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And Justice For All

Posted by Orrin Woodward on September 12, 2013

I am continuing to write away on my new book describing man, society, and government’s true responsibilities in the quest for concord and justice for all. What a fascinating study this has been for me. I know, I am strange, but I love seeking for answers as to why all society’s seem to leave concord and die in either chaos or coercion. I am so pumped, because I truly believe I have discovered the key to the answer. In fact, I cannot find any historical case-study that doesn’t display the predictable effects of the Six Duties of Society and the Five Laws of Decline. LIFE Leadership will get the inside exclusive on this book as I intend to publish this under Obstacle’s Press. Here is another segment on society, justice, and injustice.


Orrin Woodward

At any rate, the State of Nature for man is similar to the status of sovereign-nations in the world. For each nation must rely upon its own resources to protect its right to life, liberty, and property from potential aggressor nations. Likewise, man, in the State of Nature, must rely upon his own resources to protect his inalienable rights from potential aggressor neighbors. In both instances, with no higher authority to help adjudicate the dispute peacefully, the conflict must either be settled by peaceful negotiation or through violent force. Unfortunately, just as the history books are filled with unjust wars among nations, as man entered society, the right and responsibility for each person to protect his life, liberty, and property became unjust and unwieldy. Consequently, society, in an effort to systematically ensure justice, created a government to defend each of the members life, liberty, and property in a systematic fashion. Now, instead of each member having the dual responsibilities of both production and protection, could specialize further on his production, because the government was now delegated the responsibility of protection. Government, accordingly, was society’s solution to the increasing division of labor through assigning all force-functions within society to a government in the narrow sphere of the protection of each members life, liberty, and property. In short, society delegated to government the force necessary to protect its members inalienable rights to ensure justice for all.

East German Injustice vs West German Justice

East German Injustice vs West German Justice

The historical record, not surprisingly, reveals that society seems to flourish under liberty and justice while floundering under oppression and injustice. For when injustice within society is not immediately punished, it opens the door for more injustice and the concurrent loss of liberty. Indeed, there are three main avenues for injustice within society. The first is when society’s members oppress one another. For man seeks the satisfaction of his wants with the least amount of effort, and since plunder is easier than production, without government force to check aggression, the strong will predictably plunder the weak, leading to an unjust society. The second type of injustice occurs when the government exceeds its delegated boundaries and uses force where freedom is the norm. Government, in other words, is delegated a limited force in a limited sphere to protect man’s inalienable rights by coercing exploiters to cease from unjust actions and return to just methods of production. However, when government force is used beyond this limited sphere, it begins coercing members in areas where liberty and freedom should reign; thus, violating its reason for existence. The third form of injustice in when an external foe attacks and defeats another society. The victors create an unjust state to systematically plunder the production of its defeated victim.

Each of these three injustices are met by society’s members in a predictable pattern. For mankind fights injustice and when the force is too great to fight physically, he will resist mentally. In other words, when injustice abounds within a society, repeatedly violating the people’s inalienable rights, they simply reduce their productive efforts accordingly. Why, for example, should a person work hard to increase his wealth if it will just be taken from him anyway? In effect, when injustice becomes large enough to deny the society’s members the right to their life, liberty, and property, the oppressed members will produce just enough to sustain life. An unjust society, however, that produces just enough for man to live at subsistence levels, will soon collapse under its own oppressive weight. Interestingly, the historical record, in contrast to Locke’s theory, indicates that most states were founded upon military aggression, oppression, and injustice, rather than the people’s will. For when a productive society is weaker than one of its surrounding neighbors, the hostile invader seeks to reap what it hasn’t sown. Of course, the subsequent state, created to rule the society, is formed by the victors to systematically plunder the production of its defeated rival. Not surprisingly, though, the unjust society displays little productive capacity beyond the satisfaction of its members hunger. Society simply doesn’t flourish under injustice.

18 Responses to “And Justice For All”

  1. And justice for all!

  2. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Orrin…. can’t wait for the book! I am interested in what the “Six Duties of Society” are and how they relate to fixing our country’s problems.

    It is ironic how the same responsibility that ‘We the People’ delegate to government/state to protect us, is the very same power they are using to plunder and oppress us!?

  3. Rob Robson said

    Seriously! Orrin, I am so excited for this book! I see it as the prequel to Leadershift because Justice For All spells out what a free society is and why it is so important better than any book I have read, while Leadershift offers specific solutions for fixing it. I am so grateful for your hunger to learn and passion for freedom. God is truly guiding you as you guide the Life Leadership team! Love ya Brother!

  4. Scott Russell said

    Great blog!! Looking so forward to another one your great books brother Orrin!!!! Leadershift is in motion!!

  5. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    It is sad to understand that government was created by the people and for the people to protect. We now question who’s side they are on and are trying to protect ourselves from the very thing society created.
    I am proud to be a part of the solution.
    Thank you Orrin.

    In short, society delegated to government the force necessary to protect its members inalienable rights to ensure justice for all.

  6. Steve Duba said

    Thanks Orrin. Bastiats law running wild in America today.Thank the Lord for LIFE leadership…..

  7. Steve Meixner said

    Orrin, Your writing makes all this seem so easy to understand. The book will be another Best Seller. Cannnot wait to read it and distribute a bunch of them. Thanks and I am truly blessed to be a part of the LIFE Leadership.

  8. J & P Harteis said

    Justice without Godly wisdom tends to be folly. and is no justice at all! Thanks, Orrin. for your wisdom!

  9. G Oesch said

    Thank you Orrin for being the spearhead for action which is right thinking through the right information. God has put, even into the mind of those who do not even regard Him, that we have “natural rights”. Hopefully the mind and conscience of only a few foolish leaders of our nation have been seared to the point of being devoid of what God originally placed into the hearts and minds of mankind. Hopefully our nation can again be stirred to right thinking, listening our conscience and taking action against the decline of our nation. CHARGE!!!

  10. Chad Waters said

    Hi Orrin,

    Justice for all is what is needed especially in a Godly way. I cannot wait for this book to come out to read and learn so much more!

    Thanks for your leadership by example!
    God Bless

  11. Heidi Szymanski said

    Thanks for writing the history “curriculum” for my kids, me, and many others. All of the PC books (& Oliver’s) will be a must read for my kids.

  12. Peggi Kern said

    I love reading your writings and am learning so much. Thanks, Orrin. I look forward to your new book.

  13. Thanks Orrin for this post. This is good food for thought to go beyond our state of nature in which the stronger prevails with coercion , and to act on our duties to create societies, and communities dominated by concord, and justice for all.

  14. Scott Staley said

    Great blog, I’m looking forward to the book.

  15. Wendi Witkowski said

    Great blog Orrin. I can’t wait to read your new book that follows Leadershift. I love the learning that is available in the Life community.

  16. Jason Dames said

    Very insightfull blog post Orrin. One that really makes you have to think about what your saying… Thx

  17. wes said

    This will be an amazing book! I’m excited.

  18. Justin Rowe said

    I can’t wait for this book! I am looking forward to seeing your completed thoughts on paper about the “Six Duties of Society”. Seeing the application to the problems at hand is very exciting! I am also excited to hear that Obstacle’s Press will be the publisher for this book and LIFE Leadership will have the exclusive. May the Lord continue to bless this work.

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