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    Orrin made the Top 20 Inc. Magazine Leadership list & has co-founded two multi-million dollar leadership companies. Currently, he serves as the Chairman of the Board of the LIFE. He has a B.S. degree from GMI-EMI (now Kettering University) in manufacturing systems engineering. He holds four U.S. patents, and won an exclusive National Technical Benchmarking Award.

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LIFE Leadership: First Year Results

Posted by Orrin Woodward on November 5, 2012

LIFE Leadership Results

LIFE Business Founders

LIFE Business Founders

Just over a year ago this week, the LIFE Leadership launched in North America. Amid much fanfare, several best-selling authors and top leaders partnered together in the community building business with a goal to end the decline of North American morale and productivity. When opportunity and preparedness meet, success must happen. The LIFE founders were prepared and, thanks to God’s grace, the opportunity presented itself to do something in the leadership field that had never been done before. With the  LIFE founders (pictured above), the LIFE Leadership exceeded even my highest expectations for the first year.

For instance:

1. LIFE Leadership surpassed 100% increase in subscriptions of the LIFE and LLR Series in under one year of business.
2. LIFE Leadership launched the Mental Fitness Challenge and sold thousands of 90-day challenges throughout North America.
3. LIFE Leadership paid out over $1,800,000 in end-of-year bonuses and free trips its first year.
4. The LIFE business paid out over 70% bonuses on its product volume points in its first year in business.
5. Rob Hallstrand, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Team and President of LIFE Leadership, coordinated operations for both companies, and combined sales blew past $50,000,000 (with LIFE leading the charge) from the Flint, Michigan based office. Chris Brady and I have had many great years since forming our first leadership training company in 1999, but nothing feels as good as having the best sales and profits ever this past fiscal year.
6. Team training produced its best operating margins ever (of which 100% of profits flow back to field trainers), as Mr. Hallstrand continued his dramatic turnaround of Team operations. In fact, employee cost-per-profit-dollar has decreased over six times in his three years as COO, leading to increased bonuses for field trainers and office staff—a truly stunning performance.
7. Customers composed nearly 20% of total LIFE Leadership subscriptions in its first year. Considering new members have six months to learn how to develop customers, this number will only grow as members complete training. What other community building business hits 20% customer subscriptions in its first year?
8. The LIFE business launched the Edge Series for youth and has added thousands of satisfied families in LIFE’s first year.

Happy Birthday LIFE Leadership

There are more details to follow in the coming months, but I wanted to report on a fantastic first year and celebrate LIFE’s birthday with all of you. The LIFE founders have several new products in the works to take the LIFE business to the next level, so get ready! Thank you to everyone involved in making this achievement possible, from customers, members, founders, and the office staff. Happy Birthday, LIFE! And congratulations to all of you who persisted in the accomplishment of the noble mission to change North America (and eventually the world), one person at a time!


Orrin Woodward

399 Responses to “LIFE Leadership: First Year Results”

  1. Tammy Darling said

    It’s a GREAT LIFE!!! Happy Birthday!!!! 🙂

    • Pam said

      What other companies out there in this rough world we live in are having as much fun as we are just by truly making a difference in the every day lives of people while being compensated!! One year down and a life time to grow!! My husband and I thank you for everything thing you founders do to make our lives better. We would also like to thank you for all the leaders you develop along the way to help lead people like my husband and I to a better life for that we will always be eternally grateful. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

    • MARK OSBORN said

      Tammy, I was in Kansas City and heard you and your husband speaking. I’m in muskogee oklahoma I would like to contact you guys about meetings and seminars in tulsa.

  2. John HATCHELL said

    Makes a person “Authentic” to be a part of this business. No back door deals no good ole boy system. Truly a business that embodies fellowship and trust. Thank You for letting me and my family be a part of a business legacy ! luv u guys!!!

  3. Wow!!! Awesome article…awesome results…it’s going to be an exciting journey. Thanks Orrin!

  4. Kody Ellis said

    Life has been this past year one of the greatest experience of my life so far! Learning from the founders, reading and listening to the books and cd’s that they suggest have changed the way I think and act completely. There isn’t a better product out there that will help people find the results many are looking for.

    And to think, only more lives are going to be changed as we keep growing and expanding like the founders have envisioned.

    Thank you to the founders for all the work they’ve put into this business for the average person!


  5. Jammie Fisher said

    LOVE IT!

    Team Stealth RADARvision 180.

  6. I was just reading the story of the McDonald brothers and in there first 3 years(trying to expand franchise ) were only able to sell the idea to 10 people who opened a McDonalds . Compare that to LIFE! WOW !!!! Where will we be in 5 years!!!!

  7. Marc-André Therrien said

    Wow!!! Thanks to all the LIFE Founders for pursuing their dreams and helping thousands more get theirs! Incredible results for 1 year old company. LIFE is going mainstream!

  8. Happy Birthday LIFE!

  9. Clint Fix said

    That’s awesome! I’m proud to be associated with such a great company. The LIFE business has a very bright future!

  10. Thank you for making a lot of dreams come to reality. And just to know that this is just the beginning! Fired up! GBY

  11. Thanks for sharing this post! LIFE is off to an amazing start! I feel so blessed to be a part of a great company that is making a difference for so many! If we can accomplish all of this in one year imagine what we will do in our life time!

  12. steve sager said

    What other companies are having this much fun by truly making a difference in the every day lives of people…… while being compensated!! One year down and a life time to grow!! 1 million!! THANK YOU PC!!

    Stealth180 United Forces!!

    Steve Sager

  13. Patrice Caldwell said

    That is IMPRESSIVE!! That is more proof we are doing the right thing and are linked up with an organinzation that is all about the people. How blessed we are to be a part of it. Happy Birthday and many more to come. Thank you LIFE founders for all your sacrifices and courage you have put into creating what LIFE is today. God Bless you!

  14. Tina A. Abernathy said

    Happy Birthday LIfe and many many more!!!!

    We are extremely excited about what this business and LIFE changing information is doing and will do in the lives of millions op people across the globe.


  15. Lisa Mangold said

    What an honor to get to be a small part of this a fantastic project!
    Looking forward to celebrating many more LIFE birthdays!!

  16. I get chills reading this Orrin! So excited for the future and all the people we are able to reach with this information. The new people coming on board will never have to experience the past struggles of change and will have such an incredible opportunity to transform their lives faster than ever before. Fired up stuff!!

  17. Alicia Johanning said

    AHHHH THIS IS SO FIRED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Chad Sutkay said


    Thank you for an incredible opportunity and amazing year! We feel blessed to be working with a team of leaders with so much vision, character, and integrity.

    God Bless and congrats to all of us!
    Chad Sutkay

  19. Cody Newton said

    The beginning of 1 million

  20. Jerry Chen said

    Happy Birthday, LIFE! Not only is this a monumental first year for the concept and PEOPLE that I have adored and embraced for 8 years… It is also meaningful on many different levels! The reality is that as I become more seasoned and mature in LIFE, I become more and more amazed by what VALUE the LIFE business has to offer 🙂 Thank you, LIFE, for being abundant and awesome!

  21. Judy and Marlan Henry said

    Orrin, I knew it would be a great first year! Marlan and I are so excited to be part of this straight up trend from day one. Thank you, LIFE founders.

  22. Kyle Combes said

    Awesome! Fired Up LFE!

  23. Kathy Paullin said

    Wow! LIFE has come a long way in just one year. We are witnessing lives being changed as a result of LIFE’s first class information. We are so proud to be associated with you and all of the LIFE founders!

  24. Maura Galliani said

    Happy birthday, LIFE, and congratulations/thank you to EVERYBODY! Fired up!!

  25. Jim Martin said

    Those numbers are Awesome Orrin but I have a great belief those numbers will double again in this second year of Life!!! Thanks for all you do.

    Jim Martin

  26. Huey Barnett said

    WOW! Having over 30 years experience in the industry, I have never seen such a business relative to its significance, quality of life-changing products, character of leadership, and purpose. I thank God for the opportunity to be part of something so good and so big. Thanks Orrin and Policy Council for your top quality leadership. Happy Birthday!!

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Huey, You have witnessed so much in this profession. I am humbled and thankful for this opportunity to do something great!

  27. An amazing year! Thanks so much to the founders for putting together this unbelievable company!! ONE MILLION PEOPLE IS ON THE HORIZON!!

  28. Orrin,

    Congratulations on your 1st years success of LIFE!
    This is an awesome accomplishment and I know a dream of yours.

    I am honored to be a part of the LIFE and TEAM communities and look forward to being a part of 2 companies that I believe will make history as well have a huge impact on the people we touch.

    Thanks for never giving up on your dream and having the vision and commitment to make this a reality.

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Greg, Thanks bro! I have learned so much over the past five years on forming the right team, with the right mission, for the right reason. We have the team, mission, and people in place to finish this and I am proud to be in business with you and the rest of the LIFE community! God Bless, Orrin

      • PappaBiggs said

        “forming the right team, with the right mission, for the right reason” care to direct me to particular audios or books on these three focus points?!?!

  29. Tim Miller said

    Happy Birthday Life. Great times now and to come!

