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    Orrin made the Top 20 Inc. Magazine Leadership list & has co-founded two multi-million dollar leadership companies. Currently, he serves as the Chairman of the Board of the LIFE. He has a B.S. degree from GMI-EMI (now Kettering University) in manufacturing systems engineering. He holds four U.S. patents, and won an exclusive National Technical Benchmarking Award.

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LIFE Monthly Seminars

Posted by Orrin Woodward on November 12, 2012

In hundreds of cities across America and Canada, people gathered to attend seminars. Ranging in size from several thousand plus to ten or less, depending upon whether close to a live speaker location or tapping into LIFE’s streaming video technology, this was one of the best rounds of seminars in the history of the LIFE business. The community is growing at a rapid rate, and lives are being changed from the LIFE, LLR, AGO, EDGE, and MFC information. I was in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with the rowdiest seminar group I have spoken to in a while. Kirk and Cassie Birtles did a teaching segment on rotating the 5-step pattern that was phenomenal! I know many of the other LIFE founders were speaking around the country as well.

If you missed these seminars, then you truly missed a life-changing experience. The good news, however, is the LIFE business holds monthly seminars for under forty dollars and for the ridiculously low price of twenty dollars for first-time attendees. Why would top leaders provide life-changing content for twenty dollars? Simply because they know when a life is touched, that person can then go reach another. Since the goal is to reach one million lives, it just makes sense to make it as easy for new people to attend as possible. If you did attend LIFE’s monthly seminar, which one did you attend? What were some key points or magical moments for you? What specifically are you going to do differently now based upon the teachings and feelings from the seminar? Please share with us so we can all learn and improve.


Orrin Woodward

86 Responses to “LIFE Monthly Seminars”

  1. I did i did. Your first talk in Grand Rapids was amazing!!! I highly recommend those that did not see it would purchase the rebroadcast and watch it. You will not be disappointed

  2. Dave ober said

    Yes we attended harrisburg pa with Chris and Terri Brady! Terri’s talk about pride vs. humility was very impactful! There were so many new people in attendence and Chris inspired and taught only as Chris can do! Thanks for sending this amazing couple to PA! Dave and Beth Ober

  3. The November seminar was the best yet. Great teaching from you and the Birtles. Especially love the way Birtles taught through the 5 step pattern and making it fun and easy. That CD just won’t be the same as a live event!

  4. James Halter said

    We streamed live and it was fantastic. Awesome to see people wanting, hungering for great information to help them improve their lives and lives of others.
    Next month it will be ATLANTA Live!!!
    LIFE is great!

  5. Jerry Harteis said


    We also had a great seminar in Harrisburg,Pa. Chris and Terri were ‘spot on’ Building the dream and clarifying the cause……… We will make a difference. Thnx for all that you do.
    Jerry Harteis

  6. JeanetteP said

    We saw Chris and Terri in Harrisburgh. Wow, did they knock it out of the park! Talks about pride vs humility and how to detect pride, teamwork tips, loving/serving others over self, accept, approve and appreciate & on an on. Of course it was laced with lots of humor:D. These two delivered I think one of there best, most heartfelt talks yet! Thank you PC for all the sacrifices you make to make a differance in individual lives in order to impact this country & our world! God Bless!

  7. Maura Galliani said

    I attended the Sons of Liberty (South) Monthly Seminar in Port Charlotte, Florida. As always, Orrin, the information in your talk was invaluable; and your energy was beyond contagious. Kirk Birtles is a talented speaker who also proved himself very creative as he taught us contacting through a hilarious skit. I always walk away from a Team LIFE function with vital nuggets that help me grow — personally and in my business. But Saturday’s Monthly Seminar reminded me again that we must all work together as a TEAM and that we have such an important CAUSE … fired up!!

  8. TJ said

    Orrin – you are so right when you say the LIFE events are life changing. We were blessed with Cody and Tera Newton, my take away was how powerful communities are. Not just the economic side but the social side, Cody said,”with out community you lose perspective, if there is not a balanced voice to glean from then we start making impulsive decisions” . The guest we brought (as well as my wife and I) left there with a greater sense of influence than when when we arrived. Thank you Orrin and the Life founders…

  9. While I have often said, “That is the best yet” about the seminars LIFE provides, I can honestly say that seeing the growth and poise that already excellent speakers Kirk and Cassie Birtles demonstrated this weekend with their teaching in addition to possibly the best explanation of the power of leverage and depth that you gave, Orrin, left me inspired, committed and prepared for the task at hand.

