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1913 and America’s Lost Freedoms

Posted by Orrin Woodward on August 31, 2012

The year of lost freedoms.

1913, Oliver DeMille’s new book, is a fascinating study of a crucial year and the changes wrought upon our government by the political leaders of that time. Indeed, it can be said that no year is as important for American freedoms as 1913. Oliver DeMille articulates, in a clear, concise, and comprehendible style, the three key changes that occurred in 1913 along with the later Supreme Court decision that solidified the governmental revolution. I believe that Oliver DeMille is one of only a handful of men and women in America today that grasp the Founding Generation’s original intentions and principles. Anyone concerned about the freedoms lost since 1913 ought to read and reread this book and share it with others!

Just as fish need water in order to survive, entrepreneurs need freedom in order to weigh choices, develop plans, and execute strategies. However, when a government destroys the liberty of the people by assuming too much power and control, the entrepreneurs are destroyed and, thus, the engine of all true economic growth. This isn’t a hypothesis or a pet belief of mine or Oliver’s, but a historical reality proven numerous times over the last several millennia. For instance, look what happened to the entrepreneurs in the Roman Empire, the British Empire, the Soviet Empire, and now, sadly, the American Empire. In truth, empires historically have sacrificed the freedoms of the masses for the power of the few.

Have you read 1913 yet? What were your thoughts on Oliver’s new book? What part can you play in educating the West on its lost freedoms? If you haven’t read it, then get over to the LIFE site and pick it up today!


Orrin Woodward

47 Responses to “1913 and America’s Lost Freedoms”

  1. John said

    Thanks Orrin! Oliver’s new book 1913 is an easy read and exhaustive analysis of the major turning point of freedom. People know that something isn’t right, they can feel it. Anyone who reads this book will appreciate the perspective it has given. The book is the truth of how big government was created; a small group of committed people who influenced the government to pursue a central power. It’s up to the people to lead the change. God bless, John R Oliva

  2. Ken Hendon said

    Most of those who teach history have “broken focus”. Oliver, with laser-like precision, focuses the light of history on the first and foremost events of the first and foremost principle of history; the freedom of mankind.

    History comes alive when we clearly see mankind’s struggle for freedom; his victories and failures, his hopes and fears. And once alive, history can show us the path to freedom and breathe the spirit of life into our efforts to create a better future.

    Thank you for bringing Oliver and his focused view of history into our lives.


  3. That book was fantastic! from my studies of Austrian economics I learned a lot about the effects of the federal reserve, but to learn about the other things Oliver talks about was an educational eye opener.

    I believe the best part we can play in educating the west is to actually open up the discussion and talk to people about what we learn. We can write about it and use the internet to spread it’s message to those that know there are problems, and are looking into why we are in this situation.

  4. Gabrielle said

    Well said. I started 1913 two days ago and I’m flying through it. I cannot seem to put it down as though it were a popular fiction novel. There is so much history but the context in which Demille delivers it keeps you wrapped up. I attended a very progressive high school that prided itself on humanities and government courses and in two days I understand more about the constitution than I learned at that school. This is a book I’ll be sharing with a lot of people!!!

  5. Rob Crichlow said

    Another great book from Oliver DeMille. It is a quick read, but clearly details the crisis we are facing today that was caused by Avery small group of people. Raising up leaders is the key! Thanks for leading Orrin.

  6. Peggi Kern said

    I appreciate Oliver DeMille’s study of freedom and be his commitment to educate his readers. The books I’ve read from him have been an education I wouldn’t have gotten, because I’ve considered it too complicated to understand. I’m beginning the journey of understanding our history and it’s relevance to our country today and am excited to read this book, too. He’s taught me that we DO have the ability to make a difference in the direction of our country and it’s not only by the way we vote, but how we lead our lives!

