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The Quest for Freedom

Posted by Orrin Woodward on July 2, 2013

I continue to study Walter Lippmann’s writings and enjoy his style and thoughts on the evils of collectivism. Unfortunately, when people are scared, they evidently sell their freedom for the illusion of security. This, in fact, is how collectivism thrives today. People in fear submit to masters rather than face the uncertainties of life. LIFE Leadership teaches people the art and science of leadership so that people can face life without fear. Indeed, the NY Times bestseller LeaderShift is a book describing how to avoid collectivism. Below is some of Lippmann’s thoughts on collectivism and mankind.


Orrin Woodward

Though it is momentarily triumphant, it is a failure, and must fail, because it rests upon a radically false conception of the economy, of law, of government, and of human nature/ But while it is possible to lead mankind by error into disaster, suffering is a hard school in which men do learn to perceive the truth. If the collectivist doctrine conformed to the data of experience and the needs of men, it would not be necessary to administer collectivism by drilling the people, sterilizing them against subversive ideas, terrorizing, bribing, enchanting, and distracting them.

The ants live successfully, it would seem, in a collectivist order: there is no evidence that they require ministers of propaganda, censors, inquisitors, secret police, spies, and informers, to remind them of their collectivist duties. But men do not conform to this scheme of things. Though they have been known to accept servitude submissively and even gratefully, they are in some deep sense different from horses, cows, and domesticated fowl. They persist in troubling the serenity of their masters, having in them some quality which cannot be owned. The lord can count upon his cattle. But he is never so sure of his helots. There is never the same certainty in his sovereignty.

For human beings, however low and abject, are potentially persons. They are made in a different image. And though, as Jan Smuts has said, “personality is still a growing factor in the universe and is merely in its infancy,” it asserts itself and will command respect. Its essence is an energy, however we choose to describe it, which causes men to assert their humanity, and oh occasion to die rather than to renounce it* This is the energy the seers discerned when they discovered the soul of man. It is this energy which has moved men to rise above themselves, to feel a divine discontent with their condition, to invent, to labor, to reason with one another, to imagine the good life and to desire it.

This energy must be mighty. For it has overcome the inertia of the primordial savage.  Against this mighty energy the heresies of an epoch will not prevail. For the will to be free is perpetually renewed in every individual who uses his faculties and affirms his manhood.

23 Responses to “The Quest for Freedom”

  1. Great article. Thanks Orrin!

  2. Steve Meixner said

    Thanks Orrin, Though here at work I think Men sometimes do act like nothing more then an Ant, picking up scraps and taking them home; day after day, night after night without another care in the world. I’ll keep reading and learning till I can break out 🙂 Steve

  3. Theresa Saigh said

    And Womanhood! What a great excerpt! A personal and private challenge to become and or achieve the greatness I perceive is available. Thanks to LIFE – more of us can hear the battle cry!

  4. I really appreciate this. In a day of doom and gloom teaching, Lippman’s perspective is refreshing. Humanity has endured atrocity after atrocity through the millennia in order to satisfy the need for freedom. We certainly see the tendency for humans to give into the five laws of decline, but in the end (thank the Lord) freedom wins out!

  5. Charlie mallios said

    Fear is powerful and I failed in my life many times, but I’ve always look forward, tomorrow is another day, my biggest fear is that I will get back up and continue
    Life has help me overcome that fear and live life

  6. Lou Schwitzer said

    I’m always amazed at the truths which have been available for so long, yet buried under so much bureaucracy and doctrine that it remains unknown to so many. Thank you for continuing to dig through and expose truth. It’s making a difference in my life, and the lives of those around me to whom I continue to talk and offer solutions for life’s issues.

    Best regards,

  7. Trevor Long said

    Thank you Orrin, for blogs that help us think. Would there have been a type of collectivism under the Lord, pre-fall that was good which was traded for submission to the Prince of this world? It’s interesting that the Dominion Mandate given us continues to be sought after regardless of the “enchanting and distractions” against it.

  8. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Orrin… Powerful thoughts!

    “Men are made in a different image.” “…having in them some quality which cannot be owned.” “Against this mighty energy the heresies of an epoch will not prevail.”

    It is this very “energy” upon which, God willing, men and women will draw upon to overcome the “epoch” with a LeaderShift!

  9. Keith Sieracki said

    Good article Orrin! It seem that the real human struggle is personal dichotomy which is magnified by a collective. A man may “feel a divine discontent with their condition” that creates ambition. However, the collective “you deserve a break today” mentality(enchanting, and distracting)directly contradicts this ambition. As Americans, doesn’t it seem the long term success of an individual endeavor ultimately is fueled by a supportive group that are not servile in nature ?

  10. Clint Fix said

    “…suffering is a hard school in which men do learn to perceive the truth. If the collectivist doctrine conformed to the data of experience and the needs of men, it would not be necessary to administer collectivism by drilling the people, sterilizing them against subversive ideas, terrorizing, bribing, enchanting, and distracting them.”

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Tim McNeil said

    “For the will to be free is perpetually renewed in every individual who uses his faculties and affirms his manhood.”

    Thank you Orrin. Thank you and THANK YOU!

  12. Steve Sager said

    What a fantastic quick read on Freedom…. When you said “they evidently sell their freedom for the illusion of security,” that really hits home with the FLD #4 – where the citizens were “bought off” to have comfort and security.

    Stealth UF

  13. Elaine Mallios said

    Yes indeed. Suffering is a hard school. We will fight for our freedoms for once we perceive the truth we cannot be coalescent.

  14. A nother great insight! I love this. Thank-you, Orrin.

  15. Powerful stuff Orrin. Can’t wait to learn more about these concepts in the new LIFE Freedom series! God Bless

  16. Jason Dames said

    Wow this is great:-) I think my brain is hurting after the deap thinking and wonderful comments. What a great community!! God bless Freeeeeeeeeeedom!!

  17. Patrice Caldwell said

    Yes Orrin, we pray that more people remove their blinders and as you posted, have more people feel a divine discontent with their condition. Your leadership blog and the book LeaderShift are such powerful tools to educate people to take a stand and fight for our freedoms that are slipping away. Thank you!

  18. Chad Waters said

    Hi Orrin

    If we could get everyone to face the truth instead of putting their heads in the sand and realize what is needed we would be laughing. Instead it will be the 10%

  19. Joe McGuire said

    Thanks Orrin for the indefatigable perseverance you have shown in the fight for freedom. The LeaderShift book has lit a fire in my heart and in they hearts of many of my friends. Every day I wake up and think we have to win this fight. The book has given me the belief that we will win this fight!

  20. Orrin,

    I can totally relate with Lippman’s writings because it is the very injustice collectivism reveals that causes my blood to boil. It is why a collectivist society or should I say socialist society lowers the bar of excellence. The only true security is our freedom and ability to produce. In a collective society their seem to be those who take from the producers and give to the non producers which lessens everyone’s security as the illusion will inevitably reveal itself.

  21. Amy Antonucci said

    “sterilizing them against subversive ideas” This is exactly what we’re seeing in the mainstream media. Just one example is of the WORLDWIDE protests against Monsanto, and I did not see ONE mainstream news source take on that story when I went looking. (I normally ignore the mainstream media for good reason!)

    Thanks for writing on the subject, Orrin!

  22. Rick Satterstrom said

    Thank you for another great post Orrin. Until recently, I believed ‘security’ was okay- even though I knew I wanted more from myself. Now we all see not only what can and should be done, but how to make it happen. I’m glad I was able to meet you and Laurie last Saturday. I’m excited every day to be in this historic battle. We will win!

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