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LIFE Leadership Pyramid Scheme?

Posted by Orrin Woodward on February 27, 2014

Is LIFE Leadership a Pyramid Scheme?

Figures Don’t Lie But Liars Sure Can Figure.

Corporate Pyramid

Corporate Pyramid

Every reputable network marketing organization separates itself from pyramid schemes and scams by ensuring significant sales to outside customers of its products. Impressively, LIFE Leadership has over 40% of its monthly subscriptions going to customers who are not even part of the compensation plan. This is a testament to just how good the leadership materials are from LIFE.

Sadly, some people have drawn the conclusion that network marketing is like a lottery where only a few draw the winning ticket and everyone else loses. In truth, I was one of those people until I took the time to study the numbers myself. Here is my story of how I went from a community building skeptic to building one of the largest leadership communities in North America.

I graduated from GMI-EMI (now Kettering University) as a manufacturing systems engineer. I became an engineer because I have been fascinated by numbers, statistics, and proportions since I was a kid collecting baseball and football cards. In fact, one summer my brother and I developed an entire board game for baseball based upon player stats and using probabilities that I wasn’t supposed to learn until half-way through engineering school. In any event, numbers, data and the proper reading of the scoreboard has been an essential part of Laurie’s and my success over the years.

For instance, one of the first conundrums I was faced with when I first studied community building was the statistic bantered around against the profession such as the following: “Only 1 out of 100 people actually makes 50k or more per year.” At first hearing, this sounds terrible. You mean to tell me that if I get started I only have a 1 out of 100 chance of making it? But these two statements are not saying the same thing, even though on the surface they may appear to do so.

Let me explain.

The first statement (“only 1 out of 100 people make 50 k or more”) is a snapshot of the profession based upon the fact that for anyone to reach the top of the chart (15,000 points), he must build customers, members, and help them do enough volume for him to hit this level. Typically, by the time a person hits the top of the chart (whether he does it in 3 months or 3 years) he has around 100 active members. Hence, the 1 out of 100 number. In other words, even if 100% of the people made it, they would still make it by bringing in around 100 other active members and the 1% who made it at any particular time would still be true.

However, this doesn’t mean the other 100 people cannot also bring in customers and members who enjoy the life-changing products and do the exact same thing as the person who brought them in. And, when they do, the will have built a team (on average) of 100 people so the 1 out of 100 number remains.

Now to my point.

Given that the nature of community building involves building a community (how’s that for obvious?) and that a leader’s goal is to build 100 active people into his community who service customers and members, then the “1 out of 100” number tells us nothing of the success or failure of the business. Rather, it simply reports on the size of community necessary to earn a certain income, as in my example above when I threw out the hypothetical 50k.

Indeed, the model is hard-wired, or designed for a leader to service a community of 100 people in order to reach 15,000 points and thereby achieve the Leader level in LIFE Leadership to make anywhere from 20k to upwards of 50k (with the CAB program included – see the LIFE Income Disclosure Statement attached at the bottom of this post). Therefore, the real question a new person should be asking is not the 1 out of 100 snapshot, which merely reports that a Leader must build 100 people communities, but rather, how fast can one build 100 people communities?

Let’s consider an example from my automotive process engineering days.

Thousands of sub-assemblies that usually consist of hundreds of parts each are required to build one car. These all come together in a complex process called a final assembly line, in which workers and machines install them, usually on a moving platform or hanger, as the work-in-process car moves down the line.  At any given moment in time, if a snapshot of the assembly line were taken, the line would have hundreds of unfinished cars frozen in mid-process. From this snapshot, no one in his right mind would argue that only 1 out of 100 cars is ever completed, or that “the chances” of that assembly line making a car would be a mere “1 out of 100!”   This would be absurd reasoning since the other cars are still “in process” and will be completed shortly, if the assembly line is given a chance to continue producing cars, as it is designed to do.

In effect, the nature of the assembly line guarantees that only one car will finish per every 100 (in the example above) on the line because this is the way the process was designed. It is hard-wired or hard-built to do it in just this way.

It is important to understand that community building is a personal development process similar to the assembly line that builds an automobile. 