  30. Kirk Birtles said

    Orrin… Happy birthday to LIFE and congratulations to you and the other LIFE founders! Its just the beginning of a compensated community revolution! Proud of you, kb

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Kirk, The first five years will set us on a record-breaking course!

      • That’s exciting Orrin, I’m with ya all the way! A lot of companies break records but only few effect lives and families the way lIFE & TEAM do. Thanks so much for staying strong and not buckling under fire.

  31. Tim Jarvinen said

    Scoreboard don’t lie!!!
    Giving LIFE to 1 million people and beyond!

  32. Michael Hartmann said

    Congratulations on the amazing success of LIFE! This first year of results is just the tip of the spear of much more success and prosperity while making a difference in the nation our children will one day inherit.

    Onward and upward to 1,000,000 people!

  33. Neera Puri said

    Happy Birthday Life.

    I just wanted to thank Laurie Woodward for the moving stories she has shared in the Life products that are impacting families.

    As a Psychologist it has gotten to my heart and soul to see stories like Laurie’s shifting the lives of children and parents who need this help desperately.

    I only wish we each had two lives to share this with more people. People in other countries outside of North America will greatly benefit from Life also.

    May we all remember we are connected and this first birthday is just the beginning of helping our planet heal.

    Dr. Neera Puri

    • Kirk Birtles said


      Cant agree more. Laurie Woodward, Terri Brady, and all of the LIFE leading ladies have mastered the craft of teaching through story! Looking forward to taking this truth-heralding machine international!!


  34. Mary Mazur said

    You and Chris promised to fix the industry and you sacrificed so much to lead the charge. We r so thankful we ve stuck thru the thick and thin and grew stronger thru it all! LIFE is exactly what families need to equip them in all areas of their life! Thank u for glorifying God and Christ thru your servant hood and leadership! We Are the Light of the World! Proudly part of patriot Revolution!

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Mary, I have had so much help from the PC in getting this airplane off the ground. Now it’s time to go warp speed!

  35. matt ruhlman said

    that is a pretty amazing total of sales more then 50000000 in the first 12 months!

  36. Scott Reinhold said

    Thank you to the LIFE Founders for creating the best business out there! It’s so amazing to see where LIFE and TEAM has taken us in one year! My wife and I have loved the materials from day one and has changed our lives drastically for the better. We now have the same goal! Thanks again, TEAM Office and LIFE Founders
    Scott Reinhold

  37. Dennis Sands said

    Happy birthday may our success continue to grow God bless

  38. Mary Mazur really hit the nail on the head. I couldn’t have put it better =) Thank you Orrin, Chris and the rest of the LIFE founders for showing us all the way and helping us be trailblazers for others! Let’s change the world…One Million…

  39. jimmy varghese said

    all i can say is full steam ahead! we are so laser focused now that the LIFE business will be the next book jim collins writes about! from good to great to get out of the way!!!! thank you orrin and pc for making a business that will save our country and world.

  40. Elaine Mallios said

    Wow what a great year! You guys did an awesome job and worked very hard for that phenomenal growth and stats. We are so proud to be part of such a wonderful organization and business is booming! We own a few other businesses, real estate, nursing homes, restaurant, golf course and nothing is as much fun, fulfilling and greatest potential. An exciting future is in store.

  41. Rick & Bonnie Farrand said

    What a blessing LIFE has been in our journey. Thank you so much for your committment in making the world a better place on family at a time!

  42. What an amazing first year, but I think the second an third are going to explode!

  43. Son and Jan Fallis said

    Having watched this from the front row, all we can say is “Just Getting Started. Wait untill another year.”
    Don and Jan Fallis

    • Sherry Pries said

      Amen. Learning is VERY exciting and with the materials (products) this LIFE business produces, it is only going to get better & better. Thanks Orrin & founders, Jen & Eric Blomdalh, Don & Jan Fallis, Tom & Liz Moris, Pat & Paula Edwards. 1,000,000 PEOPLE!!!!

  44. Ashlyn Jacks said

    FIRED UP, fired up, fired up!!! This past year has been AMAZING! Thank you SO much to the founders and leaders of the Life-Team business! You truely are making a difference in people’s lives.

  45. AWESOME! Congratulations to You and Laurie! I can’t comprehend the hours you’ve prayed and worked to make this a reality! THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER! So excited and HONORED to be a part of Life and your team!

    • Kirk Birtles said


      I am so proud of you for showing up in Southfield a couple of Tuesdays ago even though you were not on the schedule! Way to go!!


  46. Scott Staley said

    This is so awesome! This birthday marks a significant step along the path to 1 million and beyond. Thank you so much for persisting and making this a reality.

    God bless.

  47. jandmlewis said

    I continue to be amazed by the impact that this business model is having on mainstream North America. Thank you to the LIFE Founders for designing a business that is helping so many people in so many ways.

    John & Michele

  48. Dave Stadel said

    LIFE has been a real game changer in my family’s life. The past 12 months have been a great start and we’re looking forward to more of the journey. Thanks Orrin!

  49. dan oleary said

    this is amazing! I am so proud to be a member of this organization! this is truly only the beginning of a long needed revolution. congratulations to the life/team leaders and all involved, and thank you for your vision and courage that has truly changed my life!

  50. Christine Brown said

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIFE!! I am so thankful to my friend who thought of me and introduced me to LIFE and its amazing Community of People! My life and that of my children are changing for the better and in turn, the people around us. I have never felt such warmth and acceptance. I feel like I am apart of a huge family! Success in all areas of our lives, fun, loyalty, so much more AND compensation! As my 4yr old daughter now says daily, “FIRED UP, FIRED UP, FIRED UP!!!”

  51. Outstanding! What an awesome start to the LIFE business. May the efforts of our entire Team continue to be blessed.

  52. Jeremy Arena said

    Thanks for the updates Orrin! That is way fired up 🙂 I am so grateful to be a part of TEAM LIFE! 1 million people!

  53. george guzzardo said

    Orrin, Sounds like we’re just getting warmed up! Hey, it’s 3am, are you up 🙂

  54. Will Johanning said

    I can’t believe we get to be a part of the next wave. LIFE is seriously the next Apple. LIFE is THE NEXT BIG THING! But not only that—it’s the next movement that will change the world!

  55. Heather Coleman said

    Congratualtions to Orrin and Chris and all the other leaders for persisting and developing such a meaningful business that is changing so many lives.
    A thank you must also go to Jerry and Polly Harteis for believing in us here in Auatralia.
    We have been watching the progress of Life with interest and enthusiasm since it launched in North America.
    Centurions Down Under have a made a commitment to do whatever it takes to be ready for the Life business in Australia.
    A well deserved Happy Birthday and Congratulations.

  56. Micah Kramer said


    Congratulations to you, Laurie, Chris, Terri, Tim, Amy, Claude, Lana, George, Jill, Bill, Jackie, Dan, Lisa, Rob, the RT and all of the LIFE TEAM Community on this historical achievement. My life has forever changed by the ripple effect of the sacrifices and COURAGE that you all have exemplified for the past 2 decades.
    If I’ve learned anything, it’s that there is a defeat in every victory and I trust that the best that LIFE has to offer, is yet to come. It is so humbling, yet encouraging to know that there are so many champions overcoming their critics, goliath’s and personal obstacles, to take LIFE by the horns and make decisions to WIN. I am SO honored and PROUD to be in the hunt with Jeff and Tammy Darling and some of the best servant leaders I’ve ever met. This isn’t easy, but every day it becomes more and more WORTH IT, thanks to your servant leadership and constant encouragement.

    God Bless,
    Micah Kramer

  57. Martin & Patsy Cormier said

    Thank you Orrin and Laurie and all the founders. You had the courage to stand up for what you believe and so many family will be impacted in a positive way. I sure feel this is the way to change the world. Our children, will have an example to follow…
    God Bless..

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Martin and Patsy, When the dream is big enough the courage must follow to make it happen! God is great!

  58. Keith Sieracki said

    Thanks for the hours of hard work behind the scenes to create a vehicle to help change the lives of so many people! We appreciate all that you all do!!! Congratulations!

  59. Kay Johnson said

    Talk about making dreams come true! How amazing! First year just one small step.But i cant call it small!! All the lives that have been changed. Thank you for all of your sacrifices. It just takes a small number of people to create a change. I feel a change coming!

  60. John Mossner said

    Thank you to all the founders of LIFE for launching this company, adding one-time cash awards, adding free trips to run after, tweaking it to where there are points for leadership meetings, and then throwing fuel on the fire by lowering the cost of entry if people start with a subscription. Think of where this company will be next year with the growth rates we are now experiencing in the last few months! Think of where everyone personally can be in a year sharing the business and product line with others! Happy FIRST Birthday, LIFE!

  61. Orrin:

    I love this article because the numbers speak for themselves. It’s been an extremely busy year, but as you’ve shown, a super successful one. We not only launched a groundbreaking company, but posted record numbers that same year. I am perhaps most proud of our customer numbers and the excellent products we’ve introduced into the marketplace, with the MFC taking the flagship position.

    A special thank you to the LIFE Business founders and all the participants who helped make this happen. Congratulations on a spectacular opening year. Here’s to even more incredible heights in 2013!