  10. Angie Ballah said

    The Seminars ARE life changing no matter where you plug in! Holger and Lindsey Speiwak inspired and equipped hundreds in St Louis this last Saturday!! We thank them for sharing their hearts and wisdom! We thank you for the opportunity in LIFE that just keeps getting better all the time!

  11. Tracey Bishop said

    I attended the seminar in Aylmer, Ontario. Tim and Amy Marks were our gracious speakers, and, as always, it was an informative, entertaining event. “You can have 100 excuses why not, but only need one reason why” was one of my personal favourites from the evening, and Amy reminded us to “Let our lights shine”. As with every seminar, we all went home with new perpectivies, and a renewed energy. Seminars are certainly events that cannot be missed.

  12. Kody Ellis said

    Attending the seminar in Aylmer, Ontario with Tim and Amy Marks. They were electric as they pumped up the crowd and told us their life story! My personal favorite about the seminar on Saturday was their story talk, I always love hearing where their success started from and how close I can be to having that success. One of the biggest things I keep learning at these events is that you have to have fun! If you don’t have fun your business won’t grow as fast as you would like. Just like we say “Have fun, make money and make a difference.” So have fun and smile at the seminars! 🙂

    Kody Ellis

  13. Madison, WI was incredible! Joce and Cynthia Dionne proved why the entire Kaizen organization is setting the pace for the whole team. My hats off to them! They were at the top of their game. We were blessed to have learn from them as we take our businesses to the next level. As Joce made very clear to us, “Are you building a business or chasing a cause?”

    • Steve Leurquin said

      Joce and Cynthia we awesome! The insight they gave on how their team broke so many power players was great for everyone to take and apply to their groups. I love the win-win set up Team has instilled.

  14. Bryan Kemp said

    Great post Orrin, my wife and I attended the Madison Wi. Seminar with the incredible Joce & Cynthia Dionne! The entire evening was filled with great ymaterial, but what really hit home for me was the Ticket Holder interview when they shared Kaizan’s 1,2,3 steps to contacting. 1- say hello (be normal) 2- clear the time (99% booked) 3- be bright, be brief, be gone (Tim Marks rule)… Stop complicating and “Keep It Simple Silly”, Thanks to the LIFE Founders for another Seminar!

  15. Valerie Roach said

    I was at the Halifax, Nova Scotia seminar where I had the chance to listen to our last major’s Top Gun Power Players Wayne & Raylene MacNamara!! Top Gun for a reason, what amazing speakers! Wayne had the whole crowd laughing from beginning to end!
    Ahh, this whole business is just too exciting!

  16. John Kurz said

    The quality of the LIFE speakers (Leaders) is truly amazing. We are all so blessed to have this monthly access to such Life Changing Leadership.

  17. Joanne Brandtjen said

    We were so blessed here in Wisconsin to have the amazing Joce and Cynthia Dionne!! They were incredible, such powerful, funny, and informative talks. I took so many valuable notes. The biggest impact for me was Joce stressing the ‘why’–“are you building a business or are you chasing a dream!” And Cynthia stressed the enormous impact of listening to CD’s. Although there were so many priceless nuggets, those two stick out for me as I get ready for my day. I’m sure as I go over my notes again, I will recall more ‘gold’! Thank you to the TEAM office for sending us the rock stars from Canada! God Bless!

    • Jammie Fisher said

      I agree totally. The seminar was electric and Dionne’s gave us SO much. The ticket holder was HUGE. I took away the ease of contacting if you apply the right principles and we are noticing that many took this away. It was magic on stage and in the crowd. I had a call Sunday morning from a gal so excited she could hardly contain herself as the information and feeling from Sat. seminar sunk in. Thanks to all who make these events special and effective. My biggest takeaway personally was understanding the depths of the loyalty and synergy that the Canadian teams have for Claude and each other. A great reminder of the culture we have, foster and build within the LIFE community.