  7. robert wilcox said

    The turning point of Freedom! 1913 is not only a book for me but has been a study guide to understanding where we went wrong and how to solve these pressing issues! Oliver DeMille took the complex and made it simple for anybody to read and understand. Good “educators” are to inspire you to read more do more and learn more about the subject. I hesitate to use the word educator …he is such an inspiration for people across America and the World who understand Freedom … I would call him “genius” because as he said we are “glaze killers” and everybody has genius in them but he takes it to the highest level! After I finished reading about the four world shifting events I had to stop because there was soo much new information. I then started doing some research on the 16 amendment, 17th amendment, the Federal Reserve and the Butler case. That is when I realized how simple Oliver DeMille had made this book. Fantastic book from start to finish …it leaves you with a sense of … “We need to do something if we value our Freedom”. It is such an honor to be associated with like minded people who have this great vision to get our Freedom back! I believe our duty as glaze killers is to get this book in everybodies hands. If we want our freedom back as Oliver pointed out in the book… we need to do those three things …being Tribal Leaders … voracious readers and independent thinkers as well as being entrepeneurs. I see this book being shared in schools across America because our children need to understand this. I am saddened by the fact that at my age I am just now learning the true meaning of Freedom and what our Founding Fathers did for us! It is such a privilege to know that we are associated with a few modern day “Founding Fathers” as well. Thank you Orrin and the PC for leading the way and thank you Oliver DeMille for one of the best books I will ever read in my life.

    Robert wilcox

  8. Kurt & Joanne Brandtjen said

    Oliver’s new book is incredible. Very insightful and full of truths I know I never learned in my high school history classes, my college history classes or my college Political Science classes. That book should be required reading for every High School and College student and for every citizen. Thanks to you and Oliver for leading this movement to restore freedom! God Bless!

    • Bill Eder said

      Jo and Kurt: You are so right on with this comment. Very proud of the both of you. It makes me so glad you introduced me to the Life/Team association Thanks and God Bless.

  9. Doug Clarke said

    I have read 1913 as well as Oliver DeMille’s other books The Coming Aristocracy, Freedom Shift and a Thomas Jefferson Education. I will definitely pass on 1913 to my son’s 7th grade Social Studies teacher.
    I will NOT kick this can further down the road for my son and his children to deal with just because it is expedient to do so.
    If not now, when? If not us, who?

  10. JeanetteP said

    Thank you Orrin, along with Oliver, for sounding the alarm! I have not read 1913 yet, but if it’s anything like Freedom Shift, I’m sure it will be eye opening and convicting. We The People, not just our service men and women, have a part and a responsibility to ensure America’s freedom. Thank you and all the PC for all that you do. My husband and I are proud to be a part of Team/LIFE! God Bless America!!!

  11. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Orrin! I love how Oliver was not only able to clearly state the root causes, but also pinpoints the steps necessary to create the next “Freedom Shift” to protect freedom for the next generation.

    • Matt Mielke said

      We are all in to promoting a freedom shift. We will run the roads looking for the leaders that also want to do more and get better for the betterment of our family and communities.

  12. Hans Widener said

    1913 is an amazing book! Even as a history teacher, I found that I did not know much of what Oliver details in this book. It was truly enlightening! I would consider this a must read for anyone interested in history and preserving the freedoms our founders meant for us to have. I was even having a conversation just last night with my brother about this book. He, too, is interested in preserving freedom, but what I realized is that as many people as there are who are interested in preserving freedom, few are part of an organization who has a plan to reverse the current of decline. It is not enough to have an interest in freedom; if we don’t do something about and don’t become promoters, nothing will change! That’s why I love being a part of LIFE!
    God bless,
    Hans Widener

  13. Jeff Darling said

    Great Post Orrin – Thanks!
    Oliver’s book “1913” is a must read for everyone. One of those books that is an easy read, concise and to the point, I had a hard time putting it down. I have had several people ask me about the book as it is an eye catcher, a BIG “1913” across the front. We need to get this in people’s hands fast! Not only did he point out the causes, but the solutions, so now we can’t say we “didn’t know what to do about it.” FANTASTIC READ!!

  14. Tim Jarvinen said

    Fired up fired up! Thank you for that article!

  15. Rev. Ken Mangold said

    Oliver DeMille’s book, 1913, is an excellent work and an easy read. We need more people synthesizing and distilling this type of information for the masses, but we also need far more to simply read and learn and share what they learn. Oliver’s work is a great place to start. The scope of the problems we face, however, do go back further than just the Force Shift that occurred between the creation of the Federal Reserve and the Butler case before the Supreme Court. A good reading of the Federalist, the Anti-Federalists’ rebuttals, the Ratification debates and a proper understanding of the first twelve years under Washington and Adams and Madison v. Marbury, will show that almost immediately after the Freedom Shift of 1776 the next Shift was well on its way to developing. Space is too short to go into great detail but here are some high lights:

