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LIFE Business Major Function

Posted by Orrin Woodward on October 29, 2012

It’s Monday morning after an amazing LIFE Business Major Convention. Thousands of people were recognized on stage for achieving new pins, numbers, and vacations. From Thursday night through early Sunday afternoon, the LIFE community experienced its best information and inspiration weekend ever. The teams within the community have united together to create more Power Players than ever before.

With speakers the caliber of Chris and Terri Brady, Tim and Amy Marks, Claude and Lana Hamilton, Bill and Jackie Lewis, George and Jill Guzzardo, Dan and Lisa Hawkins, Mark McDonald, and Pastor Stephen Davey, I knew it was going to be a great weekend. However, what put it over the top was the enthusiasm and belief of the attendees. Never before have so many people advanced in the business, and that belief spread to everyone attending the event.

There were many magic moments in Columbus. If you attended the event, please share your magic moments and the key nuggets you are taking away from the Major to help you grow. The LIFE business is changing the world one person at a time!


Orrin Woodward

113 Responses to “LIFE Business Major Function”

  1. This weekend was a game changer for Team STEALTH! The leaders met on Friday night and locked arms to do something great! Team Stealth 180!

    • Matt Mielke said

      Team Stealth Red Eagles about to break the sound barrier! Never more belief coming out of a major. Team Stealth 180!

  2. Tammy Darling said

    Amazing weekend! Thank you for all you & all the PC do!!! So blessed to be a part of this awesome community! Excited about the next 3 months…. TIME TO RUN!!!!

  3. Mark haas said

    Orrin team Maximus is committed to the mission of 1 million. We are on our way to make a difference more than any other single organization ever! Thanks for your leadership!

  4. Valerie Roach said

    What a weekend!! As a Kaizen-er, I can say one of my top moments of the weekend was sitting up in the bleachers and looking down to see all of those yellow towels in the air – it has given me an even stronger sense of pride for being in this community, this whole community.

  5. Rick Monsipapa said

    A great major for sure, The power players were the most I have ever seen and everyone was in unison. Start starting and Quit Quitting was maybe your best talk in years. WE came back to Tampa and have booked plans and follow-thru’s this week and we are going 10 deep in Nov. Thank you for all you do as the leader of TEAM.

  6. This event poured belief into people’s hearts like never before! The bar has been raised on what’s possible! There will be Christmas lights all over the place! Fired up!

  7. The overwhelming presence of Kaizen yellow, their commitment to the goal of 300 power players, and their unity across the board from team to team was incredible (to say the least). Larry Vanbuskirk’s Team Altitude is committed to putting Colorado on the map by making an impact in the lives of people house to house. As Dan said prior, this major was a game changer for Team Altitude. There’s a wave of blue coming!

  8. Clint Fix said

    One of the best majors I’ve ever been to! The power player recognition was incredible!

  9. leisa stull said

    All of the speakers were wonderful. We had laughs and tears while learning how to be great leaders. I had the honor of meeting Terri Brady on the floor. She took my hand and said she was glad I was there. She looked me right in my eyes and it felt like she was looking into my soul. How did she know it took everything we had to be here?She almost brought me to tears. She made ME feel important! I thank God every day for finding LIFE and becoming a member.

  10. Bob Rasmussen said

    Good morning Orrin!! I would have to say also that this was the best Major yet! I am excited to go through my pages of notes and start implementing the information shared today. I was moved in my heart by pastor Davey on Sunday morning and by the first wave of trip qualifiers who expressed with emotion that many had just earned a trip with family or spouse they never would have dreamed possible! I was also impressed with the astounding results people are achieving out in the field with the Life business and the record setting pace at which this is happening! We are truly blessed to be part of an idea whose time has come! Thank you all and count us in as we affect a million families and beyond with the truth!! God Bless

  11. Randy & Rusti Spence said

    What a phenomenal weekend! The future with the LIFE Business is ssoooo bright and is just getting started! I can’t wait until the January Major!

  12. JB Thompson said

    Thank you Orrin for standing up to your critics and creating such an awesome environment. Thank you to all of the PC for their involvement in this weekend. It was truly a monumental weekend for all of the teams involved. I believe that its time for the million and beyond. Thank you!

  13. Rick & Bonnie Farrand said

    It is hard to pick out one moment better than any other; but to see so many young people dedicated to making a difference and not living the status quo, that we know LIFE will reach 1 million people quickly! With all the Canadians attending, wanting the best Leadership for their country as well, the fight for Freedom is in full swing! Orrin Woodward putting everything on the line for our futures – THANK YOU!

  14. Tim Jarvinen said

    Where to start…Claude sharing his whole thought process and game-plan in the RT meeting that won them the power player top gun was amazing! Where do you find the best of your ‘competition’ sharing their trade ‘secrets’ with everyone!?! Simply put…LIFE! God gets all the Glory!!
    Different day, same goal! PPTG50

  15. David Bjork said

    Fantastic weekend Orrin! A rising tide raises all ships. There was a tsunami of Power Players in Ohio this weekend! Many were inspired to get there boat on the water & ride the wave. Forces united!