The difference between a successful and unsuccessful automotive assembly line is not the 1 out of 100, but rather the rate at which autos move from beginning to completion. If one assembly line moves through the process in one hour while another takes one year, with all other variables being the same, which would you choose? They both have a snapshot of 1 complete car per 100 in-process, but one is moving the process along much more efficiently. Engineers cannot improve the 1 out of 100 on an existing line, but they can improve the throughput by increasing the speed at which the automobiles advance through the process.

In the same way, this is exactly what a leader does in his community building organization. He cannot improve the 1 out of 100, because that structure is as locked into the design of the pay plan as is the assembly line process for cars, but he can improve the effectiveness of the systematic process to help people achieve top levels faster.

Since everything rises and falls on leadership, LIFE Leadership focuses on helping leaders serve 100 people communities to be rewarded accordingly. The objective is to speed up the leadership growth process by providing world-class events to attend, audios and books to study, and personal mentoring from which to grow.

In most conventional businesses, it takes years and years for a person to achieve an income above 50k, after expenses. With the new CAB compensation and simple Next Step Program, LIFE Leadership is empowering those who work hard and consistently to achieve these levels in shorter and shorter amounts of time. True, not everyone is willing to work that hard, nor will they go that fast, but the leadership of LIFE is committed to creating a process wherein someone can if they are willing to do what it takes. The question for you is: are you ready, willing, and able?

I am thankful for my engineering background because it helped me sort through the data to understand what was relevant and what was not. Sadly, many people miss the big picture because they think of community building as a lottery with “odds” rather than a process with results similar to an automobile assembly line. But for those who will enter into the process and stay long enough to complete their leadership journey, their success can become just as predictable as a finished car rolling off the end of an assembly line.

I have said many times, LIFE Leadership does not promise “easy,” only “worth it.” As the Chairman of the Board and one of the principal owners of LIFE, I wish you all the success you are willing earn!


Orrin Woodward

76 Responses to “LIFE Leadership Pyramid Scheme?”

  1. jammie fisher said

    I love this! What has been done by all of you guys for the world and industry is just genius. Thank you.

    Replacement driven leadership will not only transform this profession, but I think other industries will follow and the overarching blessing will be a transformation from a predominantly negative driven culture to a positive one. Wow!

    • Matt Mielke said

      I agree Jammie. This turn-a-around for network marketing can unify a fractionated industry with more potential to impact our world than anything else out there.

      “Every vision is a joke until the first man accomplishes it; once realized, it becomes commonplace.” Dr. Robert Goddard

      Here’s to the “new” networking model as a common place for hard working individuals and families to have a chance to be more and strive for excellence.

      Thanks Orrin and the founders of LIFE! Godspeed to 1 million.


  2. Hey Orrin! Thank you for this succinct explanation of what is a constant question…and thank you for standing strong and providing such a great opportunity for all of us.

  3. When people say that only 1 of 100 succeeds, I say it is the best percentage in any profession that I know. What percentage of those who plays basketball gets in NBA? NFL?…

  4. Bill Eder said

    Orrin: Fantastic blog this is “GOLD” !! Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  5. Steve Meixner said

    Wow, Awesome explanation Orrin. I am copying this and showing many of my skepticle Friends. I work for one of those Corporate Pyramids…For Now!! Thanks,

  6. robert wilcox said

    Its said Genius is taking the complex and making it simple! I forgot who said that :). Orrin you are amazing at this thank you for taking your conscious competence and realizing people need to understand this ….and then you share it with us! Great explanation …Thanks

  7. Emily Koopmans said

    LOVE this! It makes so much sense the way that you have explained and worded it. Thank you for your leadership!

  8. Ed Fancon said

    Spot on again Orrin! Thanks for your continuing insight to the greatest business model ever!!! Take care and God Bless!

  9. Wow. Orrin this post is amazing!

    It’s amazing what people will think sometimes, and what they will convince themselves without properly researching the information.

    Not too long ago I had invited someone to a house plan Joce Dionne was doing, and at the end she was trying to tell me how she would never do anything like this because it was an illegal pyramid scheme. I asked her what made her think that, and she brought up a canadian government site about what an illegal pyramid was…

    the funny thing is, everything she was pointing out that made something a pyramid, was not something we do in Life Leadership. That site actually proved what we did was right and legal!

