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Jeff Daniels, American Freedoms & LeaderShift

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 22, 2013

Jeff Daniels, playing Will in his TV show, believes America is in decline. In fact, he believes this so emphatically that some of his language in the video is not children-friendly. I apologize in advance for some of the wording in this video. However, the points he makes and the discussion around it are so valuable that I decided to post it. Mr. Daniels has pinpointed the effects of the Five Laws of Decline upon American society. Nonetheless, identifying the effects and solving the issues are not one and the same thing. The Five Laws of Decline must be rooted out of our culture, ending the plunder of working citizens on both sides of the political aisle.

LeaderShift is Oliver DeMille and my proposal on how to do just that. I am posting Jeff Daniels video which states the challenge and then the trailer for LeaderShift which responds to the challenge. Yes, America, and the West, have much work to do, but what a great time to be alive and play a part in the LeaderShift!


Orrin Woodward

90 Responses to “Jeff Daniels, American Freedoms & LeaderShift”

  1. JB Thompson said

    Thank you Orrin and Oliver for bringing a plan to help our country.

  2. Tim Marks said


    Wow! I was moved to tears. We have some work to do, but LIFE and LeaderShift is up to the challenge!!


    • Kyle Starr said

      I Agree we do have a lot of work to do! Lets get going 😉

    • Matt Mielke said

      My composition professor in college taught me that a writer never has a completed work, it’s only the final draft. Implying that the finished work is never truly finished, it’s only the latest draft. That’s how I see our country today, in the latest “draft” but not finished. I am so optimistic and faith filled that we can make a difference. I am proud to be associated with men and women of purpose in the LIFE business. Godspeed on our journey to 1 million!


    • Wade Hamblin said

      I agree Tim! Powerfull video, thanks for sharing Orrin. This may be on the “to watch” listed each day!

    • RussRamey6 said

      Tim said it, absolutely moved me to tears. We have so much work to do, but that being said we must do it regardless… our children’s children deserve the opportunity we were given. If not us? Who? If not now? When?

  3. Tammy Darling said

    Katelyn, our daughter, posted this on her FB wall about a month ago! Strong, but right on! So cool that an 18 year old would agree with this!!! Just shows you it really does matter WHO we associate with!!! Thanks Orrin!

  4. Joshua Dames said

    I am excited about this leadershift!!!

  5. Phil Allen said

    I posted this same video on my Facebook page last week. I was apprehensive because of the language but what is said is spot on. I believe our country is slowly waking up, Leadershift will shake the masses awake. Now is the time.

    Thanks to you and Mr. DeMille, for Leading an intelligent revolution.

  6. Elaine Lacey said

    Orrin, watching those videos brought me to tears. I am so grateful that they are tears of inspiration and not frustration, may God Bless and keep you and may he give me and our fellow Americans the wisdom and the courage to fight this worthy battle with you ! Thanks for all you do Orrin, you are changing lives and the future of America, God Bless

  7. Heidi said

    After reading a few of the comments on the Daniels video on You tube, it is a stark reminder of how much education is needed about freedom. I thought about commenting on there, but it would’ve been useless. Thank you, Orrin and Oliver, for your educated research and time spent analyzing real history to give the world an iron clad case in”Leadershift”. Spreading this book and leadership principles is the best way I know of to change things.

  8. Can’t wait for the book!
    One Team. One Dream. One Million.

  9. Jacqueline lewis said

    Orrin, this video brought tears to my eyes. I love America and what it used to stand for. I believe we can be the greatest country in the world but it has to start with the people not the government. LeaderShift is so relevant and needed today. One of the neatest things about the video is that Jeff Daniels didn’t want to speak the truth, probably because he didn’t think it would be accepted. But alas, he grabbed ahold of one of the single most effective tools we have in us. Courage. That’s what it’s going to take for all of us who believe in Americas greatness and are willing to fight for what is right and good and true. Courage. Thank you for being at the front leading with the rest of the Policy Council. My spine is stiffened. My resolve stronger. I am courageous! I will stop at nothing and do all I can to fight with you. We are called for such a time as this! The time is now, Carpe diem!

    • Peggi Kern said

      After watching the videos, I was speechless! All I could think of was, WOW! That was so powerful!! Then, I read Jackie Lewis’s comment and feel she worded it perfectly! Thank you, Orrin and Oliver for the courage to share the message! Thank you, Jackie for so eloquently wording your thoughts and adding resolve to my thoughts!