    Almost immediately after the United States became one nation under the current Constitution, Alexander Hamilton began to go back on many of the promises made in the Federalist used to win ratification of the new Constitution. He began to move toward a national bank, central control of the economy, and other acts the Anti-Federalist worried and argued against. After twelve years of Federalist control of the Presidency and the Congress, the Jeffersonian Revolution was doomed to simply begin a long slow process of slowing down the next Shift (which as we know was a Force Shift). Even though the Federalist were driven out of power by the ballot box and Alexander Hamilton lay dead after his infamous duel with Burr, the courts were packed with Federalist judges with lifetime tenures. That control remained in place for many, many years. The Supreme Courts usurpation of Judicial Review (Marbury v Madison) has led to a oligarchy of black robed intellectuals. Their decisions often have little to do with the actual Constitution and its original intent and understanding. It has more often than not had to do with personal political agendas and a strict devotion to “precedent” over and against the original intent and meaning.

    The Civil War was also not a great step toward freedom either. It became apparent to many that the Federal Government “needed” more power in times of national emergency. Some of the important powers seized by the Federal Government were never relinquished or returned to the states after the war. By the time Teddy Roosevelt and his fellow Progressives came to power at the end of the 19th Century there was a clamor to bring the government closer to the people and attempts were made to bring voting to every citizen and to “democratize” America more and more. This was the one thing our Founding Father truly despised: Democracy. The United States was intentionally set up as a Representative Republic because democracy was seen to be nothing more than mob rule. The Federal Reserve (the centralized economic manipulation which has led to the encroaching Statist economy we now see), the federal income tax (16th Amendment), universal suffrage (direct election of Federal Senators [17th Amendment]), and the Supreme Court cases of he 1930’s (redefining the General Welfare and Commerce clauses of the Constitution) were simply the finishing touches of the Force shift that was started with the birth of our nation.

    As a historian by training (but a pastor by profession) I cannot stress enough how important knowing our history is to our freedom. Ronald Reagan stressed that freedom is only but one generation away from extinction. Read Oliver’s materials, look at his source materials and bibliographies and study as many of those works as you can. The old say is true: Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it. Since the beginning of civilization the few rich and powerful have ruled mankind. Rare is the gift of self-rule in the history of the world. As Governor Christie of New Jersey said in his speech at the RNC in Florida this last week: I DO NOT WANT MY CHILDREN AND GRAND CHILDREN READING ABOUT AN AMERICAN CENTURY IN A HISTORY BOOK! I WANT THEM TO BE LIVING IT! What abut you?

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Ken, Well said and such a great summary in such a short space! I can tell you have been reading and studying! 🙂 God Bless, Orrin

      • Rev. Ken Mangold said

        Mr. Woodward,

        I have honestly learned more in the last 15 years than I did in the 10 years pursuing my degrees at the university and seminary level. My wife Lisa, whom you met a year ago (May) at George and Jill’s place in Tuscon, and I have been voracious readers for many years. We were leveraging information (passing out books like candy) long before we had ever heard of you fine men and ladies and Team/Life. It was one of the aspects of the Team/Life community that drew us to it. Given my health and the many hours over the last seven years I have laid in bed (with my beautiful and dedicated wife at my side) there have been many hours to be filled with something. Reading and studying were/are a far better alternative than staring at a wall wallowing in self-pity or rotting ones brain on the dribble that passes for entertainment these days. Self-directed education is a truly remarkable thing and it is one of the reasons we have always home-schooled. God’s richest blessing to you and the whole PC as you strive to be a solution to the problems of today and not just a complainer with no plan of action! Pax, Ken

  16. Joe McGuire said

    Absolutely!!! It was great to read Oliver DeMilles’s 1913. Have already passed out a few. It should be required reading in High School!!!

  17. Mike Bouknight said

    1913 is an amazing book. Once I started it, it was hard to put down. Oliver DeMille has a gift in being able to discuss Constitional issues in terms anyone can understand. He clearly outlines what we, as free Americans and Canadians, must do to ensure that we remain free. Freedom is precious. We must not, we can not, let it be taken away from us. Thank you Orrin for introducing the TEAM to Oliver DeMille and for your continued leadership!