  16. Debra Nicodemus said

    What an amazing weekend!!! It was my first major. The weekend instilled in me that I have the right thinking and total belief that I am at the right place and at the right time. Pastor Davey was great. There were so many major moments for me. So many speakers that I enjoyed. I can not wait until the next major but seriously can it be any better? To everyone who spoke…Great Job!!!

  17. Orrin, this truly was the best major yet. It was a double edged sword for us as we recognized how important it is to be unified, consistently with our teams. I want to thank the Kaizen organization for reminding us of that. They have displayed the best evidence of teamwork I have ever seen in a 3 month cycle. We have made some bold commitments over the next several months and years and have the right leaders on the bus to make it happen. Thanks for always continuing to raise the bar! On to one million!

  18. Adam Powell said

    FIRED UP! I have been thinking the entire way home what was different for me with this major when compared to previous majors. I can’t place my finger on it yet, but there is a complete change in me. I believe what Tim Marks said on cd that doing power player every week is possible. I am excited to run for it, and to make a difference for so many people. Thank you for your amazing leadership!

  19. June Ewald said

    Glen & I were so excited to be blessed to attend this event. What an amazing experience — a definite game changer. Where else can you experience such support and encouragement – when in our own eyes we could not see the results we wanted/needed?? We witnessed the achievement of the Kaizen group which demonstrated to us that this is something we Can do too. This was a weekend of destroying limiting beliefs! It meant facing the things that are holding us back, making commitments to our leaders, and holding ourselves accountable for the results over the next 3 months. The speakers are excellent, so it is difficult to pin point spectifics when we love them all! We love the heart of the Team! We want to help change the world — one couple(family/individual) at a time! Thank you to all the P.C!!! It is worth it!

  20. Imelda Roman said

    What a great weekend! I am so proud of being a member of TEAM and LIFE. Seeing the recognition of the Power Players was exciting and challenging. Standing in the choir on Sunday morning was such a humbling experience and listening to God’s message brought through Pastor Stephen Davey moved my soul.

  21. Penny Tahtinen said

    Hello Orrin!
    Thanks to you and all the amazing founders of the LIFE Business for a fantastic weekend! What was the magic moment for me was my trip down to Columbus and completing Power Player in four hours! If it wasn’t for Matt and Michelle Mielke encouraging me and believing in me to run to the last second I would have missed being Power Player! Sadly, I did miss the early meeting on Friday but had an outstanding weekend sitting on the floor watching, listening and taking notes. My first Major was the launch of the LIFE business, October 2011 and to return one year later as a Power Player was fantastic! I have spent the first year in this business with many successes, getting out of $150,000 of debut, losing 45 pounds, starting to homeschool my four children (9 years old, 8 years old, 4 years old and 3 years old)and building and bonding with Team Stealth Red Eagles. I am committed to come back in January as a Double Power Player! Team Stealth 180!
    Thank You Orrin and Laurie, Dan and Lisa, Matt and Michelle for taking the time to believe in me!
    For everyone out in Team Land, Take a Chance and run for your Dreams!! See you in Kentucky!

  22. Monique Hoffer said

    It was an amazing weekend, as usual 🙂
    My first great experience was the night that my husband, Joe, came home from an open were Wayne MacNamara showed The Plan. There was a fire in Joe s eyes that I had never seen before.
    Thank you Wayne.
    Our first Major was the Launch of LIFE, and since than I have always left one major looking forward to the next.
    I would have to say the Very best part of this past weekend was being just feet from the stage when it was announced that Wayne and Raylene won the Top Gun Power Player award. The sea of yellow and the feeling of being part of something so significant brought me to tears. Getting to put my hand on that trophy has put a fire in my belly, and I WANT TO WIN, and we will 🙂

  23. Cody Newton said

    Holy Smokes! I’ve never seen the entire team so motivated to go Power Player! Awesome weekend

  24. Kyle Combes said

    The weekend was amazing, The speakers spoke from the heart. Claude put us in our place, and gave the Rascal Nation a stepping stone. No one is leaving the Major with a confidence issue. You guys instilled belief in everyone, Thanks for all of your effort. Fired Up!

  25. Bill schmidt said

    Thanks Orrin for the Greatest Major yet!! Hard to pinpoint one memorable moment! What Team Kaizen did and Unified as a Team was Incredible! Wayne and Raylene are truly great leaders that we respect just as all the other great leaders on Team Kaizen! Claude and Lana’s talk right after the Top gun award , where Claude’s emotions came out really touched are hearts!!
    Orrin your talk on start starting and quit quitting was one of your best talks!!
    Stephen Davey’s talk for Sunday service was truly a talk to the Soul! Wow my favorite part of the weekend is the Sunday service! George and Jill’s testimonial was from the heart!!
    The whole weekend was amazing and the greatest one yet!! Until the next one on January:)!
    We are committed to 1 million and beyond!!
    God Bless

  26. Aaron and Jillian said

    We had the most amazing time this weekend! It was awesome to watch the thousands of people walk across stage because they are succeeding and running towards their dreams. What I took away from this weekend is that every day I have to do my personal best in every aspect of my life! Thank you Orrin and all the PC members for setting an amazing example for all of us to follow!

