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Believe and Achieve

Posted by Orrin Woodward on January 8, 2013

Chris Brady states that fast can start at anytime. I know that to be true because it happened in our business. Belief is the key that drives growth and change. For me, I worked diligently, learning the fundamentals, but didn’t believe myself capable of building a multi-million dollar business. Indeed, my lack of belief was the limiting factor from producing the results I wanted. Eventually, I learned that just as important as hard work is belief work. One, in other words, must invest just as much effort in believing big as working big! If a person doesn’t work hard towards his dream, then he has no right to expect great results; however, even when a person does work hard, if he doesn’t also believe, then he doesn’t have the right to accomplish great things because he doesn’t believe it. Simply stated, since he doesn’t believe his own dream, how could others rally to his cause?

The next time you set goals to move ahead in any field, invest as much time believing as working. I visualize businesses exploding, talks reaching the audience, and leaders buying into the mission, mainly because I believe the business will explode, the talks will reach the people, and leaders would be crazy not to buy into our mission! That simple principle has made all the difference to me. If I am going to write a book then I am going to believe great things will result. If I am going to work with a person, then I am going to believe in the greatness inside of them. If I am going to work on a project, then I am going to believe it will change the world. This is why I believe and work so much within the LIFE Business. The LIFE Founders are some of the best leaders in the world and it is my responsibility to reveal their greatness in arenas across the world!

Belief is essential for success. For instance, when Chris and I wrote Launching a Leadership Revolution, I believed great things for it and God blessed that belief with recognition as a New York Times Bestseller! When I wrote RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE, I believed that book would have an impact across the world. Remarkably, the book recently made the All-Time Top 100 Leadership Book List and is the core guidebook through the Mental Fitness Challenge. Likewise, when we launched the LIFE Business, we didn’t just start another community building business. Instead, we launched a world-changing mission of love, hope and transformation through the renewing of a person’s mind. The first year results are nothing short of mind boggling! Now, with the release of LeaderShift, I am dreaming and believing a future bigger than ever! So big, in fact, that I cannot wait for the RT meeting on Thursday nights to share my belief and vision for LIFE.

In summary, I have learned over the years, that the best thing to do when others criticize, minimize, and ostracize, is to dream bigger, do bigger, and deliver bigger than ever before. Every achiever I know majors on dreams, while every non-achiever I know majors on dramas. Which course of study are you mastering? As for me and my family, 2013 is about dreaming, doing, and delivering on a bigger scale than ever before. Is anyone else ready to believe and achieve in 2013?


Orrin Woodward

67 Responses to “Believe and Achieve”

  1. Cody Newton said

    As for me and my house 2013 is a year of complete belief. Can’t wait to hear your Vision for the future and put feet to it.

    • Cody,

      We have a new teammate down in Florida who went to her first seminar by herself this past weekend, and was blown away with you and your wife! Thank you for serving the team and for your leadership. You made another difference!

      God Bless!

      Larry Allswede
      Team Crusaders

  2. Lisa Volkmann said

    Orrin – thanks much it was great to see the video, brought back many feelings of being at the major. I needed to read this after meeting with our leaders last night.

  3. Tim Johnson said

    Thanks Orrin for another great post! I didn’t have much belief in myself prior being introduced to Team & LIFE. This has been an amazing journey that gets better the more I invest in myself. Thank you for leading the charge to make a difference. God bless!

  4. Orrin, thank you for your inspiration and vision. Thinking BIG stirs the soul of hungry men. We are so looking forward to the Thursday round table meeting. luv ya

  5. Carla Girard said

    Orrin, fantastic article. I have been so guilty of not believing, deep down over the years and I truly believe it has held back any chance of success, even though I do the work. Through the help of Mary Mazur and the Hartmanns, I am learning the power of believing, the power of affirmations, and by golly, it works! Now, I am not “cured” and often slip, but the slips are fewer and the pity parties are shorter.

    So looking forward to the Louisville major. Would love to be a fly on the wall at the RT mtg!!


    • Michael Hartmann said

      Carla, your dedication and commitment to your dreams are inspiring to both Tonya & I! You and Pat are winners and LIFE is the vehicle that is taking this Team into our incredibly bright destiny! Keep up on your affirmations and identify doubt, fear & worry for what they truly are: the deceiver’s handiwork whose sole purpose is to distract and steal the joy of our journey! Call him out and cast him out! Claim your victory! You already deserve it!!

  6. be·lieve:
    1. to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so: Only if one believes in something can one act purposefully.
    2. to have confidence or faith in the truth of
    3. to have confidence in the assertions of (a person).

