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Posted by Orrin Woodward on November 2, 2012


Chris Brady did it again. For months, he kept a torrent pace of emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings to influence me on the importance of LIFE skills training for youth. The results of his efforts have blown us all away. The Edge Series alone is surging past 6,000 subscribers! In fact, many of the kids are earning the money and paying for their own subscription. How do I know this? Because anyone 12 years old or above can attend a LIFE event, and the amount of adolescent boys and girls attending seminars has increased dramatically. When I speak across the USA and Canada, I routinely have multiple boys and girls, dressed in business attire, tell me their story as they ask me to sign a book or their Edge Subscription.

Leadership and life skills are crucial in a person’s life. Why wait until after the school years to realize this? Why not give your kids an EDGE? The first EDGE is parents who model the right behaviors, and the second is the Edge Series delivered directly to the home of hungry kids wanting to learn the principles of success. Packed full of stories from the successful men and women in the LIFE business, along with exclusive interviews with top names in athletics and business, the Edge Series has become one of the favorite products in LIFE. What the Mental Fitness Challenge is to adults, the Edge Series is for youth. A huge thank you goes to Chris Brady and all of the speakers who have made the Edge Series what it is. Below is a video that describes the Edge Series.


Orrin Woodward

44 Responses to “LIFE EDGE Series”

  1. Aron said

    The Edge Series has quickly become our household’s favorite. Whether it is a pro soccer player, a successful business owner, the County Undersheriff or a 13 year-old standing for a cause, each one of the talks has been worn out in our CD players. Thanks to Chris Brady for pursuing the cause of Freedom and Truth to the next generations.
    God bless,

  2. Janet Davidson said

    The EDGE is for everyone! Too many good lessons for everyone’s life. Thanks for always thinking of how to taking “tried and true wisdom” and bringing it to the 21st century.

  3. Maura Galliani said

    Yes, a big thanks to Chris Brady! Although I don’t have children, I’m passing out the Edge cd’s to prospects that DO have kids. Just another tool to help my business grow, and to get Team LIFE’s cause in the spotlight! Fired up!!

  4. Tonya Hartmann said

    Thank you Chris Brady for your dedication and hard work for the children and for the future generations of children’s lives that are affected by The Edge Series. Our 3 boys love the Edge Series! They take pride and ownership in those cd’s which is priceless to Mike and I.

  5. Peggi Kern said

    I love the Edge series! I’m a former preschool teacher and have LOVED the Team/LIFE cds and books, first because what they’ve done for me and next what they can do for the parents of these kids. NOW with the Edge series, parents have an additional tool to use with their adolescent, teenage and young adult children! These cds provide a topic for open discussion! Imagine communicating with your teenager in a day and time when 95% of the parents don’t know how to bridge the communication gap. In addition to this info getting into the lives of families, I’ve got a teacher and coach friend who is using the cds to keep her athletes & students thinking success!

  6. Clint Fix said

    The EDGE series CDs are some of my favorite to listen to! I love their high energy and often times humorous stories about overcoming and persistence.

  7. jimmy varghese said

    Orrin.. I have to confess. i listen to the EDGE series too! I love it. It’s so cool that this information has been made available to the younger generation. Why not learn about leadership as a teen??? or character or integrity or conflict resolution for that matter! We are in an information age and the LIFE materials are information that we cannot do without! Thank you Orrin and PC!

  8. Bob Rasmussen said

    Orrin, the Edge Series is spot on. Our kids love it and have even shared it with others. The CD on Self Talk was a big help for our daughter Jessie when she was competing in horse shows this summer. She listened to it several times and I even heard her refer the CD to one of her friends. It doesn’t get any better than that. Thanks to the insight and creativity of Chris Brady and PC for bringing the Edge advantage into our family. Tina Raz

    • pat edwards said

      Bob, I agree, positive self talk is so important, especially in girls. My daughter really enjoys them, I do too! lol

  9. The EDGE series has been an incredible addition to the LIFE program. We have had so many kids that have been excited to be a part of it! Thanks Chris for all your hard work!