      Team Stealth RADARvision 180

  18. Along with 40 other teammates my wife and I attended the seminar via streaming webcast. It was truly inspiring and clarifying. I especially enjoyed Kirk’s skit on rotating the pattern and Orrin’s game plan on how to break 50 power players. Now it’s simply a matter of implementing these ideas into my business to help Larry Vanbuskirk win the Top Gun trophy! 🙂

  19. Jim Martin said

    Hey Orrin we watched you and the Birtles on the live streaming video here in Florida! I loved the basic teaching of rotating the pattern that Kirk taught, I got many messages from guys at different locations about that specific teaching. Your teaching on orchestrating and game planning is going to help me and thousands that implement it. And of course the interview Steve Morgan did with you in the ticket holder was a great way to teach people how to walk thru the little over head costs that we have and new people to understand the investment vs cost. If anyone missed it make sure you purchase a subscription and watch the rebroadcast it is worth the investment.

  20. Marc-André Therrien said

    We attended the Webcast held in Orleans, Ontario, Canada with the Kaizen troops! The atmosphere was incredible even for a webcast! It felt like we were LIVE in Michigan and the room was fired up! Thanks Orrin and the LIFE Founders for the best webcasts and giving us the possibility of building at a distance while having the top leadership minds in our living rooms and venues.

  21. Tim Jarvinen said

    The buzz is back! Grand Rapids was electric! What a year 2013 will be for those with all ten toes in!

  22. Clint Fix said

    My wife, Kait, and I had the opportunity to plug into a webcast out here in Colorado Springs, CO. As always, I was blown away by both the Birtles and you. I’m pumped to read the book that Oliver DeMille and you have coming out! Did I hear April for it? That’s going to be a long wait!! Thanks for all that you guys do! I know that a seminar by either you or the Birtles is going to be top notch every time!

  23. Kyle Combes said

    Phoenix, AZ George and Jill Guzzardo were amazing

  24. Micah Kramer said

    For LIFE to only be a year old, it is a baby genius! The Houston seminar was rocking with Cody and Tara. They spoke truth into our lives and really helped us understand the importance and value of community. I walked away from the event so fired up that I wanted to stay up and watch your seminar in Grand Rapids online…I quickly discovered that I have to wait until Thursday. 🙂
    The current in the pool is moving and this is the best opportunity in our country for people to become educated, awakened and make a difference while having fun and making money!
    Thanks for all you do to give us a shot at the life we’ve always wanted.
    -Micah Kramer

  25. Thomas Brandon Bitson said

    Grand Rapids was fired up! And the night’s message was so potent that it felt like it was straight out of a Major! Watch the rebroadcast as soon as it’s available! I could continue in detail, but all I will stop with is that there is a reason Orrin is so great at who he is and what he does… And that Kirk and Cassie are so on their way to going PC! They know how to raise the bar for everyone, including themselves, just by mastering the basics! Thank you!

  26. Dani Miller said

    Mansfield was very blessed to have Mark and Jenn Paul. They always inspire me to do more and to be more. Their teaching is informative, uplifting, and always feels fresh and new. I loved the stories they told from their own lives about friends and family and how open they were to share personal stories about their growth and mentorship during the question and answer portion. Thanks for sending them to us!

  27. Hey Orrin!
    We attended the LIVE event with Dan and Lisa Hawkins in Utah! They did a wonderful job. I was so impressed with Dans first talk, from the magic of thinking big. Then, the team teaching talk about power player, and 5 step pattern…. Awesome! Their story was great… But what stood out the most for me…. Their posture was unbelievable! The audience was in the palm of their hands, it was clearly obvious also, that these Policy Council members are IN THE HUNT!! That is inspiring…. Knowing they still have more to give. Even after all their great achievements.

  28. The Lewis’s in SFO bay area were on FIRE! They related to every person in the audience. Everyone felt like they were talking to them. Quite phenomenal!

  29. Matt Mielke said

    Madison, WI, with Joce and Cynthia Dionne, rocked! There were a number of profound nuggets, one comment from Joce was, “security in this business is the person you become.” Cynthia added, “CDs help to change your attitude and excitement and the books change you.” Orrin, the genius of your learning and leadership system to help change us for the better is legendary. Thank you

  30. Chad Sutkay said


    Joce and Cynthia in Madison, WI were incredible! How blessed we were to have one of the fastest growing couples share such amazing information based on their life and business experiences. I agree with Kristen, the message was clear…”Are you building a business or chasing a cause”?