  27. Teesa Rossman said

    This weekend gave us more fuel for our fire. Amazing.

  28. Ashlyn Jacks said

    Fired up! Orrin thank you SO much for all that you do! This weekend was truely amazing, and it is all because of a dream with determination. Thank you!

  29. Kurt & Joanne Brandtjen said

    Holy cow what an incredible weekend!!! A total game changer for Team Conviction! We are ready to move on and change the world. Some of our favorite moments were Terri Brady’s talk, words cannot express how moving that was, of course Chris was hilarious and informative as usual! Your talk on “Start Starting and Quit Quitting” was VERY inspirational and I always love how it feels Laurie is sitting across the table talking to just me. The new jokes from Claude were classic and Lana’s talk was so moving. Team Kaizen was impressive; so great to see Wayne and Raylene have that victory! We so appreciate all the effort the PC and RT put in to their talks to uplift the new people and those of us who have been in for a while. And thanks for keeping Mark McDonald on the agenda! George and Jill’s testimony was icing on the cake and I can’t wait for Pastor Davey’s talk to come down! God bless you Orrin, thank you so much for LIFE!

    • So proud of you Joanne and Kurt! You have persevered through the storm, now it’s time to make hay when the sun shines! And the sun is shining bright in the LIFE/TEAM right now. Love you guys!

  30. Aron said


    Just an incredible couple days! From the sea of yellow flags to Terri Brady’s talk on our lives making a difference in other’s lives to “Start starting &Quit quiting!”, the weekend had a deep impact on many. To a million!
    Aron & Mary

  31. What a great weekend!!! Thanks!

  32. Randall Clemons said

    Awesome weekend! The VERY BEST was the number of people who accepted Jesus Christ Sunday morning! WOW! What a GREAT weekend!

  33. Lori Maas said

    Waking up this morning with a feeling of sence of urgency and expectancy!!

  34. Steve Leurquin said

    Orrin, this weekend was truly special. I saw a whole stadium of people that are going to move forward to 1 Million! What we took away is that Team Stealth is going to lock arms with Kaizen, Band of Brothers and the rest to do our personal best running the race we were called to run. Thanks for the leadership!
    Steve Leurquin

  35. Libbie Quinn said

    The highlight of my weekend was when my husband grabbed my hand and said, “Come with me into the hall.” He lead me to a quiet spot and spent the next 45 min. Laying out his vision for us and for our family and our team; his goals and his plan of ACTION! He was so intense, dynamic and driven. He is so on fire. I’m so excited! We are united in life and in ” the game”! He is my hero and a crusader for good! I’m so proud of him! I can’t wait to see where God leads us next!

  36. Orrin,
    Thanks for sharing the Persia and Athens history lesson with us. You thought us to be prepared and ready for the fight to come. Once again, it’s a worthy cause and not an easy one you shared with us.
    Coming from Haiti, this means a lot to me. Let’s go for significance with the TEAM and let personal success take care itself.

    Roosevelt Jean-Francois

  37. Mike Wright said

    For me it was at our team meeting/dinner at the break on Sat. One of our team mates announced this was his last major where he would have a job. That is FIRED UP. In addition hats off to Kaizan for setting the bar high and increasing our belief. I enjoyed all the talks, especially Chris Brady on Fri. night. I guess CRAZY is the way to be, good thing 🙂

    Mike Wright
    Part of the Patriot Revolution

  38. wayne mac namara said

    Orrin, this past weekend was so emotional on so many levels. Thanks for always believing in Kaizen. This victory was a victory for our leader Claude Hamilton. He has a HUGE vision for where he wants Kaizen and the TEAM to go over the next 5/10/20 yrs!! My favorite moment was when I looked over after they called our name as the top gun winner and I saw my hero Claude break down because of the commitment that ALL Kaizen teams made to Claude. I must say Orrin that everyone of the top 5 are so impressive and are such brave warriors for good. I want to thank you and Laurie and all the TEAM PCs for such an awesome environment to grow our personal leadership. Thank you Tim Marks for the kind remarks, your one of my hero’s pal. Congrats to all the teams that played their hardest to compete for the top gun power player at major. Orrin your start starting and quit quitting talk was FIRED UP!!!!!!!

    Thanks to all the volunteers that made this major flawless from start to finish, without all your servant hearts we would not be able to pull together and put on a world class leadership convention.