    1. to bring to a successful end; carry through; accomplish
    2. to get or attain by effort; gain; obtain: to achieve victory.
    3. to bring about an intended result; accomplish some purpose or effect.

    Orrin, based on the examination of evidence in not only my own life, but of the score board of the LIFE and Team company, I fully BELIEVE (based on the definitions above) that ANYONE can find purpose here and ACHIEVE a victory of a lifetime!!! As for me and the Allswede family, 2013 will be a year of of Achievement and Victory because we have total FAITH in you and the rest of the Policy Council Leaders and Founders of LIFE!

    Thank you for not only being that North Start, Polaris; consistently pointing us true north. Thank you also for also being the road map pointing to truth (Christ) to keep us from getting lost in the swamp while heading “north” so to speak!

    It’s about time we create ourselves a massive seating problem in some venues… See you in a couple weeks!

    Honor. Valor. Humility.
    Today’s The Day!!!

  7. Awesome blog!

  8. Titi Woki said

    It is no coincidence that the Bible in Mark 11:22 – 24 gives a remarkable statement!
    “And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God.For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be removed, and be cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he said shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he said.Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.
    Thanks for having the vision and believing so BIG for SO LONG!

  9. Clif Gibson said

    Orrin, once again a fantastic post. It’s an honor to have come to a place with you where not only do we get to witness a big turn in the cultural tide for good, but we actually get to participate in the activity that will be pivotal in that turn. I appreciate the power of your belief and a vision that can see it so BIG! We are really looking forward to Louisville where the LeaderShift begins to move. See you there.

  10. Terry said

    Very timely words. If the elephant believes there is no stopping it.

  11. Larry Van Buskirk said

    Keep believing, Orrin! We are following you, and borrowing from your belief when necessary! Larry

  12. Chris Gornik said

    I needed this today! I’m going to dream bigger then ever before!

  13. Paul Bragenzer said

    Awesome clarity. Thanks Orrin

  14. Mike Schwendinger said

    Great message as always Orrin,

    Lack of belief stopped more people from succeeding than any physical handicap, hardship, situation, or financial limitation.

    The worst advice a parent could give their child: “get your head out of the clouds kid”

    We are kind of an either or society – we either have the ability to dream with no concrete steps to realize those dreams – Or – we can complete tasks with the best of them, but never dream because it is “unrealistic”.

    The LIFE business not only shows us how to do both, it requires it for success.

    Proud to be part of the community that is going to change the world Orrin. Thank you for having a dream and learning what to do with it.

  15. Matt Mielke said

    Just like the Newtons, we are completely sold-out to the mission and purpose of the LIFE organization. The LIFE income opportunity has provided for our family’s needs for years and we have been diligently out in the homes to help spread the good news. Here’s to a spectacular 2013!! Matt

    • Tina Abernathy said


      Belief ooozed out of the Milke’s this past weekend in St. Louis. They poured gasoline on a fire that was and is red hot with belief for making a difference in the lives of millions!


  16. Ken Hendon said

    Orrin, Great post! For me great belief leads to an inner anger which DEMANDS action.

  17. Jason Halteman said

    Orrin, I am beginning to realize that belief is developed through performance. It is hard for a person to feel that they are gonna change the world or become a better person when they are at home sitting on the couch eating rice patties. The harder you work, the easier it is to believe.
    See you in Kentucky!

    • Jason,

      Well put! Opinion is one thing but experience is another. I learned more about myself and about how America became a great nation by doing than watching. You can’t change the world if you don’t what makes it work and the only way to do that is get in the game, not watch the game.

  18. Robert Daley said

    Outstanding video Orrin….. The only thing better than that video was being at that convention live….. Thank you for the reminder of the importance of keeping your reasons why in front of you….. I love hearing and re-hearing the points in people’s lives where they made the decision to move on and quiet their critics in such an enormous way and to be so humble in the process….
    Looking forward to the upcoming convention in Kentucky so as to be around all the “difference makers” in North America…
    God bless

  19. J & P Harteis said

    Faith/belief is a complete exchange of all that we are, for all that He is! How can we not win!! Yes, belief is hard work, for sure, but the victory calls us forward! “Faith sees the invisible, believes the unbelievable, & receives the impossible!!” Thanks for your belief, Orrin — it’s contagious!!

  20. Hilary Dorr said

    I know one thing, Matt and Michelle Milke put belief in everyone at the St. Louis seminar! They were awesome!