    God Bless,
    Chad Sutkay

  31. Stephanie Johnson said

    Madison Wisconsin! I loved every minute of it Joce and Cynthia are amazing leaders. I will become a better encourager to my family. Thank you LIFE for such great seminars!

  32. Lisa Wampler said

    In Wichita, KS we had Claude and Lana Hamilton. They rocked it! The ticket holder meeting was the best. Claude showed us Kaizen’s secrets on winning the Power Player Top Gun. Watch out for Team VIP!

  33. Justin and Amber Rowe said

    We were thrilled to be present in Michigan to witness Kirk Birtles humorous explanation of the 5 step patttern! It was an honor to hear your teaching and call to commitment! We are excited to watch the explosion in the next weeks and months!
    Amber and Justin
    Team Action

  34. jimmy varghese said

    fantastic seminar! Orrin your first talk was amazing! totally hit on key points. The team culture is infectious! We are going to a million! house to house to house to house! fired up!

  35. My husband, Mark, and I attended the No.California Seminar and were blessed to learn from Bill & Jackie Lewis! Such a treat!! What impacted me was Bill’s confession that he didn’t think he was successful, even though he was free from his job, paid cash for his Corvette, and has lots of money in the bank, all because he felt “frustrated”. “Success IS managed frustration!,” he reminded me. WOW! Thanks.

  36. We spoke in New Brunswick. What an amazing group of winners up there! It was an amazing to be around those leaders. You could feel the positive energy everywhere!! Thanks for the great example of COMMUNITY!!

  37. Orrin: We had the priviledge to view the webcast that you and Kirk and Cassie did in Grand Rapids this past weekend from Buffalo It was very informative and right on the money . We in Buffalo are excited what the LIFE business is doing foor us all. Kirk’s skit was SO funny but it was a teaching lesson for all of us here what to do and not to do in speaking to people about our business. Looking forward to see what God has in store for our business. Richard Dick part of Team Monentum -Buffalo, NY

  38. Orrin! Flora and I had the unique opportunity to see Chris and Terri Brady LIVE in Harrisburg, PA–along with many of our friends and business partners! The event was electric, as we had teams tie in from as far south as NC, and as far north as upstate NY! I think the most magical moments for us is when we bring a lot of “customers” and “hold-your-spotters” for the first time; and they leave with a spark of hope and a desire to change. Chris and Terri were fantastic, simple, and VERY effective in their talks on humility, pride, business building, and strategy to win! I personally left knowing that I need to put aside differences in personalities on my team, and move forward to “cause-build” our way to a million leaders!! 🙂 Thank you!

  39. Teesa Rossman said

    We attended Madison, WI with Joce and Cynthia Dionne! The Dionnes are excellent speakers and we were excited to learn from the best. I share some personality traits with Cynthia and I was reminded that I am my husband’s wife and helper, not his coach. And we are so lucky that we do have amazing coaches!!! I also thoroughly enjoyed Steve Leurquin interviewing the couple during the ticket holder meeting.

  40. Greg Conant said

    I felt the Buzz in Michigan to witness Kirk Birtles humorous explanation of the 5 step pattern!. Orrins teaching on orchestrating and game planning is going to help thousands.
    The interview Steve Morgan did with you in the ticket holder will help the new person understand Investment over cost. We should leverage new people to tie in to seminar subscription and watch the rebroadcast it is worth the investment.
    I feel the need to make commitments to go Double Power Player for the Fall Leadership Convention.

  41. Michael Hartmann said

    Grand Rapids was on FIRE! The Birtles’ teaching was incredible (definitely DVD worthy material) and each of your talks were spot on: Bringing Out the Best in People through Execution & Orchestration!

  42. Hilary Dorr said

    I enjoyed the seminar with Holger and Lindsey Spiewak in St. Louis. What a blessing they were to so many!

  43. Hey Orrin, Lisa and I had the privilege to speak in Utah. There are so many great, hungry leaders in Utah I believe you are going to witness amazing growth from that location this year!