    Orrin n Laurie, we love you both
    Onward to million my friend

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Wayne, You and Raylene claimed a great victory for a great organization following the vision, love, and tenacity of Claude and Lana. LIFE is great and getting better thanks to leaders like yourself stepping up all over North America! God Bless, Orrin

    • Rhys Plant said

      Orrin, I just want to second what Wayne said and say that hearing his and Raylene’s name called for winning Top Gun Power Player was by far and away the highlight of the Major Convention for me. Wayne and Raylene took the vision set by Claude and Lana Hamilton and ran as hard as they could! Their conviction swept their teams up in their excitement and we worked hard as a team to the very end and it was rewarded in that moment! It was so much fun getting there and that was the icing on the cake.

      It’s such a blessing to be working with Wayne and Raylene and it’s amazing to be apart of Kaizen and under Claude and Lana’s leadership and we are pumped to see what the future has in store!

      Rhys Plant
      Kaizen Valor

    • Wade & Rhonda Hamblin said

      Proud to be part of a team that sets the vision high and stays focused right until the last second! Wayne & Raylene you didnt doubt it for one second that the very last hour, noon on Friday could still bring the winning points! Thank you for leading, and with that following couples of courage like Claude & Lana, Orrin & Laurie!

    • jandmlewis said

      Wayne, you are exactly right! This Major took everyone’s belief to a whole new level and I can’t wait for the charge as everyone in attendance saw the champion in themselves and in their teammates. Orrin, thank you and the entire Policy Council for everything you have done and are doing as we go to 1 million people!

    • Wayne and Raylene,
      Congratulations on a massive win – not only for you two, and not only for Kaizen, but for every life that is touched from here on due to your shining example. The ripple effect of this weekend will touch lives for years and decades to come, because you lit a candle, that lit the candles of your team. You set an example that spread fire to a forest of onlookers. Thank you for being a violin, played Masterfully.
      God bless,
      Terri Brady

  39. Jason Halteman said

    I would have to say that this weekend has truly changed my life. First with Laurie saying that there will be people on stage next major who have never gone go getter before and will be getting recognized as double power players and even triples because of the belief from this weekend. That will happen. Second of all listening to your cd in the AGO series called “Christ Centered” really spoke to me and planted a seed that sprouted Sunday morning with Stephen Davey’s message. I was raised in a Mennonite family and have strayed from Christ the past several years. I rededicated my life to Christ Sunday morning because I want to be the best leader I can be and I know I can’t do it without knowing the true shepherd.
    Thanks for all you and the PC have done and are currently doing.
    See you at the top

  40. John Burns said

    I’m still trying to recover my voice.

  41. Maura Galliani said

    The inspiration I received from the Fall Major was overwhelming … the Cause, the Belief, the Effort, the Success by so many. I was proud to stand up in that stadium Saturday with all the others and commit myself to you, Orrin, then later to Scott/Missy Russell, Keith/Elizabeth Sieracki, and finally the rest of my Sons of Liberty [Florida] team members … building Depth, going Power Player, giving my Personal Best! Fired up!!

    On a personal/spiritual note, I was deeply touched by Pastor Davey’s sermon. He is filled with the Holy Spirit and he has a special gift in the way he delivers the Word. Although I was baptized a year ago, I was moved to rise and “re-dedicate” myself to Jesus Christ at in that arena Sunday morning. Yes, I’m a Christ Follower, and by all means He is my Shepard!

  42. Hey Orrin, I’ve got to say that my favorite part of the weekend was watching Claude and Lana come out on stage after the Top Gun Power Player was awarded and get emotional. I know how hard everyone worked to claim that victory and their was nothing sweeter then seeing both of them overwhelemed by the win. This will go down in the history books as the Major that started the current to 1 Million.

    We are extremly excited to play our part

    We love you guys

    • Wade & Rhonda Hamblin said

      Hey Alex, Great to see you guys in the top 3 Power Player Top Gun man! Thanks for leading the charge with our leaders Wayne & Raylene.

  43. Tonia Giles said

    The weekend was AMAZING whether you had a small part of Top Gun to Canada or a huge part the pride down on the floor and in the stands was amazing. Thank you all of the TEAM/LIFE for an amazing weekend. Claude and Lana Hamilton showing there emotion after the Top Gun win just showed everyone how much love and pride they have for the Team they lead.

    God Bless.

  44. jimmy varghese said

    great function! totally feel recharged and ready to get out there and tear it up. so passionate about this business. the talks were of the highest caliber. thank you orrin and pc for putting together such an amazing weekend!

  45. Emily said

    Amazing weekend with amazing people! Thank you for everything that you do!

  46. Joe Hoffer said

    This was by far the best major function ever. I loved how Claude inspired his teams to run their hardest for him for the Top Gun and I know everyone is going to be running their guts out for the January Major Function. The Leaders continue to make this the most worthwhile business in the world.