    Unfortunately for her, she had somehow convinced herself that she was right anyway. Her loss 🙂

    • Orrin Woodward said

      It’s called I know my truth and don’t confuse me with the facts! 🙂 Everyone has a right to his or her “truth”, but they also will own the results from that “truth.” 🙂 Like the good book says paraphrased, “You will know them by their fruit.” thanks, Orrin

  10. Tim Marks said


    Spot on, thanks so much! Very clear explanation.


  11. Angie Johnson said

    Thank you, Orrin, for revolutionizing an industry!! LIFE Leadership is changing culture one household at a time!

  12. Orrin –

    Fantastic post Orrin! Many thanks for applying your engineering mind to a new field and speeding up the process of taking a person from new to leader in a shorter and shorter amount of time!

    God bless,


  13. David Fidler said

    1 in 100?? ” You mean I still have a chance?” 😀

    I’m constantly amazed at how simple you keep making these things. You’re my hero. I can’t wait until we meet and become friends.

  14. Thanks for sacrificing time, sweat, sleep and money so we can have this amazing systematic opportunity!

  15. David Smale said

    Awesome post Orrin. Another good nugget when going out and sharing Life-Leadership with people who don’t know what we do. Thanks

  16. Paul Ferrusi said

    Amazing job Orrin! Thanks for speaking and doing the truth. So proud to be part of this community

    God bless,

    Paul Ferrusi

  17. Jen Knight said


    It’s this kind of thinking that allows us to keep reducing that rate at which someone can succeed. I often ask people does the CEO, your boss, or even a peer at the company you work for actively and aggressively pursue making it easier and faster for you to promote and increase your salary? That is how we as a company are different. I’d put the new compensation plan up against ANY corporate pay structure in terms of the time it takes to make a top level income starting from an entry level position. With LIFE Leadership I am not stuck waiting behind all the other cars on the assembly line. I don’t have to wait another year for my next promotion, and someone else doesn’t get to decide the kind of car I’m going to be or how much I’m worth. Pyramid Scheme? more like the secret door to the treasure room.

    Jen Knight

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Well said Jen! 🙂 There is no waiting line on this assembly line. You can choose your own personal development speed!

  18. Kody Ellis said

    Amazing Orrin! Simply amazing.


  19. Olivier Jean-Baptiste said

    Thanks VERY MUCH Orrin!!!

    While being simple it is such a powerful explanation and clarification. Everyone can have their own opinions but not their own facts. Based on the Slight Edge principle, time is surely on our side and all we need to do is: work hard and right with purpose and vision.


  20. Kris said

    Thank you,Orrin. Life Leadership is the most amazing thing on the planet!

    Sometimes, people are just afraid to change due to their own fears…we can only do our best to continue to serve and lead and keep the train moving forward!

  21. Doug Trevors said

    Thanks for this post Orrin! I love the idea of the snapshot of the assembly line!

    The phrase “we don’t promise easy… We do promise worth it” gets to me every time. Thanks again for being such a great servant leader to all of us!

  22. Great article, Orrin. AND, traditional corporate pyramids are structured to teach the following reality: “If someone I hire passes me, I lose.” Your graphic of the bird-poop pyramid is priceless!

  23. Chad Waters said

    Hi Orrin!

    Great blog! Everything is so true here! We helped a couple just go 1 year round tables and we didn’t! That’s not a pyramid or a scam it’s called security! Ultimately they decided to be 1 in 100. Simply a choice made a year ago. That all anyone has to do but most will just point fingers and blame. Life Leadership is such a fair and amazing opportunity where every mistake we make (and I’ve made many) those that come along don’t have to make the same ones! It’s just about loving those who we meet and bettering ourselves. Some just have a lot more to better before they rise!
    Thanks for your continued servant leadership from You and Laurie to all the policy council paving the way and committing countless sacrifices leaving a legacy that we can choose to be a part of.

    God Bless

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Chad, the cool thing is I would estimate that of those who are Club 180 Go-getters for at least 12 months, more like 50% of them have hit over the top of the chart. I did this years ago in a former organization and of the people who shared the plan 15 times or more per month, nearly 80% were over the chart! Again, 1 out of 100 is not a true picture, but just a snapshot just like an assembly line snapshot would miscommunicate the percent being completed. 🙂 Keep rocking! thanks, Orrin

  24. Chad Waters said

    Hi Orrin,

    Another quick comment. To your picture with the birds, in Life Leadership you can just turn that upside down as its the leaders who gather at the bottom and get all the white stuff on them as that’s where leaders grow serving there community. So opposite of that portrial. Life leads from the bottom!