  10. Jason Halteman said

    Wow! Powerful videos! Can’t wait to see you at the book signing in PA.

  11. Jim Martin said

    Orrin I’m glad to see there are more patriots out there like us! Very heart wrenching videos and I believe you and Oliver are going to impact millions with truth thru your book Leadershift.

    Thanks for all you do.

  12. Alison Ruhlman said

    WOW!! Have fun, make $, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!! THANK-YOU!!!

  13. Scott Staley said

    It may be that data (itself) is neither good or bad – it’s just data. However, that is some very sobering information to realize how far things have to go before people begin to realize that something is wrong.

    Thank you for not only helping to identify the issue, but for providing a workable solution to address and correct the data.

  14. gabulmer said

    I think the video is an excerpt from Daniels’ TV series, ‘The Newsroom’ (he’s addressed as “Will” by the moderator). And, while I would hope that Mr. Daniels shares the same views he expresses in the You Tube video…they ring true nonetheless. I have been chastised by both the pastors of my church for my stance and gentle provocation (Pulpit Freedom Sunday & specificity of sermon requests) on religious liberty (which they categorize as ‘politics’) – so much so that we’re considering looking for another church in which to worship. Hiding behind the Gospel, timid & afraid to voice one’s opinion on what’s right & what’s clearly wrong isn’t what God wants from us. He created us to be free. Forgetting who we, as a people, are and where we came from (and the huge sacrifices made) is NOT the path.
    Thanks to Orrin, Chris, the Policy Council & the TEAM for continuing to fight the good fight.

    • Orrin Woodward said

      That’s good to know. I guess you can tell I don’t know much about what’s on TV these days. I didn’t know Daniels had a TV show. I will add this to the blog. Much appreciated! thanks, Orrin

      • gabulmer said

        I’ve never watched the show, but know it exists (read a review, it’s bent to the left). I watch zero TV (save ESPN, while stretching to run in the AM) but have been catching the History Channel’s Bible (Twitter hashtag #TheBible) on Sunday evenings – pretty true to the Word.

  15. Alan & Louise McKeen said

    The passion & vision you have, Orrin, as well as Oliver Demille’s,
    inspires & stirs our being. We feel it & need to do the action here in Canada as well.
    May you continue to be blessed just as you are a blessing to so many!

  16. Eric Travis said

    I’m not an American, but I am North American. Much the same as the fate of my family with my wife as an American and myself being a Canadian I know that our fates as countries are tide together and if one falls eventually so will the other; on the other side of that is the victory we will share. I know we Canadians have always been know to rise to occasion. I also know that it takes a big bite to rise the sleeping giant that is our older brother to the South, but when woken…

    Orrin, Oliver, thank you for leading the charge and although we as Canadians cannot vote we can help educate and spread the word.

  17. Keith C. Lauver said

    Thanks Orrin and Oliver for this gift to our country, a book of truth whose true value will not be known, except in historical retrospect. Now we, who see and believe, need to meet face-to-face with our friends, family, and neighbors, offering them the LeaderShift book, explaining LIFE’s passion for educating, and the Team’s purpose in restoring brokenness in the family, and healing the bankruptcy we see, both individually and culturally. Awareness is paramount in the process, and helping each other have hope is essential, so share the vision of us standing for “Truth” principles, in a Team effort, to make a difference.

  18. Justin Chupp said

    Very powerful post! Thank you for all that you do Orrin! Can’t wait to read LeaderShift!

  19. Joe McGuire said


  20. J & P Harteis said

    Slowly, but surely, with he grace of God, America is waking up to the truth! And with the community that we are creating & growing together, Orrin, along with your undying leadership, we can make a difference! Thanks for your hope & belief ~ it’s contagious!

  21. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    I moved with emotion…the jeff Daniels video is unfortunately a dose of reality. The leadershift commercial is exciting!! So proud to have Orrin as our leader!

  22. Alaysha said

    Loved the video. We have a lot of work to do but it’s possible! He’s right, people used to be informed. Now they’re not. But that’s why LIFE is here! So excited for the book!

  23. gabulmer said

    I get even more jazzed by the Leadershift video. It literally imparts strength and resolve to my efforts in prospecting here in NJ. I have visited more 2nd Amendment, Campaign for Liberty, Task Force & Republican/Conservative/Tea Party meetings around my state seeking those who want to do more than simply commiserate about this country’s sad state of affairs & direction.
    Knowing that there are others out there committed to fighting the same good fight literally provides the wind beneath this eagle’s wings (Isaiah 40:31).