  10. The Edge series is not only loved by the youth but it is also the favorite of many adults!! Thanks guys

  11. Mark haas said

    Orrin, my 11 year old son Adam just sold his first edge cd to his brother (9) Aaron soccer coach. His approach is to sell the individual cd for $20 to make a $10 comission. His pitch is to really promote the value of a $10/month subscription. For that we will give him our $5 per month comission on the customer. All 5 of our kids listen to Edge regularly and they will have an advantage over all the other kids who don’t. Thanks for this valuable opportunity to help shape our youth! God bless

  12. Don and Jan Fallis said

    The EDGE series is a great gift to our Grand Children. Great way to stay connected in their lives as we ask the question. How can they apply this information into their life?

  13. Tina A. Abernathy said

    Orrin our kids are enjoying and learning from the EDGE series. At first they were not all that excited about it but after listening to the first one it has not been an issue. They don’t have a choice about listening but if they write a report we reward them with $5 and let’s just say there has not been a month missed!!

    These materials are worth more than the $10 subscription price and let us not forget that our children are often sent to a time and place we may never see so let’s give them principles to live by and articulate now so that “place” is better off because they are there.



  14. Tammy Darling said

    The Edge CDs rock!!! Thank you for thinking out of the box & totally leading the way!

  15. pat edwards said

    Our family loves the EDGE cd series.

  16. Jamie Jewer said

    Our daughter is an EDGE subscriber, and she absolutely loves it. In fact, she frequently asks when her next one will arrive – she can’t wait to get it!

    Recently, she shared one of the editions (the one with Wesley and Claude) with the Principal at her school to support the efforts of their Social Justice Committee that my daughter and son participate in so the whole team could hear about the difference Wesley has made and that it is possible for ANYONE to have a significant impact on an entire community.

    The EDGE program is definitely helping my daughter understand success principles – I’d fully recommend this subscription to anyone.

    Chris (and Orrin), thanks for bringing this idea to LIFE!

  17. Matt Mielke said

    The kids in our family love it, that includes the young ones too 🙂

  18. Eben Smith said

    That is truly awesome 6,000 subscibers for the Edge series.

  19. Sherry Fix said

    I totally agree with you Orrin. My 12 year old buys her own subscription of the Edge series and has asked if they get a book too. She loves the stories and my husband and I love listening to them too. I have really enjoyed them and get a couple extra every month to hand out to others. GREAT product!
    Thanks to Chris and all of the policy council on this series!

  20. Orrin, the EDGE CD series is fantastic…every young person should be on it. Keep leading…thanks for all you and Laurie do…it is greatly appreciated!

  21. Juleen Ray said

    Thank you so much for creating this wonderful series to share timeless truths with the next generation.

  22. Tony and Sharon Hoffman said

    Raising the next generation of leaders! Personally…when our subscriptions arrive, I listen to the EDGE series first!!! My favorite…brings out the kid in me!!!

  23. Lindsey said

    Our son Calvin loves getting his Edge cd in the mail and listening to it! It warms my heart that my 7year old son can plug into the same information and principle based teaching that has made his daddy so great! Thanks!

  24. The EDGE series is making such an impact with the next generation. I already know of a Middle School youth mentoring program leveraging the EDGE CD’s and many different HS sports coaches using these audios to teach leadership principles off the field/court. This was a genius idea & I know we are only seeing a small potential impact compared to what we will see with this in the future!

  25. Steve Leurquin said

    There is a large school district in our area that is looking at using the EDGE series as part of it’s after school program! Exciting things are happening from a company that is putting a much needed and great product for so many to learn from.