  18. Terry Statz said

    Just finished reading 1913 and was amazed at what little I know versus what I should know about history and government. I don’t remember learning much of anything about government in high school and what I learned in college was an eye opener at the time, but now this is reality hitting home! This has opened up numerous discussions with others about the reality of true freedom and our future, and I’m now more interested than ever about how we can turn this around for ourselves and future generations. After watching some of the political convention speakers I now feel that I have a much better understanding of what is being proposed by candidates and what it means to our future freedoms and the future of the USA, if not the world. This should be required reading for anyone who wants to bring back and preserve our freedoms! I will be sharing this book with everyone!! Thank you so much Orrin for bringing Oliver DeMille and his books to our attention.

  19. Bill Eder said

    Thanks to men like you and Oliver people are getting information that has been lost (or taken away from the masses. Years ago when I was in high school U S history was a required course. I”m not sure but I don’t think this no longer is the case. Oliver’s books, 1913 and Freedom Shift, should be required now. These two books spell out how America has forgotten where we’ve been and how we got where we are today.Thanks for this awesome blog Orrin. From the comments so far hope is increasing. Thank God

  20. Steve Leurquin said

    I have been recommending this book and passing it out any chance i get. Great read to understand not only what the cause of our current condition but gives a way to solve it. How refreshing!
    Steve Leurquin

  21. 1913 – A very important book and written for the masses. Thank you so much Orrin and Oliver for leading the FreedomShift we are actively working to create!

  22. Orrin, Yes I have read this book along with all the others by Oliver. I love my country and spent 4 yrs in the USNavy. I am 51 yrs old and have seen so many Freedoms lost in just my lifetime. I am so thankful for being introduced to this community. Years ago I told my wife and son that I was “Going to lead the next Revolution” Just imagine my surprise when I ran into this community of Rascals called TEAM that think just like me! Since becoming involved and now reading daily from the right books and listening to good CD’s and associating with the right people such as yourself and Oliver DeMille I feel I truly have the chance to one day do just that! Thank you for all you’ve done to help this Rascal and count on me for support always, Steve Meixner

  23. Danny Older said

    Dear Orrin,
    Yes I was blessed with the opportunity to read Oliver’s book 1913 and I absolutely fell in love with it. I was so excited about the book and all that i learned from it, that i actually read it twice in the same day. The book has so much power and truth, that anyone who gets their hands on it and doesn’t get excited and passionate about doing something to preserve our freedoms….well their exciter is obviously broken. I love reading and learning now more than ever and i’m excited to be a part of what you and the PC have laid our for us. You continually inspire me everyday to be better and better and make each day all that i can be. Thank you for sharing Oliver with us and may God bless you and your family.

    Danny Older

  24. Christine Fleury said

    it’s such a weird emotion- afraid?? excited?? angry?? inspired… can’t imagine watching all these things happen around us, without knowing what was really behind it all, or having a way to fight back. thank God for TEAM/LIFE! no question that we are all here, banded together, for this time, for this purpose. Thanks to you and Laurie for your continued leadership!

  25. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    In the Fight for Freedom with such amazing people! Such great posts.
    Oliver and Orrin thank you for all the time and effort you are investing in not only our futures but our childrens children.
    Freedom Matters!

  26. Tony Matteo said

    What encourages me the most when reading this, is the solutions to fix our Nation.
    The exciting thing about what Oliver says is needed, is exactly what we are doing on the Team. In these uncertain times, we on the Team all have clarity on what we need to do with our days. And we have the confidence to stay the course and not get distracted.
    The chapters on the soluions can be sumarized in three words, ‘Join the Team’.
    The fulcrum point of 1 million people will be achieved because the last few years have galvanized a remnant the world will not forget.

  27. Steve Duba said

    Thanks Orrin,1913 was incredible.I would love to start reading it again but I’m in the middle of Jim collins “Good to Great”,
    Already Gone(ago),Behind the Arches,and the second time around with Point Man.Can’t get enough.Have a hard time believing one
    year ago I became involved in this project,turned off T V and began vorasious reading.Desire to read every day keeps growing.
    Sharing with everyone is actually easy because of the belief.Would I ever consider anything else? Not since I found my
    purpose and “O” says NO. God Bless You Steve

  28. Juleen Ray said

    I have the book and will be reading it next. Thank you for all the great information in this blog and the comments. We the People need to know this and it is wonderful to have LIFE team to share it with others.