    • Amen to that! Things are similar and yet hard to find in some cases here on the “Left” coast. Keep flying! We will soar together, thanks to Gods grace and the TEAM.

  24. America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great. – Alexis de Tocqueville
    Thanks Orrin Woodward.

  25. Mason Thompson said

    Definitely a wake-up call we all need!

  26. Maura Galliani said

    Thank you to you [Orrin], Oliver, and all the others who are Rascals and daring to not only put your feet down, but to turn and go against the current in an effort to make a much-needed change! And thank you for giving me, and everyone else who chooses, a venue in which to “make a difference” — one by one!! Fired up!!! 🙂

  27. Chad Waters said

    Great Post Orrin!

    Peoples eyes are being opened and I couldn’t be happier how were going to educate the masses with your new book being a huge play in that role! One million sooner then we hoped!

  28. Wow Orrin! This is dynamite! You warned us about the language but I was still shocked when heard it. Thanks to the LIFE product and training system, I have had the cable turned off ad don’t watch any TV to speak of. It’s amazing to realize how desensitized we get by watching TV. Only after removing the garbage do we truly appreciate and realize the incremental growth that compounds over time! Thanks Orrin!

    I was thinking, while watching the LeaderShift trailer, that you were looking very “Presidential”. Do you have any hopes for a future run?

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Philip, My hopes are in designing the right system for others to lead. If we do that, then we fix America and set a model for the rest of the West on how to have ordered liberty for the longterm. thanks, Orrin

  29. J.J. said

    Awesome, awe full all at
    Once good stuff

  30. I like when he said the answer is a people who are INFORMED!!! Thank you for leading the charge on just that! A group of readers who are LEARNING and IMPLEMENTING and becoming INFORMED! I’m sorry….I’m sorta yelling. : ) Not at you, at the world! WAKE UP AND JOIN US AMERICA! Join the Leadershift! Sad at the reality but excited in the solution. Thanks so much Orrin for all you’ve done and do.

  31. Scott Morrison said

    Thank you, Orrin, for opening our eyes. I’m a Canadian… but I know that there isn’t too much different between the two nations as far as freedom goes. I have been involved with this information for a few years now and I am so grateful that it has come into my life. Your books, as well as Mr DeMille’s, and many many others, that I would’ve NEVER read if it weren’t tied to this community, have changed mine, and my families lives forever. The ripple effect from your dream, your passion and your desire to make the West what it once was, has effected more people’s lives than I’m sure you even know. Thank you. We look forward to the continued journey of helping others improve their lives through the material you and the other founders have put together for us.

  32. Greg Oesch said

    Jeff brought tears to my eyes. Harsh but TRUE. Leadershift has the answer. I’m committed all over again to making a difference, leaving a legacy, to spread truth, prosperity and freedom everywhere. Starting with me, my family, my community and so on. Thank you so soooo much Orrin and our whole leadership Team for standing for and living the Truth. We will too. I’m IN. Sign me up again!

  33. Marty Becker said

    Couldn’t have said better myself…

    Marty Becker
    Alpha Omega J1

  34. Don Schultz, Team VIP Phalanx said

    In the video clip “Will” is correct in giving the reality of a deteriorated America, what it used to be and identifies some of the problems. Once a problem/s has been identified, it/they can then be addressed. The solution is an America that returns to Godly principles. That is done on our knees as well as in our homes and then in our communities. Like Toqueville said, “America will cease to be great when Americans cease to be good.”

    We are excited and looking forward to receiving the LEADERSHIFT books we have on order. We are more excited about the impact the information and principles laid out in the book can impact our societal thinking and subsequent actions.

    Thank you Orrin and Oliver for the passion you have for this great country we are a part of, and for the work you have diligently put forth on LEADERSHIFT.

  35. Curtis and Olivia Shaw said

    I can not speak for Olivia, but when I watched that video(which you were right about the language, sent our daughter in the other room) I got chills just thinking about what we are doing, the difference we ARE going to make! As I go to work, and listen to people talk about what is happening in society and all around us, so many have the hopeless mentality. You and Oliver speak HOPE into the lives of thousands and eventually millions. Thanks for leaving the pool behind and continuing to chase your Dream!