    Chris Brady

  62. Trish Rusiecki said

    I just want to give the Policy Council and all the people behind the scenes a HUGE shout out!!! WOOOO WHOOO FIRED UP!!! LIFE has been the Best thing that has happened to me in a long time!! Liife has helped me in all 8 areas of my LIFE including other family members and friends as well!! This first year has been AWESOME!!! There have been so many positives changes since Life started. I love how Life make so many positive impacts in everyone’s life. Life is what our country needs deseperately right now. We need to get back to the America that our founding fathers fought so desperately hard for and even died for!!! With Life I totally BELIEVE in my heart we will get America back with Morales, integrity and free enterprise!
    Trish Rusiecki

  63. Trish Rusiecki said

    I also want to THANK all Policy Council for all their persisent Hard work and dedication to their dream of helping one million people!!! All of you are 100% people of morals, values and integrity!! I am proud to be a part of TEAM LIFE!! Trish Rusiecki

  64. Justin and Amber Rowe said

    We are so proud to be apart of this incredible organization! Thank you for your character driven leadership! One Million People is just the beginning!
    Team Action

  65. Sharon Hoffman said

    Happy Birthday LIFE….and many more!!!
    So excited for the future and so thankful for the blessings of the PAST that have brought us to today!!! TO GOD be the glory!!! Great things HE hath done in the lives of so many affiliated with LIFE!!!
    Thanks ORRIN and LAURIE and the PC for your leadership!!! We know WHO you are following..Our loving and gracious Heavenly FATHER!!!

    Sharon Hoffman

  66. Tim Samuels said

    Awesome article Orrin, it is so awesome being associated with with a group that has these results!


  67. Larry Van Buskirk said

    Incredible job! I’m proud to be even a small part of an organization that stands for worthwhile entrepreneurial accomplishment!

  68. Jennifer Blomdahl said

    Those are amazing results after only a year. It’s only going to grow from here. Thanks for leading the way. And a big thank you to all Life Founders and Life/Team office staff for all the selfless effort you’ve put in to creating and incredible business.

  69. Mark Tucker said

    This is amazing and the PC just keeps making things better! The future is very bright!

  70. Peter Finlay said

    Congratulations Orrin and the rest of the L.I.F.E. Founders. You have all achieved awesome results for a first year company that would have to be the envy of many others around the world. We in Australia are looking forward to the commencement of L.I.F.E. out here. We have over 20,000,000 people that need the business down under. What a wonderful world it will be when every politician and lawyer on the planet become members or customers. Happy Birthday and thank you for the correct information every month.


  71. Orrin this is absolutely AMAZING results for the first 12 months, and based on the extreme momentum created by the HUGE PowerPlayer explosion we just witnessed, we are truly just getting started!!
    Thanks to you and the entire PC for your vision and servant leadership.
    God Bless.

  72. Eben Smith said

    Fired up!!!!!! I am very proud to be apart of this cause.

  73. Ryan Dilag said

    Hi Orrin,

    Thank you for your commitment to LIFE and Team! Just as you have committed to us, I am committing to go Triple Power Player by Leadership in January. Tim and Chris Mattis (my mentor) can count on me to do whatever it takes to reach my goal. Our team’s honor is on the line and I must lead by example!

    Thank you Orrin for giving me the opportunity to achieve the life I always wanted!



  74. Mike Bouknight said

    Thank you Orrin and LIFE founders for so many amazing products that are helping to change North America, and the world, one life at a time.

  75. Michael Stithem said

    What an amazing 1st year. You have done an amazing job leading the charge. You have truly made a great impact in thousands of lives. One million here we come.

  76. Carrie Canniff said

    Happy birthday LIFE!!

  77. Emma Horvath said

    WOW! Amazing results in just one year, but I guess that’s what happens when leaders of character and integrity decide to come together and do something great for the right reasons at the right time! LIFE is changing the world one person and one family at a time…. thank you to the founders for offering hope to so many families through the LIFE business!

    Happy Birthday LIFE!

  78. Tom Moris said

    What a great first year, The growing pains are behind us and now the 2nd year will be even better. We do make a difference in peoples lives. Things are tough out there and people are looking and becoming more open minded. They are waking up to the fact that something is definitely wrong with our economy, government,and costs of goods and wanting to know how and why this has happened. LIFE provides the TRUE answers, when very few others are. Tom and Liz Moris

  79. Proud to be part of a great business. Happy birthday LIFE!

  80. I amazes me I get to be a part of such a positive, life changing group of leaders all focused on serving others and helping them overcome their circumstances and succeed
    Thank You Orrin, Chris, Tim &All the Founders
    What a Gift You’ve Given to the World – Chris M

  81. Jeff Campbell said

    So grateful for my friend persistently inviting me to come meet her mentor. My life will never be the same thanks to The Policy Council and Chris Mattis. I’m ready for an even better next year!

  82. Allen said

    Incredible first year we are so excited to be a part of the LIFE revalution/biz.

  83. Alesha said

    What a phenomenal year it’s been. I’ve never been more sold on what we really do, changing lives. God Bless or founders.

  84. Jo'juan Johnson said

    It’s been amazing and fulfilling to be a part of the LIFE Business. The growth and changes that I’ve seen in myself, in my relationships with family and friends, and most importantly in my Faith have been amazing to me. I’m very proud to be a part of this life changing organization at the beginning of it’s pivotal mission at such a pivotal time in human history.

    Happy Birthday LIFE

  85. Sherri Emerson said

    So proud to be part of LIFE– happy birthday!

  86. Valeria Mattis said

    Sweet! This is fired up!!!!!

  87. Lila said

    Most influential birthday of my life!

  88. Jeff Darling said

    Awesome Post, again!! Thanks for everything Orrin! What an opportunity we have to continue the trend and do something GREAT!! We are ready to play a big part in going to 1 MILLION and beyond.
    Happy Birthday LIFE!

  89. Holger said

    That is awesome!! We consider it a great blessing and quite an honor to be involved with LIFE and follow Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady!! We have seen lives change for the better through the LIFE materials, starting with our own. Just the things we learned from a 90 day focus on parenting using the MFC, were worth the money we have invested in ourselves with LIFE materials.

    Some people may say, “that doesn’t work!”, but I say, “It’s not working pretty good!!!”

    God Bless!


    • Kirk Birtles said

      Amen Holger! I just came back from Thanksgiving with some family and friends. Its a hurting, truth starved world out there. God has given us this LIFE business to make a difference. Let’s not take this for granted and give it all we got on our way to 100 million in year #2. kb

  90. Great results!

  91. Jen Knight said

    So thankful to be part of the huge difference the LIFE company is making in America. Together we can achieve our own personal growth goals and be the change we want to cause.

    Can’t wait for what’s to come,

    Jen Knight

  92. robert wilcox said

    Wow! We are truly blessed to be involved in a historical event! Every household … every university and school across the nation and around the world will be plugging into LIFE! Thanks for having a vision and following it … creating a vision for us and setting the example.

  93. Mike Stratman said

    Thanks Mr. Woodward for having the courage to swim against the current. You and the PC have created more than just a business in that I met my beautiful wife, Mentor (Mattis) and awesome friends being involved in the community. My head, heart and will have aligned and that is why I have committed to Chris Mattis to give everything I have to go triple this cycle. “CHEWING NAILS!”

  94. jenn said

    Fired up!! way to save the country

  95. Tim marks said

    God has blessed us big time!!

    Check out this post also

  96. Justin Stevens said

    This is so awesome, it literally has given me hope, a relationship with my dad and money in my pocket. We are the real deal, it’s so awesome!

  97. The facts are the facts!! On our way to 1 million!! Ya baby!!

  98. Jeff Guttman said

    I worked for 35 years as an engineer for GM after attending Kettering University. I admire Orrin for being able to act on his awareness that he was not leading the life he wished. It amazes me that he was able to develop a system for people to use as a vehicle to pursue their dreams. I plugged in, I’m fired up! Thanks, Orrin.

  99. Nancy Pope said

    I am so thankful to be a part of this organization. More than anything I am watching as groups are exploding in ALL parts of the country. We are just getting started to get momentum, so we haven’t even come close to full speed, but when we hit full stride! WATCH OUT – here’s to 1 Million People living the LIFE they’ve always wanted.

  100. bill lewis said

    These results are amazing. This all happened in one year and it happened while we were still making massive changes to our program. It is going to be great to see once the flow really starts moving. Life is going to make a huge difference in a lot of peoples lives. I am ecstatic to be part of something so great. Thanks to everyone who made this possible especially Orrin and Laurie.

    • Tim Jarvinen said

      Amen! Perfectly said.

    • Kirk Birtles said

      Pretty amazing to surpass 50 million in the first year considering we truly did not get dialed in till the last 3 months. Thanks to you Bill and to all the leaders for your courage and faithfulness. kb

  101. Pete & Chan Sladic said

    The mission has begun, we have lives to touch all over the world. We will do our part to reach one million and on,,, looking forward to LIFE ISLAND

  102. Ben and Cathy Kooi said

    An amazing 1st year! Thank you LIFE founders for working so hard to provide equal opportunity to all.

