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Second LeaderShift Book Tour

Posted by Orrin Woodward on June 10, 2013


Orrin Woodward in Houston

I arrived back yesterday from four days of LeaderShift book signings across the south midwest. Barnes & Noble was absolutely awesome to work with and the store managers and special events staff made each run smoothly. Dan Hawkins (in Houston) and Chris Brady (at the other three locations) gave stellar talks that moved everyone in the room.

Furthermore, the people coming out to the book signing are from all walks of life. Some were top politicians and leaders, others were top professionals in their fields, and the rest covered nearly any field of work possible. To me, this validates the message resonates with all Americans regardless of economic classification or political bent. If you attended one of the events, I want to personally thank you and ask you to share any nuggets you learned that can help others.

America is in trouble and leaders must arise who are willing to learn, address, and resolve the issues causing our decline.  LIFE Leadership is one of the organizations doing just that, but there are others as well. The key is that all organization truly concerned with liberty, freedom, and the future, work together to create a LeaderShift.

What part will you play?


Orrin Woodward

Chris Brady & Orrin Woodward

Chris Brady & Orrin Woodward

15 Responses to “Second LeaderShift Book Tour”

  1. Tina Abernathy said


    The book signing was a great experience. I have only been to one other book signing and there is no comparison. The people I encountered at the Leadershift signing were all talking about the book, their favorite character and how we, together can make an impact on our families, communities and country.

    Thanks for taking the time and initiative to make this Leadershift come alive!

  2. Kristine Militello said

    I was recently listening to Keep Your helmet On by Claud Hamilton. A cd I have heard many times, but this time I was so struck by the behavior of the English people who wholeheartedly stood in the battle for freedom, no matter cost.
    The line in there that stuck me the most was surrender was off the table.
    So, that’s what I’m going to do to play my part: surrender is off the table. In my business as an entrepreneur, as a reader, as a mom raising children with wisdom to the best of my ability, as a wife, in every role I have to be an example of a life lived with the purpose of keeping freedom alive! And in the process I’m going to find other people who want the same for their lives.
    Thanks for all you do! You and Laurie are great examples of never surrendering!

  3. Dave Thomas said

    It was incredible to be at the St. Louis book signing and seminar.Always great to be around the great people and great leaders in the Life community. On top of that, have have 2 of the founders lighting up the place with their passion. Can’t wait for the major to get some more people around this culture! Thanks Orrin, Chris, and LIFE Leadership for putting on a great event.

  4. Jason Dames said

    Thank you Orrin for coming out too Saint Louis.. It was truely a wonderful day. Your talk on Driving the train really resenated with me as well as Chris’s great talk using the Ziggerot was amazing. I felt Like I was taking part of History In the making with two of the greatest leaders of our life time. God bless you and thank you again!!!

  5. Bill Eder said

    I attended the first book signing April16 at B&N store in Madison,WI. That event gave me hope for the future. I am one of the more mature members of the Life community and remember many proud moments in Americas history. VJ and VE days and welcoming home our heroes. Thanks to leaders of another generation we are still able to make a difference if we all work to bring about a culture “LEADERSHIFT” speaks to. Thanks again to you and Oliver for writing a much needed book.

  6. Don Schultz, Team VIP Phalanx said


    Thank you very much for having a passion and vision for America that pushes you to write “LeaderShift” along with Oliver DeMille.

    We very much appreciated you coming to Wichita to share your enthusiasm and heart. You and Chris made a great team as you laid out the definition of being an American and our worth as citizens. Chris presented the value of being entrepreneurs. Chris’ talk about entrepreneurship brought to light things about business ownership I had never thought of in regard to our citizenship and the health of the country. We had guests who aren’t associated with the LIFE Business, yet, and they were moved by your and Chris’s heart and vision.

    Thanks again for your leadership with not only the LIFE Business but as an active citizen of this great country of ours.

  7. Rob Robson said

    Arizona needs a book signing!

  8. CJ Calvert said

    Thank you, Orrin, for starting a LeaderShift!

  9. Looking great!

  10. Tracy Clark said


    Thank you for the St. Louis book signing. Our 9 year old son was excited to finally meet one of his favorite speakers and authors; we were honored to be part of something so big for our country. We even had the opportunity to meet some folks that were at the book store and decided to stay and see what you and Leadershift were all about.

    The seminar following was phenominal. Your train talk was very clear and gave us some good teaching on what role we play in developing community. Chris’ talk on the wedding cake/Ziggerot was like none I’d ever learned before. I’m ready to assess my own experiences. And, I have already begun sharing the details with our two teen girls who have their own passions and goals. The talk has given me great ideas on helping them direct their future.

  11. Rita Haas said

    Chris & Orrin, I am proud to be associated with the James Madison’s and the John Adams’ of our day! Thanks for leading and having vision for all of us to follow.

  12. MARIO VEGA said


  13. Thank you for leading the Leadershift Orrin! I had an amazing time speaking with you in Houston.

  14. Doug Hunderman said

    Where can i find a thorough exposition of the Five Laws of decline?
    Thanks, Doug

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Doug, The book RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE first articulated the laws and then Oliver and my LeaderShift book expanded them into the political field. thanks, Orrin

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