    In Life
    Curtis and Olivia Shaw

  36. Paula Dziki said

    I realize the importance of our country making drastic changes, and the fact that those changes have to start in each of us first….with that being said, I do not appreciate the vulgar language spoken in this video. It shows someone who has a weak vocabulary to use such words, and it greatly devalues and takes away what the speaker was trying to get across. It would have much more of an impact without those words that he poorly chose to use. Why do we as people try to lower ourselves to relate to others who we think can’t understand? We need to stand up for what is morally right as individuals, and work our way up from there. You can’t expect to get respect from others, when you don’t respect others yourself, not only in the way you treat them, but how you speak to them too! It is pretty sad that this speaker’s words had to take away so much from something that could have been very powerful, and possibly used to affect audiences of all ages, which in turn would have an even great impact on our society today!

  37. Sharon Marlow said

    Wow, Orrin! I can’t wait for LeaderShift to come out. I am anxious to read it. Thank you for your vision for a better America. Also–Oliver is amazing! I really enjoy listening to him. The combination of the two of you should be a one-two punch of a wake up call.

  38. wendi witkowski Team Liberators said

    I am so blessed to be part of the Life community and being in business with leaders like Orrin Woodward and Oliver Demille.

  39. Greg Streuly said

    I LOVE that speech. I showed it to everyone one my my high school classes at the beginning of the year. It says so much to the people of this country and where we are at. The language does get harsh, but he’s also speaking harsh truth. Thanks so much for posting this out to a large audience 🙂

  40. Kevin Hamm said


    Great find, whatever the original motive might have been for the act, you have certainly channeled its effectiveness in your community. I love your resolve as well anytime “presidential” suggestions are made. I’ve always asked the question when I hear someone say that “Why would Orrin handcuff himself with a position when he holds the exponential potential of a soon to be viral community in his hands?” I don’t think most really see the power of what we have. Keep on doing what you are doing. There will be time at age 75 for all that positional stuff:)

  41. Bill Eder said

    Thanks Orrin: With the date for the coming out of Leadershift getting closer I am getting more and more fired up.Truely we will make a difference by getting your’s and oliver’s book to America and beyond. God bless you both for leading us forward.

  42. MARIO VEGA said


  43. Wade Hamblin said

    Orrin, This video is one to watch each day! It will remind us North Americans that freedom isnt free and we need to act on the things set before us. Thank you for taking that tough stance for what is right and leading us to a Leadershit!

    • David Smale said

      Your right Wade. Your right Wade this is a video to watch every day. Jeff may have been talking about the U.S. but as Canadians we share in alot of the same statistics and certainly the problems. Great post Orrin thanks for showing the video

  44. Powerful!

  45. One word: Hope! Daniels is right and we have a plan – Leadershift! Thank you Orrin

  46. Dean Boyer said

    Wow!!! What an emotion call to action. Thank you Orrin and Oliver for this tremendous book and leading a charge to regain the greatness of our country. American is still filled with amazing people that long to do the right thing, so your hard work and study is right on for this time. Thank You.

  47. AR said


  48. Theodore J. Hewing,Jr. said


  49. Evan G said

    I didn’t realize the statistics were so bad. I’m sure my country, Canada, isn’t too far behind. Both videos were powerful.
    I’m glad both you, Orrin, and Oliver are making these known. Cannot wait for Leadershift to come out.

  50. Spoken loud and clear!

  51. Rick Satterstrom said

    I’ve been dreaming of this needed info since I was about 12. It’s hard to put into words how great it feels deep down inside to see the needed changes actually coming! THANK YOU ORRIN! THANK YOU!

  52. super post

  53. scott russell said

    We shall make a difference!! Great Video!!!!

  54. Norman said

    OH WOW! I didn’t think Orrin would put this on his blog. I only sent him it on FB cuz I thought he’d enjoy the message. It does have a powerful message.

  55. Denny Suggitt said

    Awesome !!! If we are not part of the solution we are part of the problem ! Lets be a part of the LEADERSHIFT !!!!!
    Thanks Orrin !

  56. Lenden Bowsman said

    I am excited for the release date! I know people that don’t even know who Orrin Woodward or Oliver DeMille are that already want this book in their hands. Many people want a change but are afraid to make the stand, look our nations root problems directly in the face, and say, “It’s time for a shift in leadership and I’m not afraid to be that leader.”

