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Ancient Greece’s Power Pendulum

Posted by Orrin Woodward on April 19, 2014

The Six Duties of Society (SDS) and the Five Laws of Decline (FLD) are present in every human society because it the seeds of both processes are inherent within the human heart. LIFE Leadership is a company that focuses on expanding the SDS and restraining the FLD. In a similar fashion, every successful society rises under the impetus of the SDS and eventually falls when the FLD kill it.

I promise that anyone who reads history with an SDS and FLD mindset will see it everywhere. For instance, the following video about the Greeks and the Power Pendulum is from a talk I gave last year. Listen to the video and tell me where else you have seen the FLD working within society.


Orrin Woodward

5 Responses to “Ancient Greece’s Power Pendulum”

  1. Georgia Zills said

    The FLD are evident everywhere in society today(Churches,schools,workplace, & in our communities). I live in a small town and look around and see the train wrecks everywhere in the family units that are hard to even identify anymore because the decline has gone so deep into the root of what family is. I work in the social services system where it is more visible than ever. I feel so blessed to be getting a self directed education to reverse that decline for our family and reaching out to help others by giving them a hand up and making a difference in our world today. Thank you for your amazing servant leadership!

  2. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    My most recent specific example of seeeing the FLD is in the school system. Easter Sunday our pastor used an example that rocked the congregation. The sermon was entitled No More Doubt. He referenced John 20:24-29 the famous story about Thomas doubting Jesus had risen and wanting proof. Our pastor spoke about cynics that no matter how hard the evidence is they still choose not to believe. He stated that it is more difficult for you and I to believe than it was for Thomas and some of the reasons is the physical proof is not available to us and because the secular world is working against us (Luke 1:1-3). In one of his example he had a tenth grade history book from one of our local schools. in one of the chapters the history book gave a background on Christianity and then clearly stated that there was a lack of evidence for Jesus Christ and the writings of the New Testament scriptures. A quote regarding this was taken directly from the textbook and out up on the screen for everyone to read. It was breathtaking, alarming and extremely worrisome.
    The FLD are are unfortunately alive and “well” in our school systems starting at younger age groups infiltrating the youths of the future.

  3. Chris Schill said

    The simple answer is everywhere. It’s not difficult to find instances when you have the right perspective. Just one simple and very recent example(ironically similar to Elizabeth’s) was at a family gathering on Easter my niece was tasked by one of her 10th grade teachers to draft a 3 page paper explaining why there are no opportunities in America to be successful. The teaching she received in her class was the the rich have taken all opportunity away from the common public, so you might as well not try. Talk about wrong thinking!!

    I think this is why the LIFE Leadership organization is so attractive to so many. Even if we’ve been fed this wrong info in the past, most of us know deep down that it doesn’t seem right. And then we are introduced to LIFE and find out there is a way!! That what we’ve been taught is wrong and we can win, we can realize the American dream if we’re willing to get the right information and work hard. Thank God that it found us!!

    All I can say is that we need to get the truth into more people’s hands ASAP!

    This is our call. On to a million!!!

  4. Chad Waters said

    Hi Orrin!

    Thanks for any teachings or examples on the Five Laws of Decline. It’s a subject everyone needs to learn.
    God Bless

  5. Chris Olson said

    go Orrin go

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