    Joyfully, Juleen

  29. jimmy varghese said

    Orrin I love this book! so insightful and astounded that a few people were able to turn the tide in freedom in such the wrong direction! however i believe what the LIFE opportunity is doing is going to be the cure for the mediocrity disease we are experiencing and i am a firm believer that we will get this done!

  30. Kevin Hamm said

    Entrepreneurship is the key. Just the thinking involved in being an entrepreneur enhances the need for freedom. My freedom is my security. I couldn’t imagine going to sleep at night knowing that my welfare and the welfare of my family was riding completely on the decision of someone else. I would rather be 3 months behind on my mortgage (and I have been), but know that I could get up and take action the next day to solve the problem. The biggest thing that threatens us is a government that wants to shut down entrepreneurs, knowing that it is them that will fight for their liberty. I have developed a model in my S business that is helping others become entrepreneurs, but as with all S business, it is very limited to what I can do. There is very limited leverage. Thank you Orrin for providing a system that we can leverage to build large communities of entrepreneurs. This is my future and Oliver’s book 1913 has brought clarity to what needs to be done. There are many who are hanging their hopes on elections, and I will certainly cast my vote, but I have heard it said “When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when a wicked man rules, the people groan.” It is time to stop groaning and start becoming one of the increasing righteous ones. We must each become learning, growing, problem solving, freedom fighting entrepreneurs and rescue freedom from its downward spiral.

  31. Great mornin!

    I was so looking forward to reading this book ( after having read ‘Coming Aristocracy’, ‘Thomas Jefferson Education’, & lastly, ‘FreedomShift’ previously ), that I started reading it in my hotel room in Milwaukee after buying a copy 😀
    I then finished it when I returned home. Here’s my full review of it that I posted in the blogosphere:

    “It is a privilege to be able to recommend this book to everyone — reading it is absolutely crucial to being able to understand our present day, 2012, by looking back through the telephoto lens of history to where the US took a U-turn away from its foundational roots. As Mr. DeMille expounds upon with piercing logic and on point accuracy, it was merely 99 years ago; in 1913, it was three under the radar (for 95%+ of the population) events that, combined with one in 1936, have led to the America we have today. What makes this book even more relevant than the analysis looking backwards is the functionally simple advice it offers to the reader — there is a way to bring freedom back through three steps/acts that anyone can (and should) take.
    Definitely read this book before the 2012 Election. Mr. DeMille, nor I, are political party adherents — he simply is a patriot that loves freedom, and was willing to have the courage to write a prescriptive book like this for all Americans to study, learn, and apply. It also is a neat follow up to his 2010 book, FreedomShift, which I previously also gave a high recommendation to last year.”

    Blessings to you, Laurie, and your kids from Terry’s ROK of Kaizen community 🙂

  32. Jeremy Pethke said

    He brings such clarity to the subject! This information is so greatly needed to be known! So many people don’t care about our history, they just stick their heads in the sand and stay completely ignorant to the fact that we are losing freedoms and liberties that they didn’t even know that we had! God Bless you Oliver for shedding some light on some greatly needed truth!
    God Bless
    Jeremy Pethke

  33. Sharon Marlow said

    Seeing Oliver at the last convention was awesome. His 10,000 hours benefits us all, and this country needs to hear his message. Reading his book is so enlightening. 1913 should be a required text book in every school.

  34. Shawn jaeger said

    What an awesome book! Oliver really gets past the red vs blue so prevalent in today’s society and really gets to the root of many of our issues in todays society. It’s amazing how when principles are violated in a free society how they can affect not only lost freedoms but also the economy, family life, morality, and the list goes on and on. An amazing book that doesn’t give a “doom and gloom” picture of the future but focuses on action and solutions that have proven to work in the past. The bibliography itself composes such a large list of references, especially for the small size of “1913,” it could be made a booklet itself!

  35. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Orrin, thank you for introducing me to Oliver DeMille and his books! Not only does he explain the complexity of current political problems in the simplest terms, he also explains how they can be fixed! 1913 is no different. Once the people of the United States understand that foundational safeguards and checks and balances that were originally put in place by the founders have been removed, we can then start to solve the significant problems we face as a nation today. Sadly few, if any, Americans understand these safeguards and even worse, that they have been removed. No party…Democrat or Republican can shift our country back toward freedom until these check and balances are put back in place! A MUST READ!!!