  103. Lloyd Lam said

    It is wonderful to know that a business focused on helping people is succeeding so well. Much better than reading about business that take advantage of people to make their money. Bravo!

  104. What will year 2 ,3,4, 20 look like!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at the first year of all the household name companies then compare. WOW!!!

  105. Brian said

    I thank GOD every day that he brought you and Bill into our lives. We are so proud to be a small piece of what this all represents. Restoring our nations biblical principles!
    Happy Birthday LIFE!!
    We Love You
    Brian n Sherry

    • Beth said

      and thank you, too Brian and Sherry, for passing LIFE principles down to us!!!

    • Jeff Taff said

      Dito to that! Words cannot express how grateful both Chantel and I are for having men and women such as yourselves in our lives. Thanks a million man. And I mean “1 million,” pun intended.

  106. Alissa VanSlembrouck said

    LIFE IS AWESOME!! Thank God for giving the leaders of this company the great vision and ability to help so many people. I am forever grateful to the leaders; each of the “F’s” are improving every day in my life!! 🙂

  107. Mike Gorski said

    Unbelievable! What a honor to be a part of such an incredible organization. LIFE is fantastic.

    • Jeff Taff said

      Fantastic is an understatement Mike. Quite possibly even the best thing ever…even beating out sliced bread by a few hundered thousand votes. Yep…this is the best thing ever…all 1 million hands down!

  108. Matthew Papp said

    This is the most rewording thing I’ve done because it pays me (very well) for improving myself and helping others improve themselves too. What a great combination!

  109. colleen drew said

    Most personal growth I have ever had in 1 year!

  110. Ed Zentner said

    LIFE does make a positive difference in a multitude of ways and we are just getting started. God honors commitment.

  111. Tony Jackson said

    We are so blessed to be apart of something that is having such a huge impact on the world.

  112. Joe Soncrainte said

    I just joined and I’m very excited. Thank you for this tremendous opportunity. Education of the truth is the key to a great country!

  113. Chris Gornik said

    The life business has changed my life for the better. Thank you TEAM for your hard work.

    • Jeff Taff said

      Chris, I hear ya bud. It’s almost beyond words trying to explain just what LIFE can do for you. I guess there’s only one simplified way to say it best, “Living Intentionally For Excellence” is what we are ALL doing. This is our mission. This is our purpose. This is our destiny. This…is our LIFE!!!

  114. Tamera Lowrie said

    We are so excited to be a part of this amazing company. We really do change lives and offer hope to others. God Bless!

  115. Wow the Team Training system pays out 100Pct Wow. This material has changed the life of my whole family, Thanks for the great info. Happy Thanksgiving

  116. Thank you Life Founders for following your dreams and giving us a vehicle to pursue ours. We’re all forever grateful!

  117. Landon said

    One household at a time! Thanks LIFE! Happy Birthday:)

  118. Stephen L. said

    Wow! What huge growth in only a year! I certainly have grown from my participation in the LIFE opportunity. Congratulations Orrin in making this vision reality.

  119. Tom and Susan Gumpert said

    Our congratulations and sincere thanks to you and the PC on the first anniversary of LIFE! Our lives have been so blessed by the information we are receiving, and by the relationships that we are building, through LIFE.

    We are committed to learning who we need to become, through LIFE, to touch the lives of others.

    Here’s to many more Happy Birthdays!

  120. Carrie Canniff said

    One of many happy, growing, and sharing years yet to come! Happy birthday LIFE!

  121. Brent Campau said

    Let’s keep it up!

  122. Heather Johnson said

    Wow! What an amazing year for LIFE. We are headed to 1 Million and beyond. I am so proud to be a part of LIFE and to keep moving forward on this exciting journey.

  123. Jeff and lita wolf said

    That is so awasome that this buisness is something that everyone needs and unlike college they pay you to grow yourself personally !
    Keep up the great job

  124. Steven Hullings said

    The LIFE business has been a “life” changer for my family. Through the financal information we have become debt free in under two years in the business. Our next goal is financial freedom. This will be done in 2013. The Life business has been the opportunity I’ve been looking for. This could not have been done in my “JOB”. I would have been on that hampster wheel continuously running for something and never going anywhere. Thank you Orrin and the rest of the policy council members.

  125. Sherry Fix said

    This business has done such fantastic things in my life that I can’t even imagine in my own mind why anyone would do anything else!
    We will be beyond the 1,000,000 mark and I believe it will happen very soon. Orrin and the rest of the policy council leading the charge we have no where to go but to “infinity and beyond”!!
    Thanks for everything.

  126. Michael Wickey said

    The LIFE Business is awesome! Where the leaders are taking it and going to millions of people.
    I’m also learning and growing by these products.

  127. CJ Calvert said

    Orrin, it’s no surprise that with such exceptional leaders, the LIFE business is exploding! Thank you for all that you and the PC do!

  128. Bill Ascol said

    This is remarkable news and further proof that we have our hands on something that is not only life-changing, but will ultimately make it possible to change our culture for the better.

  129. Clint said

    Results like that in one year of business?! Insane! I can’t wait to see year 2 numbers and hear the stories of all the lives changed.

  130. Sherry Powers said

    Happy Birthday Life, an awesome year and many more to come. Thanks Orrin Woodward and all the PC.

  131. Jeanie Bills said

    Happy Birthday L.I.F.E !! With L.I.F.E and TEAM my life has changed for the better. The Leaders and founders want so much to make our lives better. I love all the information to help ourselves and others. Our dreams will come true!

  132. Reid Waffle said

    Happy Birthday! We are so happy to have been invited to join this exciting journey. Your knowledge and willingness to share it overwhelms us. Thanks to you and all the PC.

  133. Thank You so much LIFE Founders: Orrin, Chris, Tim, Claude, Bill, George, Dan & Rob
    What an Incredible Future You have Created for so many of us
    This Amazing 1st Year of Growth is just the Beginning

  134. Heston Glenn said

    This business contains the keys to riches — both material and otherwise. The principles I’ve learned here have taught me how to act on my purpose, how to grow, how to change, and how to better my attitude. It’s also given me the fulfilling opportunity to be a part of changing other peoples lives.

  135. My husband and I always are trying to improve our way of thinking…This business focuses on helping people reach their goals and get the results they are looking for..the bonus to it all is freedom whether it is financial or personal. So many families and individuals are changing in a way that is improving their way of life….That is what it is all about…BRAVO! The LIFE Business is the key!

  136. April Arnhold said

    Helping so many in a time where the certain is now the uncertain. I am proud to be apart of the Life business.

  137. Ryan Calovich said

    Awesome first year!! Thank you so much to the founders for creating this company and being amazing servant leaders!

  138. Roger Miller said

    Thank you so much for creating a business where anyone can succeed if they are willing to do the work and plug into a mentoring system beyond belief. One where people actually have success in what they are teaching.

  139. Exciting Times.
    Exciting Leaders.
    The LIFE You Always Wanted to Live!

  140. Keith McGuire said

    The LIFE business has impacted my life in a dramatically positive way, the information is of such caliber and so easily digested. This information has allowed a me, a young guy to realize the importance of being thoughtful of my future and that of my kids someday! Everybody could use this information to at least join the many discussions going on in our countries and world today. Thank you LIFE founders for your sacrifice to allow this opportunity to anyone willing to learn!

  141. Roger Seymour said

    Life is simple the best opportunity available to the average person. Simple and easy to understand.

  142. Thanh Campbell said

    Never give up on your DREAM. Focus more on what’s to come… a windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror on purpose…what’s ahead is more important than your past. It’s how you finish, not where you started out.

  143. Jim Martin said

    Those number are amazing!!! Life is here to stay and getting stronger by the day!! Thanks to the PC for doing the leg work to get Life up and running and congrats to everyone who contributed to the growth of Life in its first year. The next year will be even bigger

  144. Chuck Reeves said

    This has been an awesome first year. Look forward to joining these awesome servant leaders on the journey for LIFE.

  145. Alaysha said

    It’s so exciting isn’t it! You truly are leaving a legacy and with results like this, we will make it to 1 million and beyond!

  146. Scott Keele said

    The LIFE material has had such an amazing impact in my life.

  147. Diann Schultz - VIP Phalanx said

    Wow! What a lot of progress for a 1 year old!

    • PappaBiggs said

      Great to be in the hunt with “the-TEAM” and Team VIP Phalanx. What a great and growing couple you are Don & Diann!!! A rising tide raises all ships. Jeri and I love the competition on Team VIP Phalanx.

  148. Brad Matuzak said

    No one i’d rather be following than the above leaders. They go above and beyond any and everything they say theyre going to do. Looking at the overall body of work from The TEAM and LIFE, the founders have advanced the organization and have given people more and more…and its always getting better!

  149. Happy Birthday LIFE!!! Live LIFE 2 Win

  150. Kenneth Hutchens said

    Happy Birthday! LIFE

  151. Juleen Ray said

    An outstanding first year!!! Happy Birthday LIFE!!!

  152. Judy Serafano said

    Orrin, Happy birthday to Life and congratulations to all the founders. This community is going to bust wide open to 1,000 PC members in no time. Life Island here we come. This country desperately needs a freedom shift and I thank you for getting us rolling in that direction.

