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HBRN’s Leadership Factory: Special Guest Chris Mattis

Posted by Orrin Woodward on April 1, 2013

Orrin Woodward: HBRN Leadership Factory

Orrin Woodward: HBRN Leadership Factory

Doug Firebaugh, my good friend and fellow leadership fanatic, asked me to host HBRN’s Leadership Factory last year. Although in the middle of launching my leadership company LIFE, I happily accepted because I believe the Leadership Factory is a great way to share principles to help the entire Network Marketing and home business field. Given that Tony Cannuli, another great friend and leader, is my co-host, I knew the show would be meet with success. However, I have to say that these interviews have been more impacting than even my highest expectations. These interviews continue to cull out the best principle-centered leadership methodology in unique ways to benefit the entire professional community.

For this week’s show, we chose the topic of friendship and asked Chris Mattis to be our special guest. I expected a ton from Chris Mattis on this call, knowing that he has mastered the art of building friendships, and he did not disappoint. About once every two weeks, we are shooting a new show. Be sure to check the HBRN Leadership Factory page for the archived shows and also tune in live on Wednesday nights on HBRN for the radio broadcast!


Orrin Woodward

28 Responses to “HBRN’s Leadership Factory: Special Guest Chris Mattis”

  1. Chris Mattis and Orrin Woodward do an incredible interview!

  2. I love Leadership factory. I look forward to each new interview. Chris Mattis hit a home run here! Awesome stuff guys! Keep it coming!

  3. Way to go Chris Mattis. I am so proud of you. Your gift of encouragement and your ability to love people through any situation has helped me through many a times in my life. Keep serving! Being interviewed by none other than Orrin Woodward on the topic of friendship is just perfect.

  4. Tennyson Heen said

    We on the West Coast (NorCal) in particular are fortunate to be part of the Magic. Chris does make everyone he comes across seem like a friend. He truly does have his heart out for everyone.

  5. Justin Chupp said

    Such a phenomenal interview by Chris Mattis and Orrin Woodward! It is definitely worth watching to receive all the abundant nuggets of wisdom shared!

  6. Turhan & Carol Berne said

    This is a great interview with Orrin, Tony, and Chris! Another opportunity to emphasize that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Excellent!!

  7. Aaron Noriega said

    Great interview Chris and Orrin! You are truly gifted at encouraging others, being a good finder in others, and amplifying those qualities in them as you build a true friendship!

  8. Chad Waters said

    I’ve always enjoyed Chris Mattis talks and wisdom! Such a humbel man! Great story too!

  9. Allen Knight said

    This was a great show Chris definatly is a living exsample of what he is teaching and he has me looking to better serve my friends/team mates.

  10. Denny Suggitt said

    Great interview !! Freindship is a lost art ! When I see a Chris Mattis cd come down through LIFE or LIFE TRAINING I know its going to be heartfelt ! Thanks for sharing !

  11. Great video Orrin! It’s evident that Chris has mastered the art of building relationships. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Amelia Reed said

    What a great interview. Drives it home about building relationships.

  13. keith sieracki said

    Fantastic Interview. Chris really delivers great message here and on his CD’s on the topic of Friendship. Great Stuff!!! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Chris has exemplified these principles in his life.
    It is my honor to be one of his friends, and his leadership is enriching my life.

  15. Chris Mattis, is great student and leader, I aspire to be just like him! He is a fantastic speaker, with such humility. More of these HBRN’s need to be done Orrin. Relationships are everything in business. I was so happy to receive my LT Material today in the mail. It is like Christmas multiple times a month. 🙂 I love being able to hear from one of my favorite speakers, not being biased, my mentor and uncle Greg Johnson. LT 21 | “It’s the Little Things” I LOVE LIFE.


  16. Clint Fix said

    Awesome interview! I’ve only been around Chris a few times, but just from those relatively brief moments, I can definitely tell why you chose to interview him on friendship. He was an incredible ability to make people feel good about themselves.

  17. Ed Daniels said

    Great interview!
    Chris & Danae are major influences in my life. Chris’ words of encouragement and his example, have been key to me becoming a better man, husband, and father! Thanks Chris!
    Thank You Orrin, for the LIFE/TEAM!

  18. Le'Troy Andrews said

    Wow! There is not much that can be said after watching this interview. So let’s see?