    God Bless

  25. Thanks Orrin for this post.
    This is one of the major objections I face when showing the plan to some people who may have more years in the past than they would have in the future. I’m talking about the baby boomers who might have experienced network marketing before.
    Your post brings more content to address this issue in our conversation in the living rooms across the planet.
    I sometimes told people not to judge this as a networking marketing pyramid deal as they might know in the past.
    The music industry has evolved from reel to reel tape recorder, to vinyl record, to walkman Sony audio cassettes, to CD’s, to napster download, and to itunes, ipod etc…
    Our industry has also involved from direct sales, to network marketing, to community building etc…
    I always give credit to the pioneers of our industry, the very same way I would credit the Wright brothers in the airspace industry even if they only could fly for a few minutes. But, innovation and disruptions have brought evolution.
    My question for them, our industry has evolved? What about you?

  26. wayne said

    Thanks for writing this up Orrin,anyone can make themselves that 1 in 100. Love it

  27. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    Oh how many times have we all heard “It’s a pyramid”? Absolutely love the car factory analogy. Thank you for walking us through rumors, hearsay and popular opinions.

  28. Monique Hoffer said

    Fantastic post 🙂
    I really love the assembly line analogy, as I’ve had that kind of objection before.
    I’m pretty sure I’ve heard this from the Life stage before, but I defiantly think its worth repeating again and again.
    “This business can work for everyone who doesn’t quit”
    With a bunch of hard work and some “luck” ( labouring under correct knowledge) we can all become a beautiful piece of machinery , able to serve and leave a legacy with talking about.

  29. John Lewis said

    Very we’ll explained Orrin. Love it!

    Thank you for articulating this in a simple example.

  30. Renee Oettinger said

    Great post Orrin. Life Leadership gives us the best pay for performance plan. Their are many who are not afraid to do the hard work, they just want to know it is worth it. Life Leadership definitely is.

  31. Tracey said

    Thanks for the post, Orrin..and what a fantastic assembly line analogy! The best part of this business, is that not only do the founders make the process easier to speed up, but we get to choose for ourselves how fast or slow the process is for each of us. The more we learn and grow, the faster that assembly line moves, and the more efficient our own engines become. Definitely worth the journey!! Thanks again for your continued leadership!

  32. Joseph P Keller said

    Wow this is what we need to stifle a few of our critics I love how you put it all on the table which allows me to feel so amazing for I already know the power of the information and now is the time to spread it forward. Thanks for the amo Orrin I am putting this on my cell phone in a file that I can get to quickly allowing me to fire off as fast as possible and put the right information into peoples hands. Empowering the people with the knowledge allowing them to make a real informed decision on their own instead of listening to those that have no idea what they are talking about. Its true that you don’t know what you don’t know but after this they’ll have a much better idea to hopefully make their own informed decision. For I know for a fact that Life Leadership is well on its way to mainstream with the number 1 educational, leadership and self-help program to be implemented to date and that it will affect and change the lives of millions.
    Thank you Orrin & Laurie for leading the charge taking the knocks and knocking them out of the park accepting no excuses standing tall for whats right and paving the way for a better tomorrow. For in this if you do the work you shall be rewarded that fires me up 2014 is going to be the Year of Dreams!

  33. Maura Galliani, Sons of Liberty said

    I just came out of the Columbus Leadership Convention where I was thoroughly educated on the new CAB compensation and Next Step Program. Thanks, Orrin, for continuing to tweak and streamline LIFE Leadership in an effort to help us all reach our [personal] goals on our Leadership journey! 🙂

  34. Tony Tefel Jr said

    The 1 to 100 ratio is a beautiful rendition of what we do. And anyone who understands the reality of that example should be truly excited about it! Not only are we able to predictably earn an income based on production, but every time we accomplish that level of success with new people, we are giving another 100 people the same opportunity.
    Thank you Orrin for your constant efforts in helping people understand what we do!