  153. Now that if what I’m talkin’ about! Wow! Orrin, I pray that you continue to post the updates of the LIFE business frequently! This is so inspiring! Thanks & God bless!

  154. Bob said

    Life is Great! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  155. Terri Swartout said

    Happy birthday! Thanks to all the PC for all they do to make LIFE so great and life changing.

  156. Paul Miller said

    So proud to be involved with such a great group of people that are helping make such a huge difference

  157. Kalmy Feldman said

    Orrin thank you & all the PC for putting together such an amazing business where we all can have fun make money & make a difference, I can’t describe how much this information has already made a difference in my life in my marriage in understanding my kids & in dealing with people every day, I’m Honored to be one of the little shooters who keep on shooting in this big mission, 1 million people, FIRED UP!!

  158. leslie gates said

    Happy Birthday LIFE! It’s been a great first year looking forward to the future! The information provided is life changing in all areas and has impacted people to the core!

  159. Eric Totten said

    LIFE is an amazing company and has made an incredible change in my presonal relationships as well as my thinking. THANK YOU

  160. Wendy Stout said

    There are few words to decribe how LIFE has affected my life over the past year that would decribe the change and belief I have found in myself, all I can say is Thank You Orrin and all the TEAM. What a amazing adventure we are on, God Bless! And Happy Anniversary to LIFE what a year!

  161. Lanny Leonard said

    Thanks men of the policy counsel and founders. It has been a long time coming and required a lot of work, patience, and perseverence, but the first year of LIFE has been great!
    Here’s to the future, and many more lives changed for the better!

  162. Brian Montcalm said

    Thank You Orrin and Chris for believing in this LIFE COMMUNITY. God leads us on the journey he has set for us and he has lead me to join you gentlemen on a great journey towards the best life I can live with a great community of leaders!

  163. William Binder said

    We have been involved for some time now and this past year has certainly been the most enjoyable. The information and association has no compare.

  164. George Butz said

    WOW describes the first year. I am excited about the coming year.
    What is next? It just keeps getting better.

  165. MARIO VEGA said


  166. Happy Birthday L.I.F.E.! The positive effects L.I.F.E. has had on my life are too numerous to list. This is the real deal1

  167. Bob & Kim Lariviere said

    Thankful for all the valuable information we have gotten out of LIFE, in this first year. Happy Birthday! Looking forward to many more years of great information & the influences we can have on this country.

  168. PappaBiggs said

    LIFE supports and enhances LIVEs!!! Great post!

  169. Carolyn Binder said

    I’m so greatful for everything that the Team has to offer with LIFE. The principles of leadership and being a better person have affected and improved my family as a whole. We are growing stronger together as a unit and individually to achieve our personal best in life. I’m blessed to be connected with Team and Life.

  170. Sheri Lucas said

    Thanks to our PC! Feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful group!

  171. Karol Pykiet said

    It is a true pleasure to be striving to become better with winners of our Team VIP Phalanx! The information Life has to offer is world class. There is no better place to be right now than living and learning with “LIFE”!

  172. Zach Canniff said

    The first year of LIFE has been an amazing journey so far and has opened the doors to a new life for me, it has been awesome to be a part of this journey with you guys! Looking forward to what the future of LIFE has in store for all of us!

  173. Trevor Kehoe said

    You can’t stop an idea whose time has come! At this critical point in history, our nation needs a group of leaders to make a difference in the world and they will come from the TEAM of leaders in LIFE. I am proud and humbled to part of such an organization!

  174. Dale Miller said

    Thank You Orrin and Laurie for keeping your focus on making a difference in this world. It desperately needs what LIFE offers. Also Mary and I are fired up about the trip tracking, we have wanted to take a cruise for a long time. Now for helping bring people to LIFE we can get a free cruise on the OASIS of the SEA. That is a win / win . May God continue to Bless us all.

  175. Greg Conant said

    The LIFE industry has given us a way to face the high speed changes in life with confidence. The 8F’s are Faith,Family,Finance,Following,Friends,Freedom,Fitness&Fun. As we are today drowning in information we are living in a desert of wisdom. Life/Team system has given the LIFE Business Compensation Plan Communities to better our self and share with others

  176. Sandra Larmour said

    This is an amazing business and life changing opportunity. Thanks for everything you do. No is there a way to make people smarter?

  177. omarchetta said

    those who stay will be champions. LIFE first year was awesome and its only getting better thanks for all that you do

  178. Dave Canniff said

    Happy Birthday life , what an awesome year and we are just getting started. thanks to all the pc for making this possible . here we come 1 million and beyond.

  179. Paul Britz said

    50,000,000 in sales!!! 1.8 million of free trips and bonuses!!! WOW! I love LIFE!

  180. Kris said

    Happy birthday Life! I joined in September and I am thrilled with the quality of information I receive on a monthly basis. I am so encouraged by the caliber and integrity of the people I have met in the Life business. Thanks so much!

  181. Theresa Buggia said

    I am so honored, proud and excited to a part of this education!!!

  182. sharrahhackett said

    Happy Birthday LIFE!!! What an incredible opportunity these guys have put together.

  183. JIm Storhok said

    I think the first year numbers speak for themselves! LIFE is phenomenal and I can’t wait to see where we all will be in the next 5-10 years.

  184. Brian Sommers said

    Happy birthday LIFE!!!
    Our family is so blessed to have the people from this business in our life.

  185. Thomas Applebee said

    Thank you for a grand opportunity to change this country, and leave a legacy.

  186. Brian said

    The pyramid has been inverted, the foundation is in place, the vision is clear, the momentum is in our favor, the tipping point has been surpassed, the war is on, let us all claim our victory. I AM SPARTACUS!!!!!
    Brian Powers

  187. Sue Campbell said

    Thank you Orrin, Chris & all PC for your vision, commitment, and actions. It is indeed a Happy Birthday for LIFE. This business is blessed with leaders of incredible faith, character and integrity. And I am blessed to be involved.

  188. John Clary said

    The LIFE business is so much more than a great compensated community. It is a community of peers who support and encourage us as we all benefit from the wisdom contained in the educational system of the CDs, books, seminars and leadership conventions.

  189. Joshelyn said

    In all sincerity I have to say that this business is a God-sent.The leadership and integrity of the leaders has truly been like no other. I love the fact that it is so not “Corporate America”. Leadership is not a title, its a behavior. And these guys honestly live it. They practice what they preach and lead by example with results to follow.
    I can not say enough about how much of a positive impact this LIFE business has had on my personal life and my friends and family have told me they’ve seen the change in me. A lot of skeptics and people say this is a scam and will never work but one thing I know for sure is that I’m not the same me, and that’s all the proof I need!
    Im truly excited to be on this journey of success with like-minded individuals who have a dream and aren’t afraid to pursue them. Because of the LIFE opportunity I know without a shadow of a doubt that “the life I always wanted” is possible!I know it sounds cheesy, but when you come to know that what lies behind you and what lies ahead of you is NOTHING to what lies WITHIN you…there is no cause for doubt!

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Joshelyn, I love how you said that. Your personal experience is way more powerful than someone else’s ignorant opinion. I built my whole business on this simple principle. I knew I was changing and my family, faith, friendships etc were improving; therefore, others opinions didn’t phase me because I knew they didn’t know what I knew. 🙂 thanks for sharing. Orrin

      • Louanne Allison said

        A famous saying is “you don’t know what you don’t know.” Life provides you with information you didn’t know such as how to address conflict in 5 steps, what true friendship can do for your life, and how to learn in a 30 minute CD the essence of what Orrin Woodward knows in a particular topic from what he learned in reading 50 books on that topic and his practical life experience as a top leadership guru. I started on Team in 2005 and have enjoyed the journey!

  190. Jon Butler said

    This business and the people involved are extraordinary. The founders have proven themselves over and over again as experts. In life I have a choice of being ordinary and being extraordinary. I choose to be extraordinary. This business – this community is causing me to become extraordinary and it allows me to help others become extraordinary. This world class training helps you become a laser guided missile towards extraordinary time and financial FREEDOM! My ministry – the Gulf Coast Cross Project which is the building of the largest cross in the western hemisphere is coming to fruition faster due to the leadership info I am gaining from this business community. God Bless the Life Business!!

  191. Bill. Quarles said



  192. Alison Ruhlman said

    Can’t wait to see what is in store for year number 2!!!! Amazing first year!!!

  193. Steve Meixner said

    Wow, one year went by fast! All I can say is I am so thankful to have started in at the launch of this terrific company! The results of one year are just incredible…I feel sorry for anyone who had a chance and did’nt take it. I cannot wait to see next years results, hold on to your hats.. Thanks Orrin & Laurie for having a Big Dream and thanks also to the rest of the Founders. I am forever Greatful..
    Steve Meixner

  194. Leah Polasik said

    I am learning and growing because of LIFE! The LIFE products are changing people. I know because I’m a product of that change! LIFE offers something I believe in because I’ve experienced the change in me. I thank God for the gift of LIFE.

  195. Dan Miller said

    What a great beginning – went straight from birth to running in the 1st year!