  57. Josh Anderson said

    Very plainly stated! We have to do something NOW, thank you for leading the charge!

  58. Tina Rasmussen said

    Powerful videos Orrin. I love the ending when he says “informed”. There are so many people out there that are like me before Team helped me become more informed. We just go out there day after day, trudging through life, not really cognizant that we are really part of the problem by not paying attention – just taking everything we have for granted. Thanks for the wake-up call years ago. I can’t wait to share these videos!

  59. Debbie Spolar said

    Thank you for the vision and the heart for people that you and Laurie have. We are so enjoying our journey with this amazing community of people who are learning and applying these principles. We cant wait for this book to get into our hands and the hands of the American people. I know that the book signings all across the country will be populated by leaders showing their supporting role in the action needed to lead the shift in that direction. Thank you and Laurie again for your continued effort to assist us to keep that direction by leading from the front and we enjoyed our time with you this past weekend. The time you spent with us and the leaders in our community was so very much appreciated and once again nourishing to our individual personal growth and continued common worthwhile endeavors.
    in our organization

  60. Cindy Tharp said

    As My husband and I watched this video it made me think of all the lost oppertunities my children and gradchildren have missed. Thank you for what you are doing to try to return our country to where it needs to be and for wakeing us up to what we should be doing to help

  61. Brenda Rasmussen said

    Thanks for Leading the charge Orrin and giving us Hope for our future generations. God Bless

  62. Ken Hendon said

    The truth can certainly set you free, but it can really tic you off first. Jeff is right.

    How do we restore integraty to the media? Planned Parenthood, started by a racist woman to kill black babies, is protected, even honored, by politicians and their media lap dogs. Help us, Orrin, to restore honor to America.

  63. Leslie Ward said

    It’s the I have a dream version in the information age! Lets make the United State the greatest again! Wow, what a powerful message! LIFE ALL the way!

  64. Scott Ballah said

    LeaderShift is a plan to restore greatness in the US!!!!

  65. America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great. – Alexis de Tocqueville
    Thanks Orrin Woodward.

  66. Thanks, Orrin! Can’t wait to read Leadershift in its entirety!

  67. kim Decker said

    WOW, Jeff speaks the truth as we are showing those around us. WE WILL SUCCEED

  68. Cheryl said

    The truth in this video is real. There are many who will want to continue to bury their heads in the sand rather than admit the same that we’ve allowed our country to fall into, but I am amazingly glad to be a part of the movement to turn the tide.

  69. SOUPIE Shaw said

    This is what they are trying to sell our kids!!
    Like Orrin says NOT ON OUR WATCH

  70. Kaitlyn Fix said

    Wow! I think everyone has said it. This clip from Jeff Daniels moved me to tears. How great that there are others out there that see what America was and still can be. Thank you Orrin for all you and Oliver are doing with Leadershift.

  71. Sticking one’s head in the sand doesn’t change the lion’s dinner plans …

    Regretfully, the distractions, diversions, & emphasis on schooling ahead of education ( amongst other root reasons ) has led to the America which Mr. Daniels described in the vid clip. It is definitely not too late to help Americans (many of them “low information” voters) remove their heads from the proverbial sand; the best way to do so is to be living/personal testimonials to the information that is leading LIFE members & customers to the life changing truths based on millennia old principles in all 8 F’s.

    God Bless Oliver & you, Orrin, as the book tour is about to kick off!

  72. Although Daniels’ character makes some key and obvious mistakes (how is the problems in this country the fault of an 18 year old girl and the rest of the people in her age group when they haven’t really had a chance to do much yet? We do have the best medical care in the world, just the worst diet and exercise in the world etc), I feel his pain and passion. There is a lot wrong with this country. What we need is men of action and real education to fix it.

  73. David Nelson said

    We cannot fix it. God provided us a way forward through Jesus Christ. We can only hope to influence others to also make the change

  74. Kim Morisett said


  75. Paul Maitrejean said

    Some of the other videos from “The Newsroom” have some pretty scary propaganda in them though. Especially the one where Jeff Daniels calls the TEA Party “the American Taliban”. Yikes.

    In this particular video, however, he does make some excellent points. I am anxious to get as many people as possible to at least look at LIFE materials. Combine it with a revival of Christian principles and recognition of Christ as Lord and King, and we have hope of taking the Kingdom back!

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