  26. Thank you for sharing the fantastic news re: the newest subscription series, Orrin.

    I agree completely w/ Kristen above; this is a drop in the proverbial bucket with what the eventual impact of this series will be over the next several years. Imagine when we hit year 5 and beyond and we’re past 50 to 100,000!

    Like other commenters above, even though I’m a 30-something w/ no kids of my own, I love listening to EDGE myself, and wish I’d have learned this information in my conveyor belt education years; there were times that my self-talk, attitude, and dream building abilities were each at their ebb tide(s), and only if these CDs were around!

    I see it as part of my mission to share these with as many as I can — pay it forward, serve, share, and be a blessing to others younger than I 🙂

  27. Orrin the Edge series has made an impact in our family. Every month the kids are so excited to get their cd and listen to it. Lisa has even incorporated the talks on the Edge series into our home schooling. I can only imagine the difference this will have in our kids lives learning great principles so early in life!

  28. Tim Samuels said

    Our 10 year old daughter is reading books to earn money to pay for her edge cd and has been promoting it to her friends at school. It is an awesome addition to her life.


  29. robert wilcox said

    I love the proactive stance you and Pc take on every aspect Leading Growing and Moving forward… many times i have said over and over in my head “I wish i would have learned this in my 20s!” Well you guys did it … not only for the 20 somethings but teens! Fantastic movement for teens and getting the EDGE they deserve; to help them think! Changing the culture of America starting with our children and leading by example. What a great series!

  30. The EDGE series is AMAZING! I love it! I love that we can promote this to kids, and the best part- kids are using it to get GREAT results in life!
    Thank you Chris Brady and everyone else for making this great series!

  31. jeff lawrence said

    You guys never stop amazing me with your marketing! Thanks for making it so easy to promote!

  32. Orrin,

    The EDGE series is one of my favorite of all Cd’s. I can’t wait for them and I agree with Tony Hoffman, it DOES bring out the KID in me!!

    Powerful stuff – Keep them coming!

  33. Wade & Rhonda Hamblin said

    Orrin, I am loving the EDGE Series of CDs! This is a fantastic subscription for the young adults as well as us parents too. Very inspiring knowing that other professions such as athletes, 13 year old difference makers have the same success story that we all will have in order to become successful….. DREAM, STRUGGLE, VICTORY!

  34. Anna Walsh said

    I love the Edge series! It is my favorite CD to pass along to folks young and old that I meet as I go about my business.

  35. Elizabeth said

    Thanks Chris! Although we don’t have children, we subscribe to the EDGE. The CD’s are so relatable and the parents that we expose to the business love this as an option for their teens.

  36. Jim Martin said

    My kids love the edge series CDs!! When they see it come in the mail they grab it and put it in the CD player that plays throughout the house. Thanks for producing leadership CDs that our kids and I love.

  37. Jeremy Arena said

    Love the EDGE series! One of my highlights of the month!

  38. Stuart Colvin said

    The EDGE series is fantastic, I too can’t wait to listen to them when they arrive and immediately think of people I need to share the CDs with! Thanks Chris and all the PC.

  39. Jammie Fisher said

    I love this series and am seeing it influence people of all ages. Our kids 7 and 6 routinely ask for the cd to be played or if their system has arrived. The great thing is that they have examples of children doing great things or people who overcame events in their childhood to chase down some pretty amazing things as adults. I hear them talking to other kids about it and that is exciting. We talk a lot about the fact that either others are our mission field to help for the positive or we are their mission field to influence in whatever they are about and that can sometimes be good and sometimes not. Thank you for bringing this series to LIFE!

  40. Carrie Canniff said

    Our entire family enjoys the Edge! Thank you for the positive input for so many!

  41. Kim Decker said

    Yes to get our children(grandchildren) involved early is great…the new generation surely needs help. Thank you for this post

  42. Sheryl Bierling said

    The Edge series is so great anyone can benefit from it!

  43. Josh Libolt said

    The Edge series is what our youth needs. Thank you for the life changing information LIFE business.

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