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LeaderShift, Book Tour, & Radio Interviews

Posted by Orrin Woodward on April 10, 2013

Orrin Woodward & Oliver DeMille

Orrin Woodward & Oliver DeMille

We are six days away from the official launch of LeaderShift. The book signing tour has been announced, the book will be in all the bookstores across North America, and we have radio interviews scheduled across America. What exciting time to be alive with a dream. In this case, the dream is to restore hope and freedom for society at large.

An increase in government (beyond internal and external defense) leads to a decrease in society’s freedoms. Therefore, the only way to limit government is by limiting the funds fed to government and holding those responsible who are assigned to use funds wisely. Since no one is capable of watching over a government as large as Washington DC, we must break government down into bite-sized pieces where local leaders can lead and oversee its proper functioning.

My friend Oliver DeMille was a complete joy to work with in this project. He sees things from a different perspective on many issues; however, he also loves to think and reason. Consequently, even when we have disagreed, after reviewing the underlying principles, we have typically improved the book and proposal beyond anything it was to begin with. Oliver is a walking encyclopedia on the Founding generation, but isn’t dogmatic in his beliefs which makes him an amazing student of history and leadership. He has certainly made me better as a thinker, person, and leader. This is true synergy and what makes our LeaderShift partnership work so well.

In fact, we have already started the second LeaderShift book and it is coming together nicely. We are in earnest in our belief that a leadershift can and will be launched on April 16th. When Western Civilization was ailing and needed leaders who would speak truth with love and courage, never let is be said that there wasn’t enough courageous men and women to answer the call. I truly believe God is gathering a group of concerned citizens to restore freedom, dignity, and hop for all. Below is a preview of LeaderShift.


Orrin Woodward

“A lot of people are starting to realize something really important,” said the New York Times bestselling leadership author, Orrin Woodward. “They’re figuring out that Washington isn’t going to fix its problems anytime soon, that things are probably going to get worse in our politics and the economy until real leadership is found outside of government.”

Orrin Woodward and Oliver DeMille have written a new book that literally takes on the project of fixing America. The book is LeaderShift: A Call for Americans to Finally Stand Up and Lead. “Politicians just aren’t going to fix our problems,” DeMille said, “not in Washington, Ottawa, London, Sacramento, Albany or anywhere else. If things are going to get fixed, the leadership will almost certainly come from business. And network businesses are among the most important source of building leaders in our current society.”

According to their book, a LeaderShift is coming. But just what is a LeaderShift? As Woodward and DeMille put it, “Every once in a while in history, a LeaderShift occurs. It usually comes unexpectedly, and it transforms the world for at least a generation.” Past LeaderShifts include:

  • The historical switch from kings and chiefs as the top leaders to community fathers such as doctors, lawyers and town merchants
  • The 1880-1920’s transition from city fathers as the main leaders to titans of industry, like Carnegie, Morgan and Rockefeller
  • The 1940-1970’s shift from business tycoons as the top leaders to managers, spurred by the work of Edward Deming and innovators from Jack Welch to Sam Walton
  • The 1980-1990’s transition from managers to leaders, influenced by sages like Buckminster Fuller, Earl Nightingale and Stephen Covey

The authors argue that today we are in the early stages of another great transition, this time from political leaders as the top leaders to successful business leaders standing up and making their influence and leadership talents felt in leading society.

But this isn’t a partisan book. Woodward and DeMille say that political parties are at the center of the problem, that what is needed to really get our nations back on track is for business leaders to start making a bigger difference. “There is so much wisdom in our business books and business leaders,” Woodward said, “but most of it is ignored in Washington.”

The book hinges on Five Laws of Decline, each of which is currently chipping away at the strength of many institutions, including business organizations. Executives and entrepreneurs who don’t understand these Five Laws, and how they cause government to hurt business profitability and growth, won’t know how to overcome them. And until the business community learns and responds to the Five Laws of Decline, the authors say, the economy will continue to face overregulation, over-taxation and growth-killing uncertainty.

LeaderShift is written as a business fable, where the lead character is a successful business leader who realizes that politicians aren’t likely to fix our economy any time soon and sets out to find a solution to America’s decline. In the process, he applies the wisdom learned from years in business and from many of the greatest business books, puts together a team of business people to deal with our national problems, and creates a plan of how to really fix America.

When the team gets help from a surprising source, what happens next is a story you’ll want tell and retell. And the solutions in the book are a unique approach that really might work. Most importantly, every business leader—large or small—will want to understand the Five Laws of Decline and take action to deal with them effectively in your own business.

This book is a fun read, an enjoyable story, and it just might be the wake-up call our generation needs to finally stand up and lead. In short, if our politics and politicians aren’t going to lead, it might just be up to business leaders to turn things around.