  196. Wow! The first year went by quick! The results are awesome, can’t wait to see what the next 12 months brings in!
    Thank you LIFE!

  197. billy said

    It is truly remarkable what LIFE has done in its first year! I am so excited about my future and this great opportunity the LIFE founders have given each and every one of us. Join us on our way to a MILLION PEOPLE! our country needs us!

  198. Greg Conant said

    50,000,000 in sales!!! 1.8 million of free trips and bonuses!!! now that is the proof is in the pudding ,so world enjoy your desert

  199. Greg Conant said

    50,000,000 in sales!!! 1.8 million of free trips and bonuses!!! now that is the proof is in the pudding ,so world enjoy your dessert

  200. Mike & Debbie Banks said

    So wonderful to be a small part of such an amazing, God-honoring project! With TEAM/LIFE we have the ability to bless others with information that is life-changing, and offer them a business that can turn their financial world right-side up. Thanks to all the LIFE founders, and especially to you and Laurie, for having a dream and doing “whatever it takes” to make it come true! What a wonderful first year!

  201. Wow!!! 70% payed out!!!!

    I can’t wait till we turn 2!!!! :):)

  202. I am not only proud to be a part of this community and the legacy it will provide but I am very proud to be building a legacy for this community in Hastings, Michigan. We will conquer!

  203. Mark Gentile said

    Is LIFE everyone? ABSOLUTELY! That is if you want to be a better YOU. The information from LIFE has helped me in all aspects of my life. It all starts with attitude and doing what’s right everyday. Start your LIFE subscription today and see what it can do for you.

  204. Matt Ruhlman said

    Wow…Amazing first year results! I’m so glad I was introduced to this business.

  205. Clyde Keep said

    It has been amazing to watch the evolution of Orrin, Chris & the Team/LIFE business. My association with this organization & these people have been LIFE changing!

  206. Steve Morgan said

    I Love the LIFE business. A great 1st year and an amazing 2nd year coming. This is amazing to be able to be a part of. Thanks all LIFE founders for what you have done.

  207. Ramiro Navarro said

    This business is great, I love the congruence between what is said and what is done, CONGRATULATIONS to LIFE business and God bless everybody

  208. Joanna Samuelson said

    Happy Birthday LIFE! One year down and many more to come. Thanks for reaching out to change the world.

  209. Laurie Tallio said

    What amazing first year results. I live in a rural town of six hundred and often wonder, “How did LIFE find me?”(but I need only look up to find the answer). How amazing that whether rural town or metropolitan center, LIFE can be found there. I not only love all that LIFE is doing, but I love the association and the positive thinking!

  210. Thank you to all the LIFE founders for what you have created. This will truly put a dent in the world for the better. I can’t wait to see what the 2nd year of LIFE will bring!!

  211. Jordan Sweezer said

    I Love the LIFE business. A great 1st year and an amazing 2nd year coming. This is amazing to be able to be a part of. Thanks all LIFE founders for what you have done.

  212. Jordan Sweezer said

    I Love the LIFE business. A great 1st year and an amazing 2nd year coming. This is amazing to be able to be a part of, everyone should be plugged into something like this so that they can take control of there own lives, thanks you LIFE

  213. Jason Sweezer said

    One down and many many many more wonderful years to go!

  214. Josh Libolt said

    Awesome results from an awesome business. Can’t wait to see the great results in the upcoming years. I’m very happy God blessed us with this business.

  215. Dan Schaenzer said

    Whether you look at this article with an open mind or closed, you can only conclude one thing- THE SCOREBOARD DON’T LIE!!! The LIFE Business is setting the pace for future business. What a first year!!!

  216. JB Thompson said

    Awesome article! Thank you very much for being in the fight!!

  217. Pam said

    I’m SO glad I decided to get in this business. It’s made me a better me.

  218. Scott Fangmeier said

    Amazing what the Life Business has done in such a short amount of time! Looking forward to the future!

  219. zoran mitrovski said

    This has been an incredible journey for my family and my students. I have become a better father and a nourishing husband. I am using the information to teach my special needs students to learn about success. What a year its been. The information is simply truthful and principle based. Hats off to the policy council!!!

  220. Kevin Archambault said

    What a true blessing it is to be part of this history making business. I recently read an article about a company being bought by a group of Christian businessmen. The previous ownership was donating 10% of profits to charity. The new ownership will be donating 100% of profits to charity! I instantly thought of the LIFE founders and what you are doing with the AGO series. What a blessing you have been for so many and will be for so many more.

    God Bless!

  221. Kathleen Hodson said

    LIFE business has taught me so much and I can’t imagine doing anything else. I have so much more knowledge from all the books, cds, and leaders. Can’t imagine why someone would say no. 1 million and beyond! Striving to change those that are looking for it. Thank you.

  222. Matt Ruhlman said

    Thank you Orrin to you and the other founders for going through all the you did to give us this incredible opportunity. We appreciate it greatly!

  223. Jenn Golden said


  224. Ed said

    Its been an amazing first year and the best is yet to come. This business continues to just get better. There has never been a better time to get started. What have you got to lose?

  225. Tracie Taylor said

    Thank you Orrin for encouraging us to chase our dreams and to have the courage to put ourselves out there and share the vision of a better life.Love all,Serve all

  226. Mary Truitt said

    Happy Birthday Life.
    I am so excited to see what this new year has to offer.
    My family and are proud to be members of this LIFE community.
    Thankful for all who came before us and thankful for our wonderful mentors Roy & Brenda Hatcher.
    With each member added Life will change millions of life’s and homes.

  227. Brian and Jessica Suddeth said

    I love this blog! I love that we have the results to back up our claims! When I was employed by a Fortune 500 company, I could care less about the year end reports– it wasn’t going to increase my check nor change the relationship between employees and management. I was under paid and under appreciated for working to make them billions!!! NOW I’m reading this report and I’m so excited!! We are becoming leaders of leaders and I can look at my own personal website and see it for myself! Congratulations LIFE! Congratulations to us all!

  228. Ronald Truitt said

    LIFE is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, I have truly found something I will do for the rest of my life.

  229. Sheri Lucas said

    Happy Birthday LIFE! So very happy and proud to be involved with such a great group of people! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us. Thanks for our wonderful Policy Council and their spouses!

  230. Robert and Christy Torres said

    So excited to have been a part of something do amazing since its inception!!

  231. Will Luden said

    As someone who got his formal business education in the form of an MBA from Harvard, and was blessed with a successful career as a high-tech CEO in Silicon Valley, I can tell you two things with the certainty born of years of study and decades of experience: 1. Orrin Woodward is arguably the top leadership and success teacher–and performer–on the planet 2. LIFE is not only holds out the solid promise of deep and lasting personal development, but it is simply the best business model I have ever seen.

  232. We are so blessed to be a part of a mission to help families reunite in their self-development, relationships, thinking, dreams, etc….Survivor Mentality has swept over our nation…and its time to learn/teach the Success Thinking Mentality that LIFE/TEAM offer to everyone! Our Musketeer chant of ALL 4 ONE and ONE 4 ALL is going to be world wide because TOGETHER EVERYONE “REALLY DOES” ACHIEVE MORE! LIFE has what it takes to change America ONE FAMILY AT A TIME….and we are humbled to play a part in achieving that goal!
    Roy and Brenda Hatcher

  233. Sean and Lorina Hawley said

    Great article Orrin! What a wonderful business opportunity!

  234. Scott Coons said

    The first year of LIFE has been AMAZING!! Looking forward to a very bright future alowing others to “Live the LIFE they’ve always wanted”!!

  235. Walt & Nancy Broadbent said

    Happy Birthday LIFE and congratulations LIFE founders for a very successful first year! It was great, and we believe the best is yet to come.

  236. Owen Derry said

    The Mental Fitness Challenge groups were great! More insight, more discussion, closter teams.

  237. Pam Mitchell said

    Happy Birthday Life! We are all so blessed to be lead by Orrin and Laurie and the PC. God has called them to do great things and we have been recruited for the crusade !! To one million and beyond ! BBNQ !

  238. David Fetherston said

    I appreciate that the LIFE leaders truly have the fruit and humility to prove the value of their content. Leaders raising leaders that raise leaders are so rare in this day and age, but it has been a winning combination for almost 2000 years (Mt. 28:18-20).
    Keep the great information and example coming. We appreciate that you’ve blazed the trail and overcome the adversity so far.

    BTW, I greatly appreciate your Adversity Quotient chapter in Resolved. I think that much of the chapter was pretty new info for me and by itself was probably worth the price of the audiobook. I am a perfectionist and have been failure averse in much of my life, but am now learning to embrace it and the lessons learned which lead to success. Frank Bettger also referenced that principle when he looked back on one of the greatest apparent tragedies in his life as “one of the most fortunate events in my life”. Thanks also for recommending his book, “How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling”, in one of your CDs. It has already given me a couple of paradigm shifts in my first reading.

  239. Maranda said

    “employee cost-per-profit-dollar has decreased over six times in his three years as COO, leading to increased bonuses for field trainers and office staff—a truly stunning performance.”

