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LIFE Leadership Financial Fitness Pack

Posted by Orrin Woodward on June 27, 2013

Financial Fitness Pack

LIFE Leadership is proud to present its new Financial Fitness Pack. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to meet tens of thousands of people and one of the biggest challenges facing North Americans today is the lack of financial intelligence. Increasingly, people are placed into the bondage of compound interest, late bills, and financial stress. Thankfully, there is a way out of the financial morasse through applying the proper principles over time. In other words, applying financial wisdom to one’s life.

The Financial Fitness Pack teaches a proper perspective on money along with the offense and defense of finances. Indeed, a person can make money, but without a proper money mindset, it will not last. Likewise, frugality alone will not create wealth without understanding the offense of finances. In my twenty plus years of LIFE Coaching, I have never seen all the components of financial success collected into one pack like this. In fact, I believe the Financial Fitness book is the best book on finances period!

The fact that LIFE Leadership can offer the financial book, the workbook, and eight audios for under $100 is a testament to the desire of its founders to truly make a difference. For it is practically impossible for a person to leave a legacy when debt is strangling him or her. The Financial Fitness pack offers a path to financial freedom for those with the willingness to learn and the diligence to apply.


Orrin Woodward


21 Responses to “LIFE Leadership Financial Fitness Pack”

  1. I have started digging into this material and it is fantastic! It lays out all the principles you need for good finances. I am looking forward to seeing how the workbook helps me in applying the principles. Thank you for continuing to stay on the leading edge of what the needs are of the families in this country. You are the Babe Ruth of life benefiting innovation!

  2. Norna O'Brien said

    The Maximize Your Finances pack really helped me and I cannot wait to get the Financial Fitness Pack. I have been blessed in many areas of my life since being introduced to this amazing community. My biggest blessing is a son who knew me well enough and loved me enough to know that this would be my calling.

  3. MARIO VEGA said


  4. Jenn Golden said

    Exhilirating! Thank you!

  5. Chad Waters said

    Hi Orrin,

    The Life founders have pulled out another amazing way to change lives! The 8F’s just keep getting better! Makes me wonder what is next! Can’t wait to have my own testimony on the FFC! Lots of people starting already and to add to the exsisiting materials all I can say is wow!

    God Bless

  6. Anthony Nieto said

    From the little I have looked over this product is amazing. We knew it would be less excellent coming From Orrin and Chris. I believe it will truly make a difference. Thanks for your leadership Orrin!

  7. Maura Galliani, Sons of Liberty South said

    Thank you, LIFE! Just ANOTHER way to help others get the life they have always wanted …. and me, too!!

  8. I am very excited about the Financial Fitness Pack! Just this week alone I received two excellent testimonies on the life products in the financial category. One was a 21-year-old young man who had $2600 in debt. I sat down with him a month ago and went through some of the principles that the Life material taught me. I got a text last Friday and said that he was totally debt-free in four weeks. My thoughts are if I can do that with the information I learned ,how much more can Orrin, Chris and the founding leaders of life do with the financial fitness pack.
    The second one was a business owner who operates a tour bus company and he told me last year he made $500,000 and this year he’s on track to make 1 million dollars. This particular business owner has been listening to the teaching of the life founders for years and he looked at me said” Chris I know for a fact I would’ve never even started my own business let alone succeeded without the training of life leaders”. He still today is on the life subscription and listens to the training materials daily. He bought a financial fitness back from me . He said” I know this is good stuff”.People are winning with the life material in multiple different ways, in their personal life as well as earning an income through the LIFE opportunity. I believe this is the best opportunity in the world!! 1 million here we come!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jonathan Brandenberger said

    Amen! I have only done a quick scan through the book. What I see is the maximize your finances pack put in order, with a workbook! Very excited about this! Thank yoi LIFE leaders!

  10. Wow! Whoever put this package together must be a complete genius! Incredible stuff!

  11. Kevin Hamm said


    I am so excited for this pack. I have been using these very principles over the last 5 years with great results, but upon diving in, I quickly identified some areas I needed to shore up as we finish the process over the next number of months. I sold 4 of these today and anticipate many more. Who knows, maybe I’ll get on a roll. Somebody is going to win. Somebody always does. 🙂

  12. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    Once again our leaders have gone above and beyond to meet the need. I started on the cd’s. Such practical concepts and you don’t need a degree to understand or apply.
    Thank you!!!
    The FFP will be a huge success as people apply it in their lives.

  13. Cassie Morgan said

    Fired Up! I am so excited to get this into the hands of everyone I come in contact with!

  14. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Orrin… I’ve only just begun my journey into the Financial Fitness Pack…and I’m already blown away!

    Where else can you get a turnkey program of learning that teaches a proper perspective on money along with the offense and defense of finances? For under $100?!?

    This product is going to HELP so many people!!!

  15. Jason Dames said

    What a great tool!!

  16. Keith Sieracki said


  17. Aage Smies said

    The information and overall presentation of this material is outstanding and is sure to raise some eyebrows and mostly help an unknown yet vast number of people. I know we’re not wasting anytime digging in.

  18. Anthony Nieto said

    Wow! LIFE just keeps getting better and better. When you think there is no more improvement to go LIFE takes it to a new level on materials.

  19. Kyle Combes said

    Hey Orrin, just wanted to pass on some great news.
    My wife and I got married in the end of September last year. At that time we had just about $10,500 in consumer debt. With our combined incomes, we were able to live easy and not have to pinch to tightly. However, through plugging into the Financial Fitness pack and coaches/financial advisers Kirk and Nicole Porter, I am proud to say that we paid off our last debt this morning. I feel the weight lifted off of me. It’s amazing what can happen in a few months.
    I feel its worth adding as well, that we did this 100% with money outside of the LIFE income. We have not built much of a business. It isn’t just the people at the top who make all the money and pay off debt. It’s also me, the little knucklehead at the bottom 🙂
    All in all I appreciate everything you guys have done in my life and I consider myself blessed by God for the association I have with leaders like you.
    If I never made another penny through LIFE Leadership, I’m willing to say it was totally worth it and have no regrets.
    Can’t wait to see you at Chart Toppers
    Thanks Orrin,

    Onto One Million

  20. Life Leadership Financial Fitness Pack Is The Best Product I Ever Purchased It Changed My Life & Now Out Of Debt

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