  21. Clayton Pykiet said

    From 6 to 90, to 350, then 1 million! Thank you Orrin.

  22. Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, George Guzzardo, Claude Hamilton, Bill Lewis, Dan Hawkins, and Tim Marks have such great blogs! I love the information being taught in the LIFE business. Can’t wait to hear about the new PC’s and RT’s in the coming months! Thank you!

  23. Peggi Kern said

    2013 is the year of RESULTS and helping others achieve results! So thankful you teach and share. “Belief drives growth and change.” Belief comes, then results follow. Thank you for all you do!! So excited to the belief that will be provided for all who attend the Major Convention in 2 weeks!!

  24. For me, the LIFE Community has always been a source of hope, dreams, and belief. I can credit my faith in Christ to the LIFE Community and the mentorship I received from Larry and Stacey Allswede and Holger and Lindsey Spiewak, and my belief in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most important belief I hold today.
    2013 will be a year of achievement, God willing, and we’ll continue to spread the vision and principles of this community for His glory.

    Thanks to you and the rest of the Policy Council Leaders for always setting an example worth following and striving for.

    Jared Schulman
    Team Crusaders

  25. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    I need to go reread the Magic of Thinking Big. We ARE working hard it’s continuing to think big that I need to work more on. Thank you Orrin! I’m energized!! I’m off to make that contact I was putting off 🙂

  26. Bob Rasmussen said

    Your belief in the Team and us has always been a catalyst for growth!! We believe in you, the PC, RT, The LIFE biz, and the TEAM more now than we ever have and will dedicate our future to the cause!! On to a million and beyond!!

    • Mike Wilson said

      I see great things coming our way and I also dedicate my future to Life, Team this is what I need and my family needs.

  27. Tim Dwyer said


    God working in his way to help those of us who struggle at times to “Believe” in our own ability to “Achieve”.As Jerry & Polly say Faith/Exchange is a complete exchange for what we are. Our can we not win? God has given us the mission through your vision Orrin to restore Peace and Harmony back in a world.
    Thank you for all your help and Belief in us when we fail to believe in ourself.

  28. Tammy Darling said


  29. Aron Radosa said

    Mary & I are not in just for the ride and sights, but in because we know we will play a significant role! Believe BIG!


  30. Todd Punzenberger said

    Thank you for the great post Orrin. It is helping me believe in my dreams.

  31. Kris White said

    We’re in! Thanks to you and the other PC for leading the way.

  32. Maura Galliani said

    Drama: no! Dream: yes!! Personal best: 1, 2, 3, GO!!! Fired up 2013!!!!

  33. Scott Staley said

    Awesome blog. I love the comment about majoring on dreams (belief work makes the dream work). So looking forward to major conference.

    Thank you for being such an inspiration and example of what belief can do!

  34. Don Schultz - Team VIP, Phalanx said

    “If a person doesn’t work hard towards his dream, then he has no right to expect great results; however, even when a person does work hard, if he doesn’t also believe, then he doesn’t have the right to accomplish great things because he doesn’t believe it.”

    Belief is the “octane” for the activity. The activity may bring results but not like it will when there is wholehearted belief. The passion and enthusiasm will ooze out. We see that in Bill, Jann, Cody and Tara Newton.
    Bill finished out a House Plan last evening and his high level of belief was very evident. He was fired up because of a belief of what we have our hands on and his belief brought high-octane performance.

    Orrin, first of all, thank you for your belief and trust in God, and then the belief you have in the LIFE Business and the leadership men and women that help move the community forward. We can borrow some of that belief, through trusting leadership, till we have that belief firmly established in our own minds.

  35. JeanetteP said

    It’s a new year, a new day. & new dawning! Me and my house are ready to reject the criticizing, minimizing and ostracizing, ignore the drama and focus on bigger dreams! Great post Orrin, thanks for the encouragement! Can’t wait to read “Leadershift”!
    God Bless!

  36. Tedd Clippinger said

    What a powerful reminder! My wife and I were just talking the other day about how truly believing the great thing can happen for us is what we have been missing. Looking forward to Louisville!

    • Tedd,

      Your post is so true. Belief is so powerful. I have found that belief and action are the only two things that separate success from failure. If you believe and act long enough eventually you learn from the failures you experience and if you continue to persist with activity, your success is inevitable.

  37. Wow! Increadable timing as always, just what I needed to hear and the Magic as well, Thank You for Your keen insights and sharing Your Wisdom once again
    I Resolve to invest as much in my Belief buliding as I Work in Community Building

  38. The timing of this post could have been any better! I have set some lofty goals for 2013 and beliefe is going to be key! Thank you Orrin, Laurie, PC,RT’s, our mentors Chris & Danae and our coaches Mike & Leslie for all you do and are! We look forward to seeing you at leadership! Here’s to belief in 2013 any thing is possible!