  240. Kristi Cortezano said

    The LIFE organization has the truth, the tenacity, the Hope, the Honor, the integrity and the Love bestowed by all its Founders and Leaders. This organization is a place with opportunity for everyone and the same opportunity. Everyone, (thats 100%) of the people that follow the LIFE system will succeed. Orrin and Laurie Woodward, Thank you for leading the charge and developing leaders like the PC and the RT. life is going to change many lives.

  241. Melvin Bowman said

    It is hard to believe that it has been a year since Life Launched. I have to say that my Life has been positively effected in many areas because of the information from Life subscriptions and am part of a great Team Called The Dream Team Road Warriors and we are Turbo Charged.

  242. Beth said

    Happy Birthday!!!The great thing about LIFE is it’s not over, this is just the beginning, and what a privilege to be involved as a participator, not just a spectator!! God continue to bless you, Orrin and all you leaders, for helping us learn and grow and BE what He designed for us to be so we can help others to also choose life…4 LIFE!!!

  243. David Inmon said

    What an amazing business and community to be a part of!

  244. Brandi said

    Unbelievable results! Can’t wait to see what the second year brings!

  245. Michele said

    Happy Birthday and awesome results. The best part is 70% of the profits went to the field, thank you for sharing!

  246. paul barrows said

    Just got started, It’s the best opportunity I have ever done.

  247. Kristine Barrows said

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to LIFE! An amazing company that provides principle-based life-changing information to those who are hungry for it!

  248. Wayne D. Bonsall said

    Thanks Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady and all the P.C. for all that you do to give us such great books like Resolved, Voyage of a Viking, the top 5 books to help us learn to better ourselves!

    Wayne D. Bonsall

  249. Travis said

    The only 4 letter word I let my family use L.I.F.E :))

  250. Linda Edson said

    I am in awe of these leaders, and am blessed to follow the few good men that have a deeper, purposeful vision. I love LIFE!

  251. Chuck Pyle said

    My LIFE will never be the same! Happy Birthday. Fire UP!

  252. Josh Anderson said

    An unbelievable year indeed, if you do not consider the true cause and strength for the purpose and reason for the LIFE business. To God be the glory!!!

  253. Harry said

    LIFE is awesome! from warrior team, love all, serve all!!

  254. Tom and Kelly said

    It has been an excellent year!!!

  255. Hans Widener said

    Considering the startling statistics of the success of most new businesses, these are staggering statistics…proof that we’re in a new age!

  256. I am so blessed to be apart of this program! The information combined with the people make this what it is…. a wonderful life & business opportunity. I have never been happier in all areas of my life. I will continue with the LIFE program for the rest of my life!!

  257. Kris White said

    Great first year! This is only the beginning! TEAM VIP Phalanx is fired up!

  258. Matt Behrmann said

    Hooray! I get to be here for LIFE’s second year! I get to be part of defining what this beautiful team looks like in 10 years! Happy Birthday LIFE!

  259. Jay Dashner said

    This opportunity and material took me from being the hardest thing I have ever done to when will this become work.

  260. Aaron Thomason said

    The encouraging thing to see on business in the midst of a recession is that someone is having success and is doing it right. If this is what we see in year 1 in business, what will LIFE be when it grows up.

  261. Damian Smith said

    Thank you LIFE founders for the best opportunity on the planet!

  262. Herb Greer said

    the LIFE Business is the best thing that has ever happened in my life.

  263. Josh Haveman said

    LIFE is good here in Michigan! Happy Birthday!

  264. WOW is all I can say! We can’t wait to hear stories a couple of years from now about 10,000 couples getting debt free and leaving jobs in a year because of the information and opportunity LIFE provided them! Thank you Founders and PC!

  265. Mike said

    It is wonderful that a business with so much awesome information is able to make that much in the first year. But it is AMAZING that a business will pay out that much. Other than LIFE, who does that? No other company that I know of.

  266. Sandra wideen said

    I am so excited to be part of LIFE. Thank you for providing the platform to help do many people succeed

  267. Carlene said

    Amazing transformations on all levels. It is refreshing to see the growth and inspiration that LIFE and TEAM have taken part in. Myself, growth within my self, home, relationships and as we speak my business; is nothing short or amazingly empowering. By the grace of God, this opportunity presented itself – my mission is to live by the teachings and share this with those who are ready for the FREEDOM we offer.

  268. Isaiah Joslin said

    If your reading this, Thank You for taking your time in doing you due-diligence in research. Nothing has helped me more in life than the people in this business and the products. It has given me a challenge to be a better person overall in all areas of my life. What on earth can you possibly criticize about that?

  269. Ali Staneart said

    Thank you very much for LIFE and the Team!!!

  270. Kellyjack said

    Thank you Orrin and all the founders. I have hope and have the ability to pass that hope on to another. For that and everything else these comments are shareing; I am blessed. God Bless everyone.

  271. Pat said

    Thanks to all the LIFE founders.

    Where else can you get involved in a business that helps you to become better in all aspects of your life, have the opportunity to help others do the same and, in turn, generate income in doing so.

    Thanks you, Thanks you, Thank you



  272. Kaitlyn Fix said

    Thank you Orrin and all the founders of LIFE. My life would not be the same if it hadn’t been for the genius efforts of you and the founders. What an amazing first year of business! Looking forward to a lifetime of fun!

    Kaitlyn Fix

  273. MJ said

    LIFE provides information that changes lives. Not only that, but it also allows those who properly apply that information to be compensated for it. Thats so amazing!! I’m so thankful for this LIFE!!! Happy 1st Birthday!!

  274. lynn said

    What a wonderful first year!

  275. This business is so exciting. I love being a nurse but like everything else it can be so negative you here mostly of what you do wrong. We don’t give enough encouragement in a stressful field as in nursing. Whenever I am feeling down, I meet with my team, even if I am not doing my best they lift me up. Cody and Tara Newton are awesome leaders which have developed Kris and Megan White along with Steve and Candi Brown. Love all of you and your encouragement. Looking forward to all the exciting things to happen in the next year. No matter what if you read listen and apply the information you will be successful!

  276. Richard Lane II said

    I must say that after being associated with Life for just a couple of months I have made tremendous progress in my personal life and others. I am on a journey to having the life and results that I truly wanted. Thanks to LIFE and Team. God Bless all the founding 7.

    Richard Lane II (Team Highlander)

  277. bishop james miller said

    Thanks to all the founders of LIFE!! This has truly changed our lives.

  278. Ken McVicker said

    An absolutely incredible first year! Thank you for the opportunity.

  279. Rory Sayers said

    History is written about those that make a difference. What an incredible time to be alive and having the opportunity to influence lives in a positive way with this education system. LIFE is an answer to the challenges our society faces.

  280. William Redekopp said

    Life is Awesome!

  281. Mike and Jen Samuelson said

    We gobble up the life changing materials that LIFE provides! Every talk provides some new incite as well as giving us those little reminders of good practices. This is what our society needs so desperately and we are honored to be a part of the revolution to 1 million people and beyond!!

  282. Elinor and Eli Mast sr said

    Just want to say a quick thank you and God’s richest blessings to you, Orrin and Laurie, and all the policy council members for the most amazing business ever and for all the hard work you all put into every aspect of it. We love all of you and can’t imagine our lives without the TEAM snd LIFE. It is definately a forever decision for us. To a million people and beyond.

  283. George Peters said

    So proud to be associated with great company like LIFE and leaders with such great character and integrity

  284. Nicole said

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. 1year later and even thinkis better then ever.. thank you for changing my life. Lets share this with the world..and change 1million lives..

  285. Reginald Shorey said

    Happy Birthday LIFE! I am so proud to be a part of a business that not only offers a change for me and my family, but, also to the world. If only more people would take a look and listen to this awesome material. We would find that the world would really be a better place. Please people, take a serious look at this material. It will change your life, for the good.

  286. Rex Beach said

    Thank you Life Founders!!! So blessed to be part of this amazing team making a difference in peoples lives and we are on our way to a million people!!

  287. Keith and Michele Bailey said

    Congratulations Orrin, Chris, and the rest of the policy council. Thanks for this opportunity. We are honored to be LIFERS.

  288. Jason Tingley said

    Great article filled with awesome information. Thank you Orrin!

  289. Brian said

    I am so proud to be a small pat of what LIFE stands for and what we will accomplish for our children and grandchildren. My hat is off to you and all the PC my friend!!

  290. Robert and Christy Torres said

    I thought it would never be possible to have the relationship with our family that we have today. We are all all stronger and happier because of the LIFE business. The information and education that we have gotten from this company is unbelievable! In 6 months time, our son went from a 1st grade reading level to a 3rd grade reading level!! Our lives keep getting better everyday. Thank you for putting us on the right path. God Bless.