  47. Justin Stevens said

    I loved the major over the weekend. I got to walk across stage for a second time now to be recognized as a power player. My team has already said they are going to beat me to it thus round and I’m shooting for triple or more so my team is on the verge of a major explosion. So thankful for everything the PC has done and so thankful for men like you Mr Woodward. Start starting and QUIT QUITTING!!! God bless

  48. Brian said

    Orrin my Friend,
    Musketeers are on a MISSION!! All 4 One, One 4 All. Hats off to Wayne and Raylene, they are a Class Couple!!

  49. Jim martin said

    You are right Orrin it was the most energetic and informational major ever!! The growth coming out of there is going create a tidal wave of new power players, turbo’s, round tables and PC’s!!! Thanks for all you do

  50. robert wilcox said

    by far the best moment was Wayne and Raylene talking about how they won Top Gun … the story of “Why” they ran the story of his brother and his son … the son not seeing father for 6 months and finally seeing him and saying “I love you daddy” Because Wayne and Raylene built this business they have impacted many many people’s lives … and one more may be his brother! That is a story i will never forget and will always be thankful he shared that… Thanks

  51. Dawn Morrison said

    Awesome, Awesome Major Convention. We enjoyed ever minute. Congratulations to all the new Power players, Trip winners and the Top Gun award winners. Very Proud to be in business with such great leaders.

  52. Rick Britton said

    For me my magical moments was how all of Kaizen came together like the clans of scottland. When Claude said Kaizen is the best at building depth and that Kaizen will break more power players than any other team. To see all the clans of Kaizen come together and to stand firm and tall and hold the line for our leader. To take a clean sweep or as us canadians would say “take the hat trick ” of breaking the most power players was out standing and so awesome! I am so proud to be part of Kaizen virtuous and apart of Claude’s organization. I would proudly answer the call of Kaizen and stand firm and hold the line one more time!!

    I am so happy to be part of Kaizen for its an organization like no other!!! Just like this business!

    This was my best experience so far and will be one of my favorite majors to remember forever!

  53. rick amdahl said


    What an awesome display of teamwork, community, and true friendly competition for the betterment of all. Everyone in our group came away with a feeling of being part of something special, something that matters… This major really brought out the best, cant wait to see where the path we are on leads to for the million and beyond that we are going to impact. Thank you for leading..

  54. Patrick Clowater said

    Thank you Orrin and the entire Team Leadership for putting on the most amazing leadership convention I have ever attended. The Power Player recognition blew my mind and expanded my belief of what we as a team can achieve when we challenge each other to do our personal best. I was so proud when my best friend and mentors, Wayne and Raylene MacNamara won the Topgun Power Player award and brought it back to Canada. Now the work continues so we can have record numbers of people attending Ontario’s first ever Team Major Convention in January 2012 in Ottawa. God Bless you and the Policy Council!

  55. Alex Obiden said

    Wayne Macnamera’s face when he won the PowerPlayer Top Gun, and Claude’s tears for his TEAM and his friends. It was life changing.

  56. Ben Debus said

    What an amazing weekend! To see all that growth take place and the excitement in the stadium, its easy to see that anything is possible when you work together as a team.

  57. Amazing weekend all around but by far my favorite part was the message Sunday morning, especially when he had us close our eyes and then asked those that would like to invite the Lord into their hearts to stand and all you could hear was chairs folding up one after another. What an amazing mission field to serve on.

  58. Jamie Jewer said

    Two key nuggets for me were Chris Brady’s talk about the 10 Rules for Success and Bill Lewis’ talk about the elimination the layers of fear and building trusting relationships.

    It was the best Major Function I’ve been to yet!

  59. Great weekend…fired up!!!!

  60. Orrin,

    I had several magic moments.

    1. All the Power Players crossing stage and watching the Yellow Flags of Kaizen.

    2. Chris & Terri Brady’s talks. Friday night was a gut-buster! Comedy Central doesn’t know what they are missing!

    3. Chris & Terri’s Saturday talk about bringing our purpose and actions closer.

    4. Wayne & Raylene MacNamara winning the TOP GUN! – Total Class

    5. Claude & Lana Hamilton’s talk after Wayne & Raylene Winning Top Gun. It was the joy of watching two very proud and humble leaders.

    6. Your talk on Start Staring and Quit Quitting.

    7. Pastor Davey’s Worship Service Sermon

    8. The Panel – Always a favorite!

    9. Time with our TEAM – The Rhino’s – We LOVE them!!

    • Christal and David Good said

      We second Greg Johnson’s list of Convention Highlights(magical moments) here. Spending time with the leaders at the Major Conventions are our only vacations right now. Every January we celebrate our birthdays and every June we celebrate our anniversary by trading convention tickets. There is no place we’d rather be yet. It is always a treat to spend the weekend with the Rhinos soaking up every word of the Leaders on stage. It was an honor to cross stage as Double Power Players finally! Thanks for your example and stretching our DREAMS! — Christal and David Good

  61. Eric Beauchamp said

    I have to say that my favorite part was when I got in Friday evening and on our way to our seats to hear the first speaker, I walked by a kiosk and figured I’d by my major ticket right away. Chris decided to do the same. What impressed me so much was that, not only it was his first major but haven’t heard one speaker yet.