This book will make you think, and you’ll want to pass it on to everyone you do business with. No business leader right now can afford to be without the knowledge of the Five Laws of Decline, and the book teaches a number of other important ideas that will help business people of all stripes be better leaders.

46 Responses to “LeaderShift, Book Tour, & Radio Interviews”

  1. jammie said

    We are so excited to see you next Tuesday. The launch of this book is going to be an event long remembered and widely written about in the process of restoring our nation. Thank you!

  2. Wendi Witkowski said

    I can’t wait to get my copies of Leadershift. Thank you Orrin and Oliver for your passion, vision and hard work. My prayers are with you as you go out into the battlefield on behalf if change and going against the current.

  3. Clint Fix said

    I cannot wait for it come out! I read the first few chapters that were released and it just got me more excited! I just noticed today that Oliver DeMille got featured in Leadership Excellence magazine for LeaderShift! http://www.thesocialleader.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/LeadershipExcellenceDeMille.pdf

  4. Terry said

    Orrin, excited to read this book…should be awesome…

    Are you going to post the Radio interview dates? It will be exciting to tune into them.


  5. keith sieracki said

    What an accomplishment! Congratulations to you and Oliver! You are held in the highest respect in our household and our team. I expect the world will soon know how a few committed servant leaders can create renewed thinking that will change this country! Thanks for your dedication!!

  6. Theodore J Hewing Jr said

    I’m looking forward to reading this book & seeing the impact it makes! Fired UP! Ted

  7. JeanetteP said

    Yours, Oliver’s and the PC’s courage to stand up and do whats right in the face of opposition is admirable. We are so proud to stand with men and women of courage in the fight for Truth! Its time for America to WAKE UP!!!
    Can’t wait to get our hands on LeaderShift, and now LeaderShift2! Lord willing, we will see you on the 22nd:)
    God bless,

  8. Bob Rasmussen said

    There is an old saying I recall that states “you cannot stop an idea whose time has come”, LEADERSHIFT is the beginning catalyst to the changes we all are hungry for!!! God bless you, Bob

  9. Chad Waters said


    Just with the release of the book and the Life community there will be a “Leadershift!” I can’t wait for the crowds in London Ontario as your book will likely sell out before you even get there with a “small” group of people prepared to make a change, a “Leadershift”! See you Thursday Orrin!

  10. Robert Daley said

    Fired up……..
    God placed us here at this place and time for a reason. The leaders in this era are going to really understand their purpose at the launch of this book!!!!!!!
    Thank you Orrin for sharing your purpose with the world
    God bless

  11. Aaron Lapp said

    i can hardly wait till it is released

  12. Heidi said

    Knowing your vision is beyond where I can see yet, as the release dates gets closer and I read more about it…. I can definitely see where this book and this movement will be able to pull together a lot of people who up until now feel isolated and unsure on how to change our country on their own.

    Very excited to read and pass along!

  13. Sandi Bates said

    I am so anxious to read this book! Looking forward to Oliver being in Salt Lake City too. This is going to be the start of something great! Thanks Orrin and Oliver for coming together and gettin’ ‘er done, or should I say gettin’ ‘er STARTED!
    God Bless You!

  14. Jason Dames said

    God is raising up great leaders to change the world. Thank you Orrin for your example as a Christian to be a Moses for people that are wondering in the wilderness and lead his people!!! God bless you.

  15. Greg Oesch said


    We are so pumped to have you in PA on the 22nd. We read the first few chapters that were available. Bought books to pass out to friends. Ready for a positive leader shift.
    Greg and Paula

  16. Beth said

    SWEET!!! can’t wait to read this and get it out to my contacts!!!thank you Orrin and LIFE for all you are doing to help us become the leaders God made us to be!!!WOW!!!I, for one, need all the
    training-based-on-Truth I can get from reading, listening and associating with this awesome Team!!!Praise the Lord for using you to help us choose life…4 LIFE!!!

  17. Joe McGuire said

    I have never been so anxious to read a book!!!

  18. Rob Robson said

    I am so excited about April 16th that I almost forget about April 15th…almost.

  19. Don Schultz, Team VIP Phalanx said

    You and Oliver make a good team for a project like this. There is a combining of thinking, experience, expertise, passion, mission and skill.

    Looking forward to the beginning of this venture and how it will impact our culture. Like you have said, “positive change never begins unless first there is internal growth and change.”

  20. Rita Norquist said

    WOW!!!!! I read the “see inside” of the book review and felt my heart racing with excitement. My grandfather came to America as a young boy of 6, my greatgrand father left a successfull family business in Sweden and traveled to America with his wife and 7 young children (loosing a daughter on the journey) to a land he felt offered more freedom and opportunity than in their homeland. I owe a hugh debt of graditude to him by doing MY part protecting and securing America’s freedom. Thank you Orrin and Oliver and may GOD continue to protect and guide your path.

