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HBRN’s Leadership Factory: Special Guest Oliver DeMille

Posted by Orrin Woodward on May 10, 2013

Orrin Woodward: HBRN Leadership Factory

Orrin Woodward: HBRN Leadership Factory

Thank you to Home Business Radio Network (HBRN) and my good friend Doug Firebaugh – co-founder of HBRN – for sponsoring HBRN’s Leadership Factory. My co-host Tony Cannuli and I had a wonderful discussion with Oliver DeMille. This is one the listeners will want to watch in full! Oliver was on fire for freedom from the opening question and the dialogue heated up further when Tony digested the Five Laws of Decline (FLD) and how it affects Western Civilization. Oliver explains why and how LeaderShift can check the FLD and restore freedoms.

Oliver’s background as a constitutional scholar for over 25 years and his endless research into the founders made him the perfect co-author for LeaderShift. His background in classical education (he wrote the critically acclaimed Thomas Jefferson Education series) with a love for leadership marries well with my background in leadership and love for classical education. Any person serious about liberty and leadership ought to watch this, take notes, and read LeaderShift. I especially loved Tony’s wrap up to this show. It was clear after discussing for an hour these issues that he was inspired and ready to be part of the LeaderShift! Here is this month’s Leadership Factory!


Orrin Woodward

13 Responses to “HBRN’s Leadership Factory: Special Guest Oliver DeMille”

  1. Chad Waters said

    Great Blog Orrin!

    I love the passion Oliver shows on this video! It just continues to show how both your leadership qualities come together and created LeaderShift!
    Can’t wait to watch it again!

    Today is always a LeaderShift day!

  2. Phenomenal! We really need to get this video out to as many as possible. I especially love Oliver’s anaology about being the best “chair organizers possible on the sinking Titanic.” What ultimately does it matter? Fortunately, we still have time to avoid the fatal iceberg and save our nation. Let’s all join this LeaderShift!

  3. MARIO VEGA said


  4. This is an awesome audio and video experience. A must for anyone who has read or will read LeaderShift. If you didn’t want to read it before this discussion, you’ll certainly want to read it afterward. Thank you Orrin, Oliver, and Tony. Way to fire up a Friday.

  5. Clayton Pykiet said

    Just finished the hangout. Thank you Orrin and Oliver for sharing the experience of writing the book and the potential it has.

    God Bless

  6. John Lewis said

    Loved watching this hangout! Great synergy when thought leaders come together.

    Thanks Orrin & Oliver for everything you do.

  7. robert wilcox said

    Wow ! This was a Phenomenal hangout! Soo much to say but i will simply say this …. Where is part 2!! 🙂 All of you hit on soo many points and i look forward to a Leadershift in our Culture!!!! Thank you guys for taking charge and Leading!

  8. Clint Fix said

    Fantastic hangout! I loved the dialogue on the 5 laws of decline. Between Leadershift, your blog posts and that hangout, I a much deeper understand the 5 laws of decline and how to identify them! Thank you!

    Also, I really appreciate how you and Oliver are able to discuss political topics candidly and without all of the partisan distractions. Neither party has a monopoly on truth.

  9. Jason Dames said

    Great video Orrin!!!

  10. CJ Calvert said

    Great interview with Oliver! Thanks for posting!

  11. Nancy Pope said

    Such an emotional topic – we have to start now, in our own back yards, talking and sharing and starting to make a difference NOW for our future. Thanks for all you do!!!
    Rick and Nancy Monsipapa

  12. Ken Hendon said



    THE KIDS of this country must see this, and see it again, and again, until they understand it! They are our legacy and our hope. This is not just adult information.

  13. Scott Staley said

    Great interview Orrin.

    In watching the interview and reflecting back on the relationship with Oliver – having him speak about freedom, and how to get engaged in expanding our freedoms via his talks and various books on the topics which we’ve been fortunate to have made accessible – your synergistic work together on Leadershift etc.. I was marvelling at how 1 relationship can lead to expanded influence and reaching a greater audience.

    Thank you for modelling that behaviour and being a great example to follow. I know that we’re on the path to 1 million and beyond, and the pace is snow balling through the example that you – and all the PC set on a daily basis.

    God bless

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