    Fired up!

  62. Cassie Morgan said

    This weekend was by far my favorite! I am ready to rock this! Thank You so much for the amazing experience.

  63. James Deming said

    Hello Orrin
    What an amazing weekend. Belief finally hit in the nosebleed section a few of the speakers pointed at. Having attended many weekends in the past I saw the tremendous leadership, and for me friendship being displayed from stage. It’s my biggest dream to have amazing friends and learning to be that friend worth having. Thank you Orrin and the policy counsel for having that tenacity and determination to make a business like no other.
    May God keep blessing you all.
    Jim/Sonja Deming

  64. What a wonderful weekend! As usual, it was not to be missed.
    And, what nugget did I take away to use in the growth of our business? Well, it was fairly major:

    What really struck me was Amy Marks painting a picture of a harried, critical sounding single mom, still in work clothes, shoving fast food down her kids throats and rushing them to their football practice. Just writing this has me in tears because, as she said, that could have been her. And that would have been me.

    How truly selfish would I be to decide not to get good at bringing other families in touch with LIFE? Sure, I have to step out of my comfort zone to master it but what is outside my comfort zone is so much more dazzling that what is inside it.

    Thank you so much, Orrin, for all the ways you have stepped out of your comfort zone to make this all possible for the rest of us!

    • Wade & Rhonda Hamblin said

      This information is so exciting Colleen, proud to call you and Lenny friends!

    • jandmlewis said

      You’re right Colleen! That’s the heartbeat of our purpose. Helping 1 family at a time get hope back in their lives. Someone got out of their comfort zone to share this with us…let’s pay it forward.


  65. Michael Hartmann said

    One word: Amazing! Thanks to Hamiltons, MacNamaras and the rest of the Kaizen organization for proving to the entire Team what is possible when a group of leaders commit to a common vision and unite with each other in their pursuit of excellence. Now we all know what’s possible in three months!

  66. Morgan Travis said

    Being a first time Power Player and sitting up front, crossing stage and looking out into the crowed seeing the vision, understanding the depth of it all and believing in the dream. I loved the recognition, I loved celebrating others recognition and I loved being recognized. Orrin, when you said “Never leave the scene of a decision without making an action towards it” that is exactly what I need to do to “start starting and quit quitting”. Lana mentioned three words,that had a huge impact on me; Begin, Believe, Become. And that is what I will do.

    Thanks Orrin and Laurie, Eric and I are on board and have a fire in our heart.

  67. Ryan Blakely said

    Orrin, This weekend was different than any other major convention I have ever attended. The Kaizen team running to the last minute for their team. Also Wayne and Raylene Mac Namara not just creating belief but creating a movement! This has eliminated all excuses for all who attended the convention. Team stealth is running for 180pp and we are doing whatever it takes! Congrats to the TGPP winners and thanks for showing your leadership!
    God Bless

  68. Andrea and Mike Renkas said

    What a inspiring weekend! Thank you and the PC for everything you do.

  69. Scott Staley said

    Orrin, there were many highlights to the weekend; however, by far my favourite was the power player recognition – capped by Wayne and Raylene MacNamara winning the power player top gun award! The amazing thing about this, was watching how it came together from the spark that Claude Hamilton cast into the ‘tinder’ in Boston at the Kaizen power player promo there, all the way through to the announcement of the power player top gun. What an amazing 3 month journey watching all of the Kaizen group(s) run for a cause that they made larger than themselves. I know that leaders lead from the front – and Wayne/Raylene have set an amazing example for everyone to follow.

    1 additional note – thanks for having Pastor Davey back to speak again. He has been a very impactful person for myself, and my family. AGO 23 ‘Leaving a Spiritual Legacy’ is a personal favourite of mine and it has touched and shaped our personal lives profoundly.

    Thanks for everything that you do!

    God Bless

  70. Orrin,

    Thank you so much for this weekend. There we so many nuggets for me. The main one for me was, build a PC size community and you will have a bigger mission work/field than most churches! That was so polarizing for me. We are Scotland…UNITE!!!

  71. What a great weekend!! It was such a belief builders seeing the hundreds and probably over a thousand power players cross stage!! It almost felt like it was never going to end.


    Thanks for leading the charge Orrin

    Neal & Mal

  72. Carol Miller said

    Wow!What an amazing weekend! The highlight for me was definitely the time Chris and I got with Bill and Jackie Lewis Fiday night backstage.

  73. Carol Miller said

    The highlight for me was the time we got with Bill and Jackie Lewis Friday night backstage! Also, seeing the belief and conviction in our team’s eyes was so special. The vision they have for their futures and the goals they’ve set makes me so very proud of them!! Once again you and Laurie and the rest of the PC put on an incredible major convention where thousands of lives were touched. It’s such a blessing to be a part of this amazing team. God bless you and your family and God bless the Team!!

