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Start Starting; Quit Quitting

Posted by Orrin Woodward on October 22, 2012

Success in life is much simpler, but not any easier, when you learn two key principles: start starting and quit quitting. Identify what it is one wants to do and then apply the two principles. For instance, when I was ten years old, I wanted to learn how to wrestle. Hence, I went out for practice but happened to wrestle the kid who had been winning medals for five years! Somehow we got paired up for live two-minute drills on takedowns. Even though he knew all the moves, it took him nearly the whole two minutes to get one takedown. I should have been elated, knowing that I would only improve and, given enough repetition of the proper moves, I could become a champion wrestler. However, not understanding the above principles, I labeled myself a wrestling loser and didn’t wrestle again for three years. Regretfully, I violated the quit quitting rule and paid the price of self-imposed exile for three years from an activity that I wanted to do.

Nonetheless, I look back with thankfulness for my mistakes in life because I have used each of them as teachable moments for myself and others to improve. The good news is that readers can learn from my mistakes and not repeat them. If a person desires to do a sport or other activity, he shouldn’t let fear hold him back. Regardless of how poorly he performs in the beginning, if he starts starting and quits quitting, he will improve dramatically over time. In reality, every great champion started out poorly in his field of endeavor compared to his more experienced competitors. Therefore, one must get going in order to get good, working with these principles, not against them. After a person is going, then the rest is summed up as: quitters never win and winners never quit. Despite the times when a person feels like quitting, ignore it and persist; despite the times when a person feels like a failure, ignore it and persist. Invariably, the biggest breakthroughs occur when the person refuses to quit notwithstanding the present dismal results. Persistence in a just cause through numerous failures builds character and determines whether a person joins the ranks of perpetual winners or perpetual quitters in life.

Gold Medalist: Katherine Copeland and Sophie Hosking

Interestingly, while watching the Olympics, did anyone else notice how many champions cried while receiving their gold medals? Why did they cry? It’s doubtful that they cried for the worth of the gold and silver in the medals themselves. More likely, it was from reflecting back upon the many hours, days, months, and years of consistently persisting in the face of countless setbacks, failures, and fears. In effect, all these thoughts burst to the surface as the champion released the pressure of the process created on his way to becoming a gold medalist. Likewise, in my profession, leaders, in the process of building their LIFE business compensated communities, have to overcome setbacks, failures, and fears in order to achieve the LIFE Coach level. Since only those who persist will become champions, many times, leaders cry tears of joy when they fulfill their purpose and complete the journey to LIFE Coach. Importantly, one learns on the journey to success that all success paths run parallel to each other, for they all must overcome the negative inner-voice (see RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE) to achieve victory.

The great news is that everyone can be a champion because everyone has a positive voice inside. Even so, if a person allows the negative voice to shout inside him and the positive voice to whisper, his success journey will not be fulfilled. Accordingly, the biggest lesson I learned on my way to start starting and quit quitting is to tune into the right voice, never allowing a disempowering thought to go unchallenged in my mind. Yes, the reader read that correctly. I have had many arguments with my negative voice, telling him he is welcome to provide input, but the positive voice is the leader in my mind. 🙂 The question of the day for any would-be champion is: Who is in charge in the battle for the brain? When I hear that answer, I can easily predict how well he or she will do with the principles start starting and quit quitting. Like I said previously, success is simple, but it’s not easy because it demands that a person win the battle for the brain. Well, what are you readers waiting for? Let the battle begin. 🙂


Orrin Woodward

34 Responses to “Start Starting; Quit Quitting”

  1. John HATCHELL said

    Spot on, We all need to know that even the best, fight this battle in our heart, mind and soul of pos and neg thinking. I think the win / win is inspiring but it is the losses that take the most toll. Courage to move forward is the muster of warriors. Thanks

  2. Tina A. Abernathy said


    This comment rested in my mind on the phone conference when I originally heard it from you and this article is a great compliment to the live talk. I have learned through many sources but the most recent 7 Habits of Highly Effective people that to begin is awesome but to continue with purpose and Habits is paramount.