  291. dan oleary said

    I would first like to say how proud I am to be involved with people who are striving to reach beyond mediocrity to excellence in,everything,that they do. The charachter of our leaders is unmatched from orrin to Bill and jackie lewis to kirk and cassie birtles to jasen and jenny nail to andy and mellisa rockwell to paul and holly brown
    just to name a few they are all outstanding leaders and im proud to stand next to them as a TEAM member.

    what LIFE has done in,the last years is amazing, second to none! what company gives ownership away in,the company,for 49.99, or pays over 70 percent of total,sales,to thier,marketing,team, or builds depth for the new people,to build their belief, or pays out 1.8 mill in year end bonuses and trips or takes the time to care for people and love people even with flaws. need I go on?!! what Life has accomplished can only be bettered by,what they do in,the future!!! this new industry is ours!!! so everyone who has a dream lets step up to the plate and reciprocate the commitment the life leaders have nade to us! lets MEO! (market execute orchestrate) our dreams are possible because of the leaders, keep your eye on,the dream and SWING!!!

  292. Sara DeVries said

    LIFE has changed my life and me in so many ways in such a short time (4 months). I can’t wait to grow more and be a blessing to others.

  293. Jason D Wilson said

    Way to go Orrin and the rest of the LIFE founders!!! This is just the beginning!! I am very excited to be a part of such an impactful group!! The best times are yet to come!!

  294. Kathy Barnes said

    What a blessing it is to be a part of something so awesome! I love this business and everything it stands for It is so inspiring to watch so many lives change because of the information LIFE has to offer. Thank you Orrin and all of the LIFE founders.

  295. Krista Beach said

    Life has become a huge part of the lives of our family. It has not just been a business, but a way of life. Always striving for excellence by growing personally, and to serve God and others. I am thankful for the renewed thinking that the Life company provides, so that I may always look to myself and not to others if I want things in my life to change. Rex and I are in Life for life, because there is no better accountability and challenge to push us to become the best that God desires for us!

    Thankful for you, Orrin, and all the Founders for your commitment to this amazing compensated community!

  296. Merrie Beth Den Boer said

    There’s only one word for all of this: FANTASTIC!!!

  297. Blake Harris said

    Great post. It just seems like the score board didn’t lie again. Thank you for putting this opportunity together for anyone willing to strive for excellence and grow from the inside out.
    Blake Harris

  298. I love how it feeds off its self. People always want to make more money. The better YOU get as a person the more $ you make.

  299. Sheri Lucas said

    Great article Orrin! So excited to be a part of this wonderful community!

  300. Heather Shaw said

    I just want to thank the founders of LIFE for continuing to strive to make such a wonderful change in our world! It starts with one family at a time….and I am so thankful for the quality of the leadership material and the amazing compensation plan for those of us to chose to make a career and a difference with the company LIFE. I just know that if someone wouldn’t have taken a chance to share this info with me, I would be a divorced single mom with an amazing horrible attitude. Now thankfully I am celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary this Thursday and am due with our second child in March! What a blessing you are to so many people and families 🙂 thanks again!!! Oh and btw….the EDGE series has really fired up my 8 year old daughter! She is really developing into an amazing young lady! Thanks for the encouragment !

  301. Jason & Gina Koncz said

    We love LIFE!! What an amazing opportunity put together by men a true character & integrity! Thank you so very much!!

  302. Abe Redekopp said

    Thank you so much for all you and the policy council do in leading this great business, and glorifying God all the way! Happy birthday LIFE, and COME ON 1MILLION! Dream Team’s Legacy full Steam Ahead!

  303. ruth miller said

    This is so awsome! I want to say a special THANKYOU! to all the laidies on the team that are teaching. The need is so great andso few care enoigh to really make a differance for all the women out there. It brings tears to my eyes . God bless you for that you are willing to give for him.

  304. Steven Hullings said

    I cant be any prouder than to be a part of business thats purpose is to help other people succeed. Where do you find that in todays society.

  305. Happy Birthday……Can you imagine the 2nd birthday celebration…stories of Free Incentive Trips, Retirements, etc….cannot even imagine what great SUCCESS Stories we will have!

  306. Carrie Canniff said

    It has been a fun and exciting year! Happy Birthday LIFE!

  307. Dave Thomas said

    Can’t wait to see where TEAM/LIFE takes us in the future! One Million for sure! Happy Birthday!

  308. Duane Sneller said

    Fantastic, thank you for leading the charge Orrin. Watch out world here comes LIFE!

  309. Dave Canniff said

    Our best thinking got us where we where at. Thanks to the life busness for clearing the fog and setting an example for us to follow.

  310. We cannot wait to see what LIFE has to offer in 2013!
    Congrats to all on a successful first year!!

  311. Teresa Van Lake said

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LIFE!!! Whew, what an experience and I have only experienced a very tiny portion of what is available and this is just the beginning! Wait till LIFE is in the TERRIFIC TWO’S! (Like our great leaders, Dave and Carrie Canniff have said, “Our BEST THINKING got us where we are today” is so true. But, I would like to add to this Mr. Woodward, as well as Our BEST THINKING got us where we are today, is this: “YOUR BEST THINKING that has given HOPE, GUIDANCE, DIRECTIONS and the ENCOURAGEMENT to others to get, NOT ONLY OURSELVES, BUT OTHERS AS WELL, where we truly want and need to be to fulfill our purpose in LIFE!” I personally want to thank you and the founders of TEAM and LIFE for this unselfish gift of the opportunity that you made possible for me as well as for me to share with others! The opportunity is there for the taking, one just has to reach out and take it! Happy Birthday!

  312. Brian Suddeth said

    I am extremley excited about what we have our hands on with LIFE thanks to your and the other founder’s vision and God given purpose. This organization has given my life and my view of life a much needed change. I have been excited since 11-1-11 and i have only had more and more reasons to get excited since then! Happy Birthday to LIFE and i am looking forward to more challenges, adventures, and successes as we grow with it!

  313. Bishop James Miller Sr said

    What a great vision your’e fulfilling and how much the LIFE family has accomplished in 1 year is just amazing. I have never seen anything outside the spiritual realm that has impacted so many lives for the better. Just proud to be apart of this GREATNESS!

  314. Dave and Amalia Bellino said

    The LIFE business gives us answers for the challenges we face throughout our lives. We are blesses to be a part of it.

  315. Beth said

    It’s been a great year with many more to come. Thanks to all the LIFE founders for paving the way.

  316. Bryan & Zoe said

    Bryan & I joined the right business. We are looking forward to seeing God work through us and this business to help others.

  317. Rodney Schroeder said

    Massive growth! What other companies do 50M in sales first year?

  318. Shelley said

    Thank you to all of the LIFE founders for your vision and leadership. So appreciative to be a part of LIFE!

  319. Marc Schmucker said

    I just thank orrin and all the life founders for providing a business for anyone with an awesome pay plan that pays on performance and they are not afraid to give the glory to God who truly deserves it.

  320. Shaun said

    Happy Birthday LIFE and thanks for being such a blessing in our lives. Looking forward to many years of continued success. Thanks and God Bless.

  321. Jamie and Kim VanSlembrouck said

    The results say it all. What a phenomenal first year! Going to a million!

  322. Josh Anderson said

    It has felt like a wonderful year, but seeing the data puts things into perspective that our feelings are right and that the years to come are set on a very solid foundation. On to a million people and to many more lives changed!

  323. Joe Mullett said

    Happy birthday Life, what an amazing opportunity. Thank you Orrin, Laurie, Chris, Terry & all the PC for all you’ve done for us and every one in the future. It is a Godsend for anyone who is willing to do it. Again thank you very much!

  324. Jennifer Loftin said

    Life is truly a blessing to our family. Our teens have learned so much and are starting out so much ahead of where Steve and I were when we were their ages. Thank you to all the leaders! You guys rock!

  325. Wendi said

    I can’t wait to see all the amazing things this year is going to bring. Very excited for Leadershift!

  326. Matt Livermore said

    LIFE is awesome! Those are some amazing numbers for a “start-up”. Just imagine what we’re gonna do in 2013!

  327. Anthony Nieto said

    To God be the glory!! I thank God for a business so great, and for leaders as great as Orrin and the policy council. I’m more than thankful to be apart of something so great. This is just the beginning of history in the making!!!

  328. Rochelle Nelson said

    It’s been a great year! The growth my husband and I have made is amazing and the positive information has helped me through a difficult year. Everyone should have the opportunity to hear about the LIFE opportunity.

  329. Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, George Guzzardo, Claude Hamilton, Bill Lewis, Dan Hawkins, Wayne MacNamara, and Tim Marks have such great blogs! I love the information being taught in the LIFE business. Thank you!

  330. Tony Jackson said

    Orrin thanks for your leadership and vision. We are going to make a difference in the lives many people and 2012 is just the start.

  331. Matt Miller said

    Thanks Orrin and all the PC for following thru with your convictions on what needs to be done within our communities and country, The LIFE information has been a GOD send in our lives and i know that Because of it my family has received blessings that seemed out of our grasps, We and all of our friends will be a part of this great mission to reaching 1 million people and beeeeeeyooooond.TEAM COURAGIOUS TRANSFORMERS!!! We Transform We WIN

  332. This is really great numbers and a business I can be proud of, looking forward to my freedom! Thank you PC

  333. teri said

    Our lives will never be the same thanks to the Life influence. Our family continues to strive toward improving and encouraging others to do the same. Thank-you to all who have the vision of a better society and future for spreading hope!

  334. Abraham Friesen said

    What an awesome group of people to be associated with!

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