  74. Kolynn and Lynn Kelley said

    The Columbus Major was awesome!! We tell our
    selves “how can it be any better”? They do it all the time!! Bravo to all the PC members for their fabulous talks and nuggets presented!! Chris & Terri Brady hit the cover off the ball on the Fri. Night talk!! Can not wait to fill the house in PA on Nov. 10th.. Fired up!!

  75. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Orrin… mere words seem inadequate to describe the weekend. I was awestruck and humbled to see what Claude’s team did on his behalf to show their support for KCB.

    While I was hoping our team’s efforts would get Marc and Kristine Militello on the stage for Top Gun Recognition, I wasn’t prepared to see the WALL of Kaizen WARRIORS descend on the stage…with wave after wave of Power Players. They set a new STANDARD of achievement! A standard that will certainly spur me on to greater effort and achievement.

    Thank you for ALL you do!! And THANK YOU to the LIFE Founders and Team Policy Council for creating this incredible MOVEMENT called LIFE!!!

  76. Joseph Keller said

    What an amazing weekend Orrin. The belief factor for so many went through the roof. A rising tide really does raise all ships the big difference was a few raised their sails a little higher and as you always say team work makes the dream work. The Winning of the Top Gun by Wayne and Raylene was so sweet right from the beginning in Bosten harbour after last Major to the announcing of their names. That whole time period all the Leaders of Kaizen were unified with iron sharping iron along the way. Claude was an amazing visionary making the whole picture so clear. So many fought to get to every last special event that they could to rally around are leaders because the vision was so clear and we knew that strength was in numbers. I have never been so inspired to run as hard as I did this past time yet now I know that I still have that next level and your talk on Start Starting and Quit Quitting was fantastic. I can’t wait to see what the results will be over the next months from all the Champions that were at this major for just making the decision on being there everyone was a Champion and we were blessed with the knowledge and faith so much larger belief in Life that one person can make such a difference!
    You have and thank you for that and now there are thousands more that will lead to a million and beyond.

  77. Peggi Kern said

    Hi Orrin, I loved the entire weekend at the Major! Beginning on Friday afternoon with the leadership meeting, then on with the rest of the talks, I learned, relearned and was reminded of many things. However, the biggest nugget is watching Claude and Lana unite their leaders with love, vision, purpose and resolve!! I walked away knowing the Revolution has the same kind of leaders and that our time is now!! We can and will unite with the same love, vision, purpose and resolve under the leadership of you, Laurie and the Militellos! Thanks to the entire PC for the amazing weekend!

  78. 16 minutes and 16 seconds of a non-stop stream of Power Players followed by the many, many Doubles, Triples, and Quads did it for me!

  79. Chrissy Fleury said

    My husband, Abraham and I have been around the Team for years now, and from the first major, they’ve always been life changing – continually getting better and better with each one. But this one DEFINITELY was the best by far- i think everyone could feel it, that the Team as a whole has hit a whole new playing field… and things are about to get really REALLY fun- we’re literally going to change the world!
    (By the way, LOVE the song you and Laurie walked out to) “If our God is for us, then who could ever stop us? And if our God is with us, then what can stand against?!”

    • Chrissy Fleury said

      Forgot to mention it, but also a HUGE highlight was the Sunday morning service. In any church services when the Pastor invites people to accept Christ and asks everyone to bow their heads, I never close my eyes because I’m to excited to see all the people joining the family! So when Pastor Davey did the closing prayer, I watched with tears running down my face as I saw HUNDREDS stand to receive Christ. God, his love and his purpose for all of us was more prevelant throughout this weekend then ever before, and that moment was a clear sign that we really are preparing to change the world.

  80. It was THE best major I have ever been too! Awesome! ON TO ONE MILLION!!

  81. Barry Quinn said

    What a fantastic weekend. Thank you to the whole team for the great inspiration. Never have I left a major with so much belief. POWER PLAYER is the nugget and the panel was my highlight. GOD bless.

  82. I don’t think I can pick just one moment because my favorite part was the way the weekend felt- everything together made it that way. The ENTIRE weekend was spectacular! If I had to pick a few, it would be some personal moments, like watching the Schills make a wonderful announcement, seeing Scott Stevens go power player after years, it would be all the BELIEF-FILLED smiles from my teammates, it would be watching you and Laurie light up thousands of people with your talks, it would be seeing my husband lead our team to the next level! There’s no doubt- I LOVE OUR BUSINESS! Thanks for a wonderful weekend! : )

  83. WOW !!!! What a weekend it was! Thanks for leading the charge. Lives were changed.

  84. Kim Decker said

    You arecorrect, every time i go to a major I get that much more belief that we are making a major impact on this out of control society. The speakers were awesome as usual, Talking to other people is an insoiration to me as well and shaking hands with those who have made a big difference is a feeling that i can’t even discribe but told them all they will be seeing alot of me. love the TEAM

  85. Owen Derry said

    Pastor Davey’s sermon was fantastic and touched my soul. The song “Holy, Holy, Holy” was running in my head all the way through Tuesday morning. Chris’ talk about feeling crazy, passion, and being on fire for a cause (and that being crazy is normal)got me moving. Booked a few plans with some folks who wre on my chicken list!