  21. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Thank you Orrin! I’ve already read the free sample chapters available on the website (http://tenpercentleadershift.com) and downloaded the free 33-page white paper, 45-minute recorded speech, and the hour long recordings of you and Oliver DeMille and subscribed to the weekly newsletter plus occasional promotional emails. I can’t wait until LeaderShift is released on April 16th! So EXCITED!!!

  22. Matt Foote said

    We are so excited in Chicago to get our hands on the book and get it in the hands of others. We look forward to seeing you in Madison, WI.

  23. Great info!

  24. merv hochstetler said

    This is fired up. i am with joe can’t wait for leader shift thats orrin and oliver.

  25. Bill Eder said

    Orrin: After reading the sample of the first four chapters I’m so anxious to read the rest of the book.
    I appreciate you and Oliver for the courge and insight to launch Leadershift and am very proud to be associated with Leaders like you and the Life/Team members. Thanks and God bless you.

  26. Orrin
    Can’t wait to read the whole book! You represent about 70% of Americans who feel helpless to change a runaway governmental and economic system. Whatever happened to WE THE PEOPLE? We gotta take our country back, starting with the local community. Keep on! Larry Van Buskirk

  27. Peggi Kern said

    I’ve already ordered my copy and several more to share with friend, family and business associates! Can’t wait!!

  28. So excited. This will make a huge difference!

  29. So excited. This will make a huge difference! Thanks to Orrin Woodward and Oliver DeMille

  30. Denny Suggitt said

    Can’t wait for our book orders so we have a car load coming down to Lansing for the book signing Wednesday !! Will see you then !!!

  31. matt mielke said

    I am looking forward to seeing you with books to sign. There will be 1000’s in Madison, WI to see you and Tim Marks speak on leadership for the future.

  32. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    Wow! I can’t believe it’s almost here. So exciting to be a part of it. I cannot wait to read it.

  33. John Lewis said

    Really looking forward to experiencing the launch of something great in London, ON on the 18th!!! Thanks Orrin and Oliver for leading.

  34. CC Achilefu said

    So looking forward to reading the rest of this amazing book! I know it will wake up the 10% and get us unified in the direction.

  35. Christine Fleury said

    So excited for the leadeshift launch! The book and the real thing all around us. What an exciting time to be alive! And did I read that right? A SECOND leadershift book? Sweet!

  36. Michael Bookstein said

    Orrin so looking forward to coming up to madison on Tuesday to pick up the book and get it personally sighed by you and then dig into it to continue my wonderful education Ive been getting in the LIFE program. God Bless and congratulations

  37. Brian Powers said

    God gets the Glory for all this my friend. I believe you are the messenger He has chosen to restore universe and LIFE is the vehicle. We are in the war with you Orrin. Praise God for truth Amen!!! Our Mission IS crystal clear!!
    God Bless

  38. Dpcross said

    this is GREAT just signed up a person and cant wait to get the book and seeya in Madison GOD IS WITH US ALL DENNIS

  39. Sandi Bates said

    I just finished reading my E copy of this book!
    GREAT JOB!!! Orrin and Oliver
    I am so excited to get my hard copies and get them into peoples’ hands.
    Let’s DO THIS!!!!! I’m in!

  40. Dave Hall said

    Thank you Orrin, for choosing Madison and coming to share such a powerful message last night to the overflow crowd at the Alliant Energy Center. The majority of voices in America today, even from prominent leaders, are filled with pessimistic negativism. But NOT YOU! Your passion combined with practical solutions is infectious and I pray it will go “viral!”

  41. Jami-Lee Van Every said

    Sooo excited to meet Orrin today in London Ontario!!! Fired up!!! It will be an honour and priviledge to shake hands and hear this man speak. Time to stand up.

  42. Kevin Hamm said


    Thanks for a great appearance in Madison last week. I was one of the last to get a book signed and you were as cheerful and encouraging as earlier in the day. Thanks for serving. I have finished the book and loved it. I love the development of the proposed amendment with the realistic objections and how the book finished with a legislative failure but a victory in the freedom movement. That is a very real world potential for how it will play out. Also, keeping group two a “mystery” was brilliant for the appeal for the next book. It also gives us more time to become more noticed in society as a formidable movement as a compensated community. When the world discovers the reality and benefits of a truly compensated community, growth will be a given. In the meantime, the one thing missing from my own story is appropriate turbo numbers. I think I know what to do. 🙂 Thanks again Orrin.

  43. Nikki said


    Thank you so much for taking the time for the book tour. I was one of the first in line in Lansing, MI. what a great night!! It was one of the greatest things I have ever done. Had a great night with lots of Information. thank you for taking the time to sign so many books and leading the way.


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