    Thank for all you are doing!!


  3. This a constant struggle. To reframe my thoughts each time I contemplate allowing negative thoughts win the battle. Thanks for a great post just at the right time.

  4. Maura Galliani said

    Ann Bradford’s quote “Tell the negative committee that meets inside your head to sit down and shut up” is on my desk as a reminder to stay on the side of positive thinking. With the Armor of God and the Tools of Team, I’m ready for battle. Let the starting start and quitting quit. Fired up!

  5. jimmy varghese said

    great post orrin. i have been apart of sales my whole life and this article totally applies to it. never giving up is so important. in this fast food nation we live in we are so used to seeing fast results that we never realize how much time and care excellence takes. first and foremost you need to start on the path first! before you even begin. not quitting is the hardest thing. total mental challenge! thanks for reminding us of this important lesson!

  6. Orrin, Thanks for the wonderful blog post. I too look back with gratitude for my mistakes in life. Like you, I’ve also used them as “teachable moments” for myself and others. I agree that persistance is important, especially when you feel like quitting. When you feel like a failure, ignore it and persist. I have seen the biggest breakthroughs when I refuse to quit amongst significant setbacks and obstacles. Although everyone can become a champion, they can only do so if they listen to that positive, empowering voice inside of them and challenge the negative, nay-sayer. Thanks again Orrin.

  7. Stu and Carrianne Hall said

    Great blog post Orrin! So many great nuggets and emotion! So excited for the coming weekend to awaken the “leader” and get him/her roaring again!

    Love to you and Laurie!

    Much gratitude,

    Stu and Carrianne Hall
    Kaisen Vision

  8. Maribel Damphousse said

    A timely article. Thanks Orrin!

  9. Peggi Kern said

    Great article, Orrin! I’ve been blessed with a strong stubborn streak and cursed with low patience. However, I’m forever indebted to the LIFE founders for providing such a vehicle that both my strength and weakness are fertile soil to “never give up” and develop the ability to “pattern interrupt” when my impatience starts to get the best of me. It’s definitely a life long journey for me to work on and Team LIFE is amazing training for the battle ground. Thank you!

  10. Claire said

    Thank you so much for this Orrin!!! This is just what I needed today!! Dream, struggle, victory!!!

  11. Cody Moyer said

    It finally clicked for me….always running hard then making excuses sure wasn’t producing the results in life i longed for. Thank you Orrin Woodward for your drive and no quit attitude developing a revolutionary leadership culture with the LIFE community. God bless those that refuse to lose and follow their passions and live their purpose!

  12. Great read! It helps us to keep pushing on! Thanks Orrin, I look forward to the victory!

  13. Keith Sieracki said

    Great article Orrin! Through LIFE I have seen so many people quit their quitting trends and get started on a new path! What an encouragement to be a part of the LIFE organization.

  14. Steve Leurquin said

    Great post! Reminds me of the line from a great movie that I can’t remember the name of, “Get busy living, or get busy dying.”

  15. Kirk Birtles said

    Orrin… I think it is hard for most people to believe that becoming a champion is 90% just pushing forward – when you don’t feel like it, when it’s hard, when you have fell back, when it doesn’t look like its going to happen, when you have critics, when people quit on you, and when it flat out goes against your instincts at that moment! Reframing and hanging on like a hair on a biscuit!!!

    Thanks for your consistent example of what a champion looks and acts like!!!


  16. Steve Duba said

    Thanks Orrin,Its definitly a constant push against the negative out there.Thank goodness for the LIFE organization always near
    by to tap into for the bump-up in attitude.See you in Columbus…God Bless

  17. Josh Dames said

    Thx Orrin for this article!! As I read this article it reminds me again that success is on the other side of adversity. Thx for you leadership.

  18. Jeff Darling said

    Thanks Orrin for another great article! We are so blessed to have such a powerful system of information to have access to on a daily basis; blogs, websites, videos, books, CD’s, events, coaches & mentors, etc!! This information, along with always keeping booked, has allowed me to totally enjoy the JOURNEY we are on, through thick & thin. Keep it coming.
    Thanks for all you do!!