  44. Cassie Morgan said


  45. Hey Orrin, Debbie and I spoke in Sounthern California this weekend and the pins that broke were amazing. The Montenegros”s broke 11 Power Players, a couple Double’s, 11 Turbo 10’s, 2 Turbo 25’s, 2 Turbo 50’s, and 2 Turbo 100’s! The LIFE business is exploding!

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Amazing! I heard you two tore it up, but I am not shocked by that! Keep it up and tell the Montenegro’s they are ROCK stars!! 🙂

  46. Michele Peterson said

    I attended the Harrisburg, PA seminar and was so blessed by the Brady’s. What an amazing couple they are!!! They jumped through several hoops just to be there for us and then piled on the wisdom and insight while they were there. Thanks to them and all the leaders that travel to spend time with each seminar location.

  47. Don & Joyce Harris said

    We attended the Moncton, NB, seminar with Marc & Kristine Militello. The place was rocking last night. Great teaching from the Militellos. I especially enjoyed the Ticket Holder session. LIFE rocks!!!!

  48. Charlie Mallios said

    Saturday in Harrisburg, PA was phenomenal! The take-away is personal development and continued growth of our business. Chris and Terry Brady are great teachers. It was easy to get people to come see them and all were enthused for business and personal growth. The systematic approach that Chris taught was clear for all to understand. Thanks for all that you do.

  49. Eben Smith said

    Hey I the Grand Rapids seminar. and it was so awesome. the key point got from that seminar was the quote that you stated “There is nothing stop you from your dreams except the courage to act on what you know”. That stuck with me ever since. I even posted it on fakebook and got alot of hits. Rock on Orrin

  50. Orrin, Bill and Jann Newton did a great job in Wausau, WI…fired up!

  51. Mandy Miller said

    Mansfield,Oh. Mark and Jenn Paul were incredible!!!! Jenn’s story showed the power our system has when implemented and Mark’s talk on the 10 tripping points showed us which areas we could improve in. The Q&A ticketholder is a genius idea and so many awesome nuggets were shared,the one I was most excited about was how to get contacts for my husband! Mandy

  52. Amen! We were at the live location in GR and had a blast!!

    The biggest nugget I got from the semainar was during your Leadership Talk Orrin. When you takled about the way animals react and how we as humans should be able to choose a reaction, it really hit home.

    There are many times I react to situations without thinking about how I can and should react. I can’t wait for that talk to come out on CD.

    Thanks for sharing!!!
    Neal & Mallory

  53. Wes smith said

    We attend the St. Louis seminar with Holger and Lindsay. It was amazing! That couple is on fire. Lindsay’s parenting talk was one of the best I’ve heard.

  54. Landon Engleman said

    The crowd in Dallas was electric! The Fry’s were absolutely awesome. Here is a nugget made by Dean from stage. “Everything you love at this point in your life was once unknown, don’t be afraid to try something new” I will use that every time i am confronted with objections! Thank you Dean Fry!

  55. Andrea and Mike Renkas said

    We attended Madison seminar with Dionnes! It was PERFECT for the new person! I purposely didn’t say a word about our 5 step pattern or the dream to my new person at first…she was learning and getting it on her own thanks to Joce and Cynthia! LOVE this system! God was trying to tell me that I needed to provide more encouragement for my husband earlier that day..its amazing how He works. Joce’s talk about encouragement hit it (well, me) right on the head.. Cynthia backed it up later in her story talk. They are an amazing couple! Thank you! I had my team up in Wausau too, I heard they had a fantastic time with Bill and Jan Newton! What a blast!

  56. Juleen Ray said

    I attended the Grand Rapids seminar via webcast in Rochester Washington with some amazing teammates. Kirk, Cassie and the gang did a great job reinforcing the basics of just getting out there and sharing this with people so they can see hope and know their is another way (I need to do this). Orrin, your talk about arousing enthusiasm in oneself and bringing out the best in others was very encouraging. Then your talk about bringing America back to a principle base moved me…I want to look my four grandsons in the eyes and tell them – we did something so you could have the freedoms we enjoyed!!! There is no other option!!!

    Time to go to the moon.

    Team Porthos Musketeers
    All for one, One for all!

  57. I was in attendance for George & Jill Guzzardo at the Mesa, Arizona Seminar. It’s great to have live seminar out here in the SouthWest! Thank you to George and to Jill for imparting such great knowledge and your invaluable experience. Anyone can succeed in this business if only they commit to it.