    I’m proud to say Chris Mattis is my personal mentor and it is way true, I’m sad I have to say, in my case (cause he wouldn’t say it) that he has shown himself to be a much better friend to me than I to him.

    He spoke of the Cd’s, live talks and I think videos teachings and training of Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and Tim Marks, (he forgot about the ones he’s done) anyway, what Chris says there is true also. But I say it this way, listening to and following these men’s’ mentoring, if only vicariously for now, one can feel exhilarated that there are men and women that don’t just wish the friendship qualities spoken of to be followed by all but starting Team/LIFE are actually doing something to make it so. It’s exciting to be associated with this group who has put friendship, leadership and business into a package held together by accountability! It’s a lot easier to put into practice the leadership qualities of purpose, character, attitude and vision expected by the leadership as members of Team and LIFE business builders to be followed by us when we see them demonstrated with integrity by our PC.

    As for Chris, I love the guy! Once you get around him you can hardly help too, he has the most open heart of anyone I know. Chris I look forward to the day that you can see me as one that can be added to the list of your tryed and true friends as well as a leader.

  19. Lisa Mangold said

    I love these interviews! It is a great way to get to know different leaders, hear their story and learn a variety of other things on a specific topic. I plug my device into the docking station and listen while I do other things at home. Great concept and information being delivered! Thanks – Orrin for putting this together.


  20. Zack said

    fired up!!! On the way to explosion.

  21. Thanks Chris for sharing!!

  22. Rick Satterstrom said

    I love HBRN, every show is great! Good job Chris. Thanks Orrin.

  23. It is so amazing to hear about the impact the Leadership Factory has had the last 7 months!! With the guests that Orrin picks I am blown away every time we do one!! Chris is all heart and truly a beautiful human DOING!! A TRUE SERVANT LEADER DOING THE GREATER GOOD! God bless all of you and thanks for faithfully tuning in:)
    Tony Cannuli
    Marketing Director/Show Host HBRN

  24. Great interview! It’s amazing to see so many great leaders being developed by this community. The world is in desperate need of more humble servants with a vision for making the world great through helping others.

  25. Chris would be fantastic reading out of a phone book, let alone talking about one of the 8 F’s 😉 He is that solid at being a great connector & teacher. Having seen him in person twice at LIFE Live! events was a blessing, let alone being able to shake his hand each time as a bonus. He’s surely another of the many leaders in the LeaderShift!

  26. Wildtarg said

    That was really mind- and heart-expanding. Thanks so much to you, Chris, and Tony for putting this together.
    I’ve been privileged to see Chris grow on stage, and hear him on CDs, and I have to say that he is, to me, living, breathing proof that masculine doesn’t have to be ‘macho’, or gruff, or hard and prickly all the time. He lives a live that demonstrates it is possible to be a man of principle who still understands and even shares in, the joy and pain of his friends and followers. He is one of my guiding lights on the leadership journey. I’m happy for his previous and recent accomplishments, and I look forward to seeing him recognized soon and to catch up to him quickly.

    Keep going, we’re with you (all of you)…

  27. Hugh Wallace said

    Hello Chris,
    My name is Hugh Wallace. You autographed a book entitled Authentic Leadership by Bill George at a TEAM conference several years ago and this book, along with many other system books, has changed my life. I have received a number of promotions at my work as a pharmacist and have recently been acquired by a new health care organization whose CEO has asked that I head up the leadership division of their strategic planning initiative – exciting but scary as well. My wife is a Psych Nurse and works in a dismal system where she has been hurt and ostracized for her beliefs, character, ethics, morality and unwillingness to conform to mediocrity, and I am very proud of her. My question is simply we want to turn around these wards and make them better just as you have done – you made reference to this on your last CD in the LLR pack I received. We would delight if you could give us some feedback to help us on our journey to aid our health care systems.
    Sandra & Hugh Wallace
    Selkirk, Manitoba, CANADA

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Sandra and Hugh, Congratulations on your success and hunger to learn! Leadership is daily process and it sounds like you two are rolling! Well done! Anyway, in my RESOLVED book, I go through the 13 Resolutions that you want to implement into individual lives and corporate companies. From your position, study the 13 Resolutions and begin to implement each into the culture of your company. This will radically change your company just as the leadership principles have radically changed you! 🙂 Keep it up! thanks, Orrin

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