  19. Thanks Orrin for this article. I have been training for a year to run a 50k trail race and 3 weeks before the event I pulled a muscle in my leg forcing me to drop out before race day. I am going to take your advice and quit quitting, and as soon as I am healed, I am getting back into the training and I will hit my goal.

  20. Matt Mielke said

    Orrin, one of the areas I wanted to improve when I started the LIFE journey was quit quitting. I remember as a junior in H.S. on the wrestling team I dropped out (quit) because I couldn’t beat the Senior in my weight class. I hated losing and the pain from losing night after night in practice pushed me over the edge, so I quit. I let the pressure off. I regret that decision to this day, but now I have a new lease on life and I thank you for being the example that has showed me a different way. Push through the pain toward a victory. Never, ever give up! I try to live that out every day and pass that example on to my children.

    God Bless

    MM day

  21. Orrin, awesome post! There comes a point in our lives when we realize quitting is no longer an option. I have reached that point and I am thankful that the realization didn’t come later in life because I may have quit something that was worthy of a true victory. When I start something now, it’s going to be worthy of my time and I am going to finish. Thank you for modeling that to the fullest extent! God Bless.

  22. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    I love this Orrin! Anyone that has played on a sports team and has had an inspiring coach can relate to this article.
    Always get back on the horse.
    Just out of Major, Kirk Birtles comments on Sunday’s interview resounds in my ear– feed yourself positive, the subconscious is so powerful it “hears” you, what you say to yourself is what will become reality– POWERFUL!

  23. Great article Orrin…fired up!!!!!!

  24. Tammy Darling said

    LOVE IT!!! How that’s a worthy Facebook post: Start Starting & Quit Quititing! Thanks Orrin! 🙂

  25. Jennifer Blomdahl said

    Great post Orrin. I shared this article with my 10 year and he could relate. He said he has applied that principle many times during wrestling matches. This article is an empowering reminder that wrestling with the mind is not always easy but is worth it.

  26. Cassie Morgan said

    Thanks Orrin for another great article! We are so blessed to have such great information! I absolutly love this and will be using this verbage in other areas of my life

  27. Chris Robinson said

    It’s great to see people that understand importance success principles. Over the years this info has helped me start starting and quit quitting. Thanks Orrin impact that you have made on my family’s life.


  29. robert wilcox said

    Success principles are the same for everyone … child and adult alike. Thanks for sharing this!! It reminds me of a quote from the movie 300 though i hear alot of the movie is based off of untrue instances … i still love the quote of the spartan lifestyle … “No surrender … No retreat” quit quitting! what if we taught this to our children … the next generation … I know there are a few people who are instilling these principles upon their children … Rascals … the few who will help pass the word and help make a difference in this world! Proud to be in the fight! thanks for all you do and the example you set 🙂

  30. Kim Decker said

    As you say this is so correct to not only fight the negative your own brain gives you but the negative that most people surrounding you on a daily basis give you. We can do this I believe that in my heart I will be a great Leader and tell Satan all the time to get behind as I will be great. Lessons I have learned on the CD’s I listen to daily which help to keep the positive in charge.

  31. Brittany Schlabach said

    This is so encouraging. The challenge to start starting and quit quitting was one of my key take-aways from the Fall 2012 Leadership convention!

  32. Bud & Mary Truitt said

    Thank You Orrin For this, It keeps us FIRED UP.
    Of all the things in the world I am sitting here listening to Your Cd from the Columbus Major on the same subject. Bud Quotes you from that night all of the time to all of our new team members.
    Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do so well.

  33. Hunting.Targ said

    I sharply recall what Robert Kiyosaki related in his book The Cashflow Quadrant, on being an entrepreneur and sticking to his guns on getting his startup company to function profitably: ‘After a stressful day of being on the phone, handling mind-numbing paperwork, I would feel like quitting. At those times, I would tell myself: “It’s been a rough day, but I won’t quit now. I’ll quit tomorrow.” ‘ And like the old proverb, tomorrow never came.

    Keep going…

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