  35. Juleen Ray said

    Thank you Orrin for this great picture of this new model. The possibilities are absolutely amazing and for those who get out of their “familiar” zones and to quote the very wise Brian Powers “do what you know to do” will have the influence necessary to heal families, America and the world one person at a time.

    To 1 million and beyond

  36. Awesome post Orrin! Great examples to simplify how predictable success really is in LIFE leadership. So excited to take this mainstream!! Thank you for all you do!

  37. christie marquez said

    This is a brilliant retort to those who say “this is one of those pyramid things…I am so grateful for the fact that Life Leadership is “Pay for Performance”,leveling the playing field for all who choose to “play”. It is truly the best business I have ever been involved in in my 55+ years on this earth. Thank you Orrin and all of the Policy council for all you do to make this such a wonderful, caring and learning environment…and we get to Have Fun, Make Money AND Make a Difference, so blessed.

  38. Jackie Gray said

    Thank you so much for always thinking about the community. This is a wonderful explanation that is going to help us be able to help more people. Amazing how you can with a sweep of a pen knock down a boulder.

  39. Jimi Odom said

    O, genius is making the complex simple. This is a complex objection, thank you for making it so simple.
    Opportunity lies between public ignorance and public acceptance. Thank you for allowing those of us that are hungry to close this gap with you and become wealthy along the way. Life truly is the greatest business I have ever seen.

  40. Chris Miller said

    I love the car assembly line example. If at any time you remove any car from the line that particular car would never become a car. All you have to do in the Life Leadership business is not remove yourself from the journey of success and you’ll be a success.
    I LOVE what how the Life Leadership business has effected my life. Best wishes to all and may God give you the strength to finish!

  41. J.J. said

    I know I have heard ether you or Chris say that ” people are worried about starting LIFE because they think it may be a pyramid scheme, then when they get in they are mad that it isn’t” perfect analogy, the project is you!

  42. Tim Miller said


    Great example, using the process of manufacturing a car! Life Leadership truly is a process for anyone to succeed. Thanks for all you do!

  43. Norm Hayner said

    Thank you, Orrin, for clearly presenting the facts to those of us who are genuinely interested in learning about them. Transparency and a willingness to attack the status quo – especially entrenched mindsets and stereotypes that are passed on and compounded with very little thought from one person and one generation to the next – are hallmarks of LIFE Leadership. At the end of the day all anyone can hope for is a legitimate chance, and in LIFE’s model, a truly equal opportunity to be unequal to those who may not be as hungry and teachable. That’s beyond fair!!

    My sincere thanks to you, Laurie, and all the Founders of LIFE for fixing a noble, yet broken industry, and for providing us all with a business model that is the purest form of free enterprise in the world today!!

  44. Doug Sheldon said

    Thank you Orrin for fighting the good fight! Truth is sweet to the ears.

  45. Chuck Gerber said

    Thank you for explaining in simple terms what makes a successful business and showing how anyone who wants will have the tools and guidance to get them where they want to be.

  46. Will Knight said


    One of the most exciting elements about the “LIFE” assembly line system is that the raw material that places itself on the line comes in every age, size and shape and no matter how long it is on the line the opportunity remains to become an excited, renewed and effective financially solvent leader that intern while never leaving the line becomes a line journeyman helping others become component leaders.

  47. CJ Calvert said

    Orri, great analogy! I am proud to be associated with you and with LIFE Leadership!

  48. Kevin Conover said

    I love the analogy of the assembly line, it reminds me of Dan Hawkins CD, who is such an accomplished speaker and communicator, but wasn’t always that way, he used to be super shy. I look at what LIFE Leadership has done for me and my family over the last 12 months. I started out more as a consumer of the products than a business owner, and I gained so much value from the books and CDs that I had to share them, just like watching a good movie and you tell your best friends about it. Then I made a decision that I wanted to change lives so I plugged in to this leadership factory. And I have made more shifts and personal changes in the last 12 months, plugged in to this system, than the rest of my years combined! Thank you Orrin for this amazing leadership factory! And thank you for always leading out as an amazing leader!!

  49. Mark Guith said


    Great explanation. As one of those that didn’t become one of the 1% I will attest that it is more choice than chance. I chose not to complete the process/assembly. Those that choose will be rewarded.

