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Breaking Free of the Financial Matrix

Posted by Orrin Woodward on December 26, 2014

“Whoever does not wish to render history incomprehensible by departmentalizing it – political, economic, social – would perhaps take the view that it is in essence a battle of dominant wills, fighting in every way they can for the material which is common to everything they construct: the human labor force.” – Bertrand De Jouvenel

“In essence, land, labor, capital and entrepreneurship encompass all of the inputs needed to produce a good or service. Land represents all natural resources, such as timber and gold, used in the production of a good. Labor is all of the work that laborers and workers perform at all levels of an organization, except for the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur is the individual who takes an idea and attempts to make an economic profit from it by combining all other factors of production. The entrepreneur also takes on all of the risks and rewards of the business. The capital is all of the tools and machinery used to produce a good or service.” – Investopedia

And Justice For All

And Justice For All

These two quotes led to one of my biggest breakthroughs in understanding the current financial system. This led me to write in my Guinness World Record setting book And Justice For All (AJFA) on how the elites control the factors of production to control society’s wealth. Indeed, by reading the two quotes above and referring back to my chapter in AJFA on the factors of production and the Five Laws of Decline (FLD), one can clearly see how the elites have controlled the masses throughout history. Here is a segment I wrote on the factors of production in AJFA:

Although De Jouvenel didn’t use the terms FLD and SDS, but he certainly described the effects of both wonderfully. For if the FLD truly drives the elites to control the masses’ production, they must do so by exploiting the three inputs of all production (labor, land, and capital) as outlined by the “classical economists” like Smith, Ricardo, and Mill. One can confirm the validity of the FLD by realizing that the elites, in order to exploit the masses’ production, must exploit labor, land, or capital since these are the only three inputs for all production. As explained below, a person would be hard-pressed to find another example where theory matches reality any closer than the FLD theory matches the actions of the world’s exploiters.

The FLD exploitation by elites over the masses’ production originated with the elites controlling the masses’ labor (physical slavery) to control production. Indeed, for thousands of years, this was the preferred method of control. Over time, however, this method fell out of favor as Christianity permeated Roman society. As it became increasingly intolerable for Christians to enslave fellow Christians (regrettably, enslaving non-Christians was still tolerable), the exploiters switched to the second factor of production – land. Instead of physical slavery, the masses now endured land serfdom, as the elites owned and controlled the land. The elites’ direct ownership of the land gave them indirect ownership of the people. Fortunately for the people, however, as the free market system blossomed, they were no longer beholden to the land-owning aristocracy for survival, and were increasingly able to prosper through private enterprise and businesses of their own.

It is not hard to guess what the elites did next, given that there was only one input of production (capital) left to control. As predicted, when feudalism had run its course and private enterprise began to spread, the battle between State and society for the control of capital commenced. Although society at first successfully created a gold standard (which checked the State’s ability to control the monetary system), the elite statists eventually regained the upper hand. The State (always hungry for funds to increase its power) finally wrestled money away from the FLD-restraining gold standard and became capital’s sole creator, owner, and controller. They did this through the artifices of the central banking system’s centralized planning of the money supply. The elites, by directly controlling the monetary system, thereby indirectly control the masses’ production since nearly everyone uses capital (the third input of all production) in today’s money economies. The exploitation of capital by the elites confirms in practice what a study of the FLD and its interaction with the three factors of production predicted in theory.

The elites, throughout history have meddled with the factors of production to ensure control and plunder over the masses. In the modern world, slavery and serfdom are, for the most part, illegal; however, financial subjugation is alive and well. Today, the elites control the entrepreneur by controlling the capital he needs to perform his task. This, naturally, leads to indirect control of the masses who work for these “owned” entrepreneurs. More directly, however, today’s financial subjugation of the masses is accomplished by the elites enticing them into debt. Through offering them consumer goods on longterm credit plans, the masses sell themselves into bondage for the latest houses, cars, and technological gadgets.

In essence, a person is imprisoned within the Financial Matrix if, when he goes to bed at night, he wakes up the next morning owing more money than he did the night previous. Thankfully, it is possible to escape the Financial Matrix. In fact, one of my goals for 2015 is to improve LIFE Leadership‘s messaging on the Financial Fitness program to help people get free from the Financial Matrix enslaving them into the bondage of debt and stress.

I am not suggesting fighting the powers-that-be; instead, I am suggesting a grassroots movement of millions of people who take responsibility to clean up their own financial messes. Through this example of modeling and messaging, our politicians will learn the proper principles and we can create real change! Indeed, doesn’t it seem foolish to demand from our politicians behaviors we are unwilling to live in our own lives. This reminds me of a saying one of my early mentors told me, “Clean up your own bedroom before you attempt to clean up the world.”

