, there’s no other way to say it much better! It’s great running alongside you and Tim with the Revolution. Marc and Kristine Militello are excellent examples of Level 5 leadership and we are so fortunate to have them paving our path. It is up to us to continue feeding our “elephant” and charging ahead!

    • Peggi Kern said

      3:12 a.m.?? Well that’s hunger and drive, for sure. I feel the same about you and Larry, Shannon! It’s great to look at cross-line buddies and know we’re in the same battle.

  13. Rob Crichlow said

    Becoming a leader of leaders is the key to all success … my hope is that we can all live up to that worthy goal. LIFE gives us the opportunity … now it is up to us to rise to the challenge. Thanks Orrin for continuing to be that example.

  14. Teesa Rossman said

    Thank you for another “check and adjust” moment.

  15. Kim Decker said

    This is so true as the TEAM?LIFE has taught me. I see the people who are in this select group compared to the so called leaders in my place of employment and what a difference it is. All corporations need to come see what we are all about and take a few pointers back to them and maybe this world would not be where we are today. I love what we all stand for and am following your training to become at least close to what all the leaders in this industry stand for. We will make a drastic difference and I am doing my share.

  16. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Thank you for the constant reminders…if there is no score, you aren’t in the game!

  17. Keith Sieracki said

    Look yourself in the mirror, tell yourself “I’m a leader”, grab a coach to guide you, jump on a team to support you, and most important…. Don’t Look Back!!!! Thanks for the challenge Orrin!

  18. John Hatchell said

    Bullseye once again Mr Woodward….Please do not change the Leader you are. I struggle at all I do but I AM HAVING FUN figuring it out with the Team!! You are a Rockstar..

  19. Anna Walsh said

    This article made me even more grateful for all of the wonderful leaders on our team who are showing us how to accomplish our best lives. It is a privilege to follow such awesome examples and be expected to succeed as a leader, not simply following.


    You are such a truly amazing leader. You and Elizabeth keep pointing out to me all the “mistakes” I have been making in dealing with people, but never call it that. It is just “experience” and a PDCA in learning the best way to approach situations.
    I am the leader of my Team, and the best leader is a great follower, and we should always strive to do what the Great Leader of 2000 years ago said, …14 If I then, the Lord and the Teacher, washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet… John 13:14 We are to serve our fellowman. Only when we follow the example of our servant leaders can we reach a million people.
    Orrin is absolutely right on. We have the example set by our up-line who learned from our leaders who follow the greatest leader of all times. If we set our own bar high, then our team will follow us, and they will set an example for those who follow them.
    Only by serving can we reach people to show them a way to change their lives.
    Thank you for serving, and thanks to all the Team leadership for setting the bar very high.

  21. Bill Eder said

    Thank you Orrin for yet more food for thought. It is indeed a rarity to find a group of leaders that are focused on a common goal. Let us all serve one another to obtain the life we always wanted and help others to do the same.

    Blessings always

  22. LaVern and Ellen Mullet said

    Thanks Orrin for the chance to be 1 in a million!! 🙂

  23. Derek Crawford said

    Amen! Real leaders are hard for our society to recognize because there are so many “leaders” out there today who are merely out for a walk- as John Maxwell says. Thanks for actually leading!

  24. Leah Stadel said

    Orrin, you just continue to inspire growing leaders, but beautifully inspire new ones. You make us want to be better every time we hear you. So glad I can do it multiple times a day! What a GIFT!!!!!

  25. Kevin Hamm said

    Wow! What a director call last night and a great application of this post. I am going to assume the incredible results happening out there are from the action of approximately 80% of our directors who are on fire. For the rest of us trying to convince ourselves that our circumstances justify our lack of results, that call was a grand slam home run. I loved Rob Robson’s post above with your quote “So what your saying is…” What I’m saying is, it is time to check and adjust and find a way in spite of the circumstances. There will always be circumstances, and stress is likely a far better motivator than comfort ever will be, so it is time to run before comfort ever sets in. Thanks for all you do Orrin, I entered TEAM right at the time of significant life change and God has used the culture mightily in my life. I am indebted, thank you.

    Kevin Hamm

  26. Elizabeth said

    This reminded me of some insight shared in the book The Slight Edge in that we are always moving in either a positive or negative direction. I believe it is the same with our roles as leaders. We are either influencing for positive or negative. It is a big task. I pray daily that I make good decisions that will positively influence the culture of our team and the hearts of those I come in contact with. Thank you Orrin and Laurie for setting such amazing examples.

  27. Justin Stevens said

    Awesome video, I love posting these on our private team (The Tribe) page on Facebook. Everyone loves them!!!

  28. Yancy Mejia-Chaj said

    That is awesome video clip great teaching.That is great teaching that our team will learn implement and create the culture of winning or leadership.Thank you for kepping us focused on what we need to do.

  29. Orrin, I want to thank you so much for this journey. At the July Convention in Milwaukee, I sat and looked around the audience and I saw smart people dressed in business attire that saw hope and understood the importance of what we are doing. I felt I was amongst my kind. It was a perfect weekend of teaching, celebrating and building conviction to the work ahead.

    I also wanted to share something I did this Labor Day weekend. Our family’s second home is in the highest concentration of Amish in Wisconsin. My father made great relationships with several Amish families including an Amish Bishop. My dad passed, but we continue to visit with our friends. This weekend I spoke with Bishop Miller about a book he was given, “The Book that Made America. How the Bible Formed America”. It included a speech by Benjamin Franklin, that discussed their investigation into other countries constitutions and how he came to the conclusion that the bible could guide them. As we sat around their kitchen table, Bishop Miller asked me to read the speech. It was one of those stirring moments in time that I will not forget. We finished our discussion afterwards and we gave him your book Resolved.

  30. Wildtarg said

    This is an important, if hard to accept, lesson: it teaches that the landscape of leadership is fixed in controlled contests like sports, but in the worlds of economics and intelligence/espionage, the playing field itself is continually changing, like toy soldiers trying to fight a battle on a waterbed. So in the arenas shaped by civilization, the marketplace and the world of cloak-and-dagger, effective leadership takes much more than just “guts.”

    Keep going, we’re coming…

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