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LeaderShift Book Tour Video

Posted by Orrin Woodward on May 1, 2013

It’s great to be back home after a powerful two weeks of seeing people, sharing leadershift, and teaching leadership. I only have one word for the excitement generated by the release of LeaderShift, namely, Wow! I have not seen this type of enthusiasm and belief in our country’s future since I started in building communities twenty years ago. I wanted to share the video that the LIFE office put together from the events and thank everyone for sharing the message of hope and change offered in LeaderShift.


Orrin Woodward

23 Responses to “LeaderShift Book Tour Video”

  1. Leadershift is a fantastic book, and it really made me think. For the first time, I really feel we can make a difference. We can change the future!

  2. LeaderShift has been such an enjoyable read. Thank you. I heard Oliver DeMille do a great interview on the Peter Schiff radio show. Is there a list somewhere with all the past and coming media interviews of you and Oliver? Thanks!

  3. Rob Duxbury said

    What an awesume book! My wife am I enjoyed it and the talk in London. Let’s change the world!

  4. Chad Waters said

    Hi Orrin!

    The last couple weeks have been very empowering and have created a lot of ecitment over all the social media sites!

    With LeaderShift we have a solution and with Life we will find the 10% !!!!!

    Thanks for your example of striving for excellence and service to others and most important not leaving it for someone else to fix and leading the charge!
    Fired Up!

  5. Margaret Silke said

    Hi Orrin
    The book signing looks fantastic! I can’t wait till I get my copies in the mail and share them with friends and family in Australia. I read the online chapters and are excited to get the book. I am sure it will be a cover to cover read in a sitting! You may be talking about America but it is equally relevant here in Australia. Thanks to both you and Oliver for your inspiration.

    Margaret Silke Centurions Downunder

  6. Bill Eder said

    Thank you for this blog Orrin. I was in Madison,Wisconsin and the turn out there was exciting as well as the open after. God Bless you and Oliver for this great book.

  7. Aaron said

    Thanks Orrin it was great to have you sign my book at camphill

  8. J & P Harteis said

    Great video, Orrin! LeaderSift is a WOW!! You & Laurie are a WOW!! Dan Hawkin’s story about his contact on the plane, whose name was “James”, from Flint, Michigan, is a WOW!! The excitement of everyone who has read Leadershift is a WOW!! The list continues to build!

  9. AR said

    Best Wishes with the book … I hope you will be able to influence many people in a positve way … Ty

  10. Powerful Orrin! The vision you have had over the past 20 years is what has led us to this point and I am so thankful you continued to believe despite the many obstacles. Leadershift is a game changer, thank you!

  11. JeanetteP said

    So exciting Orrin! My family and I where at the CampHill signing and the open after. It feels like Divine Providence and History in the making indeed! I have to tell ya, my 15yr old is in the middle of reading LeaderShift and has already promoted it to his Math teacher on his own accord:) So the next couple generations are already affected. We are so thankful for the life and leadership education our whole family has benefitted from in this business. Thanks for fighting the good fight! God Bless!

  12. Mark Pruitt said

    simply AWESOME Orrin. I believe “Leadershift” maybe the catalyst of real, God inspired change back to our founding principles. America’s finest years lay ahead. God Bless you and your family and thank you for blazing the trail. Mark Pruitt TEAM BRAVEHEART

  13. Kevin Hamm said

    Awesome Tour, I look forward to more in the future. Perhaps Barnes and Noble Madison will listen next time and get at least 2000 books. 🙂

  14. Matt mielke said

    Wow! is right. It was one of the most powerful 2 weeks of my life. I told Michelle after the leadership weekend down in Tampa that i have never felt more at peace with the leadership and the journey we are on to make a difference in this country. Thank you and Godspeed to 1 million!


  15. Rob Robson said

    Orrin, Thanks so much for spending so much energy in the research and writing of this book. It is truly amazing!

  16. Bob Rasmussen said

    LeaderShift is proving to be a catalyst for change!! Thank you Orrin and Oliver!! You cannot stop an idea whose time has come!! God bless

  17. Miriam Chong said

    LeaderShift will change life’s. Excitement is in the air and it’s contegous!!!! Fired Up!

  18. Adam M Rossman said

    Thanks for what you and Oliver have started. It was great to see you in Madison. We are so excited to see where this goes!!!!!!

  19. Judy Serafano said

    Orrin and Oliver’s leadership are certainly leading the way for America to regain some lost freedoms. No doubt in my mind.

    Keep an eye on these guys…better yet…follow them.

  20. Michael Kusbel said

    Fantastic, incredible, Orrin keep up with the mission, we are hooking up to your wagon.

  21. Claudia Miller said

    Orrin, we are so excited about what the future has for us! Not many can say that. We are so blessed to follow you, who has a vision for the future and has pictured it as a positive transformation. You are inspiring us to forward motion. Thank you so much for changing lives in a positive way!

  22. Easton Kelsey said

    My wife and I are living our purpose in the LeaderShift and are enjoying the journey with the LIFE community. I am proud to share this book with anyone who cares about freedom and the proper role of government.

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