Perhaps the best description of the modern monetary malady was written by financial reformer Michael Rowbotham in his impressive book The Grip of Death:

For example, every country in the world suffers from a massive and constantly increasing national debt. Britain has a national debt that is fast approaching £400 billion. Canada’s debt has reached $560 billion and Germany’s now exceeds 500 billion deutschmarks. So are these poor countries? No more so than Japan with a debt equivalent to two trillion dollars or America with a national debt now in excess of five trillion dollars. Since the poorer nations are crippled by their indebtedness to international lending institutions and foreign banks, the overall picture is of a world suffering acute and ever worsening insolvency.

But this is really quite illogical and absurd… The question almost asks itself. If all the nations of the world are in debt, who are they in debt to? Rationally, where there is a debtor, there should be someone else who is a creditor. If every nation is in debt, who, precisely, owes whom? In addition to the logical absurdity of all nations being simultaneously insolvent, such escalating national debts are a complete contradiction of the real and obvious wealth of these nations. This is underlined by the fact that the nations which run the largest national debts are those with the most advanced economies. What can we say to the developing nations struggling under the burden of their debt, nations who have copied our economic institutions and aspire to a life free from poverty? ‘Work hard, and one day your debt will be as small as America’s – a mere five trillion dollars!’

These are not the only contradictory financial statements to go virtually unchallenged by the majority of economists. In addition to mounting national debts, the level of private debt shouldered by people and businesses is also escalating. The total of loans, mortgages, overdrafts and credit card purchases is massive and in Britain stands at some £780 billion, £500 billion of which is borne by ordinary people. The Americans, supposedly the richest citizens ever to walk the face of the planet, are the most heavily indebted people of the world, carrying mortgage debts that currently total $4.2 trillion. They are said to go shopping with their credit cards bolstered. As with national debts, such escalating domestic debt is a complete contradiction of the wealth present in those nations.

2015 is the year to escape the Financial Matrix through learning the defense, offense, and playing field of finances. I plan on doing my part. Will you?


Orrin Woodward

21 Responses to “Breaking Free of the Financial Matrix”

  1. Rich Dudek said

    Hope you all enjoyed a joyful Christmas Orrin! I do plan on freeing myself from this Matrix. Thank you Orrin for another awesome article and for all that you and Laurie have done, and continue to do! I’ll never give up this fight… Son’s Of Liberty! We are United!

  2. Dave Blank said

    Great article to read as a reminder as the year 2014 comes to an end!! If we as free people can apply these principles in our lives in 2015 we can make our best year!!!
    We plan on doing our part!!!
    Dave Blank

  3. Chris Gornik said

    We plan on doing our part!

  4. Chad Waters said

    Hi Orrin!

    All the principles work so well! Great books and materials in Life Leadership!

    God bless

  5. Jim Craig said

    Thank you Orrin and Laurie for all that you do to model and message the truth! I am using the financial fitness plan myself and am making great strides in become debt free. I have a couple on our team in North Carolina who applied the principles taught in the Financial Fitness program and in about 18 months paid off $87, 000 of consumer debt that allowed the wife to become a full time mom and start homeschooling their two children. What a blessing it is for them and others to learn the truth about finances and remove the stress of debt from their lives. We WILL change the world by example. God Bless you both! Team Rough Riders…CHARGE!!!

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Jim, that’s a great testimony! So many people are leaving the Financial Matrix! 1 million here we come! 🙂

  6. Maura Galliani said

    I’m working on escaping my Financial Matrix and intend to step it up a notch for sure in 2015. The principles covered in the Financial Fitness Pack are invaluable! 🙂

  7. Eli B said

    Educating the masses on these principles would bring about MIRACLES for our great nation. Thanks, Orrin.

  8. MissRed said

    We’ve cut out over $500 in spending and over $10,000 in debt since Sept., 2014 using the financial fitness pack. Can’t wait to eliminate all of it.

  9. Powerful post Orrin! I like the game plan and I believe LIFE leadership not only has the resources and tools to break free of the financial matrix but also the right vehicle to create lasting financial security to remain free for a lifetime. Thanks for all you do!

  10. Rick Satterstrom said

    2015 is the year I will break free of the financial matrix too. Thank you for helping me and so many others reach their goals and dreams. A life free of debts was almost impossible to me just a year ago. I can’t wait!