  58. Emma Horvath said

    Hey Orrin! This weekend Houston was blessed to have Cody and Tara Newton in to speak and they were on fire.. Cody’s posture and conviction was contagious!! Among his teaching on business building and value of community was an outstanding point that our fear should not be about what people may think of us, but rather a fear of losing: a fear of not doing our best, of not leaving it all on the field and of not fighting for the extremely noble cause we have at hand.

    LIFE is going MAINSTREAM and changing society!!
    thanks for all you and the PC do,

  59. Sharon Hoffman said

    We attended the Harrisburg, PA seminar with the awesome Chris and Terri Brady! They are two of the BEST teachers on the entire team! Chris and Terri taught the BASICS of the business specifically for the NEW PERSON!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for that!!!! They remember their humble beginnings and always share from the heart! Terri’s talk on Conflict Causing Agents and pride was outstanding! Terri Brady has mastered the art of telling a story and making a point! (son in his kayak, 2nd chair in HS, 2nd Fiddle, her one year old in the middle of the soccer field!)
    Chris’ teaching of the pattern, power player and depth, especially the ticket holder, was superb!!! Loved his examples of franchise costs as well…! Thanks so much to Chris and Terri for sharing with us in PA!
    Special thanks to Denny Smith for flying them in all in ONE day…servant leadership…so that we could learn from the BEST!!!!

  60. Michael Stithem said

    We were able to see George and Jill Guzzardo in Phx, AZ. With AZ still an up and coming location having only a cople of hundred people at we were really able to get around them. Every seminar I have been to has been amazing so far. What I liked most about this one was the ability to see their hearts. I have heard their story several times but for some reason this time I really heard it loud and clear. I love the fact that you, the Guzzardos, and other leaders do not shy away from your faith. It is such a big part of someone’s personal story and I love that it is not omitted just because we are in a business setting. It is because of your leadership and all of our ability to change ourselves that I can look at my children and feel blessed to say that we can and will make a difference in this world. God Bless.

  61. Steve and Terrie Callarman said

    Dean and Teresa Frey were incredible in Arlington, Tx! They both teach through stories in such a way that you learn on so many levels. Teresa related bad habits pulling our lives in the wrong direction like a physical injury will cause muscles to pull the wrong way. (Been there done that)
    Dean’s talk on 5 reasons for negativity will hopefully come out on CD cause I couldn’t take notes fast enough. And Kirk Porter asked some great questions in the ticket holder meeting that lead Dean to hit home the subjects of vision, responsibility, and edification. No where in the business world is this quality information available – much less for 40 bucks (or $20 for new people!) Unbelievable value!

  62. Peggi Kern said

    I attended the Grand Rapids seminar. I had 3 people come who were experiencing their first seminar! I was so proud to have them there. Your first talk about “Bringing Out the Best In People” was so amazing!! Kirk and Cassie did such a great job, showed their excitement and taught in such a unique and understandable way!! Your second talk was truly business leadership thinking at it’s best! Then, the ticket holder was an inspiration. I can’t wait to read your new book. Thanks to the Birtles and to you for making our “compensated community” so fun, fast and exciting!!

  63. Ashlyn Jacks said

    I am proud to represent the Phoenix, Az location! We were blessed to have George and Jill Guzzardo, with all their wisdom and excitement. 🙂 There was so much, that it is difficult to narrow it down. We are a growing group here in Pheonix and it was exciting to see more people coming to be inspired and to change their lives. One of my favorite parts was at the end of George and Jill’s duo-story telling of how they expanded their bussiness from town to town into a cross shape, and George getting everyone fired up on WHY we build the business. To see the tears in their eyes, for a purpose, and knowing I had tears in mine; it was just amazing!! To everyone: WHY are YOU building this business??

  64. Jay Muise said

    Hey Orrin, we just had a fantastic seminar. Wayne and Raylene MacNamara came to Halifax and talked about the personalities, it was awesome.

  65. Deborah Spolar said

    The excitement and the energy of the teams is soooo contagious. Getting new people in the front door of the seminars for such a bargain price is so great. We have never experienced growth like this and I am so grateful for the leadership of you, Laurie and all the Policy Council. We can’t wait to come together at the promotions you all have offered as a carrot out in front of us. I can see Freedom Celebrations on the way!