  36. Mary Hermsen said

    Hi Orrin,

    I read 1913 with fascination. I feel that I can better communicate how we lost our freedoms, and give examples today of how we’re continuing to lose them at an alarming rate. As part of the Team Mission, I’ve already passed my book onto someone else to read. What I really love, is that I can use facts dating back to 1913, which takes away the partisan politics that are so prevalent today. (People really don’t know if a Dem. or Rep. was in office that year). It’s more effective to talk ideas and facts, that to back a certain party. We can encourage people to study history, instead of sling mud. Thanks for encouraging Oliver….what a great read!!

  37. Rick Monsipapa said

    I have been so inspired by 1913 that am moved to create a new policitcal party “Constitutionist Party”. A community of people that believe we should be govered by directives of the original framers of this great nation. Have started an outline on the book and have so much to put on paper that my mind is racing. Am so FIRED UP about moving this country back toward freedom I cannot tell enough people about this book and have them join this movement called FREEDOM.

  38. Rich said

    Such an important lesson in history. Americans are struggling today and few truly know why. This is a great place to start should one desire to develop an understanding of the economy and American history…
    It was freedom that allowed us to grow into the wonderful nation we are.

  39. Kim Decker said

    Even though I have not read the book but we would be blind to not see the signs in American that something is happening and it is not good thing. We are standing up one life, one person, one family and the one community at a time.

  40. Will Johanning said

    This books explains SO MUCH to me as to why America is the way it is. Did anyone else ever have so many unanswered questions growing up? Like, you wonder why “things” are the way they are in the U.S.A. 1913 addresses so many of those questions! It brings alot of clarity to know that things started rolling in a certain direction a long time ago—and it shows us that we DO have the resources to get it rolling in a positive direction!

  41. Will Johanning said

    My dad: Bob, mom: Vanessa, sister: Alicia and I are working with Eric and Miriam Schilling, Mike and Robin Schilling, Jeff and Kathy Wood and the incredibly passionate Matt and Michelle Mielke! We are RED EAGLES—First to Serve!

  42. Larry D. Ditto said

    Oliver De Mille’s book 1913 should be a mandatory read for everyone. I will be 72 next month and as I read the book tears came to my eyes because I have been observing our citizens losing (or more accurately giving away) their rights and freedom for years. I have a Ph. D. in Elementary Education and left education after 18 years because in my opinion teachers and administrators were more focused on PC and making more money than the kids learning. It kills me to realize that history, civics and geography have been taken out of most schools. How in the world are kids supposed to learn why the oler generations such as mine and before are so proud and protective of our right and freedom? It is my opinion that one factor Mr. De Mille could have included was how engrossed people have become about making money. Like Rome I believe that the obsession on money is destroying the country. I am very much against union because they take the focus off from delivering quality services, such as teaching what is important, to a focus on making more money and pulling teachers away from the kids because “their working conditions are so bad”. They also thrive on building a wall between workers and management. Of course there was a time when they played an important role in America but times and needs have changed. Team/Life is doing the country a valuable service by building leaders with a different vision of America. The concept is fantastic. I am a proud Road Warrior – Turbo Charged (not a very good one I might add, but I try)and I wish some of the leaders of Team/Life were less fired up about fast cars and big boats and more focused on freedom and protecting our rights as citizens of the greatest country in the history of the world. I am afraid that many younger members will miss that the primary benefit that Team/Life will not be it created a lot of rich people but it created informed leaders who will make decision based on what is good for the country as opposed to our representatives today who ask “what’s in it for me”. I don’t expect to ever make money from being a member because I am not a good recruiter but that isn’t why I stay. I stay because our company leaders are the only source I know of where you can hear what America should and must be. If Mr. DeMille’s books and Orrin and Chris’ book don’t get the attention they deserve from younger members those fast cars and big boats won’t be be able to move fast enough to save America from ourselves.
    Thank you for your wonderful work and I hope your leadership messages are too late. With great respect – a Road Warrior – Turbo Charged (or in my case a Model T sputtering along)

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Larry, great thoughts. I have no problem with the younger generations wanted the fast cars and boats as long as they stick around long enough to learn the value of liberty, free enterprise, and community. In fact, I don’t care what draws them in, I know, long-term, the truth and community will keep them in. God Bless, Orrin

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