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Zig Ziglar: Setting Goals

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 5, 2013

Zig Ziglar: Setting Goals for Life

I miss Zig Ziglar. My three favorite classic speakers are Zig Ziglar, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, and Ken McFarland. Each of these three men spoke to the winner inside and kept me going during the leadership challenges on the journey to success. Zig’s unique style captures the attention of anyone with hunger. His personal stories of setting goals and accomplishing them has helped many others do the same. Indeed, LIFE resulted from dreams identified, goals set, and goals accomplished. 2013 is shaping up to be a breakthrough year for so many, but it won’t happen until the reader sets the goal and moves towards it. Thank you Zig for a life well lived. Your example is still inspiring millions!


Orrin Woodward

44 Responses to “Zig Ziglar: Setting Goals”

  1. Wendi Witkowski said

    Thanks for the post Orrin! The Life business is going to set so many free this year! what a great reminder for those of us that are followong to set those goals and keep running!

  2. merv hochstetler said

    Awesome clip orrin thanks for all you do .

  3. Martha said

    Very relevant, I like the way he speaks, he will surely be missed. We know the formula, we just have to go do it! Thank you Orrin for sharing. LT-IT!

  4. kirk birtles said

    Zig Ziglar is a testimony to the overwhelming influence of mastering one’s craft and sharing it with others!

  5. Tina Abernathy said

    Loved it! Loved the energy, content, and the fact that his life was a reflection of what he taught.

    Thank you Orrin for being Zig Ziglar for so many including me!!!


  6. Terry said

    Thanks Zig!
    One of my favorites also.

  7. Scott Staley said

    The videos were awesome and a great message. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Tony Hoffman said

    Classic! Thanks for sharing Orrin!

  9. Jody said

    Thanks for the post, Orrin, and the reminder to write out our goals. We are learining quickly that we need constant reminders of where we are going.
    Jody Paplham

  10. Rob Robson said

    My favorite Zig quote- “There’s no such thing as a self motivated person. Only someone who is willing to put themselves into an environment that is conducive for winning.” I am so grateful for Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and the other LIFE founders for creating the most incredible environment that will influence millions to win!

  11. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this Orrin! As you have so often said, it is better to be reminded than taught 🙂 I watched it with my daughter. She really liked it. She did say that she thought he was much older!!! She was disappointed to learn that he had passed away. It is neat that we live in a time where she can still glean many lessons from his material. He has left an amazing legacy. Thanks again for living a life that we can all watch and copy. You are like the elder around the campfire sharing the stories of life while we all sit mesmerized by your experience! Have a blessed day 🙂

  12. Great stuff! Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, George Guzzardo, Claude Hamilton, Bill Lewis, Dan Hawkins, Wayne MacNamara, and Tim Marks have such great blogs! I love the information being taught in the LIFE business. Thank you!

  13. Vi said

    Thanks Orrin – I’ve never heard Zig Ziglar speak….that is awesome!!
    Thank you for all that you, PC and the spouses do for the TEAM!

  14. Lisa Elliott said

    Great post.

  15. Julie Vrieze said

    This is a perfect video clip to share with my highschool leadership class on Zig’s goal setting formula!
    1) write it down
    2) put a date on it
    3) identify the obstacles
    4) identify the people/groups/organizations you need to work with
    5) find out what you need to know
    6) develop a plan of action
    7) write down what’s in it for me
    Thanks for all you do, Orrin! God bless!

  16. Omar chetta said

    Great video Orrin! Thanx for sharing

  17. Kevin Hamm said

    Zig’s a classic. Basically outlining the plan, do check adjust process. Thanks for passing it along.

  18. scott russell said

    Great Video!!!!!!

  19. Matt Mielke said

    I never heard of Zig Zigler before the LIFE business. What a treasure to surface in our life.

  20. Fantastic!

  21. Eiron said

    Fired Up Orrin! I for one REALLY needed that very message today. Love the clip! =) I have loved Zig Ziglar for years! For some reason, I have an overwhelming urge to watch the “Art Williams ~ Just Do It!” video 😉 Thanks Orrin! Blessings

  22. Eric Schilling said

    Great post Orrin! Gotta love Zig and his teaching!

  23. Neal Ruffner said

    “You’ve got to have goals…” – Z.Z.

    Great post!! Sure do miss him!!


  24. Juleen Ray said

    Well Hello Orrin! thanks for this great clip on goals, seems I need to get better at this since it has been a recurring theme this week.

  25. J & P Harteis said

    Classic voice, classic message,amazing legend! Thanks, Orrin, for remembering those who indeed left a legacy!

  26. Clint Fix said

    Awesome video Orrin! I noticed that he said “repetition is the motor of learning”. While not the point he was driving home (I didn’t miss it), I thought it was interesting. I love that LIFE offers on-going subscriptions because just listening to one CD or attending one seminar probably won’t change long term habits. Repetition is key. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Peggi Kern said

    Zig’s legacy lives on. I’ve heard many testimonies to his great wisdom and I’ve read one of his books, but this video was the first time I’ve heard him speak. LOVED IT!

  28. Chris & Kristen Shills and Marc Militello did fantastic at Lansing tonight!! Terrific!

  29. Carrianne Hall said

    Thanks Orrin for sharing this classic clip of Zig Zigler! What an icon! God Bless

  30. Jammie Fisher said

    Sold! He does an amazing job of conveying a message, that is an area where I have 2 specific current goals. Thanks for sharing this post, as it has helped me take a step toward achieving that.

  31. Wade Hamblin said

    Thanks for sharing Zig’s talk! I can listen to him teach all day. Great speaker!

  32. He was incredible. Even crouched down at one point. No wonder he is so famous. This is great details. Will implement now. Thanks Orrin Woodward, chris Brady, and the life business. The team is amazing!!

  33. Awesome post Orrin, thanks for sharing Zig’s wisdom.

  34. Ted Hewing,Jr. said

    I didn’t know who Zig was until I joined the TEAM 3 years ago & heard Bob Burg imitating him(which was really good)! Zig is considered the best & I agree! Goal setting is something I must do starting today. Thanks Orrin & Laurie for allowing GOD to use you to help us!

  35. CJ Calvert said

    Love Zig. Thanks for sharing, Orrin!

  36. cynsadler said

    He is one of a kind. I love this guy! I especially like the fact that he is a Christian and gives glory to God.

  37. Zig is such an amazing speaker! Great examples and nuggets on goals!

  38. Marianna Mitchell said

    Thank you Orrin!It was the first time to see Zi Ziglar. I wish, instead negativ news the Tv would broadcast him and YOU talk about how to be better,how to grow and help to each other.Happy to be part of you community,and associate with great people:) GO TO A MILLION

  39. Bob Rasmussen said

    Gotta love the Zig!!! Wonderful teaching on goal-setting!! Thx Orrin, God Bless Bob

  40. Tim Jarvinen said

    Zigs legacy and lessons will go on to affect countless others!

  41. Kim Decker said

    This is something we hear in our business constantly and how many of us actually do it??? Great video as I have never heard Zig in person. Thank you

  42. MARIO VEGA said


  43. Adam Gonzales said

    Love it.

  44. Larry Pahl said

    I too love the effects of listening to Zig Ziglar. I should listen more. Goal setting is essential. You really can’t achieve anything without it. I need to do better myself. Thanks Orrin for your effects in my life.

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