  86. Michael Stithem said

    The PC put together one of best events to ever to be recorded in the history of the Life/Team. I would like to say thank you to the PC for putting their time and resources together to help others create success in the own lives.

  87. Jeff Taff said

    Oh boy…how to sum up the entire weekend using only one word. Hmmm, I think Chris Brady said it best, “crazy.” If you were there I’m POSITIVE you remember his “crazy” talk and if not, look for it to come out very soon on a cd in the LIFE series where you’ll laugh just as hard. I love Chris’s mannerisms when he speaks, he’s just so animated! On to a million!

  88. Pat said

    What a thrill it was to be with you!
    Building and Bonding!!

  89. Larry Auman said

    Absolutely Orrin! This was an over the top weekend! The energy of the team is high enough to put belief into everyone. Thanks for an awesome weekend.

  90. Jim & Mary Robson said

    How can each one beat the last one??? Fired up for sure! Glad to be on the right team at the right time and going to a million!! Thx for all you do–and all of the PC!!

  91. Don and Jan Fallis said

    After a week end like we just shared, how can we not be fired up.

  92. Jeremy Arena said

    I came out of this major with so much more understanding and confidence. Best major I’ve ever been to. I would like to share a very very special experience I had. After the major, while waiting in the airport I was privileged to run into Orrin and Laurie! After my nerves had calmed down I got the courage to go over to Orrin and Laurie and thank them for all they had done and the awesome weekend. I must say the most humbling part was getting to observe Orrin (not in a creepy way lol) after I sat down. People would come up and say hi and be excited to see them and both Orrin and Laurie would shake hands, smile, and talk with them. It was what I saw when the people walked away that was most humbling. Orrin looked exhausted. Totally and completely drained, emotionally and physically. I realized how much he, Laurie, and all the other leaders put into the major weekends and most of us don’t even realize it. They absolutely dedicate every bit of themselves to these events, which is why they are life changing, inspiring, world-changing gatherings. I thank you Orrin, and the community you have made for all you do. It has made such an impact on my life. I am proud that I have the same chance to affect other’s lives the way you have affected mine. Time to dominate with RASCAL NATION 🙂 One Million People!

  93. Dean Frey said

    Awesome weekend!! Congrats to our Canadian friends for setting a great example of teamwork and unity. Thanks for setting the pace!
    God bless!

  94. Tom Wilburn said

    When I walked in Friday night something felt different.
    Was i ever taken back. Rededication and confirmation. Knowing we’re where we’re supposed to be and fornunate to be involved with such GREAT leaders to change the world.Humbled and proud all at the same time. That was the largest group of people dedicating and rededicating their walk with Christ i have ever witnessed. Will continue to do our part. Thanks to you Orrin and all the leaders for providing the culture!
    On to a million and beyond!

  95. Ismerai Vega said

    This past weekend was life changing. I came back with so much information and enthusiasm. This is only getting better 🙂 and I’m more than happy to know that the lives of many people will change too. The most exciting was being part of the small group of Latinos at the Major! I have faith in the Latino community and i won’t ever give up.

  96. bill lewis said

    The magic moment for me was watching all of the power player recognition. As I was getting ready to go on stage, after watching all the recognition, I asked the sound guys if that was the most PP we have had cross stage and he said it was. I thought it was also. It was amazing to see that many people get recognized. The scary part is we are just starting to get our flow back. Watch out !

  97. Great afternoon!!

    Like with any Major, there are always way more ‘Whale Done!’ moments than which can be summarized on any short list since these conventions are so well designed by the Office & the PC, let alone that the heart/emotion (EQ), mind (IQ), & will (WQ) are each impacted 😀

    The top moment? Most definitely seeing all of the recognition for Kaizen! Am very honoured and privileged to be part of Claude & Lana’s overall tribe – they are wonderful in all ways 🙂 Loved being in our section and waving the yellow towel 😉

    Other moments that stand out – Chris & Terri’s talks; they both throw touchdowns every time they get behind a mike 🙂 Pastor Davey’s service on Sunday. Wow. He is simply awesome – please continue to invite him back. Bill’s talk about the ‘layers’ ( it was great to hear it again after his ‘Success talk’ a few weeks earlier ) Lastly, your talk on Saturday, Orrin – powerful topic and an arrow that hit the target!

    Bonus moment was all the recognition! The trips & PPs; for a 1 year old company using age old, proven principles of systems, it was awesome to see.

    Blessings, best regards, & smiles from Kaizen country!

  98. Kirk Porter said

    Awesome weekend Big O !!! Best Major yet!!!!!

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