    To further verify that reaching over $50K in conventional jobs takes a long time, Bonnie and I in almost 40 years in our respective professions have reached the top 8% in income. That may sound like a lot but if those diligent enough to do the research they will find it’s not that much. (TURBOTAX supplies some stats)When you get to top brackets it becomes more geometric increases.

    To those willing to pursue LIFE they will be rewarded when they follow their vehicle all the way down the assembly line. I have seen some of the complete products.

    As usual keep helping people pursue their dreams. Also keep people aware of what’s important and in maintaining our freedom and liberty.

    Mark G.

  50. Michelle Mielke said

    Thanks Orrin for an article that helps to bring clarity to LIFE Leadership and brings a modern-day response to the stigma of the MLM industry that was long overdue for a face lift! Continued blessing to you and your family, Michelle

  51. Abby Plana said

    Thank you for making it easy to explain and understand our systematic process. People with w2 mentality will never understand even if my face will turn blue by explaining. After the winter convention I can wait to leave to share the great news we’ve learned from Visalia. We are so excited where this company is going and so proud to be part of it. Making money, having so much fun and at the same time making a difference, who can beat that?
    Thank you again Orrin and Laurie, the rest of the PC and their wifes who in their own ways helped us change our lives.
    God Bless us all and our journey to 1 million and more people!

    We can’t wait to see you and Laurie next week here in Phoenix, AZ. 🙂

  52. Luc Daniel said

    Thank you for this great post Orrin. We are ready, able and willing to build this community right here in Ft-Lauderdale, FL.
    God Bless!

  53. John Jinks said

    WOW what an awesome blog, from the beginning of our journey we have had to deal with the pyramid question. The hardest one to deal with was a close family member who is studying politics but didn’t like to hear that the government itself is a pyramid. They were so sure that what we were getting involved in was a scam however didn’t want to even listen to our reply because they were right and that was the only side they wanted to hear. This blog puts it all in prospective, not that we will be able to get them to read it, perhaps someday when we have stuck with this and became successful they will be open minded enough to listen to logic.

    Thanks for the inspiration!
    John & Iantha

  54. This is so good! Thanks, Orrin!

  55. Phillip Winters said

    Thanks Orrin, awesome post.

  56. Julie Conquergood said

    Unfortunately I find people are so little educated on many aspect in life. If they would look around them, they would see that their work environment is a pyramid itself. I tell people that at my age I doubt that I would get involved with a pyramid scheme. This life information has changed many area in our lives and our daughters also. What we choose to do is simply think outside the box and not be that frog that remain in the pot of water that slowly change temperature till they are cooked. People love to complain and will remain pessimistic till they see for themselves what a great business this is.
    Thank you Orrin for putting it out there for everyone to see what this life business is. Like we say “you don’t know what you don’t know”. We simply say “If I’d agree with you we both be wrong”.

    Thanks again,

    Julie and Claver Conquergood

  57. Jay and Ally Martin said

    Thank you Orrin, for explaining it. Many people don’t understand how we are different the the others.. I have never seen a business that I personally can make more money then people who are “above me” or started before me. This business gives us the opportunity to reach out to our FULL POTENTIAL! We are not stopped by a hierarchy of seniority or qualifications. The only limit is OUR CHOICE! Reach for the top and hold your hand out low to help others on the journey.

  58. Trent Crane said

    As a person who came into the Life Leadership business extremely skeptical, I had my preconceived notations of what the community building business was all about. After being involved now with Life Leadership since before it launched, I can certainly say that my skepticism and thoughts were totally wrong.

    Orrin, your comment of “it is important to understand that community building is a personal development process” is the part that has impressed me the most on this journey. I can’t say enough about the honesty, character and integrity of the people who are plotting the course for Life Leadership.

  59. Rob Crichlow said

    I have been blessed to have a close relationship with many successful people in the LIFE business. All of my family are members of LIFE, including my three kids, which have all benefited immensely from being part of the LIFE community.

    Having been the founder of a very successful software company, I came into LIFE very skeptical, requiring my support team to have to be very transparent with me. I can tell anyone who wants to research this community building model from the actual facts, not the personal opinion of those who have never really attempted to build it, you will find that it quickly becomes impossible to compare it to ‘real’ businesses.