  39. Shanti Garlock said

    Thank you Orrin! A great blog to start off 2013 with the right focus!!
    Your leadership is amazing and so needed!!

  40. Dreaming,doing, and delivering in 2013! Thank you Orrin

  41. chris volkmann said

    Thanks for all the time and effort you put into building the Life Business we owe you a lot. God bless and we are praying for you and all the leaders.

  42. Jeff Campbell said

    Made 15 calls after reading this today. That was helpful! I can’t wait to have that deep belief! It’s on it’s way! Borrowing yours and Chris Mattis’s belief for sure is helping!

    Shout out to the Johnson’s seminar last Saturday. Reading your blog is better than he said it would be.

  43. Chris Robinson said

    Love it!!!!! Before I just read this post this morning, I just got done reading in the book Magic of Thinking Big chapter 5. (When you believe something can be done your mind will find a way to do it)

  44. Believe BIG!! 2013 is our year!! Thanks Orrin for helping all of us to think BIG!

  45. Bob Coe said

    Great post!

    Thanks for leading and sharing.

  46. It’s hard not to believe when we have such an amzgng business model, amazing products & an even more incrdible association! Dan hawkins delivered a beautiful message of belief at last nights open. Thanks again for all you do Orrin.

  47. Kenna Knapp said

    Amazing!!!! Believe and you will achieve! We are going to be believers!! Dream big!!!

  48. Renee Oettinger said

    Wow! Orrin you have mastered sharing your heart and your belief to raise others up in their belief. When around you and the LIFE founders, I certainly feel I am standing on the shoulders of giants, able to see what otherwise would be almost impossible. Thank you and God Bless

  49. Philip Brittain said

    Orrin, You’ve done it again! I love reading your blogs! This one was especially potent for me. I particularly loved the Biblical references “As for me and my family” and “transformation through the renewing of a person’s mind”. We are thinking BIG and believing 2013 IS a year of massive growth for our team!

  50. Michael Hartmann said

    Incredible perspective & insight! Thanks for sharing. It’s time to dust off the Magic of Thinking Big to study it again and DECIDE to BELIEVE BIG in 2013! My prayer is to develop the Faith of the Centurion as referenced in scripture (Matthew 8:5-13).

  51. Amy Antonucci said

    Thanks for the article! I know that belief has been my problem for years. Mike Parr had us write our affirmation statements for this year, and I’ve been reading mine daily. I took from Jaime Leurquin to be a “dream go-getter” which, she describes, means to visit your dream at least 15 times a month. (I saw her and Steve at the Pa seminar last weekend; inspiring and informative!!) I am implementing that too!

  52. Tony Hoffman said

    Thanks Orrin for your insight on Belief Work and majoring in dreaming as a course of study!

  53. Cheryl Koziol said

    That is SO true!

  54. Marty Becker said

    That was a great talk. I know that lack of belief is probably one of the biggest self defeating issues that we all deal with. The Bible says, “As a man thinketh (believes about himself), so is he”. The LIFE and TEAM materials are some of the best in the entire market place to help people have better thoughts and beliefs about themselves (outside of the Bible, of course 🙂 ).

    Marty Becker
    Alpha Omega J1

  55. Sandra wideen said

    Orrin, this is the best birthday present I could have received!! Thank you for the example you have set. Thank you for writing exactly what I needed to read
    Sandra wideen

  56. Orrin,

    Thanks for such an important article. The power of belief is undeniable and it is something I have worked on my entire career. Belief in me was always the toughest. Once we conquer that we are on our way to achieving whatever we set our mind to.

    Thanks again for your belief in us and our team.

  57. Beau warren said

    Thank you for reminding me of my commitment I made to you at the Columbas Leadership Convention.
    And thank you for the opportunity you have provided for people to improve themselves and
    their lives.

  58. Lori said

    Amazing article, I am such a believer in belief, when in a rut, the rut runs deeper. I had a “Divine” intervention, I was looking on amazon unlimited for a book on manifesting. I am growing but not in all the ways I wish to, so I was digging a bit. Well what book ends up in my life sub. Manifest Destiny, yes our thoughts really do send out signals, Les us send the correct ones always. I had so hoped to be at your place this past weekend, was not my time, but it is coming soon. I look forward to having the experience so very much. Thank You.

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