  66. Hey Orrin!!!
    This is Florio & Lorali working with the Mattis’. We are committing to go triple power player this cycle because our financial freedom is worth fighting for. Our growing family needs stay at home parents. We want to pave the belief for all of our family & friends so that they can see their own freedom!!!

  67. I attended a webcast in Orleans, Ontario in Canada. As great as the information was, the growth in our numbers, getting us a live speaker in December, was incredible! The only downer was hearing that I have to wait until April until your next book comes out 🙂

    I love your challenge to the rest of the Team to beat Kaizen in the next round. We have promised to make sure it won’t be for any lack of effort!

  68. Robb Reiber said

    Thank you Orrin for spending time with us in GR. There was an AMAZING feeling in the place! Kirk & Cassie were a smash, as I expected them to be. Team is “ON GAME” right now. LIFE is awesome!
    Band Of Brothers Lead The Way!!

  69. Paul Bragenzer said

    We attended Grand Rapids and greatly appreciated the straight to the heart call to do our personal best in realizing the dream of 1 million people. Meeting at the break confirmed our team is ALL IN!!

  70. Danny Campbell said

    We took our oldest son with us to Moncton NB. His first seminar was to listen to a great talk by Marc Militello. He also got to see us cross stage for Power Player for the first time and Team 10. What I thought was the best part of he weekend, was shaking Marc’s hand as we came off stage, before we got swarmed by our Team. Every time we go to seminar, Kim and I always say that the seminar was the best one. They always get better. We are not regretting getting involved one bit and look forward to growing this fast and enjoying our new friends that we have come to love. Life has definitely changed our lives and we are thankful for that.

    Danny Campbell

  71. robert wilcox said

    A few nailed it .. “are you building a business or chasing a cause”… Joce and cynthia were fantastic … Loved the interview …questions with steve. It was such an honor to have them just after the major and to get their thoughts on KCB and how Claude’s team reacted … stepping up to the challenge!

  72. PappaBiggs said

    This is a great ideal, Orrin. I feel like I’ve just received a bonus just by reading these comments and had to write down some of the quotes posted. Since I took, I should give too! Here are a few lines given in Wichita, KS by Claude Hamilton “In life you will be rewarded more by your investment of time, than your investment of money.” & “Some day – time will be more important than money!” “If you want to be rich, you have to be doing something you can get rich at.” “The absence of alternatives, clears the mind.” And from Lana, “I was extreme at not being extreme.” (a great comment identifying a phlegmatic) “Find a new level of normal.” TICKETHOLDER: “A leader take the bullets so the team can take the praise.” “You can’t squeeze with the dream.” (i.e. you sling with the dream; you squeeze with “fear of loss”)

  73. Kim Decker said

    This is so great to let the new people in on this for so cheap. Right just need to get them there as how can anybody who is frustrated in life not be changed by just going to one of these. If they aren’t then they are satisfied where they are. Every seminar I go to has a special meaning and would take too long to go in to them but wouldn’t miss one of them.

  74. Orrin,

    Chris & Terri Brady hit a homerun!
    Terri’s talk on Pride was a great LIFE talk.
    Chris was fun to learn from and his messages with his antics made it enjoyable for all who attended.

  75. Sherry Fix said

    Our team out here in Colorado plugged in to the live webcast and I have to say it was AWESOME! I thought Kirk did an especially super job on the teaching part with the 5 step pattern. I also LOVED your talk on Motivation and inspiring people to get what they want. the 10 steps that you gave were fantastic and very helpful for me. “Failures are God’s lessons in your life” YES and I am learning to see them that way more every day. I am totally working with “people who are going to be achievers because of their hard work and grow old with them.”
    Thanks Orrin! for all that you and the PC and Jim Martin and Tim Jarvinen do for us. I LOVE this business!

  76. Bob Rasmussen said

    Seminars and opens are the biggest leverage point we have in affecting millions of lives. It is wonderful to see them becoming more powerful every month due to the personal growth of the Team leadership! You cannot stop an idea whose time has come!!!!

  77. Kirk Birtles said

    Orrin, fired up stuff! Life Leadership is on the move!! Kirk birtles

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