    The return on investment (ROI) is almost impossible to calculate since the cost / investment of operating the business is so small compared to the income you make at even the beginning stages of building it. This business can be put up against any ‘real’ business out there from a standpoint of risk vs. reward, or cost vs. return. What other business can claim a 70% share of revenue is given back to those marketing the products?

    If someone is willing to work hard (which they will do any way in their job) in this, follow the proven marketing system, and have a willingness to change for the better … they will have success in LIFE.

    This is NOT a pyramid scheme. This is NOT a scam. I dare anyone to actually analyze the facts, meet the people building it, and research the results of those that have done the work.

    Thanks Orrin for posting this blog. There is a bad information floating around out there that is simply not true. Your examples are perfect for people seeking the truth.

    Thanks for leading!

  60. Catherine said

    As someone who has grown up studying the network marketing/direct sales/whatever else people call it these days industry, I can sometimes forget that people fear the legitimacy of any business associated with it. That’s not to say there aren’t “bad eggs” out there, but the same can be said for any business in any industry. I’m a customer with multiple network marketing companies (including LIFE Leadership), and I have to say that aside from using superb products, I’ve had the privilege to meet wonderful people, experienced incredibly positive cultures, and witnessed participants in the companies from all walks of life earn incomes that have allowed them to pay off their debt, spend more time with their families, take amazing vacations…the list goes on. Oddly enough, many of the people who achieved these incomes did so while some of the people “above” them stayed relatively stagnant. (Bet you those people WISHED it was pyramid scheme. But alas, it is not.) LIFE Leadership has changed my life, and I don’t feel one bit scammed by them. Go figure.

  61. Debby Crichlow said

    Great post!. Best analogy I’ve ever seen to explain how community building works. Thanks for making it so clear.

  62. Chris Adams said

    What a great message. The analogy is fantastic, we are on a journey, and a single snapshot at a single point in time is not a true representation of reality. I knew this was genuine and not a scam when I got in a room with hundreds of people all excited for the opportunity to change lives. I knew that I could be fooled temporarily, but you can not get that many people to pretend for my 40 dollars!

    Orrin – Thank you for being the voice in the wilderness, and the man of unquestionable character and morals. Lead and we will follow!


    PS – I really feel like one of the bottom rung birds this week!

  63. Darren P said


    Thank you for bring such clarity to what many believe is a difficult concept to understand (and believe can be as good as it is). Like you said, it’s not easy, but sure is worth it! Armed with this knowledge, all it takes is to go out and find people who are hungry to change and grow.

  64. Antonio Rosselli said

    Community building is great …

    Community building is done by every business …

    Community building as done by LIFE is great because is based on people skills and word of mouth …

    In LIFE to develop a Community the individual is required to be a true leader …

    In LIFE each one of the members has the opportunity to grow a Community …

    I have been part of LIFE since 11.11.11 and never I have been stopped from growing a community …

    In LIFE you need courage and hard work to grow a community …

    The Life business is not perfect but it is great …

    The Life-Training System is great and really offers the correct info to build a great community …


  65. Brittany Schlabach said

    Fantastic article! I love that it is not a lottery that determines success but rather, a process of results! One’s own thinking will provide him or her with success. Therefore, we are in charge of achieving our dreams! But as Orrin said; one must be willing to put in the work.

  66. Greg Oesch said

    WOW! Plain as the nose on my face. Right in front of me but do not see it because of my perspective sometimes. How can anyone argue (early or late, lol) with this picture. Only about 100 people, to see an income like that? I wonder how many customers other franchise based businesses, or any business for that matter, must have to reach such an income, not even considering their overhead costs. Thank you Orrin, PC and LIFE Team for making the line smoother and faster for anyone who stays on the assembly line.


  67. Joshua Harris said

    Visionary Orrin;
    it seems as though people whom don’t realize what personal development does or have ever been through the process for that matter ; don’t understand just yet 🙂
    I was thinking this while out dream building today while being friendly and cordial with the locals; I thought to myself: What the Life community is doing has never been done. It’s as revolutionary as franchising. WoW Orrin & Thank You All LiFE Founders 🙂

  68. Kim Morisett said

    What a great analogy explanation! This makes it so simple to explain to someone (including me)! Thanks, Orrin!

  69. Great article!

  70. Kirk Birtles said

    Orrin, thanks for the great post! Clearly, life leadership is not a pyramid scheme!

    Thx, kb

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