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Building and Bonding Through Culture and Current

Posted by Orrin Woodward on October 12, 2012

A video that Art Jonak and I did on Conflict Resolution and dreams or drama has taken off. It has over 16,000, 17,000, 18,000, 19,000 20,000 21,000 22,000 views in just a couple of months. Why? In my opinion it captures a key ingredient of success in community building, namely, bonding a team together. So many performers can build a team; however, if they don’t also learn how to bond it together, they will never fulfill their potential. The Mental Fitness Challenge teaches on the importance of relationship in the Friendship chapter. Drama breaks friendships while dreams unite them.

Sadly, most people major on drama rather than dreams. In contrast, one of the first things a leader learns is to focus on empowering dreams to move him ahead, not disempowering drama to bury him in quicksand. Leaders address issues upfront and forthrightly with the goal to resolve misunderstandings, hurt feelings, or wrong actions. Nonetheless, even a leader cannot solve conflict if the other side is unwilling. It takes two to reciprocate the proper leadership behavior to bond a relationship.  For instance, just as it takes two to slow dance, it also takes two to resolve conflict.

People who have dreams resolve conflict quickly because they receive no joy from drama. Unfortunately, people who have no dreams love drama for they have nothing else to do with their excess time.  At twenty-six years old, Laurie and I made a personal decision to leave drama and gossip behind. It didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen. Certainly issues still come up, but our focus is on resolution and restoration where possible. Life is too short to dwell on drama and the small people who perpetually live in it. Moreover, if you spend too much time in your own or others’ self-made dramas, your dreams will be assassinated.

Are you a leader? Then serve other unconditionally. Furthermore, do all you can to build tight relationships. Following this advice has blessed our business beyond anything imaginable outside of God’s grace. A decade ago, Laurie and I set a goal to build each of our organizations to over 1,000 people attending events. Why is 1,000 people at events important? First, because if people sign up, but don’t attend, then no influence is occurring and the goal is to make a difference, not just sign them up. Second, because when an organization has 1,000 people attending events, there is at least one top leader and several others potential top leaders within the organization. Indeed, the only way to get sustainable large numbers is through a process called building and bonding.

I am pleased to report that though building and bonding, our sixth leg will surpass 1,000 people at seminars within the next couple of months. Incidentally, six legs isn’t the goal, it’s just the start. The longterm goal is 12 legs over 1,000 and then help as many other hungry leaders do the same thing on our way to millions of people’s lives changed. With our 10th leg closing in on 400 people at events, it won’t be long. Over the next year, Laurie and I will be evaluating potential leaders to mentor two more legs over one thousand people in attendance to complete our goal. We are thankful for our current leaders and numbers, but we know, with the leadership potential within our community, we can do much more. In fact, with a goal to reach millions of people, even 12 legs over 1,000 people at events is just a start.

Imagine what would happen if all community leaders redefined the definition of a big leg? Instead of calling it a leg when it reaches the top of the chart, why not start with a “built to last” mentality. If making a difference and  ongoing income is the quest, then leaders aren’t a nice add on, but an essential aspect. So many in community building jump to the “next big thing,” not understanding that without leadership, the “next big thing” will be a “last has been” within several years. In truth, everything rises and falls on leadership.

I say all this to make one major point: numbers do not grow themselves; leaders must grow them! Since one leader cannot do everything to grow thousands of people in multiple legs, he must build a culture to create and maintain leadership throughout his organization. In other words, the current builds the numbers and the culture maintains them. A leader must create the current by consistent performance and results, then he creates a culture where people learn, grow, and resolve, rather than run from conflict. This video teaches on the importance of culture. Study the video and please share what you have learned about leadership within your organization’s culture.


Orrin Woodward

16 Responses to “Building and Bonding Through Culture and Current”

  1. Maura Galliani said

    In 1) my walk with God through His Word, then 2) my association with Team LIFE, I have learned to dream and leave all the drama behind. And now, I consider myself a leader-in-training — a servant who embraces the opportunity to unconditionally help others discover how to “live the life they always wanted!” Thank you, Orrin, for you leadership and for our community. Fired up!

  2. Orrin,
    This video and blog have put a whole new light on why leaders like yourself can maintain a team. Watching teams come and go, I always had perceived in the past it was the charisma of a leader that kept them around. Looking now at some very charasmatic leaders that have lost big teams, this fills in the hole I have wondered about. Thank you for continuing to grow, change, and read extensively so we can receive this type of information. You truly are gonna change the destiny of many lives and l love being a small part of it. thank you “Current builds the numbers and the culture maintains them” great quote

  3. Kris White said

    Orrin, Thank you for sharing this video blog. Your insights and teaching to bond community groups and resolve conflict through crucial conversations will prove to be a key component to reaching our first million. Thank you for leading the charge!

  4. Peggi Kern said

    Thanks for sharing your vision, your dream and allowing me to make it mine! Dreams and not drama!

  5. Orrin and Laurie,
    You both are amazing leaders. You have created an incredible culture that has allowed you to achieve these amazing results on your way to 1 million!
    Thanks for all you do for all of us!

  6. Such a timely post Orrin! Needed to read this. Working with the Guzzardo’s has shown me how unified a leader must be with his teams to build that culture. George and Jill know how to build and bond their teams and it’s a true reflection of your’s and Laurie’s incredible leadership. Thank you for showing us the way. We have no excuse not to build legs of thousands as we have master leaders that have gone before us to follow behind on our way to a million.

  7. jimmy varghese said

    great article orrin. what i like about the life opportunity is that the relationships we make through this business are for a lifetime. thats what grows teams. thats what builds culture ad loyalty. the people in team have become my family and im so proud to be apart of such an organization. thanks to you and the PC! have a great saturday

  8. Very very insightful, Orrin. As always, thank you for being so selfless with your (way beyond!) 10,000 hours of expert wisdom in the 8 F’s and the 4 trends that form the principle centered core of this brand new industry.

    I love the building & bonding CD & reading about the ‘Fortify’ #’s in you & Laurie’s organizations is simply awe-inspiring!

    Blessings from Claude’s Kaizen community 😀

  9. Jessica Poole said

    Love this post Orrin, thank you for your dedication! I have learned a great deal of things through team/life things that I never knew i could even change. I now know to have dreams and not drama, love the LIFE opportunities and all the great things i have yet to inprove and learn. Thanks again Orrin and Laurie!!

  10. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Orrin, thank you for constantly reminding and refocusing the goal of One Million people ATTENDING functions! By God’s grace and mercy I am going to become a man worthy of working with other leaders that influence thousands and thousands of people…to one million and BEYOND! I sincerely appreciate ALL that you and Laurie and the Founders of LIFE and Policy Council of Team do to make that possible!!

  11. Orrin, just wanted to give you a heads up that I haven’t received any e mail updates when a new blog of yours is posted since Sept 27th (the interview on HBRN with Chris Brady). Just wanted to make you aware in case you didn’t know or if anyone else was experiencing this. Just wasn’t sure if it was affecting your page views or comments if multiple people weren’t receiving new post updates. Thanks for everything!

  12. So True Orrin,
    I’ve had to learn some hard lessons. Thanks to your blog and video this is going to be really helpful, thanks again for all you do Orrin!

  13. I love all your information. it is the absolute truth! Drama is very toxic and can destroy everything. I am so happy to be a member in LIFE and will always continue to be the best student I can be. Thanks for always sharing!

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