  11. Neera Puri said

    Dear Orrin
    Thank you for such a powerful article. I’m fired up to become free of the financial matrix and serve others to do the same. 2015 is the year of financial freedom for many, many people. Thank you for all that you do.

    I took the principles of edification I learned from LIFE Leadership into serving the homeless people in Houston for Christmas. As you shared, serving others brings you joy.

    We’ve also set up a kids helping kids program to teach servant leadership to youth for feeding hungry children in their own schools.

    As I saw hundreds of homeless people, I wondered what would happen if in addition to sharing meals, we also shared wisdom?
    I wondered what would happen if we also handed out LIFE Leadership books, to counter the idle time that was leading to low self esteem, depression, addictions, fights, etc.

    Not just the homeless and hungry children and families, but also for the non-profit directors who struggled with financial bondage that impacted their ability to serve…

    So grateful for the impact you and LIFE Leadership have had on my mind and ability to serve.
    Neera Puri

  12. Douglas Sutton said

    I am exactly thrilled about all you have identified. While for years struggling to manage my own rebellion and destructive dejection to the almost overwhelming discovery of the world being taken hostage by the ” elites ” and irrationality, 2005 marked the beginning of my slow ascendance from a deceptive, commonplace, confectioned bedlam by way of my willingness to be guided by honorable, like-minded, sincerely caring, and rational Mentors. I am filled with even more gratitude and resolution to face the challenge to responsibly lead, because of encountering you and the Lifeleadership team!…There are no accidents, just motivations, to change personally to change results!

    Again and again, Thankyou!

  13. Dan OLeary said

    All of this is sad but true. many companies exist and even thrive on the lack of financial principal of the people of this country. I have learned through LIFEleadership that debt is cancer and in many cases not neccesary and with proper financial thinking. The war is fought in the ideals of the mind. there is nothing that we do in life that doesnt result from a thought. we need to change how our country views money. many people just do not understand money or its purpose for that matter.

    I never really thought of it in terms of controlling the people. in light of the five laws of decline do you think that these articles suggest that money is purposely used by not just by companies but governments and other entities to control the people, or is it simply that many people dont understnad the principals therefor they are held captive more by thier own missinformation? Is money on debt in the u.s a ploy to bankrupt people or to take andvantage of a free market system. The question to me is the motivation. according to the five laws of decline people will choose plunder over production anytime they conflict.

    In fact even though i believe that companies truly exist because of wealth that interest on debt brings, we need to be wise enough to recognize the traps of debt. I love what Chris Brady said on an audio one time in reference to government at the time but i believe it also applies here as well.
    ” what if every time they said something stupid, we said STUPID!!”
    we need to know the pitfalls and be good stewards of the money God has given us which means we need to study financial literacy. we cant steward properly what we dont know about.

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Dan, I believe in days of old people were coerced into physical slavery. Now, they are enticed into financial slavery through credit. When things become more important than freedom, the end of freedom is near. thanks, Orrin

  14. Elaine Mallios said

    Yes! and more to come. Thanks Orrin. Soooo good

  15. Dave Bailey said

    Powerful message Orrin. I remember as a kid the neighbors threw a big party one day & when I asked what the excitement was about my dad said it was a “mortgage burning party”!! Sadly I haven’t heard of that kind of celebration for a long time. LIFE Leadership has the answers… Desire, Discipline, & Determination. Thanks again for challenging our thinking!

  16. April Sellen said

    Hi Orrin,
    You have a great ability of making complex ideas simple. Upon reading the first quote about human labor, I had to re read it several times and break it down to understand its meaning. But reading your part was an effective way of understanding the 3 forms of bondage. Isn’t it incredible that history clearly portrays the first two of slavery and serfdom yet we are blind to our financial bondage as a whole in society? Thanks for your insight on this topic. Financial bondage and the hope of a grassroots financial revolution is what drew me to read and then study your book AJFA (along with George Guzzardo’s mentoring to do so!)

    Happy New Year! Here’s to a million!

  17. I was a truck driver when we started the life business and i used to live out of truck stop food , my junk food spending was out of controll 🙁
    And with the financial fitness pack we were able to cut our monthly spending like crazy ,

    and now saving $574 / month by packing lunch for work,
    but not only that we cut off $15,156,00 of auto debt in 3 month time by following the information from Orrin Woodward , ,, Orrin your awesome books and cds are in my life forever, I’m not letting go, everybody needs it, we’re in life leadership for LIFE, !!!!!!!!

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Congratulations Andrew! Very impressed! Keep leading from the front. God Bless, Orrin

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